Posted 12 June 2019 preorders

Are UK site

How are they for preorders do they deliver on time.

Also do they take payment on dispatch.
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  1. KeyboardKitten's avatar is an online retailer.

    With most companies the preorder will be delivered the day it comes out

    All companies take payment at some point, a lot will take it as soon as your order, Amazon holds a temp charge and then charges the full amount later on, they most likely will take it as soon as your order.
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    Yes they are a UK site, and in my experience they are good for preorders. They also own their non-UK 'other seller' BaseCH which is apparently based in Switzerland. Buying from BaseCH means longer delivery, but AFAIK preorders are never available from BaseCH.


    Your card will not be charged until your order is dispatched.

    If an item has not yet been released, you can place a pre-order for it. We will hold your order for you and will process it as soon as the item is available.

    Generally, we dispatch new releases on the working day prior to the release date.
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