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101 Ways to Die - 58% OFF £3.29 on Playstation Store
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 22 h, 28 m agoFound 22 h, 28 m ago
Just bought this for my kids. Looks like good fun and very cheap in the sale! Here what the store says: In this puzzle-platformer you'll play assistant to mad scientist Professor … Read more

just got my son the new call of duty and now the little one is after something new too lol its endless!!

SanDisk SSD PLUS 480 GB Sata III 2.5 Inch Internal SSD - £65.98 @ Amazon
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Now even cheaper! Compared to the deal the other day, you now save a whole 56p to put towards another part of your build! ;) DURABLE DESIGN: SanDisk Solid State Drives have a … Read more
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I have never seen this 'rule', plus, if it wasn't allowed, the HotUKDeals staff would have taken down the post? To be perfectly honest, I think you are making this into something that it doesn't need to be. I saw it was cheaper, I posted the deal.


Well consider the rule on here for reposting a deal is 1 month (?). It can be argued that this is essentially reposting the same deal


i mean, the first time a deal for this item was posted was January 2016. It has since been reposted multiple times, better go and let everyone know that they should have updated the first post! (skeptical)


Hope you don’t mind if I go and repost every deal every time the price drops then


Nice! Thanks, op!!

Goldenfir 1TB 2.5" SATA SSD - £99.51 (New Sign Ups only) @ AliExpress
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Sub £100 1TB SSDs are here! Even though Goldenfir isn't a well known brand, their SSDs seem to be receiving decent reviews, all being true to capacity with average read/writes aro… Read more

Because the marginal person buying an ssd is replacing a hdd in their old desktop or laptop not replacing their old ssd. I agree... Other budget youtubers have done better comparison videos of hdd vs budget vs high end ssd and I prefer to watch them! Hardware unboxed, techyescity, randomgaminghd, budgetbuilds etc


All these SSD co's love to quote the fastest seq speeds (clean, unfilled drive),.which wont really affect most people, rather than the 4k block speeds which will affect people esp. if this drive is used as a boot drive. Dram -less means that it gets a lot more writes than a normal cached drive. It would be nice to know what controller and namd it uses .. supposedly JMICRON ("the horror, the horror") but even then their problems were a few years ago. Cheap yes, worth your money?? highly debateable ...specially when known good brands are dropping their prices significantly


Poor read/writes, along with lower 4k reads than writes. (based on 120gb/240gb). Basically don't buy


Interesting! So potentially rebadged refurbished devices, or(more likely) built from NAND that was rejected by big brand QA due to having too many dead cells. That's a lot more encouraging.


lol. guess i have morals, i eat meat, i drive a petrol car and cant be arsed with recycling, but have no choice as they wont take my bins otherwise (lol)

Team - Vulcan 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory £109.99 Amazon Prime Exclusive
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Great price for 16GB RAM. :D Features: - Asymmetric cutting design heat spreader - High Quality Aluminum forged heat spreader all-covered. - Selected high quality IC chips - 1… Read more
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Great price via Camelcamel..


This can be overclocked to 3000MHz, and anyway, unless you have a Ryzen build, it won't make too much of a difference. It is also currently, the cheapest 16GB's of RAM that you can buy NEW. Also, could you link the 3200MHz RAM for £120? The cheapest new 16GB 3200MHz RAM I can find is £137...,16384002,16384004&sort=price&s=403200


Yep different barnds can work fine .. I'm using 12gb ...8gb of vengeance 3000 and 4gb of hperx fury 2400.. it all works fine and seems to run at 3000mhz .. altho I have two sticks of the hyperx fury, which only run at 2400mhz when used together ... :Shrug .. all one intel C/lake ....


This isn't bad but if you have a bit more money to spend on ram for 120 you can get 3200hmz ddr4 16gb so why does this have so much heat?


You *can* mix brands, but unless you're good with BIOS tinkering or find a perfect matching stick in terms of latency(CL), speed(Mhz) and voltage(Xv), it's usually recommended to get another stick of the very same type(not just brand) for the most worry-free compatibility. Another option would be to buy a 2x8GB set, and then sell your existing 2x4GB pair, though that does require a bit of extra hassle.

ADATA 960GB Ultimate SU650 SSD 2.5 SATA3 - £121.29 - Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Prices keep on dropping! Great price for this amount of storage! Dispatched and sold by Amazon. :D Faster performance Max Read 520MB/s Max Write 450MB/s Advanced error corr… Read more
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For those preferring Ebuyer over Amazon, it's £119.98 there:


The original poster pointed out above that Xstra (offering the £118-odd price) are a Amazon Marketplace vendor, and he didn't think he was allowed to list them, so he went for the Amazon price (similar to "The Iron Price" for Game of Thrones fans out there).


i want to buy a 1tb ssd to stick in my console but the benefits aren't brilliant compared to the sticking a 6tb hdd for a similar amount of money


Lol good spot, £0.10 per GB rather (:I


It’s down to under £119 now....

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Turbo OC £399.98 Amazon
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Price matched eBuyer. I know it is a blower design but could be a decent price for someone, plus, you don't have to deal with eBuyer! (cheeky) Powered by GeForce GTX 1080 Int… Read more
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Couldn’t agree more, need to change mine to blower for my node 202 build (y)


Amazon put it up to £525 because people were buying it at £399 (lol) (lol) . Are they stupid?


See what the 2070 comes in at price wise first, if it's near 500, the price for the current 1080s will continue shifting down rapidly.


my 1060 asus turbo was is 20C cooler than my 1070 asus dual with an extremely good airflow case Pascal is cool enough to go with blower and OC it to the max, cooler is for aesthetics imo

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Acer B247Ybmiprzx 23.8'' ZeroFrame IPS LED Monitor - £119.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Very nice price drop. Looks to be £150+ in most other places. Is also ZeroFrame which is a bonus! :D 1920 x 1080 Full HD DisplayPort, VGA & HDMI 75Hz / 4ms Response Time… Read more
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Anyone know if this pivots?


According to Acer spec this one also has adaptive sync (freesync) unlike the cheaper one, so might push you one way or the other.


If you don't mind about the VESA mounting, and don't care about the 75Hz instead of the usual 60Hz, have a look here: (£74.98)


Has VESA support if you’re into that kind of thing ;)

Gaming pc from £2141 CCL Ebay
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Not a bad gaming pc for the price. Intel Core i7 8086K 5.0GHz Turbo Intel Hexa Core i7 No DVD Drive Liquid Cooler Huge 32GB Memory DDR4 2666 Ultra Fast 480GB Solid State Hard Driv… Read more
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I believe MSI Z370 boards got an update for backwards compatibility.


Only £50 more? Are you going to wait for a z390?


Plus 3 year on site warranty? People just vote blindly sometimes... Oh well... (annoyed) another ice age deal :) even if a good deal in the end... don't really get this :S

Oneday77 You got me, card I chose was wrong one. Fixed.


That list comes to £2094...£2141 - £2094 = £47

EVGA SC 17 Gaming Laptop @ Box - £1,399.97
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Really good specs, especially for the price!! XD KEY FEATURES Intel Core i7-6820HK Quad Core Processor 17.3" Ultra HD 4K IPS Screen Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit 32GB DDR4 26… Read more
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The screen burn is strong with this one


can build a nvlink 2080ti for less


I can't talk about the 1070 ver. but I have the 980m ver. thermals are really good for a laptop.


Shame, because it's a decent deal. I'd avoid anything with even slight thermal issues. Shame crap like this gets released.


I've posted this comment before when this very laptop has been posted numerous times... Check out the official EVGA forums and see what the owners say about it... You'll find that it seems to have thermal issues, owners have no way of getting hold of a replacement battery and that EVGA has seemingly phased this model out without a successor so general support stops here too I'd say.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 240gb SSD, 8gb DDR4, GTX 1060 6gb, Dragon Gaming PC - £673 @ Freshtecsolutions
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte A320M-S2H motherboard 240GB SSD 8GB DDR4 RAM GTX 1060 6GB I opted for this case over the others as it's one of the cheapest (£7 more than the very cheapest),… Read more
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Thanks my dude! :)


There is a few place I tend to use, but if you just want to do a quick build and price compare you can use PC Part Picker, that will allow you to specify a system and also help you ensure you get compatible parts for the most part.


Awesome find! Where'd you find the parts for the price?


This isn’t the best fresh tech offer. I had my computer from them, but from their ebay page when quidco did 10% off ebay. Ryzen 7 2700x processor, 1050 2gb graphics, X470 motherboard, 8gb 3000 ram, 120gb SSD, original price was 750 so paid 675 when taking into account cashback. Great service, arrived quickly, great bit of kit as long as you don’t mind doing a few little upgrades. I’ve added a 2TB hard drive in mine, will add another 8GB ram and upgrade the graphics card.


I ordered from these guys about 5 years ago, they sold me an i5 3570k but installed a non k version. They ignored all my emails and calls and weren't interested at all after they received the money.

LG 24MP88HV 24" Full HD IPS Neo Blade III Monitor - £160.98 @ Ebuyer
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Very nice looking slim, zero-frame, IPS monitor with a nice little reduction! Is a 60Hz monitor and has built-in speakers. Would be a great monitor for creativity work. Full HD I… Read more
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Nothing wrong with it being a 60hz monitor, especially for creativity work.


Ok but 50% cheaper?


Only 60Hz..


But a 27" 1080P monitor is a lower DPI, so easier to manufacturer, and so should be cheaper.

20% Off Gaming w/code - ENDS MIDNIGHT MONDAY!​ - Dell Outlet
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
20% Off Gaming - ENDS MIDNIGHT MONDAY! - Dell Outlet Models included: All Alienware, 5567, 5577, 7566, 7567, 7577, G3, G5 etc Basically all gaming.
Read More

expect a good chance that your battery life is terrible on any laptop from dell outlet. mine lasted 14 months.


Models included: All Alienware, 5567, 5577, 7566, 7567, 7577, G3, G5 etc Basically all gaming. Try again... But this time, select the model you want, including G3. I'm availble to come to your house and show you how to use the internet for a fee!


I was expecting to see Dells other models like the G3 but all I see is overpriced Alienwares


Good deal, they're clearing out stock for the new models. Which imo are dated and ugly compared to the 2017 early 2018 models.


Alienware is a owned by Dell.... Were you expecting to see Asus laptops on there?

PROMO BUNDLE - INTEL CORE I7 8086K, Z370 ULTRA GAMING WIFI, 16GB RGB RAM **FREE 512GB SSD** £799.99 + £10.50 delivery - £810.49 Overclockers
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
I know this is an expensive one, but after putting all of the individual parts in PCPartpicker, the cheapest you can buy this bundle for separately is £892.91 making this a saving … Read more
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Not a good deal this unless you very specifically want this exact motherboard, desperately want the 8086k over the 8700k, and need to do it now. Should be able to get these components for comfortably around the 700-750 mark (assuming 8700k), and probably cheaper if you take time waiting for deals.


This is cold....


I love how intel are now pushing the "our processors are good for games" marketing...... the reality, the GPU is most of the bottle neck, not the CPU..... why is it most configure your own PC sites refuse to let you pair say a core i5 with a 1080Ti....think im just going to build my own PCs from now on


This bundle would be good if they swap that Aorus motherboard for the Asrock Taichi


Processor 270 few months ago, now total bonanza I wouldn't buy already year old processor for that money, motherboard I dont want it for free, but 130, this ram max 130, ssd "no name " no more than 50 pounds, total sum 580. 800 is just a joke, for that money should be sold together with gtx1070

ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming AM4 DDR4 ATX Motherboard £99.99 Ebuyer
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Nice to see this board under £100. This is a higher end motherboard. Elsewhere, seems to be £160+! Very good board for Ryzen platform. (excited) Features ATX ASRock Super A… Read more
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NOOOOOOOO , how often does an offer like this come up when I'm NOT at work, grrrr.


Out of stock. You snooze you lose. XD


Have one these with an overclocked 1700 @4ghz and 32gbs of RAM. It's a pfsense router, Plex server, torrent client and runs the occasional VM, hasn't crashed once fully set up.


poor support from asrock, their motherboard bios chip get f.....up after a while. They used to send for free, now they ask you to purchase somewhere else


I would probably get one of these if it came with an updated BIOS for ryzen 2.

MSI RX 570 ARMOR 8GB OC GDDR5 Graphics Card £159.98 Ebuyer
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
This got quite hot the other week and is now a few £'s cheaper! (excited) Great card, expecially for 1080p gaming! Features Core/Memory Boost Clock / Memory Frequency 1268… Read more
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can they be sold separately or have to be sold together?


My gtx970 died a little while ago, is this as good as or better than a 970?


must be as i saw dates on radeon website started few months past. go to their website.


I bought this 2 weeks ago from the same retailer for £185 wonder if the free game promotion is still going on


my dilemma is...worth the upgrade from a 2gb GTX 670? my 670 is terrible in PUBG but for most of the other stuff is sort of ok - it copes....

Samsung U32H850 4K Monitor £389.98  @ Ebuyer
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Ebuyer Deal of the day - Terrific Price on those looking for a 4K PC gaming experience or a great display for playing 4K console games at affordable prices without dropping hundred… Read more
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Cold, 60hz with 4mS delay gtg (poo)


Great deal and a great monitor. Picked up one from Amazon Italy 6 months ago for 445 Euro , been loving it


Awesome deal


Yes I was thinking the same. The colours are quite vibrant for a va panel, especially in witcher 3 (blood and wine Toussaint) looks pretty damn good.

Acer Predator X34P 34" UW-QHD Monitor £799.97 Ebuyer
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
Nice little reduction! Around £100 cheaper than other places. 34" Curved 21:9 UltraWide QHD (3440x1440) NVIDIA G-SYNC keeps gameplay smooth Overclock to 120Hz* refresh rate … Read more
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Short answer: it depends. Some panels are able to increase their refresh rate as the resolution decreases. Others cannot. Multiple variables at play here. The safe bet is usually that you'll have to drop the resolution considerably to have a chance to gain anything, and unless it's a reported feature for that specific model, assume that it won't and rather just get the model with the refresh and resolution you actually want.


You know when monitors say 4K at 60hz.. does that mean if you were to do 1440p that would also be 60hz?


Haha, posted this monitor in May from scan for the same price, got -80° because "why would anyone pay this much for a monitor" :( Bought it though and I love it. Only down side is I see a bit of ghosting/motion blur, even at 120hz when playing fast paced games like siege or overwatch. Screen quality is amazing, and I've realised that EVERY monitor stand should have a handle on it to pick it out of the box


Amazon offer a pretty decent 3 year warranty for a token sum. Might be worth paying out for peace of mind. £54....... Amazon Protect 3 year Breakdown & Accidental Damage Cover for Monitors from £750 to £799.99


Cheers was waiting for an Amazon price match will get now!

Toshiba TR200 240GB 2.5" SSD £35.98 (plus £3.98 p+p or free over £50 spend) @ Ebuyer
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Nice little price for a nice little SSD. Sequential Read/Write Speed up to 555/540 MB/s Up to 240 TB TBW 64-layer 3D BiCS FLASH Up to 82,000/88,000 IOPS 3 Year Warranty … Read more
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Picstop £32.99 delivered


£33.50 plus free delivery :


BiCS is QLC, so expect poorer performance than TLC drives. This should be under £30 tbh.


How about this one at PicStop- Much cheaper than the one posted... Looks like cheaper Kingston is better than Sandisk. Could not find toshiba TR200 on this one to compare.


Good price - but poor performance by SSD standards

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