Buying damaged or imperfect household appliances

Posted 5th Apr
Has anyone ever bought a physically damaged household appliance from a retailer before such as a fridge freezer, washing machine etc?

An appliance that, for all intents and purposes works OK but is physically damaged or visually imperfect.

How was the experience? Worth doing or a false economy?

Any links to retailers who specialise in such goods?

I may need a new fridge freezer and looks like there are no decent deals about at the moment so thinking of going down this route and getting something 'decent' when a deal appears and selling on the imperfect one thereafter.
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Used to buy dell refurbish from the outlet all the time, and they were good as new just cosmetically scuffed etc.. when I moved house about 15 years ago, the landlord said I could keep the dishwasher but once it broke they wouldn't be responsible for it, it was a Miele and I still have it today, its seen a couple of parts here and there but its going strong still.

I bought a Large freezer for the garage from Appliances Direct which was the shop model and was scuffed up adn had a dent ont he front, again after 5 years its working fine too.

Ive had plenty of brand new things that have broken within the first 12 months as well..

I think the most important thing is to factor in a 5 year warranty in the price on appliances, my Fridge Freezers Ice Machine seems to break down every 12 months, I am year 3 on the warranty and on the 3rd water valve, my Washing machine is a Samsung ECO Bubble from 2013 I have had a warranty rolling on that for 7 years and 2 engineer calls to replace the circuit board twice.
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Plenty on eBay, type in fridge freezer and filter by new(other)
Yes, Cosmetically damaged dishwasher. Works fine.

Refurbished Samsung TV from Richersounds, Screen required changing due to screen bleed. Then the replacement screen started to bleed just outside of warranty
I got a Samsung fridge freezer with a nasty scratch + dent along one side. It didn't bother me because in my kitchen it was going to be up against a wall on that side anyway. It was a brilliant fridge freezer and was still going strong when we sold our house almost 8 years later. The people moving in didn't want to bother buying new appliances so offered us a bit extra to leave a few of the appliances. I half wish I hadn't agreed to leave it behind as it was better than the one we have now.

On the other hand, I bought a refurbished mobile phone a few years back and had no end of trouble with the thing. So I wouldn't recommend it for things like phones, laptops, etc.
I bought refurb/imperfect oven and gas hob in the past, no issues with either and well worth the saving. The oven had a couple of scratches on the door handle but figured a brand new one wouldn't have looked brand new for long anyhow.
Appreciate the replies.

Have seen a fridge with a large dent on the door on the right hand side.

Not sure if I can live with it - pictures below.

As long as there is a warranty available, I am not bothered about cosmetic damage. My current laptop was bought refurbished but with some scuffs outside; I am still using it 5 years later with nothing replaced. Same with the refrigerator.
I once bought a 'cosmetically damaged' washing machine from Appliances Direct for about 30% off. The location it was going into meant the optics weren't important. When it arrived the entire frame had been bent out of shape and the top panel wouldn't even fit flush (though it worked). The photos that had illustrated its condition hadn't shown all this. They wouldn't budge on taking it back or giving a partial refund and have been on my banned list ever since.
Plenty of items for the kitchen, usually a dent that can be hidden by a magnet or units so not an issue and a lot cheaper.
Yep, bought a cosmetically damaged electric cooker from Zannusi seconds on ebay, still fine 7 years later, dent at the back and a couple of scratches, hasn't made a difference to it's operation, I would be more wary of phones/tech seconds
Don't think I could personally live with a door damaged like that, plus everytime you go to open it you'd be reminded?
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