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Best deal for Fiber Optic Broadband for Existing Sky Customer (Platinum member)(Scotland)

Hi there 👋 I have been a Sky customer for 9 years (thus I am a platinum member), and now I would like to know the cheapest/best possible deal for full fibre/fibre optic broadband from Sky (and elsewhere I guess). The cable itself has been installed in a underground-panel across the driveway (about 10m) from my home already (by BT openreach), so right now I’m looking for the best deal to go with, and I’m assuming Sky will provide/set up the rest to actually hook it up to my home directly.

I’ve never had fibre before, so I doubt the deals I’m seeing “for new customers” apply to me since I already pay for packages (namely: TV Broadband & Talk: Sky Signature, Ultimate TV add on, Sky Cinema, Sky HD, Multiscreen, Sky Broadband Superfast, and Sky Broadband Boost), any constructive advice and/or sharing of the best deals you or someone you know has obtained, or best deal you’ve found/seen/heard of would be appreciated, thank you!
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