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Broadband allows British people to connect with each other, to download movies and TV shows, play online games, watch sport and do their work efficiently, so it’s an important part of everyday lives. This buyer’s guide explains what broadband is all about and how shoppers can get the best broadband discounts via HotUKDeals.

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Hyperoptic Summer Sale - 150Mb Fibre £23 per month (12 month contract - FREE Installation and Activation) *NOW LIVE*
Refreshed 1st AugRefreshed 1st Aug31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018
Hyperoptic are back with some great offers, with the best offer of the bunch being the 150mb Fibre service for just £23 a month on a 12 month contract! No line rental required, an… Read more

very limited it seems, i live in london and not available for me.


Use them. Amazing !! No idea what the bad reviews are all about. As a tech enthusiast I couldn’t be happier with the low latency and pings. It’s very much stable.


True, but not too shabby either! Via Broadband Speed Test


Nice explanation, thank you (party) On using Plex server outside the home, I talked to their support about this and they said that all users use dynamic IP but can be allocated a static IP for an extra £5pm. Not ideal but still a good option if you want access to your media.


Basically consumer networking follows a standard and the standards over the years have gone from 10Mb, to 100Mb, to 1,000Mb (1Gb) and in some expensive newer devices 10,000Mb (10Gb). Your average consumer device right now will have 100Mb or 1,000Mb. No matter what device you use there will always be some overheads the prevent the device actually achieving that full speed. In the same way a race car would travel faster in a vacuum, but that's not the real world. Hyperopic's network (fiber optic to the building) will be capable of ridiculously fast speeds. However since there is no real consumer application for speeds greater than 1Gb the equipment they use in the building distributes 1Gb connections to each resident and they supply a 1Gb router. 10Gb networking is currently quite expensive. In 10 years time when 10Gb networking becomes the more used standard (and cheaper) they could upgrade the equipment in the building but the cable that goes to the building would still have plenty of capacity to cope. In short, Hyperopic offer the fastest speed a consumer can use because it makes no real difference to them. If the customer has a 1Gb package and runs a speed test that maxes out at 950Mb that's because their computer / device is the bottleneck, not the Hyperoptic network.

Fab Fibre Broadband (Up to 40 Mbps) & Line Rental for £20 a month (£240 a year) @ NowTV. (Quidco/TCB cashback currently £75/£80)
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Seems like a good price for Fibre and phone line. 12 month contract. Hub 2 is provided but they charge £9.99 for delivery. The £80 TCB should cancel that though. That TCB offer e… Read more

If I buy Now, do I have to call the old operator to cancel the service?


Use the on-line checkers to check your available speeds first. I was on the 80mb package with ee but the best I could get was 46mb. So I downgraded to the 40mb package, saved some money and hardly noticed the speed difference. If you compare whatever you can get now to Virgin's 200mb then you'll probably never be satisfied anyway.


In all fairness, it sometimes takes a few days for the speed to settle. Also the quoted speeds are usually only when you are connected to the router via ethernet cable. If you're connected over WiFi, they can easily blame it on virtually anything that can disturb WiFi (and there's a loooot of things).


I have Sky broadband, still in contract term. Is there a way to swap to Now to get an offer. Ideally Super fibre? As there the same company, would I have a chance?


My cashback from April is still saying £0 and "waiting for retailer".... Does ringing them up help? I kinda wanna upgrade from broadband to fibre but wanna wait till I get my cashback first

John Lewis Broadband with JL e-voucher - £23pm x 12 months = £276
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
I've just switched my broadband from BT because of the price hikes, without any penalty. One of the best current deals I found was John Lewis Fibre Broadband with evening & we… Read more
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Will the JL e voucher be usable in Waitrose?


There was no reward offer when I joined. Usually you end up getting the quidco + reward card (I did with BT last year) so the current deal is even better


Voted cold. I went with Vodafone who also tap into the BT network but have a minimum of 76mb. £24


Took this out last week got £50 cashback with quidco and £75 gift card from John Lewis!! I'll pay £32.50 a month on a 12 month contact for 76 mbps which is same as I was on with BT. I paid slightly less with BT as had offer on but their router was dire and I've waited a year for a replacement that has never arrived! I ring they apparently despatch yet another but I never receive it and the cycle begins again! I'm out of contract in two weeks so started shopping around and seen John Lewis deal. I wanted tm try plus net but their website didn't recognise my post code for some strange reason when everyone else does and I live in a fibre town. But am glad as only on a 12 month contract and the £75 gift card will come in handy for black Friday ;) So HEAT from me! (y)


great for a 12 month deal, which are rare nowadays, but I think for 18 months EE are currenly cheaper. standard fibre 26p/m with £130 cashback, but no inclusive calls - which is fine by me.

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Now Broadband £15 x 12m, £9.99 router, £189.99 (TCB/Quidco £75!!)
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Summer sale £15, £9.99 delivery. Reports that you should sign up with another email address if you already have even a used Now TV account to ensure cashback is paid!!

No worries


Ok cheers mate


Yes, everything went through with no problems and I didn't have to chase anything. Can't remember how long it took to track but took about 3 months in total to pay out


In recent years I've tried Plusnet, Sky, Talktalk and since June I've been with Now. All pretty similar in terms of speed and reliability asides from Talktalk who were a fair bit slower. I won't go into details now but talktalks slower speeds are due to the DLM sytem they use that they claim has no manual override so there is no point in even trying to get things speeded up with them unless moving to fibre. In case you weren't aware, it seems Now is pretty much Sky in disguise. You get the same router as Sky would give and speeds are much the same as when I was with them. Hope that helps a bit!


I had TalkTalk fibre and to be honest for two people's usage for browsing and steaming I can see no difference. The only main difference is when downloading which I hardly ever do. I'm currently using one ethernet port so no issues yet. Router strength is very good, bedroom is 10m away and signal and speed is perfect. TalkTalk I was paying £25 with NowBB I pay £15.

Talk talk unlimited fast broadband now just £18.95 a month for 18months Inc line rental + £9.95 for router del = £351.05 for 18 months
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
I know this isn't fibre or the fastest but for £18.95 a month I thought this was decent considering Virgin are hiking their prices up.
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just cancel the contract now or that's going just cancel the contract now or that's going to be your life for the foreseeable future, should be able to back out via ofcom as they clearly aren't capable of delivering any viable/usable service - shop around for a company that works. I left in 2008 because the company was exactly the same, I have no idea how they survived a decade since, I hear they keep getting bought out though to stay existing


I have only been with them a week, still no active phone line and the broadband comes and goes, I had a full week off work last week and wasted the whole week arguing for hours and hours with these people, their technology department that you get passed to is a foreign call centre that is full of people reading from a scripted book and can't even help you, I spent an hour and 10 mins talking to a woman who you could actually hear flicking the pages of the book, and all we did in the 70 mins was turn the router on then off, on, then on etc at the end of the call she said she couldn't help me and I would have to ring back another day. For anyone reading this DONT sign up with Talk Talk you will regret it.


Two weeks ago I switched to Talk Talk fast broadband (ADSL) for £17 per month on a 12 month contract with free router. I thought it was strange to have a 12 mth contract cheaper than the 18 mth but I'm happy to switch again when contract expires. My d/l speed is 5-10‰ faster than previous provider and, more importantly, the connection is stable and constant. With previous provider, connection would drop every few minutes starting at the same time every day. Was with them for 12 years and this started within last 2 years so it's clearly their doing. Happy with Talk Talk so far. Everything they have said would happen has happened and as planned. Early days but no problems so far. This deal is for 'regular' ADSL, not fibre. There are still many of us that can not get cable or fibre at our residences, unfortunately.


Bt who I'd been with for many tens of years and had fttc with them for a number of years used to charge me over twice the price talktalk charge. Line rental and 76mb fibre is £25 per month while BT were around £19 for line rental alone with another around £30 for 76mb fttc. They wouldn't deal with me and even said my price would increase by 50p if I dropped my speed (since everyone was getting free upgrades if their line was capable then anyway.) Not that Talktalk have a clue and I've had problems since switching with speeds dropping etc, The latest thing is my max attainable keeps dropping and has gone from 96mbps to 80mbps with my sync dropping from 79mbps to 68mbps.


Sweet. I will look in to this. Thanks!

TalkTalk £23.50 per month Fibre Broadband 18 months +£9.95 Equipment Delivery Charge £432.95
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
This seems one of the cheapest Fibre deals (excluding hyperopic which isn't available in my area) but I can't see it posted on HotUKDeals. I'm trying to get out of my expensive Vi… Read more
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Yes I got it for £22.50. £9.95 delivery charge, but £100 cashback through Topcashback. Always worth looking at Topcashback.


As I started to type this comment my connection dropped out again (mad) I can't wait until Tues , we get to leave talk talk without charge because of poor service. We were only 5months into the contract but not once in all that time did we get half of the guaranteed speed. We were paying for fibre plus but lucky to get 20 mbps. We had more online chats , line tests and engineer visits in that time than in the previous 12 years .


It does in our house (mad)


Appalling customer service, I wouldn't have their broadband again if they paid me!!!


Me too

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Virgin Media Price Increase 2018 - Leave Penalty Free by September 30th
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
And it begins...negotiation season 2018 starts now. As can seen below Virgin Media will be increasing bills by £3 starting October 1st. Now is the right time to start negotiating, … Read more

Ive done it before no problem i told them my partner moving out and now im resposible for the property and i want it in my name its no issue they happy to make money


Going off topic a bit but how would I keep same number if I cancal then join as a new customer using a different name. Anybody have any ideas. Also anybody not had the increase letter/email yet


I am in same position. Mine is increasing to £107.50 before the latest price increase. Would be interested to find out what you are doing.


If you have the same surname or even differnt surname but addresss history is that address with VM your not a new customer and they will cancel your order. I've already tried it they catch on to this stuff. Especially if your VM services are still running at that address. After 6 months u qualify as a new customer...


Wont work. Line needs to be completely disconnected when 30 days are up and it's same surname (your not a new customer) they will not fulfill the order even though it says it has. I've tried it ages ago. Anyways I've Ended up leaving for BT anyway (very happy) couldn't stand VM's abysmal customer service.

Now broadband from sky from £17pm
23/08/2018Expires on 23/08/2018Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
High speed fibre and line rental 17 pounds month

If you sign up for the sky sports offer for an extra £20 a month do you get a sky q box? X


How are you getting £17? I'm getting £20.


Why people voting cold.. this is a good deal, 36mbps for less than 17 a month including line rental... What more is needed?


I think the only reason most people pay for like rental is because we have to . I haven't picked up the land line since 2008


Yes. The one I signed up for has no call plan. You can opt for weekend & evening calls with NOW for £4/month & anytime calls for £8/month but we figured it just wasn't worth it. Wifey & me both have Three 321 SIMs and as low users, it makes sense for us to ring on mobile when we need to or talk on Messenger if it's long calls to family.

Sky Broadband Unlimited + Talk Anytime Unlimited inc. Line Rental - £8 p/m (Retention Offer)
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
I've made a fuss about the £2 sky talk offer And they dropped my bill down to £8.… Read more

I used chat to bring it down to 16.99 and then used email to try to reduce it to £10. But they reduced it to 8


Cancelled mine over 2 weeks ago. No offers as yet. How you get it at £8 or £10???


Used chat and got mine down to £10 a month. Thanks for the tip 😃 not quite £8 but not £20 either! So I’m happy


Will try probably when my current subscription is up for renewal


Try chat?

Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Just seen this whopper off a deal, cheapest I've seen in A LONG TIME! FOR NEW CUSTOMERS:

i looking too join, no fibre so around 7mb i guess, was with virgin of 50mb but best offer was 26.66 a month there could offer, only use it for Netflix really and updates on ps4 and WiFi smart home device's


We've been consistently getting 11mbps with BT ADSL through our ancient BT Home Hub 3 router. I'm reckoning that NOW will be similar with what I'm hoping is a better, more modern router. I guess I'll find out soon.


Totally agree. The further you are from the exchange the slower the speeds on ADSL. I was getting 17mbps on regular adsl but when I moved houses I barely got 2mbps that too after sky/openreach kept messing around with installation for nearly 3 months. I used the EE 25gb 4G sim offer at half price ( £15 ) for that time period which worked really well but couldn’t Lee on with that forever. Eventually switched to fibre.


Sometimes you have to go for the Fibre bcoz ADSL2 speeds at the property are way too slow to be called broadband (3.5 Mbps for me.. !!!) So I don't have a choice but to order FTTC ... since Virgin Media's router are terrible !


Signed up for NOW Brilliant Broadband today. This is the slow, unlimited ASDL option which includes line rental. Sticker price is £15/month for 12 months but with the Tesco £50 voucher, it drops it to £11.67/month. By way of comparison, we're paying BT £33/month for the same service (plus weekend calls). Fibre is great & everything but if all you want is a half decent broadband connection to surf the web, read your email, play the occasional game on Steam & once in a blue moon watch something on BBC iPlayer, then why not go for the cheapest option (which is what we've done).

BT broadband retention deal - 50mb with unlimited weekend calls - £21.99pm x 12 months - £263.88
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
My contract for BT infinity 50mb with weekend calls and no TV for 27.99p/m ends up on 4th Sept. So I phoned today customer service and informed them that I will not be extending m… Read more
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so i think i did well in end.. was sat debating triggering their system and going with plusnet and while threads on here when I decided to give retention one last try tonight before pushing it further.. the system refused point black to offer 50mg fibre 1 at £21.99 but it did offer the upto 67mb fiber 2 for £23.99.. i didn't have bt to renew that or get it free.. but did get the recordable box for £6 deal they doing the now without the one off cost for the box ... which is same price as buying box so technically free tv too... need a new sim so offered 20gb for £16 (normally £25 and reduced to £20 online) but have a feeling i might be cheaper doing it via cashback sites and collecting cashback and voucher.. have to move a sim off the account to get it so will work out what best in next few days.


Had the same trouble to get my MasterCard promised. Had to listen to call and said would let me know outcome in 48hrs. Didn’t. 3 weeks later got the card. Still didn’t move back to inf2 grr


Ah they said that to me too in June. Moved me from infinity 2 to 1 anyway using a new line and we lost speed. See what they do for you!


Same as my experience - and I've also got 5 sim only contracts that they will loose. Best they could offer was to re contract at my current price of 31.99, but I had to pay 9.99 for the privilege! Might go for the Vodafone deal and get the fee sonos


Think I am just going to leave them, sick of it. 6 individuals have now blatantly lied to me.

sky broadband unlimited £18 p/m +£9.95 one off cost ine rental and Sky Talk included £225.95 for a year + £50 prepaid mastercard
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
£18 p/m +£9.95 one off cost ine rental and Sky Talk included £225.95 for a year + £50 prepaid mastercard. Average monthly cost over the 12 months contract duration inclusive of all… Read more
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Plusnet have a better deal at the moment that is a little over £10 a month, which I have and so far it's been great for the price. You pay it all upfront and then nothing to pay for the year. As another poster said, check out the mse broadband page.


Martin lewis website( MSE) Money saving expert is always worth a look as they also seem to get insentives for you to join up,rather like the now expired deal here,dont forget Uswitch and Money supermarket.The insentives change across all three of these at times.Happy shopping / gaming. (highfive)


Hi LadyEleanor,i didnt know you could find out through Sam.So being intrigued i found out,and im 1075m away.From main exchange.And as from the roadside green box about 75 m.So quite lucky.


Speed depends on distance from BT exchange. For 10+ I think you will be under 1Km. I think Samknows tells you.


Ah I thought there might be a reason so didn’t want to risk it, I can’t get fibre but get by gaming on my standard plusnet broadband at the moment. I have just come out of contract so shopping around for a new introductory offer so was genuinely curious before I switched. Thanks for the reply. (y)

BT Superfast fibre broadband (£549.81, £29.99 p/m, £140 vouchers, effective cost £22.27 pm)
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Superfast Fibre + Weekend Calls + BT Sport on the go BT Affiliate deal. Sorry if been posted, did a quick search so couldn't find it. Apply by Aug 16th. £29.99 a month 18 months … Read more
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Yes, and it works in your favour usually if you've had a reward card/cashback.


You can sign a new contract in your name and get a new deal. When you order just select you do not have an existing account. You'll have a new landline number though.


Never been with BT. If they do a price hike, are you able to leave mid contract without incurring penalties?


I have a bt account already. Can I get my wife to sign up so she can get this deal?


Ok so I just ordered this via TCB {£90} While I was on BT chat I was advised that allegedly the price hike in September does not affect briadband and new customers. So if TCB does it stuff I really should be paying effectively £17.27 p/m I saved the transcript just in case anything goes pear shape in September. Fingers crossed

Now Tv Broadband (36MBps) £20 a month £9.99 delivery = £249.99 Possible £15 a month with £80 Cashback
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Hi All, I see plenty of broadband deals in here and this seems to a good offer(subject to cash back being paid) It’s still not a bad deal for £20 quick look around and talk talk i… Read more

Moving from Plusnet. They wanted around £200 line rental up front then £10.99 per month for fibre. No thanks.


Nice! They couldn’t match mine but preferred to move to 12 months. I’ve got commitment issues. :{


I mentioned this deal in my BT price hike and managed to get them to lower the cost of my renewal. Thanks NOW!


Thanks Kava - appreciated.


I have just seen the schedule I am happy now, will add plus11 and get the Italian/ Spanish footy. Thanks again waddle 84

Unlimited Fibre Broadband £20p/m on 12m contract @ Now Broadband via Uswitch
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Usually debatable 36Mb but cannot find Fibre broadband for less there is a £9.99 set up fee and it is on a 12m contract with unlimited downloads.
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Got this last week as BT hiked its prices, £85 cashback via TCB as others have said. Getting 36mb download and 9.5mb upload. Really happy with the switch completely pain free!


Hi kind of retention deal as i was on Sky Standard BB & moved from Standard to Fiber MAX . i was offred Sky Fiber in 15£ and MAX in 20£ on chat , Hope it helps .:)


So a retention deal? Or possible for new?


Negotiated on chat



Unlimited Broadband+Landline 12m Contract £15p/m@ Now Broadband via Uswitch
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Cheapest I have seen for basic broadband and only a 12m contract. £9.99 set up fee is the upfront cost.
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Er I never said anything about quality but its cheap


because B&Q sets the bar for price and quality..


ok (highfive)


I can supply and fit an kitchen for cheeper than b&q and its better quality


sorry but what do you get cheaper than B&Q

Existing Customers save £120 over 12 months with Sky Broadband Unlimited​ ONLINE retention (no need to chat to an agent) from £20 per month (LINE RENTAL INCLUDED)
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
I was expecting to have to explain to a chat agent that since my introductory offer expired this service has become too expensive but was pleasantly surprised to see an offer immed… Read more
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We still don’t get fibre at our address and we’re not in the sticks! A few roads away gets it have tostick with sky as they are better than Plusnet which were awful


I've just left sky, they offered £15 pm for fibre max for the first 12 months then £25pm for the remaining 6 months. Line rental included in price


I meant in general


This includes line rental.


Mine is coming up at £22.50 I/o £30 which is better but not as good as £20. Chat button not available at the moment to see if it gets any lower. Voted hot as helped me reduce my bill :)

Retention deal Talk Talk Superfast Broadband, Speed Boost, Sky Sports Boost and Line Rental £33
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
As title, live chatted with them to get this price. I felt it was reasonable. I know this is very much hit and miss, depending on the wind direction, time of day and whether or no… Read more
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Worst broadband company of all time!!




Totally agree. Been with TT for over 8 years. If you need to get in touch with them never phone, if possible, use the live chat. For example my mothers phone went down last Friday (not TTs fault). Went on chat Saturday morning and reported it and got calls diverted to her mobile, got a phone call Saturday afternoon with an update, same Sunday then Openreach sorted it Monday. Excellent service, I think.


Please don't take it personally mate. It's not you it's TalkTalk as a current customer I think their customer service is awful. On par with another awful company NowTv. Don't stop posting. Just stick your hard hat on and weather the TalkTalk storm (y)


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) wow that's terrible

NEW Plusnet Fixed price Unlimited Broadband 18mth Contracts from £19.99 + £5 activation fee with £50 cashback
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
I love the telecoms market to see what shenanigans go on there... Plusnet have introduced today fixed price contracts - which means no mid term price increases what you pay toda… Read more
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Plusnet have faster 54-72Mbps fibre for 28.99 and can get 100 cashback from quidco and can save another few quid by paying line rental saver works out around 22-23 quid a month just signed up this morning.


Cheaper to go on and compare all providers. Cheapest standard broadband is from Now TV. £15 a month. £9.99 delivery costs. Plus £50 claim reward.(£11.67 a month) and for standard fibre. Same setup again. 36mb Fibre. £20 a month. 9.99 delivery. £50 claim reward. (£16.67 a month)


True, I'm on fibre to the cabinet but usually get 60meg downloads over the telephone line to my house and I'm on the slopes of a Welsh mountain in the middle of nowhere FTC is a bit pot luck, if you're lucky enough to be close to your exchange it will be great


Ah but I love a mid contract price rise. It's usually when I swap provider. With the usual TCB on signup, I've paid very little for BB over the last 5 years e.g. VM gave £220 barely 6 months ago and I've just swapped to Now Broadband who will be giving £80 back on a £20pm "fibre" plan - it'll make the speed decrease a little easier to swallow


If you’re after a good broadband deal, check out out nowtv fab fibre. Unlimited 36mb, £20 a month inc line rental. £70 quidco cashback makes it clock in at about £15 a month. Just switching to it myself.

Netgear Aircard 785S Mobile Broadband Hotspot with Super Fast 4G LTE £87 telephonesonline
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
I use one of these for work and love it, good bit of kit with visual alerts etc. Get anytime, anywhere access to fast 4G LTE speeds. With up to 10 hours of battery life and the ab… Read more
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Most rural areas are cat 4 LTE which gets you 30mbps in practice. The posh areas selected by EE in cities get cat 6 which is 2 channel authentication and your device needs 2 radios to make use of it to get the 60mbps this is not 5g ?!? Nowhere in the country does 5g..... Yet


So can someone clarify the following (country of use will be the USA): 1. Using a 3 SIM with preloaded data, an Android phone that enables WiFi hotspot to allow other devices to connect will not work as 3 blocks tethering. True or False? 2. Using the same 3 SIM with preloaded data in a MiFi device will allow multiple devices to connect and use the data. True or false? Having experienced scenario one last year and being told via this thread that scenario 2 works.... I'm a little confused as to what the difference is. Both personal hotspot and MiFi are the same thing in essence. Why would scenario 1 not work but scenario 2 does? Any clarification/help is much appreciated guys. Thanks.


got my 790s around 2 years ago... they are prefect ! cost 180 at that time, but well worth of money


Atleast you picked up on.


I like the way everyone has ignored this link to the TP-LINK M7350 that's £22 cheaper and does pretty much the same thing. Better too I'd say as it has a full sized sim card slot which makes it more adaptable. I have one of these too and used it in Japan back in April and it worked a treat.

Sky Broadband Unlimited, Talk & Line Rental (£20 for 12 months= £240) - (£7.50 a month after £75 TCB Cashback & £75 Mastercard)
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
For those who can't get Fibre, this seems like a very good deal.

Thanks OP for this deal. Sky customer team are actually decent. I’m an existing sky tv customer and I opened a new account in error. They allowed me to take this offer and also waived line rental for one month for the inconvenience. Hopefully topcashback tracks. Went for the fibre unlimited instead. This deal should have gotten more heat. Sky fibre unlimited and anytime calls works out = £24.66 pm after all the cash backs etc


with sky for the past 3 years, the cost increased from £17 to £25 within 3 years.... Planning to switch which provider can give some concession in 12 month contact in case if we want to cancel in between.


My £80 cashback (for the £18 a month unlimited) through quidco didn't track at all. I had to raise a claim to which eventually my claim was paid out. Was a bit of a hassle but I've got Broadband for £18 a month for 12 months with £50 prepaid card and £80 cashback. Not bad I say


I've gone through TCB for a few years when buying Sky broadband and has always tracked and paid out without any problems.


Cancelation team +44-333-759-1018. 18 months but 12 months £10 off on line rental

Unlimited Calls / Texts / 4G Data - New and Existing Customer - 12 Month Sim Only - £23 (£276 for 12 Months) @ Virgin Mobile
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts 4G Data 12 Month Sim £23 Month £276 for 12 Months THIS DEAL IS FOR ALL CUSTOMERS VIRGIN DON'T CHECK IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING CUSTOME… Read more
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This don't work you need to be a media customer also I have been told they do slow you after a certain amount of data.


Tried and the order didn't go through as they couldn't find an existing connection on my post code as my area isn't covered by them for fibre and TV (fierce) .


Voted hot. I am on same with virgin though i pay only £20 from Black Friday deal posted here.


Guys I’m using this sim after using EE and also O2, trust me the service is similar to them also there is no data cap, two months ago when I was away I used more than 100GB and it was still fine also will let you tether as well so all around good service


The problem with these MVNOs is they don't always have a clear cut answer. CS is fine for asking them about bills, transferring numbers, etc but when it comes to technicalities they are very poor and even when they are dealing with issues you'll find that it is not instantaneous because they luck resources I am with Virgin and been with them for few years and I don't have any issues and I hope it stays like this This is the risk we take when we sign up with these MVNOs so it is an individual choice

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