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Posted 27 July 2023

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - PS5

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Cheapest that I’ve seen this for been looking for a while for this

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Product information

Wo Long is a souls-like game from the creators of the beloved Bloodborne and Nioh series. It's set in the China's dark Three Kingdoms period - dangerous times full of social unrest, economic downturn, and demons. That's right – you'll be fighting a lot of demons. Your character starts as a nameless militia fighter, just trying to survive in this harsh world. And it's up to you to make them into a legendary warrior and slay China's deadliest demons in epic battles.

Good to know

- Five Phases - fire, earth, metal, water and wood - determine your stats as well as enemies' strengths and weaknesses
- Are those pesky demons giving you a hard time? Invite a mate and beat them together in the co-op mode
- The RPG system is vast – you get to learn tons of moves, skills and spells as you progress
- There are many weapon types to try out, each with a unique moveset and martial arts style
- Want to feel like a ninja? As you explore the levels you can sneak up on most enemies
- As most souls-like games, this one is not a walk in a rose garden – expect to die a lot

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  1. ManiSingh's avatar
    Took Wo Long to drop in price...

    I'll get my coat...
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  2. Wooj's avatar
    How long to beat this? Does it take Wo Long?
    deleted334239's avatar
    Most likely about the same time it takes for delivery I hear it takes Wo long to come!
    Lol that’s what she said! 
  3. dbankier_'s avatar
    Already out of stock sadly.
  4. JohnnyMcJohnFace's avatar
    Amazon matched it yet?
    deleted334239's avatar
    Amazon take Wo long to price match
  5. davezilla's avatar
    I am a souls and souls like player but I did not enjoy this in the slightest. got at launch and sold within a few days. 
    mango.carrot's avatar
    Same, I gave up on it after the free demo. I didn’t enjoy Nioh either so no real surprise
  6. Darkchef's avatar
    How long? WO LONG
  7. keith.pounder's avatar
    So pleased I cancelled my preorder for this on what seemed to be the best deal yo be had at the time too
  8. Kadepo's avatar
    "Wo Long is a souls-like game from the creators of the beloved Bloodborne and Nioh series."

    Who wrote that description for Curry's?!

    It's not a souls-like and it's not from the creators of Bloodborne!
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