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Make the leap into the gaming elite with a specialist gaming PC. Designed with performance in mind, gaming PCs mix high-end visuals and sonic features, with speed, memory, storage space, and looks that blow normal PCs away. Anyone who is serious about gaming can find components and custom-built systems at the hotukdeals gaming PC listings. Read more
Gaming PC with AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER - £1499.99 delivered @ Scan
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Decent spec PC for the price. 3XS Gamer Elite Designed, built and tested to the highest standards by our multi award winning team, the 3XS Gamer Elite features a high performanc… Read more
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Currently building: 3700X 570X mATX Corsair Ballistix 3600MHz 16GB C16 1TB WD NVMe + 500GB WD NVMe Corsair 650W 80+ Gold Thermaltake V21 Spent approx £840...budgeting another £300-£400 for 5700XT or 2060 Super.


Here you go, X570 motherboard, 3800X CPU, 2070 Super, 3600Mhz memory, 1TB Gen 4 SSD, Win 10 Pro, many parts will likely have more than 3 years warranty all for £1506 and building it yourself. Overall a much better and faster spec. Find Windows cheaper and a cheaper case, and you could shave £75 - £100 off. Personally after having bought an overclocked CPU and motherboard bundle many years ago from Scan and finding the voltage way over the top I'd never buy a built PC from them, used them many time for parts though.


I got exactly the same last year for £1240 even that was to much but i couldn’t be bothered to build one.


Freezing cold. Spec is weak

PC SPECIALIST Vortex ST-S Gaming PC - Core™ i7 9700, RTX 2070 Super,16GB RAM, 2 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD Damaged Box @ Currys_clearance eBay
115° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Key Features THIS ITEM HAS A DAMAGED BOX ! Take your gaming to the next level with the PC Specialist Vortex SR Intel® Core™ i7 RTX 2070 Gaming PC. Featuring a 9th gen Intel® Core™… Read more
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If you don't make it clear people kick off 🥴


"Key Features THIS ITEM HAS A DAMAGED BOX !" (y)


I'd recommend they look at for pre-builts and they even have a configurator so they can put in the specs they want and order the machine to made.


Thats crazy expensive for those old specs, get him a 3600, decent mobo, rx5700xt and at least 16gg 3200mhz. something around those lines, with case and decent psu + hdd and ssd can be found for £800-900. A prebuilt might be a bit more expensive.


Just put an alert for gaming computer on here. My mate is looking for a prebuilt for his cousin in Germany, these are the specs he's looking for, budget £1,100-200, let me know if you find any good deals guys, thanks. I personally don't know anything about this stuff. Prozessor: i7 7700k Grafikkarte: GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 16 GB Festplatte: 512GB SSD

PC SPECIALIST Vortex ST-S Gaming PC - Core™ i7 9700, RTX 2070 Super,16GB RAM, 2 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD Damaged Box @ Currys_clearance eBay
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Prices from the other week when I posted this up with the £75 off offer. So it looks like the parts could be from looking at the pc specialist website plus forum posts, and on ol… Read more
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It's freezing in here


Or i just copied and paste from the last time i put this machine up...the description says that at the very top. :) As i said ill try to call pc specialist at some point tomorrow :)


You have a good memory to remember all these spec details then...


I'll jump into tardis to go back a few weeks, I'm not going through my search history for ages finding random threads on the forum, the pc specialist configurator, and wayback machine back ups. I'll call pc specialist tomorrow and get them to confirm / make, amendments :) .


Gonna get pretty chilly 😏

MSI Infinite S 9SC Intel® Core™ i5 RTX 2060 Gaming PC - 128gb ssd 1 TB HDD REFURBISHED £663.20 @ Currys_Clearance eBay
54° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Description Key Features THIS ITEM HAS BEEN REFURBISHED From frantic FPS action to immersive MMORPG worlds, the MSI Infinite S 9SC Gaming PC helps you to get the best out of your … Read more
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Bargain But 350 watt power supply Obviously you can change it for a few quid but maybe why they're being returned through crashing due to the power supply


Very weird considering this is the MSI Gaming LAN edition board! A good price for a very capable machine...


This was a bargain,


Yeah people want alot for £530 and a 800 year warranty


yeah it was a CEX one for £530ish with a 1660ti, didnt say it had or didnt have a ssd thought, but i preguess its possible there. was a good price, even though it got knocked by some folks who didnt look at the bigger picture. ah well. keep a look out they come up often in various of formatts.

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SaharaGaming p35 ATX Black Tempered Glasses gaming case - £49.99 @ Amazon
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
280mm watercooling system 9 x 120mmor 4 x 140mmm case fan 5 x 2.5" SDD or 2 x 3.5"HDD + 3 x 2.5" SDD HDD/SSD tool less accessories How many HDD/SSD you can instal? 5 x 2.5" SDD … Read more
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Thanks! Can't wait for my other 2 fans to come and then filled all the slots with fans! I'm sad my cpu cooler isn't RGB.. Might be the next thing to upgrade (lol) good luck! They were a little misunderstanding to start with but got there eventually! (y)


wow its nice to see one working ! Thanks for getting back to me ill send them a email now , enjoy the case (y)


Got fan hub yesterday which SaharaGaming sent to me, and can confirm this has now resolved any issues I had with the first hub. This new hub connects via molex as opposed to sata. If you have any technical issues I’d advise contacting SaharaGaming directly as they managed to get mine sorted and even sent replacement hub free of charge with no amazon interaction


Did you get duo rings with the case? As that’s what happened to me when they were meant to be pirate turbos (:I Im gonna hide my turbos on the top and back and should look less obvious


So after flipping the top fans to exhaust rather than intake, and adding two bottom fans to exhaust out of the case (didn’t want to use these as intake as they would be blowing the hot GPU air back onto the GPU) my GPU temps have dropped 15c under load. Happy with that! Unfortunately I seemed to have ordered mismatching Saharagaming fans!

Refurbished Gaming Desktop PC Specialist Tornado R5 Ryzen 5 3600 8GB 1TB & 128GB GTX 1660 - £518.98 delivered @ Laptops Direct
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
I am not particularly informed about gaming PCs but this refurbished unit looks a good deal at first glance. You might want to extend the warranty. Here's the description of the A… Read more

Just ask some one to build one for you that is what a bunch of people i know do. The problem with these sort of builds as well is they use low end parts and as others said board like a a320 no one should be touching those boards they are awful even the manufactures will tell you this when talking to them at events.


All fair mate, cheers!


I understand that but again used parts. If you want a used system you might aswell buy a used system and save the money


It's already built and comes with Windows installed. Fair enough you may be happy to do that yourself but there are still those who aren't for one reason or another.


used hardware total cost more than new. Stone cold deal

Infinity X66 GTX Super Gaming PC - i5-9400F + GTX 1660 Super £799.20 @ Cyberpower
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Intel® Core™ Processor i5-9400F 16GB DDR4 2400mhz Memory MSI GeForce® GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB Video Card Asus H310M-R: M-ATX Mainboard WD 240GB SSD 1TB Seagate BarraCuda SATA3 HD… Read more

Hate to be the AMD fanboy here (Not really). But with the way consoles are going with cores, games on PC are going to start making use of all those cores. Even the Ryzen 3600 6/12 would out perform the Intel i5s 6/6. Granted Intel usually eek ahead in gaming at the moment as their single core outperforms AMD. Although it depends on the game, sometimes Intel win, sometimes AMD. But mostly Intel, although not by much. What I'm trying to get across is that you should go AMD unless price isn't an issue and you must have the best possible FPS in most games.


Big difference between a laptop and a desktop


Spent £1500 on a cyber laptop a few years ago, never really worked, overheated, customer service was appalling, wouldnt buy their brand ever again.


A 1060 plays it fairly respectably and this is a step up from that so definitely


Not an expert but with help from the lovely and helpful guys here went for this - with Palicomp and think it might be better option. I went for AMD R5 3600 for £809 option.

High Performance Overclocked Gaming PC with Intel Core i9 10900K and NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti £3,299 at Scan
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
I know this is very High spec and probably overkill for the vast majority. I did some sums and you cannot buy the parts individually and build it for cheaper than Scan are offerin… Read more

So is the end of the Pandemic but it's not here yet. Until we get them in stores to buy, anything can be brushed aside with "X is around the corner, coming next week, etc" Plus how much ARE these 3000 series going to cost? I know it won't be £3000 but it won't be cheap either.


So did you make a profit on the original ram?


I had expensive and 'rare' 16 gig Samsung b die 3600mhz c15 DDR4 and moved to 32gb crucial E-die 3200mhz kit which I new was similarly overclockable. That one I'm running at 3800mhz c18 anyway. People also don't seem to know that dual rank ram is faster than single rank at the same speeds. Bought the new for £109 and sold the old for £150 I think. People want that RAM to test overclocking with as the subtimings go really low.


That's a laughable price.


How do you go from 16Gb to 32Gb and make £20. What kind of trickery is this :{


I did mate! All set up and super fast and super quiet! Got the refund processing for eBay one so all good! Really recommend this computer so far and keyboard working a treat from sofa!


did you get the Medion?


Literally Me.


good luck. sometimes it just easier to stop looking and take the plunge. theres always something better around the corner or slightly cheaper when it comes to pc's and tech. just end up giving yourself a headache trying to wiegh up the pros and cons. the pc is well specc'd for what you want to do and youre happy with the price so thats all that matters. it should have no trouble outputting to your 75" tv. not like youll be gaming on it. its also reasonably sized and stylish, plus quiet according to the reviews which is nice if its going to be in a living room. decent 3 year warranty plus 60 day return window if you dont like it. added bonus of a hot swappable SATA slot. so you can pop in another harddrive very easily if you ever ran out of room. the i5 9400 is comparable to my 6700k and thats still quite nippy. according to one review theyve used it for 4k video editing on a 4k monitor so you should be crunching audio files with ease for many years! would be interesting to pop off the side panel and see if it can take a graphics card. maybe one day you will fancy a bit of gaming, be nice to be able to slot one in there.


Ordered that keyboard, thanks for your help! Tried deleting/exporting this deal but I think it’s destined for sub-zero -1000 degree temperatures so unlike an honourable captain that would sink with his sh*tbag ship, I am jumping off board my ‘SS Polished Turd’ deal forever - to be fair I’m glad I posted it or I’d have got it on Wednesday thinking I was Martin Lewis! Spoke to a few guys at work who have said the below is priced fairly and should be fast/responsive and will get the resolution on the TV so went for it - Thanks again for your help and trying to fight the good fight my friend, take care

PC SPECIALIST Vortex ST-S Gaming PC - Core™ i7 9700, RTX 2070 Super,16GB RAM, 2 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD Damaged Box @ Currys_clearance eBay
420° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
So it looks like the parts could be from looking at the website plus forum posts (don't take this as gospel) SPECS: CPU: I7 9700 £309 Unknown cooler: £? GPU: Palit NVIDIA GeForce R… Read more
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I would not be buying a pc in 2020 with a small SSD and HDD. HDD's will be dead in 2021 due to new consoles all using ssd's for loading. 1tb minimum SSD/NVME.


If you can do cheaper with rrp 10th gen prices and pre built (because the target audience for this don't want to) then feel free hun. Besides its sold out now


Which part specifically


This is pretty poor value... 9700 non K so no overclocking (even worse that Intel 10th gen is around the corner) and a pretty mediocre PSU. As usual my recommendation is to build yourself


Great description. I guess tech is just moving on so fast and I'm slightly out of touch - especially as I don't 'do' gaming! :)

Zoostorm voyager 'gaming' PC - £389.99 @ zoostorm-sales
275° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Be kind, I think this is ok... Not the best spec but Argos selling for £549! this is cheaper direct from Zoostorm. Spec isnt cutting edge but on partpicker I cant get it lower w… Read more

ITS HERE. Using my xray vision as to not void the warranty (although it says you can upgrade as long as you dont damage anything) I can see the Asus mobo, Asus gfx and Crucial ram (single slot used) WD blue spinning HDD, generic dvd drive and generic 350w psu (expected) 3 fans, 1 front 2 top. Looks like one could be moved to the back / all 120mm etc SSD is in and she runs not too bad! Also looks like someone bagged the last one direct from zoostorm so expired. (y)


This old chestnut - that's NOT comparing like for like. That would involve a legitimate purchase from an authorised reseller


:| I want to upgrade pcs, but I'm also wanting something cheap and I've also spent ages trawling through part pickers and I would like to build myself, but if I DIY build I cant as easily return (not worth getting into reasons why) But I'm also the person who would spend £50 more to get X, but then I'm also the sort of person who would spend another £50 more to get Y, and then by the end of it I've settled on spending £342 more than my original budget for no real reason other than 'its better' I'll admit example of this is I once purchased a £230 motherboard just because it was the 'best' AM3 board at the time and I had all the greatest plans for it and it would be amazing. At one time I had triple crossfire cards running, was it worth it, did I really use all the features? Nope. (annoyed) I also vividly remember spending £104 on 4GB of RAM because it had gold heat spreaders to contain the SPEED (embarrassed) I'm sure it was also probably the fastest / best RAM I could get at the time. Anyone remember 10,000 rpm HDDs? There were no SSD's back in my day and we made do! XD Literally this pre-build is enturely cheaper than 1/4 of the components I had in my last PC, even if it was many years ago and should be roughly 700% faster (lol) . Hope you didnt buy the one from Argos for more, but yeah seems entirely ok for the price. (y)


My logic is that there will be new AM5 and DDR5 available within 2 years from what I read. I want a decent system to serve me for at least few years to come, but don't want to spend hundreds as I'm not really a gamer, but would do with extra cores and speed. We'll see what will happen when 3100 and 3300X hit the market..


this kind of pc isnt really for someone who wants to upgrade pcs. so for its price its not bad for what it is. its a cheapo pc for someone who doesnt really know about pc's and doesnt want to spend hours trawling through part pickers and comparing the pros and cons of each component or building a pc themselves.. they can buy this and plug in a power lead, turn it on and job done. looking at the retail price for the i5 7400 and the gtx 1050ti theyre averaging over £300 for the pair. so for £389 for the lot thats quite reasonable... its in that awkward price bracket where for £50 more you can get something better.. but end of the day its another £50.. if youre on a tight budget and need to stay under £400 for a ready built system its not bad.

3XS - High End Gaming PC with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and AMD Ryzen 9 3950X £3030 scancomputers_int eBay
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Basically I am considering a new build with high spec configuration. I am finding it difficult to decide between 3950x + x570 + 2080Ti and 3900x + B450 + 2080Super Purpose: … Read more
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Hi @Rady_Christian and thanks for posting your first deal. I know it went a bit cold, but looks like you were able to get some great extra tips and advice in the comments underneath here (y) Look forward to seeing what you post next - thanks again!


Op, keep an eye on dell outlet. Bought plenty over the years and often some big savings to be had, esp if they additionally have a coupon going.


If you haven't already, use to create the spec you are looking for, for most parts it will show you the cheapest sites that they currently monitor.


There is never a perfect time to buy a new PC, there’s always a next-big-thing, but right now is a really bad time to be spending £3k on one. The chances that it will still compare well to the things that come out in the next 18 months are pretty slim. I also think you’re massively overestimating how much power you actually need. I would very strongly recommend you get a system for about, probably a bit over £1k, with a 3700X and something like a 2060 or 5700XT graphics card and a good amount of fast RAM. It’ll be more than capable of doing what you need well for 18 months while you see what AMD, Nvidia and (perhaps) Intel have got up their sleeves. If it’s a well built system you’ll be able to sell it for about half what you pay and then get a top spec system if you feel you need it.


With Zen 3 & the 30 series of Graphics cards both out later this year, any high-end system built/bought now would lose huge amounts of value.

AWD Sub Squad Game Max PC 3700X 8 Core 4.4GHz Liquid Cooled RX 5700XT, 3600MHz RGB RAM, 240GB SSD Gaming PC - £1129.47 Delivered @ AWD-IT
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
The parts seem to come up to around £1110 so this is a good deal for a pre built PC with 3 years warranty (y) Possible free Resident Evil 3 and Monster Hunter World via AMD's G… Read more

You don't have to spend £1000s to do these things. I have i5 pc costs £150 and it does all the the things you mentioned and more.


Not going to diss what you are saying but pc’s do more than play games, I use illustrator, emails, surf the net, programme and use art-pro etc to name a few.


Depends on what you mean by better. Your question perhaps suggests that you’re better off sticking with consoles (y)


thanks for the feedback, very very unlike them...... that does not make sense, for after sales............... unless there catching on!. i am wondering how many shop workers follow me.. i know afew do.


This was a great suggestion ... unfortunately awd weren’t helpful - I ordered and paid for it then called to upgrade and pay for the 2080 and case but they were inflexible, cancelled the order and suggested I reorder with the system I wanted

AMD Orion Ryzen 3700x +5600XT 512GB Nvme, 3Tb HDD Gaming PC £999.99 plus other options @ Palicomp
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Spoken to Palicomp, and they have good stock in on these lines and the phone call edits..... (CPU change) - confirmed on the basis other shops are having stock issues and saves u … Read more

Don’t worry pal, I’m as cynical when it comes down to promises and I’ve read through your other thread regarding the wrong parts. I plan on checking physical items to ensure they are correct as per specification (y) . hope you got yours sorted in the end.


Good luck, hope you get what you are promised.


cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 158 mob: ASUS TUF B450-PLUS Gaming 82 ram: CORSAIR 16GB 3200Mhz LPX (2x8) 70 hdd: Intel 512GB 660P m.2 nvme 73 case: CIT Raider Black 50 GFX: RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB WINDFORCE OC 509 u/g2: UK Kettle lead £3 u/g3: AMD PRISM RGB CPU Cooler £20 u/g4: Aerocool 600W 80+ silver semi-mod £60 u/g5: 3TB Seagate SATA III £75 u/g6: Internal Wireless LAN N 300Mbps £10 total cost: 1110..... on the market atm in parts. so for £60.00 u got the following: u got Qjump CCL price £50 Windows 10 PRO (legit) £120 u/g7: 10 Steam Games £noidea. u/g8: Headset £10 if using cheapest on market.. u/g9: USB SD Card Reader £5 if using cheapest on market.. u/g10: USB Bluetooth £5 if using cheapest on market.. u/g11: Cable Tidying £no idea on little extras... u/g12: 3 Year CAREFREE Warranty £30 last time i looked... VS ccl here: some bits dif, but same value except ccl has a cheaper mb..... but nod faster ssd as adata xpg is best in the biz but same cost.... £1185 and doesnt include any of the extras u got for £60.


£1170 total, that includes £22 for prism cooler (didn’t have the AIO I wanted) £48 for extended warranty / Q-jump and accessories as that was the deal for me to get the better OC 2070 super. Would have been £1099 with the normal 2070 super, £899 with 2060. If you want any of the specs from the email just say and I’ll DM them over.


what was the total cost for all that again. pal? im writing down all palicomps into a spreadsheet.

MSI Trident 3 Slimline Best Gaming Desktop PC Intel Core i5-8400 8GB RAM 1TB HDD £614.99 @ ebay / laptopoutletdirect
-70° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
MSI Trident 3 Slimline Best Gaming Desktop PC Intel Core i5-8400 8GB RAM 1TB HDD.

Best without an SSD/NVME is an oxymoron


No it isn't, better value laptops around than this


Sorry, I did


Perhaps he posted it as a way to get help and advice?


Why what’s wrong with it pl

Lenovo IdeaCentre T540 Gaming PC - £524.99 @ Lenovo
42° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
ProcessorIntel Core i3-9100 Processor ( 3.60GHz 6MB ) Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64 Memory8.0GB PC4-21300 DDR4 UDIMM 2666MHz (2 x 4.0GB) Storage1TB 7200+128GB SSD PCIe War… Read more



Can you put the link for this pl


That really isn't good value for money when you can get a Ryzen 1600/RX80 PC from CCL for around the same price.

CCL Stryker Mini Gaming PC - Ryzen 1600AF - 16gb Ram - RX580 8GB! £537.99 - CCLOnline
307° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6 Core £90 < its the AF!... Gigabyte B450M DS3H AMD Socket AM4 Motherboard £66 Adata D10 16GB (2x 8GB) 3000MHz DDR4 RAM £65 Adata Ultimate SU630 240GB 2… Read more

I'm looking at building a system and wondered what everyone thought of this CCL 4.2GHz AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Bundle - 16GB RAM, MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX Motherboard All fitted and tested for £361 Id then have to get a graphics card and hard drive which I'm happy to fit and put in into a case and connect it. Is this easy to do ? Then get a power supply and add an operating system. What worries me is messing with the bios etc and connecting everything correctly. Would I need to touch the bios ? Thoughts on prices and how easy to do with the bundle already fitted.


click my name scroll down to CCL mega thread.... there in there. to understand which is best ones in ur range is to calc Additional storage: 1tb £35 / 2tb £55 remove that form budget and seek the deals inside that post with in that,


This looks good, although I'm not sure how long this stuff will last (i am a noob at hardware though) with new games coming out. Does anyone have a prebuilt suggestion for £600 - £700? I don't want windows or any other addons, nor a SSD, just the bare bones good hardware. Thanks in advance smart people (nerd)


I would connect directly to my router so I guess I wouldn't need a WiFi card.


I picked up one of these customised Mini Stryker deals from CCL recently, with a Ryzen 3600 processor and a RX580 graphics card. Really nice unit, very pleased with it. Nicely built, tidy cabling inside and no issues at all. The 3 month game pass is a nice bonus - am currently giving Forza 4 Horizon a go! The PC seems to be handling it without any problem. My one and only comment is that the wifi card is 2.4GHz only. Something to bear in mind if you're expecting to get onto 5GHz wifi (which is often faster).


Congratulations i guess


Here's a nice one from Overclockers for only £32,999.99. God knows what it does! Can get it up to nearly £36k by configuring....


Where does the coal go in?


For sure,


Tbf i think he posted a 3k referb couple of days ago as a serious post.

AWD Desktop Gaming PC, Ryzen 5 6 core 12 Thread 2600x with, 16gb Ram, RX580 Graphics, 240gb SSD Storage £489.99 at AWD-IT
974° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
2600X £120 Asus B450-K £66 16GB Adata £65 A400 240Gb SSD 32 Coolermaster 500W 80 Plus Rated PSU £40 Case: CIT Raider RGB £50 rx580 4GB £130 TOTAL PARTS £500.00 - THEIR PRICE: £489… Read more

there is nothing ive seen about "claiming back", which means there is nothing also what states unreasonable grounds due to ... going on being able to do so either. common courtesy.. u paid for something u not got.... but i can tell u, if they give u that, we cant control the market atm...... then they shouldnt of added it in during the market in my eye.


Thanks for the reply, and the words of wisdom. Yea they was supposed to be in contact with me today which they haven’t done, to no surprise. Once I finish my shifts tonight they are getting a nice phone call tomorrow, I will be asking for my money back on the cooler and also claiming back the build time. can I also ask where it states about claiming for money back due to late build time?


Keep on there backs that u want ur money back for the cooler you paid for. ----- u have not received the cooler u paid for....... that is YOUR ARGUMENT.. simple........ // if they put another in its place then they need to come, and replace it.... THAT IS NOT YOUR ARGUMENT!, //// do NOT replace urself. write it up like that, no not mention the other cooler replaced...... YOU HAVE NOT GOT THE ITEM U PAID FOR. U WANT UR MONEY BK FOR THAT SUCH ITEM. Remember to put a claim in for ur £40 8-10 day cost if they are late.


I got my build 3 days late, after me chasing them up saying I was looking to cancel if it wasn’t going to arrive in time. They promised to bump me up the queue and have it delivered by the Friday that week which they did. It came and to my surprise I found they had changed the liquid cooler to a different one that I picked and didn’t say anything about it even the invoice had my picked fan on it, I pulled them up on this and was told it was an executive decision made by the company because my fan purchase was out of stock, I told them I was the only one who should of made that decision as it was my build I picked. He eventually agreed and offered me a solution, this is the comical part... he said you remove the liquid cooler master and send it ya back we will send you a stock fan which you can fit yourself , when the Corsair you ordered originally comes back into stock we will then send you that one, you can then take out the stock fan and replace with the Corsair. What a joke. I told him he was having a laugh I payed for it to be built by them not me. Anyway after long discussions on Facebook messenger I’m waiting to here from them today as I told them I wanted a higher end fan sent out to me as compensation.


use the quote beater, if going via pali.................. its on there site. heres a quick run down on someone wanted the higher version of this...... £489 -&gt; 2600x upgrade to 3600 £60 580 upgrade to 1660s £110 wifi: £10 2tb hdd £55 here: £722...... there price: £710.... do it via the quote beater, or quote my name for the £710.00 another person ive helped: currently under review which she desires.. same build, swapped 3600x back to 2600x but upped the gpu to 2060 dual giga £710.00 or they will do £760 a 3600 / 5600xt-2060.....

Legion T730 28 - Raven Black i7-9700K,RTX2080 Super 8GB, 16.0GB ram,1TB 7200+256GB SSD PCIe, and WiFi +bluetooth card £1503.99 - Lenovo UK
206° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Only for students using unidays or student beans. Seems like decent deal for people who don't want to build their own system. With topcashback 3% £1503.99 £1458.87 Processo… Read more

Essentially you took my final paragraph and made it a lot longer than it originally needed to be. By the time next gen consoles are even on the shelves the current GPU landscape will be dramatically altered anyway.


LOL, it will take £1504 and the ANOTHER GPU upgrade (probably a £300 at least investment after selling the old card) to beat a £500 Next gen Xbox. £1804 vs £500.(and another £300 for xbox live that will come with a few games free very month) Oh and it would probably require a ram upgrade later too. Now is the worst time to buy a high end gaming rig, two years in to the next gen of consoles would be the sweet spot.


Possibly very true. Live for today!


There's not going to be any jobs for some of them anyway, so might as well enjoy the present.


Not if you take it three years in. If you take it in 6 months for something a full step ahead it could be £600, minus at least £250 you'll get back for the 2080 Super..... Nevertheless the best time to buy any GPU hardware whether in a pre built or otherwise will be later this year.

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