Posted 22 January 2024

Boots 70% off sale 2024

Hey, I can't see a discussion about this year's Boots 70% off sale.

Does anyone know when it'll start? Judging by last year which was 1st March, I reckon could be last Wednesday of Feb or 1st Wednesday of March... but who knows. Still showing 50% off in my local with plenty of stock.
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  1. sazza83's avatar
    In store today:-)
    Carrie_Moore's avatar
    Yes Even staff , we're surprised it was on today .
  2. Nikita_Percival's avatar
    No dates yet
  3. Colin432's avatar
    My boots has very limited Christmas stock, so was hoping 70% off would happen soon!
  4. Vic12345's avatar
    Any new yet when the sale will be . X
    Nikita_Percival's avatar
  5. louiselouise's avatar
    I thought they'd done away with the 70 / 90% off in store sales after COVID...though I could be wrong. MSE used to give predictions every year.

    Here's this year's thread: Boots 70% — MoneySavingExpert Forum
    52085042-7Gn66.jpgUsed to queue outside St Enoch (Glasgow) for the opening at 8am The online Sale used to load at 3am-ish - think they stopped the online Sale in recent years. (edited)
    Nikita_Percival's avatar
    There will be 70% just don't known when
  6. clare.winter's avatar
    Some items now 70% online, but not in store yet
  7. sazza83's avatar
    Having a look through other deals on here and someone's saying instore on Monday. Who knows, I'll go in around 9am and check.
    Carrie_Moore's avatar
    I doubt, its this comming monday as valentines day is comming up , and boots never do the 70% sale before that .
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