any good?

Posted 7th Mar 2022
has anyone had any experience, good or bad, ordering refurbished phones from backmarket?
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    phones direct uk via backmarket

    Brought a samsung S20 ultra 5g with 12 months warranty from them in December 2021. Had problems with the phone; It was constantly turning off. Sent it back to them. They then sent it back without The charging plug, a chip in the screen and the fault still remains. Reported this to them and they said that I did not report this in time and so I have invalidated my warranty?

    Took a video of me opening the returned phone from them and discovering the chip (5 Minutes into the video).

    They will no longer entertain any concerns that I have and i'm left with a phone that does not work. They did however recommend that I sell the faulty phone to recover my money.

    Prince wrote the above email to me on the 8/3/2022 and stated that if he could help then he would because he cares so much (That's my translation, not their exact words) and yet on the 7/3/2022 (The previous day) he told the third party not to deal with this complaint and that my warranty is now void.

    I'm sure that the vast majority of the items that they sell are fine but do you want to take the chance that your issues will be dealt with in this manner?

    If i was to order a second hand phone with a 12 Month warranty again then I would use eBay and Paypal. If you have any issues then eBay will just refund you. instead i'm left to claim the money back from my credit card provider which is ok but it's taking a long time. (edited)
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    just the name puts me off, sounds well dodgy
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    I've used it before and had a good experience
    Bought two iPhones & an apple watch, which I later returned as I found it cheaper elsewhere. Other than having to jump through a few hoops it was all good.
    It's worth remembering that Backmarket is basically a storefront for other sellers but they have a lot of consumer rules in place which the sellers have to abide by. I'd use them again.
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    Anyone with experience of using for buying mobiles?

    Good prices offered but never heard of them before except on search ads

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