Posted 1st Apr 2021
Hi I stupidly bought a speaker from amazon France, thinking what could go wrong with a speaker.... Well it doesn't work and I have to return it.

I am having all sorts of problems with working out some of the detail to put in on all of the delivery companies ... Namely EORI number and Vat number. Because Amazon is a business apparently you have to give both of these and there is no sign of them on the little labels Amazon give you. The only method I have of contacting them is via email, none of the people on the chat or telephone speak English. They seem oblivious that these two things are needed, in their words you just post it and it's automatically done.

I can't be the only person to have returned to something to Amazon France from the Uk. Has anyone else had to do this and how did you get around it?

Thanks in advance.
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    Ah, the joys of brexit...

    As we are now a third country there are loads of rules that impact on the movement of goods into europe.
    Is this info needed for a customs form? Is there not an option to mark it as a return?
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    Call Amazon UK.
    They will help
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    I can't imagine anyone has ever returned something to them from UK tbh.
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    You don't need either if the item is for personal use, plus they are only issued to businesses/traders who apply for them.
    On the CN22 customs declaration (or similar) just state it as a return and you'll be fine.

    I had loads of issues getting my business EORI and had no issues sending internationally with RM without one.
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    Similar issue with (UPS requested numbers). I found what I thought was the VAT number (GB727255821) but had no luck with the EORI number. customer service could not provide either; apparently local customs would provide the latter (I have my doubts). I was offered a partial refund for the item (usable but damaged packaging) - so went for that, rather than prolong the faff of trying to send it back.
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