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Broadband allows British people to connect with each other, to download movies and TV shows, play online games, watch sport and do their work efficiently, so it’s an important part of everyday lives. This buyer’s guide explains what broadband is all about and how shoppers can get the best broadband discounts via hotukdeals. Read more
1Gigabit Broadband £39 a month for 12 months / 500mb Broadband £33 a month for 12 months + £29 upfront via Hyperoptic (Select locations)
Posted 16 h, 29 m agoPosted 16 h, 29 m ago
If it's in your area this is a great price! £39 for 1GB Broadband speed, 500mb is £33. Usually it is £50 for 500mb and £60 for 1GB. Unlimited Data And Up to £78.75 TCB Subject to … Read more

Never been with virgin but if you can get hyperoptic at your place don't think twice.


Is this a reliable company? How do their services compare to Virgin?


Worth looking at getting a mobile WiFi hub?


Sadly the only option I have is virgin. It’s been over a month since I ordered but I still have no internet. Three engineers showed up and said external work needs to be done. Three appointments scheduled for external work and nobody showed up. Zero communication and I have no idea what’s going on even though I called them numerous times.


You got a few options, community fibre and G network, I'm sure theres a few more. Worth checking those out of they are coming to your area. G Network has done massive amounts of laying fibre in my area over the last few months.


I had a positive experience with now BB. Although not with them now, I got a similar deal with cashback and they didn't want the router back at the end . So lord knows how much actusl profit they made off me. Had to use their customer service at the beginning (we went live with a new line a few days after the first lockdown) and they were great. They have UK based staff...which makes all the difference. Yes the router isn't the best...but you are paying about 15 quid for BB effectively ..use some of the savings on a decent router you can use with future providers too


Does anyone know if NowTV broadband works with the Sky Q mini boxes to create a mesh network for better WiFi? As I understand it, the Sky mini boxes create a 5GHz mesh network with the main Sky Q box, which effectively extends your WiFi if you have Sky broadband, but if you have a different broadband provider then this mesh network is separate to your main WiFi network. As Now broadband seems to use a rebadged Sky router, will the mini boxes work exactly as they would with Sky broadband, or as if it's any other provider e.g. BT?


I went for Now broadband yesterday as the overall reviews on hukd seem far better for Now than they do Vodafone. Like someone else said they are all much of a muchness so best to go for the cheapest cheapest and shortest term for the quality you want.


I switched to Now deal in December.. have experienced some issues with WiFi dropping out, stream buffering that I didn't have with previous suppliers Vodafone, plus net, bt.. £100 cashback has tracked.. quidco say I should receive it by 20th may. I go for cheapest deal at the time as all much of a muchness.. found Vodafone app best for allocating channels


It’s not though is it? Fibre to the cabinet is still 90% fibre

Vodafone Superfast 2 Broadband - 63mbps for £22 per month (with £100 Amazon Voucher - 24 month contract) £528 via Broadband Genie
10/05/2021Expires on 10/05/2021Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
I just found this whilst searching for the best Vodafone deal and have signed up myself as I move next week. Better offer than the other £75-£80 giftcards/cashback deals. Offer en… Read more

Super fast? Are you having a laugh? Virgin media runs at 1.5gbps. My 5G phone runs at 1300mbps. This is a joke.


What service you using? I wonder if it's an issue with the new open reach FTTP?


Had an absolute awful experience with Vodafone since moving in January. Superfast? Advertise 60, promise 40, terms and conditions guarantee 23. Not my only issue. Had to make phone calls every day to get them to send out a new router after going 5 days during Easter holidays without WiFi. Yes, yes, we will send it. Will? You said that 2 days ago! Chatbot is a right pita. Customer relations non existent. They returned a complaint phone call at an inconvienant time (a 2 hour window is what you are told.) When asked to phone back the next day I was informed she wasn't working til next week!!?? Then get me someone else!! What is this. I cannot wait to leave now.


She can get BT Basic now (but probably not from June) for £10.07 per month which gives 10 Mbps. Again, check the article I quoted originally, details are in there.


£20 per month is for speed comparable to this deal. It is also available at £15 per month for 36 Mbps. This is all explained in the article I quoted.

36Mb Fab Fibre Broadband & Anytime Calls, 12m contract £22pm+ £5 setup = £269 (Possible £100 cashback via Topcashback) @ Now TV
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Other combos available.. link for topcashback PS: -For those who may prefer , please see Super Fibre 63mb 12 month contract with Free Anytime Calls for £24 per month +£5 deli… Read more

That's what I used as well, no issues.


A brief search shows pre-owned buy-it-nows from £38.00 and sold prices starting from £22.98. If you’re prepared to put a bit of work in and look for a bad listing - people just list them as Sky Broadband Hubs without realising that the SR203’s are worth far more than other Sky hubs - you will find one cheap. I’ve bought three of these in the past, a used one for £17 and two new ones for £18 and £23 respectively. Beware of people putting the old hub in the new box, you need to check the photographs on the listing.


Hi Tince, Thanks. I will try to put in a claim on Monday if there is no sign of tracking by then. The claim form asks for the order number. I don't see any order number after I signed the contract. Should the NOW TV account number be enough?


I had to manually put in a claim because the nowtv website is a bit rubbish. My manual claim was paid very quickly.


Seems to be £23 pm now.

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Vodafone Pro Broadband (24 Month Contract) £37 p/m or *£30 p/m with up to 3 WiFi Boosters, 4G Broadband Backup and £75 Amazon Voucher
-89° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
£888 or 37ppm. * Current Vodafone customers get a £7ppm discount so £720. Get a £75 Amazon voucher when you choose Pro Broadband Vodafone Pro is designed for reliability. Super W… Read more

That's a pipedream and a half


Nightmare. At least you were able to cancel.



This FTTP.


I got to customer homes, and remove star wiring. Set up there broadband, replace master socket, optimise there broadband etc.

Vodafone Superfast 2 Broadband - 63mbps for £22 per month (with £75 Gift Card - 24 month contract) via Broadband Choices / Giftcloud
400° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Very similar to the very popular offer that ran in February, this time around the reward is £5 lower than the highest reward in Feb, but the added benefit of the monthly cost being… Read more

You can try.. Better call them and negotiate they will. Come down in price..


I am currently with vodafone Can I use another person's name in the house for a new contract and cancel the expiring contract please. Thank you


Deal is extended till 13 May.


It's fast where I live and NO provider will guarantee more than 63. Plusnet have told me upto 80, but are only going to guarantee 63. Vodafone are just being honest by stating the speed as the minimum guarantee. If line noise lets you get more, great. Plus I had500 until I moved. And why care when 63 can do multiple Netflix and game just fine... So I have to go do something else when something takes 3h not 30m to update a game and not sn't world ending. Specially as nearly all games release updates fair ahead to stop bottlenecks, meaning no rush.


for me my contract ends in may so it dont really effect me to much price rise wise, as for asking for a new contract, i wouldnt bother, i would always use the cashback route that way you maximise your savings when you near end of contract