Posted 17 August 2020

Anyone use

Hi there. Looking to get a combi and found this company whose prices seem really good.

Anyone use this company before? Good reviews on Feefo.

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    For a costly purchase that you’re going to rely on every day for the next 15+ years, I would buy from elsewhere. Especially as their service is provided without any warranties of any kind (see terms and conditions section).
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    deleted7595317/08/2020 11:51

    look at boxt, no one could compete with their prices at the end of last …look at boxt, no one could compete with their prices at the end of last year.

    Thanks. I've tried them and they are more expensive than Warmzilla for example. Plus they can't move 2 rads unless I buy 2 new ones from them. I was also looking at companies who do 0% finance and Boxt don't unfortunately.
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    You could wait till September and see what the new government scheme will be you maybe able get help with it.
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    look at boxt, no one could compete with their prices at the end of last year.
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    Phsycronix17/08/2020 11:44

    Comment deleted

    Thanks very much for that. I did think it was one of those. Funny thing is, I did have a local chap come and provide me with a quote but it was £1000 more than what these guys provided. Granted the boiler was different, but it wasn't a £1000 difference in price boiler if that makes sense.
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    They've just done a job for me
    Great price compared to British Gas and the local installer.
    The thing I liked about Craig compared to other similar companies that do 'on line' quotes was that he actually visited and looked at the job.
    All work done by Gas safe engineers - obviously.

    Craig returns calls and is actually proactive in making customers happy [my experience]

    I had a problem with a tiny seepage on a joint and Craig had it fixed in good time although the money was already in his account. (edited)
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    Please Please do not get these people to fit your boiler ordo anything in your property, they seem to just subcontract all the work...

    i got a new gas boiler installed through TPD in December2019 and was told included in the price was 10 years free servicing along withthe manufacturers 10 year warranty.

    few months later my boiler was losing pressure and i calledTrade prices direct Craig was his name and he made a lot of promises and toldme that he would contact the installer which he did not do.. I ended up contactingIDEAL myself and to my horror i found that the boiler wasnt even registered forthe warranty, lucky enough it was within the timescale needed and i got mywarranty registered with them directly myselfand got the issue sorted.

    As for the servicing i have tried on numerous times to bookthis in with TPD as they were the ones supplying it. It is now a year old withthe 1st service being due and everytime someone says they will call me back andget it booked noone does ever call you back. I have been able to contact craigand he booked it in for the 27th of November and noone showed so i went on thewebsite and went on to their chat facility and spoke to Nick Windsor and heagain booked my service for the 10th of december between 1 and 5pm again anotherday of work again another no show ..I will now do everything in my powerweather that be through a solicitor or through trading standards to get them tohonour our agreement of the 10 years free servicing as agreed in our contract,,

    Please save yourself the hassle and go to someone else..Thisfirm is just full of false promises .

    They use feefo for their feedback platform which must befiltered as i cant leave a review for them even tho i am a geniune customer ..
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    Avoid this company at all costs. It is run by Craig White and his wife Louisa from their home. They owe a lot people money and have a bunch of outstanding CCJs against them. Please don't waste your time and money.
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    Hi mate. Put this post on back in 2020 but appreciate you taking the time to reply.
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