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Leap into the gaming elite with a specialist gaming PC. Designed with performance in mind, gaming PCs mix high-end visuals and sonic features, with speed, memory, storage space, and looks that blow normal PCs away. Anyone serious about gaming can find components and custom-built systems at the hotukdeals gaming PC listings. Read more
AWD T500 Ryzen 5600X RTX 3060 16GB 240GB SSD Gaming PC - £949.99 @ AWD-IT
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
This seems like a pretty darn good deal, looking in PCPartPicker it works out at roughly RRP for everything including the GPU (others may come along with more detail). What I would… Read more

if its in stock yes.


RGB , 3 fans Vs 2 on the EVGA , gigabyte clocked slightly lower apparently. Not really sure which is the best one overall tbh




I bought it at the new price, whats the difference between the gigabyte and evga that is £20 /


You can certainly give them a call as soon as they're open and ask, they're usually pretty reasonable about these things. I've unexpired this, but could a mod edit the price? I can't seem to edit the initial post anymore.. New price: £969.94 Now includes: Gigabyte RTX 3060 Gaming OC for an extra £19.99, rather than the initial EVGA XC.

PCSPECIALIST Tornado R7S Gaming PC AMD Ryzen 7, RTX 3070, 2TB HDD & 512GB SSD £1699 Currys PC World
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
SuperB machine. I have the same and its really good. My one came with Corsaie Vengeance LPX 3000mhz 2x8GB , Rtx 3070 is ZotacGaming Dual Fan Twin Edge, Motherboard is B550 Prime Pl… Read more

Yup wish I did that too. I might actually get it and send the black ones back to amazon. Will look really nice with white sticks of ram too


Great, will get it now. Think I’m going to go for white to match the gpu. Happy gaming mate (y)


Its just plug and play mate. Tbh I didn't even buy it for the speed as I don't notice any difference as the pc is lightning fast. I bought it for the rgb. In a couple of weeks I'll buy another 16gb so the 4 slots are full lol. Look really nice in the dark.


Hi Kris, sorry to bother you again, but I’m about to buy the rgb ram you posted. Are there any issues going from 3000 to 3600, or is it just plug and play? Thanks in advance (y)


That's what my boy is also playing now lol fortnite. I've put the rtx on for him all max settings and he's still getting 70fps+

ACER Nitro N50-110 Ryzen 5 1TB Gaming PC - REFURBISHED GRADE A £499.20 @ Curry's clearance / eBay
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Looking for entry level gaming pc for my son and came across this for Curry's clearance. I'm in the dark when it comes to gaming so could do with some advice if this is any good a… Read more

Thanks op


Welcome to the site mate, not too shabby not to perfect mate. Ryzen 5 3500 is shy in performance that of the X version we all love. the X version is the little dude which came over then the ryzen 3600 went daft, bit of a life saver in fact or retreat to intel!. so it went down a storm. valuation on this cpu is estimated at £110 Easy guide for a competive deal on 1650 is £140 PSU/CASE is coming to around £50s 8GB rams 2666 £28 Dual wifi £20 Windows if we doing a VS to other firms at £89 then we have got to have a min of Ryzen A320 coming in at £45 1TB £35 so coming in at an EST if new competive £500 and we can ignore in this market its a refurb. problem being we had a 5500Gpu + 3200G GPU over CPU then this post at £420 with the same sort basis in all other fields which sold out, then early today had a 1650GPU with a 9100 which in cpu core is under this but at £80 cheaper that is a 60CPU vs 110CPU here which is a gap of £50 vs 80 in true sale volume, hence the loss of heat in this regards, its too soon since them deal. so even if this gets downvoted, dont worry, who cares its still a deal worth sharing now today VS the P/take firms out their.

(Refurbished A) PC SPECIALIST Vortex i3-9100F 8GB GTX 1650 256SSD+1TB Gaming PC - £419.98 using code @ eBay / currys_clearance (UK Mainland)
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Decent specs PC on offer here. Grade A Refurbished and comes with 12 months Currys/PC World Outlet warranty. Specification Type:Gaming PC Operating system:Windows 10 (64-bit) … Read more

In no hurry but will watch out for a :) deal


are you upgrading the Ram?


i hope mine is the same. Will be ok for me as im not a big gamer.


Hi - yes NVIDIA Control Panel -->Help --> System Information --> and then look at entry for Dedicated Video Memory


Same i paid £377 last week arrived a week ago, how can you tell if its the GDDR6 verson? Thanks

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Refurbished PC SPECIALIST Tornado R5 Ryzen 5 Gaming PC Black Grade A - £659.20 with code @ currys_clearance / eBay (UK Mainland)
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Mystery Box - What Could it be? What we can tell: Its a Ryzen 5 PC. its Refurb. its Grade A standard stock cooler. Price: 659.20 which lazy individual bang that on their ebay … Read more

type in 5500 on here man, have u seen that one? bit of a kentucky fried bargain bucket that one is man, just add SSD in urself.


PC Specialist - clearly specialist at something other then building PC's.


it was worth a shot. A320 no problems --> budget budget if they go A320 means they gonna go 2400mhz on that ram too. yep found this on the other link: RAM- 8 GB DDR4 (2400 MHz) - 64 GB maximum installable RA /killed it.


Just cancelled my order. Thanks :)

sarden84 man, it cant be can it?? thats a A320M-K

Refurbished PC SPECIALIST Tornado R3 Gaming PC - BOX DAMAGE Grade B - £429.30 UK Mainland @ Currys Clearance eBay
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Been cheaper, but this is a genuine reduction. 300 nectar points 1% topcashback Specification Type:Gaming PC Operating system:Windows 10 (64-bit) PERFORMANCE Processor… Read more

It meets Adobe premieres official minimum system requirements. Most importantly it can run it while a console can't.


premiere would struggle on this


Obviously but it's just a console. Capped on FPS, non upgradable storage.


(lol) (lol) (lol)


Can they be used for Microsoft excel, ps, premiere, etc?