Posted 21 March 2024

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Wanting to buy COD MW3 latest for my PC and then for xBox.

Cheapest I can find it for PC is £38.99 via Steam
xBox cheapest I can find is Amazon for £45

Anyone know any cheaper?
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  1. jan_blu's avatar
    I would also suggest to check There are some offers from time to time. Then play Warzone until you got MW3 (edited)
  2. Charger1969's avatar
    Keep your eye on Battlenet, you should get a half price offer coming up soon, I wouldn't buy on Steam for PC because if Steam goes down it will disconnect you, Battlenet is not game dependant you can start the game through Battlenet and then shut it down.
  3. Uridium's avatar
    I thought if you bought from you could play on pc or Xbox?
    Sure I've bought games for my son and it said xbox\pc
    Maybe I imagined that though lol
    aLV426's avatar
    There are rumors it's coming to cloud play...

    It does get annoying and expensive buying the same game across multiple platforms - especially when the kids want it for a different console! (edited)
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