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Posted 28 April 2023

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD Nintendo Switch £15 @ Asda Smithdown Road - Sefton Park

In store: Liverpool ·
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The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword for Switch is £15 in Asda (Liverpool) not sure if it’s national or not.

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  1. Diabolik88's avatar
    Banging price, I wonder if it's nation wide?
    Fox_Gaming's avatar
    Ye store specific, £40 in High Wycombe
  2. hidefholiday's avatar
    That's a wild groose chase
    ChewieD2's avatar
    ChewieD2 Author
    Yeah these things usually are but I figured if it helps couple of people it’s better than nothing!
  3. mus_ne's avatar
    Good game but I quit 3/4 of the way through. Way too many tedious fetch quests that seem to have only been I included as filler or padding...

    Collecting musical notes was my last straw. (edited)
    doppo666's avatar
    Ah man I loved this game from beginning to end it reminded me of ocarina of time, took me 40 hours to complete, the end boss was amazingly hard to beat though had me swearing ALOT
  4. DJSlime's avatar
    As someone that used to work in an ASDA this deal should be nationwide.

    The stores don't tend to put media into the waste budget unless they have loads of money left over, it's normally just used on George clothing and shifting seasonal lines.
    jaipe's avatar
    Bragging about your CV again!
  5. JNati0n's avatar
    Tried both derby stores no luck
    tdk2bu's avatar
    Cheers saved me the journey
  6. odiedodie's avatar
    Fly my pretties!
  7. fut2020's avatar
    I managed to get it for £15 at Bishop Auckland branch yesterday
    Perkybubbles's avatar
    Went in there just now and nothing on the shelf. Asked a member of staff and got looked at like a freak 😔
  8. ohmygod2006's avatar
    Thanks, almost missed out on tears of the kingdom for £12
  9. Ziss's avatar
    Just seen a few of these for £15 in Fareham, Hampshire. Also Pokémon diamond for £15.
    ChewieD2's avatar
    ChewieD2 Author
    Hmm maybe not as local as first thought! Best of luck to everyone looking! 🤞
  10. hidefholiday's avatar
    Sorry - just a hotukdeal/skyward sword in-joke. Can confirm - not a wild groose chase just bought it from smithdown road. Pokemon diamond was also listed as £15 but they couldnt find it.
  11. Dan_pAG's avatar
    Out of stock folks 😔
    adamcolebabay's avatar
    Any other offers there? Was gonna nip in after work tonight.
  12. Kiki8549's avatar
    Hi do you have the barcode?
    ChewieD2's avatar
    ChewieD2 Author
    You mean the barcode from the shelf?

  13. SWERVE_79's avatar
    As above barcode please
  14. ViewFromHere's avatar
    I'll be down there tomorrow - bargain price - appreciated OP
  15. shreddies's avatar
  16. DR2112's avatar
    Asda Summerston (Glasgow) had 1 copy on the bottom shelf yesterday.
  17. SamJee's avatar
    Tried at Gateshead today, they had one left in stock still marked as £40 on the shelf. Took it to the till but it was still going through at £40 so obviously didn't bother.
    jaipe's avatar
    Worth every penny
  18. Leigh36295's avatar
    Tried the doncaster store and they have about 5 copies of each on the shelves but asked someone to check prices and she came back with just metroid and (for some reason) carnival games. She scanned metroid and came up as £40 (edited)
  19. doppo666's avatar
    Big Asda in havant just been in all full price as usual
  20. MarchG's avatar
    Cheltenham store have 3 copies on the shelf at £15
  21. Perkybubbles's avatar
    Went to 4 stores, portrack lane, bishop auckland, Darlington and Hartlepool.
    Felt committed to the cause .
    Darlington were extremely helpful, bishop auckland I got looked at like I had something on my head, portrack I got told there was none in stock - Darlington told me portrack had 1 in stock when I got there. (Probably hiding them).

    Darlington said Hartlepool had 3 in stock so travelled there, only to be met by Karen who worked in customer service who told me Darlington could not have told me their stock (despite the woman at darlington showing me price Vs stock for each store)
    Hartlepool woman then told me she couldn't help with stock and told me to look on the shelf - as to which I had and there was none.

    Should of saved my morning and bought it full price. I was going to buy two for my kids on separate consoles
    FORZA4KHDR_'s avatar
    I feel for you you poor little Zelda hunting chicken
  22. Dottin's avatar
    Plenty at Leigh in Manchester store. Have to ask one of the self scan people to grab from cabinet. Bought one myself yesterday.
  23. robtimus's avatar
    Also in Watford today.

    Skyward Sword: £15
    Pokemon Diamond Remake: £15
    Horizon Forbidden West: £15
    Spider-Man Miles Morales: £15
    Rainbow 6 Extraction: £1
    Rabbids Tv: £5
    Battlefield 2024: £5
  24. Boham_CY's avatar
    Nothing In waterlooville, none of these stickers even on the shelf
    jaipe's avatar
    You can't make somewhere up and then claim something isn't in stock there
  25. sid41's avatar
    Was stickered in luton but none left
  26. captain_brown's avatar
    Tried my luck today in Rawtenstall and it’s both scanning at £40 and out of stock.
    Diabolik88's avatar
    Rawtenstall eh, I lived on Bank Street above the Hi-fi shop a long long time ago
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