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Posted 5 July 2023

UGREEN USB C Hub Dual HDMI, Docking Station 8K@30Hz, Dual 4K@60Hz, 100W PD, 5Gbps USB-C and USB-A - £33.59 W/Voucher @ UGREEN / Amazon

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Collect the 40% voucher, Seems to have all the basics and more covered in this one, 6 in 1, including 2x HDMI (8k@30Hz & 4k@60Hz)

About this item
  • 6-in-1 Connectivity: UGREEN USB C Hub dual HDMI is built to provide all your connectivity needs. Two HDMI ports, a 100W USB-C PD port, a 5Gbps USB-C data port, and two USB-A data ports.
  • Dual HDMI Display: The Docking Station will hook up two displays to both HDMI ports in 4K@60Hz max, which now makes cross-screen multitasking and creative workflows even more efficient.
  • 8K UHD Display: The HDMI 2 port on USB C Dual HDMI Adapter delivers a maximum 8K@30Hz resolution, which produces jaw-dropping detail and ultra-vivid colors. Creating or enjoying visual content has never been better.
  • 100W Power Delivery: Support for max 85W USB C pass-through charging over the USB-C PD port, so you can charge your MacBook Pro 13 from a low battery to 73% in a hour.
  • Transfer Files in Seconds: Transfer files, movies and photos at speeds up to 5 Gbps via the USB-C data port and dual USB-A ports.
  • Upgraded Cooling Solution: The aluminum CNC machining and silicone pad of the USB C Docking Station is designed to prevent overheating, keeping you and your devices safe.
  • Broad Compatibility: The USB C Dock is compatible with almost USB-C devices such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air M1/M2, iMac, XPS, ThinkPad X1, ZenBook, iPad Pro, Chromebook, Surface, etc.

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  1. y_knot_me's avatar
    Could you do DP over USBC with this?
    Alex_H's avatar
    I bought this recently mostly because it offers a DP port and it's been brilliant. Down to £46 with the 30% off voucher: USB C HUB, USB C Docking Station with Dual Monitor,12 in 1 Triple Display Multiple Adapter, USB C Dongle with 2 HDMI 4K@60HZ, DP,USB Port,100W PD,Ethernet,SD/TF Compatible for MacBook/Windows… amzn.eu/d/f…kfz
  2. JimmyBobby's avatar
    Obviously didn't need one of this high spec but these things are brilliant. I plugged in my mum's smashed phone where the screen didn't turn on nor the touch screen working but with one of these + a usb mouse and keyboard I was able to get here data and photos and such off the phone.

    Would recommend one of these!
    MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    The beauty of Android
  3. 5hant0's avatar
    Does anyone know if i could connect a USB C to A adapter for connecting to laptop? Have no USB C connections but wanting a dual monitor setup for WFH
    Gkains's avatar
    Surely for video out, these take the DisplayPort or Thunderbolt signals already on the USB-C port, the video Alt Modes?

    A USB A hub would have to drive the display itself while essentially looking like a graphic card to the computer. These do exists but perform poorly and are more complex as they need an chip with onboard buffers etc.
  4. sanjed's avatar
    I was wavering over buying this, and had applied the voucher and gone to the checkout but not actually bought it.

    Went back to look at it today, the price has gone down, but the voucher I'd applied was still applied, so I've just picked it up for £23.51 instead. If anyone was like me and hadn't bought it, might be worth going back and checking.
    alexus's avatar
    Thank you I was wavering too the drop in price made all the difference :/
  5. rlissimore's avatar
    Has anyone ever found one of these USB-C hubs that Amazon sell that has the option to buy an extended warranty?
    Greigy's avatar
    Could you not just rely on the customer rights act? The useful life of this product should be years.
  6. alexus's avatar
    Thinking about this for the Steam deck I have coming is it a good choice?
    wrapper's avatar
    You can get cheaper hubs if you don't need 2 x HDMI
  7. Latinoheat's avatar
    Can I use a fire stick and plug it in a tablet through this?
    rev6's avatar
  8. greenant's avatar
    Has anyone used one of these with an iPad Pro M1? Ugreen must do 20 to 30 different versions of these hubs and it’s a tad confusing knowing which version/features to go for.

    I’m guessing this isn’t the best option, unless an iPad can make use of both HDMI ports. 
    Ewannick's avatar
    I have an iPad pro (M2 but in effect the same ) and multiple hubs. It depends what your needs are. What would you like to be able to connect to? Generally I would say make sure you have a hub with hdmi, SD card slot, usb a and USB c (data if possible or perhaps just power )
  9. zaax's avatar
    These hubs are £15 in Lidl, and they have USB 3.0 (edited)
    Alex_H's avatar
    There are a lot of usb c hubs around, to suit all budgets and requirements. I'm sure the ones in Lidl are great but they won't be offering 8k support or dual hdmi ports, which is why your paying more for this.

    This also has a USB 3.0 port. (edited)
  10. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Can anyone recommend one that also takes SD cards as well? My last USB hub only lasted a year or so
  11. Paul_S77's avatar
    I have this hub and it really is premium in look and feel. Much better than several others I've tried out.

    A good option if the connections are what you require.
  12. iby2012's avatar
    Recommendations for a good USB C to HDMI? 2.0 or 2.1
's avatar