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Posted 9 May 2023

TOPK 65W USB C Charger ,4-Port Desktop USB Charging Station with 1.5M Extension cord £19.99 delivered, using voucher @ Amazon / TOPKDirect

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Not the lowest price ever but a really decent value, again under £20.


  • High-Speed Charging: The TOPK USB-C Charger offers lightning-fast charging speeds with a maximum output power of 65W on the C1/C2 port. It can charge your MacBook Pro 13" from 0-30% in just 30 minutes, while supporting simultaneous high-speed charging of your USB-C notebook (45W) and tablets and smartphones (20W).
  • 5-in-1 Charging Station: This powerful PD USB-C power adapter features 5 charging ports - 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, and 1 AC socket - allowing you to charge multiple devices at once, making it perfect for use at home, in the office, or on the go. The entire connection has an output power of 65W.
  • Safe and Reliable: The USB-C fast charger comes equipped with an intelligent chip that protects your devices from short circuiting, overvoltage, overheating, and overcurrent. Its robust PC case and great fire resistance guarantee safe and fast charging.
  • GaN II Technology: The new generation of GaN technology gives you a faster and stronger charging experience, with fantastic efficiency and less heat generation. Its small, slim, and feather-light design makes it easy to take with you anywhere.
  • Wide Compatibility: The USB-C charging station provides the fastest possible charging speed for almost all USB-C and USB-A devices, including iPhones, iPads, and USB-C laptops.


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  1. ImyR85's avatar
    I've been using this since the last time it was on here and I always find that when I connect a device, I need to re-connect the wire before it "wakes up" and realises I've put something on charge.

    So for example I leave a USB-C cable and a Samsung watch charger plugged in, but when I actually connect a tablet to charge or my watch, it won't charge until I re-connect the wire, or turn it on and off.

    Has anyone else had this issue? (edited)
    Canopus's avatar
    Personally I don't have this, but it seems like it functions very similar to the Tronic version I bought from Lidl, just the USB C port seems to do exactly what you have described and not the USB A port, I have to switch it off and on from the mains to get working again, just my theory, but I think it's a fail safe switch. (edited)
  2. loopz's avatar
    daft question. so I could use this to power my laptop through usb-c as well as charging phones?
    Alex_H's avatar
    It's 65w total so it will split that between your devices. So will likely slow charge your laptop if you plug a phone in too.
  3. PeterGalbavy's avatar
    The pics conflict on the type of pass though mains... the first pic is UK/HK only while the rest shows a "universal" style plug.

    Anyone who has one, can you confirm the actual pass though pinout? (edited)
    sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    Looking at the reviews and the main picture, you will have the UK plug on it, not the international multiplug (shame)
  4. sid7777's avatar
    Fantastic product, use mine to power mac mini 2 and 2 iPhones at the same time.
    rudey_valentino's avatar
    Does charge laptop at full speed with others connected
  5. WillPS's avatar
    That extension socket is not Standards Compliant, as the shutters over the live and neutral terminals can be accessed with nothing in the earth terminal.

    Cold as potentially a killer.
    dergal's avatar
    just tried on mine - I can't push into the two live / neutral without something in the earth
  6. dergal's avatar
    My only complaint, the power cables massively heavy
  7. Fabby's avatar
    another daft question - if you plug somerthing into the mains bit, do you still have the same USB output?
    ZapGod's avatar
    Yes can someone explain what the mains style socket is for?
  8. EGGY-PC's avatar
    Wow, clever little thing, many thanks, great bit of kit (I hope) for travelling). Great find...
  9. erutku's avatar
    good deal. got one. hope it's good.
    dergal's avatar
    It's good
  10. grant.evans's avatar
    was very close to ordering for travel uses. shame it doesn't have a changeable power lead like my anker one
    Aiadi's avatar
    I have cut the cable and joined it to an EU plug instead. I just would not use for high load electrics anyway.
  11. Ray.Khan's avatar
    Great price. Thanks Op. Heated and Ordered.
  12. shakerstevens's avatar
    ordered, thanks!
  13. Canopus's avatar
    Been waiting for this to come down in price, yeah it's been a quid cheaper before, but how long will that take, another two months?

    Anyway, heat added, thanks.
    sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    Yeah, Exactly, and still you get a decent charger with many supported fast charging protocol.
  14. Flex_plexico's avatar
    £18.99 on Amazon business!
  15. 3LeggedDog's avatar
    Is this a usb hub too? Or just a charger?
    dergal's avatar
    Just a charger.
  16. TiredParent's avatar
    It says 7 left in stock
  17. Robbo_59's avatar
    Now showing as unavailable
  18. xanoas's avatar
  19. mentaltom's avatar
    Dangerous. Please never buy any off brand if you intend to supply it with mains power.
  20. muon's avatar
    damn, looks like i missed these. The one I have already has been great
  21. szigmon123's avatar
    Added to my basket, then forgot to check out as got distracted with work. 😞
  22. Janzyyyy's avatar
    out of stock now
  23. AamirQuazi's avatar
    I bought this from Aliexpress for £20 - but with an EU plug and universal socket instead - worked great on recent holiday - charges mine and my wifes iphone and watches - my surface pro and canon camera! Lead is too long (adds bulk) but apart from that its great!50280964-9CQ8f.jpg
's avatar