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Posted 19 May 2023

University of Berkshire Hathaway: 30 Years of Lessons Learned from Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger AGM - free Kindle eBook @ Amazon

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Absolutely incredible read. One of my fav books. 30 years of notes from the AGMs in Omaha of the world's greatest investors.

For anyone with an interest in shares or investing (or business!)
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  1. bozo007's avatar
    I also suggest people read his shareholder letters as well. Written in plain English and good learning. link

    I have been to the annual meeting 2-3 times and it is a fun event. Expensive though, as all hotels raise their prices for that weekend. (edited)
  2. Father-Jemima-Racktool's avatar
    Anyone sum it up in a couple of sentences?
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    This.Is.Dog Author
    Invest in good companies for the long term.

    And be born in America 90 years ago. (edited)
  3. bozo007's avatar
    Another interesting thing - Buffett believes in investing and "forgetting". Completely opposite to what all the modern investment apps want you to do even when data shows that people who buy / sell frequently do far worse than those who invest and then just occasionally monitor.
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    This.Is.Dog Author
    I never even look at mine. I don't stock pick, I just have a vanguard all world ISA fund. The only thing I worry about is how much I put in every month.
  4. warrior05's avatar
    Thank you OP. Good to learn from others, still he is not phenomenal but well connected investor.
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    This.Is.Dog Author
    There's so many elements to be a great investor, mindset is so important, Google the history with them and their third partner Rick Guerin - just as good a investor but was in a rush so went bankrupt. Interesting back story.
  5. nocturnal74's avatar
    When I see Buffet and Munger I always think of these guys50214984-CN3aP.jpg
  6. phillyboy's avatar
    Good find!! Many thanks 😁
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    This.Is.Dog Author
    The only downside is they don't go up to the most recent AGMs but it's still an incredible read, laid out so easily for reading. So much wisdom.
  7. Grayday's avatar
    Was on my list, many thanks.
  8. unreality's avatar
    Excellent find
  9. optimiseeverything's avatar
    Thank you 
  10. Zazzleberry's avatar
    Thank you for this!
  11. bothalboy's avatar
    Thanks op holiday reading 🏻
  12. Thoughtful's avatar
    Trouble is that they haven't done very much for years as the strategy appears to have either stopped working for them or at the very least paused.
    There's the also the other issue of them giving misleading statements especially about Gold, calling it a pet rock, and then quietly taking a position in it themselves.
    IBSee's avatar
    Simple answer is interest rates at 0% (free money and soaring asset values as everyone had access to easy cash) ... The bargains haven't been there and nor their normal hunting ground of bailing companies out looking for cash when in financial difficulty, that option just isn't there when cash was free and everyone was IPOing at ridiculous rates and their cash had in effect been replaced by SPACs with retail funding these with 0 understanding of the price they were paying for the little equity in return.

    Needless that's fallen on its backside last year.
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