Unfortunately, this deal has expired 4 July 2023.
Posted 18 June 2023

Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit 24 x 44g Bar Boxes - £5 INSTORE @ The Company Shop Middleton

£5£11.4056% off
In store: Greater Manchester ·
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4152330_1.jpgYorkie Raisin & Biscuit 24 x 44g Bar Boxes are £5 @ The Company Shop! 🌞
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  1. burnzy360's avatar
    It's almost worth driving 260 miles for this
    krazyasif786's avatar
    be a man ... do it
  2. AdrianE141's avatar
    Downvote - only available via minority members.
    Lee.Nathan's avatar
    anyone can become a member, if you know someone who's a member they can nominate you for membership
  3. PG99's avatar
    I live 10 minutes from here and it used to be great when they gave you a receipt and you could just go in but I don’t know how you get in anymore as I’ve not got a card
    Gav_881's avatar
    You can join if you work any of the FMGC trades or most key worker roles since covid
  4. Jameseh's avatar
    Absolute rollercoaster of emotions from spotting this to realising its local only...

  5. sydney871's avatar
    Are these king size ones? Available in queen size?
    S_Thomp's avatar
    It’s not for girls
  6. skyarsenal100's avatar
    Is there a sell by date on these ?
    konkywonky's avatar
    It's chocolate so won't have a sell by date
  7. CheekyMunkey's avatar
    This is a bargain. My fave Yorkie flavour. This is how much they should be considering try are half the size they used to be.
  8. MilkTheFrog's avatar
    Hope they're not discontinuing these, next best thing after they got rid of fruit clubs
    _Sparky_'s avatar
    Yes! Why on earth did they stop making them? Definitely the best Club flavour...

    And while I'm on that soap box, I'll just mention tomato flavour Wotsits...!
  9. Quickblood's avatar
    I'd be buying a pallet of them at this price, of course this store isn't anywhere near me though
  10. joniuk's avatar
    So underrated these
  11. Mooney70's avatar
    Most chocolate is crap these days, even these don't taste like they used to. And due to strinkflation they are missing at least one piece. It's a decent price though for what you are getting. I wouldn't be paying anymore for them. (edited)
  12. cyril69's avatar
    Man's choclit 🚚

    I'll take me pump truck in (edited)
  13. terriertom's avatar
    Nowhere near me but I would walk five hundred miles - for a Yorkie
  14. bovrilla's avatar
    Whilst every other shop is breaking the 100g chocolate for £1 covenant, this deal comes along and shows them up
  15. Ukguy101's avatar
    Fantastic deal! I reckon I'd of purchased 3 boxes if the shop was near to me.
  16. Relievo's avatar
    "It's not for girls." 🤭
    milo1423's avatar
    Ah the good times when people weren't snowflakes
  17. amygreen79677's avatar
    Is it just a local deal at the moment? - I do know these type of products tend to filter through all the CS stores after a few days, so I'll keep an eye out at mine. Great deal this, if I see them I'll be buying 6 boxes which I believe is the maximum per transaction per customer.
    jhamsim's avatar
    Spotted this in St Helens today so could be all stores
  18. Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    What were the BBE dates like?
  19. PopBot's avatar
    No Fat tax on these then
  20. mikeuk2007's avatar
    They have two boxes in stock. A plain white box with 36 in for £5 or the printed Yorkie box with only 24 for £5. I got the plain box.
  21. Saint.Nick's avatar
    Saw this and thought I am going to mine tomorrow as they haven't had them for ages then realised I am currently 90 miles away😥
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