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Found 6 h, 34 m agoFound 6 h, 34 m ago
Looks like a good build for a decent price. AWD I7-9700K Enthoo Overclocked 5.0GHz Z390 RTX 2080 8GB Liquid Cooled Gaming PC

Nothing deal about this.


This is colder than the weather outside...


Only 8gb ram, no ssd drive. It's freezing In here.



For that crazy price I'd AT LEAST want to see some liquid cooling on the 2080!

Palit GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GamingPro + Free Delivery - £949.99
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
It's not got the best cooling solution and the 20 series is still over priced but this is the cheapest 2080 TI at the moment. Hopefully, this is a good sign of things to come with… Read more
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What other platform can I play in 4K at 120hz with HDR and a variable refrsh rate?


4k gaming on PC why?


Maybe everyone's just having a bad day!


This really should be piping hot at that price. I got the Gigabyte Windforce 2080Ti for £1100 when they came out and there's simply no other GPU like it for 4K gaming.


Looks fantastic I just saw it. The last outing (1080ti) the Aorus was hideous lol

ASUS AMD RADEON RX VEGA 64 ROG STRIX OC 8GB £428.99 (free shipping with Amazon Pay)  @ OverclockersUK
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Free games included are RESIDENT EVIL 2, THE DIVISION 2 & DEVIL MAYCRY 5 FREE DPD Next Day when you checkout with Amazon Pay otherwise shipping is £18.00. Last deal on this wa… Read more

Cheers for correcting me. I'd still buy the sapphire and a Bykski if I wanted water cooling.


A bit above my paygrade, do me a favour (lol) There is a water block for the Sapphire, which has a proper stock cooler, so you can have a proper stock cooler and add liquid cooling later if you like. However yet again you’ve assumed that people who don’t want liquid cooling are somehow poorer or inferior to those who do. So it’s really not worth my while arguing with you. Just buy what you want (y)


Because the Gigabyte cards available at the moment don't have full block covers for them either?! Why would you take offense and misrepresent a simple open ended statement? Water cooling a bit above your paygrade is it? And I'll repeat myself shall I? "Why would you advocate buying a GPU with a known bad stock cooler?" "the Strix (ROG-STRIX-RXVEGA64-O8G-GAMING) has a full block water cooler available for it, were as the Sapphire (11275-03-40G ) does not"


What a massive and ridiculous assumption... I know tons of people who spend this much on a GPU and don’t want to watercool it, myself included. Why would you advocate buying a GPU with a known bad stock cooler? Google ‘ASUS Vega strix vrm throttling’.


You can find block water cooler for the nitro, but if you're going for water cooled then why wouldn't you get the cheapest version (gigabyte?). The whole point of the nitro is to get the best non customised version. #warranty

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BIFROST AMD Gaming PC £999.95 with code @ AWD IT
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
20% off on checkout even with upgrade options. Takes total to £999.95 - Case: Cooler Master MB530P - Power Supply: Cooler Master 500W PSU - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.9GHz Six Core … Read more

Wow that's shocking. Very sorry to hear that.


Pc was a week late. Arrived with a faulty graphics card - so clearly not tested after being built.It's a week before christmas, but they won't send out a new card and i have to go through a 7-10 day returns procedure. 7-10 days - a week before christmas. Thanks for nothing. Offered to buy a new card so i could be refunded when the faulty one was received back, but no. Do not use this company.


I paid £3.25 for my Windows 10 key, came instantly no problems. Friends do the same too. I feel sorry for people who pay £80 for Windows when we're all tired of all the rubbish they bundle with it like Cortana hogging up resources. Also updates then reinstall junk you just installed. Microsoft deserve nothing. They're just keys from old scrapped PC's I consider it recycling. (cheeky)


There's AWD guys here on this thread as they seem to change the specs often when mentioned on their site - recently doing so with the mobo choices. Not sure why you cant be just transparent about it? Anyway, deal is cold as frost.


Average components with a massive prebuild price tag...Don't extol the virtues of this product if your some how involved with the company yoyrself.

Gaming pc package - £869 @ AWD-IT
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Thought this was a good deal, was holding out for one and came across this. If you change the cpu to and ryzen 5 2600x, gpu to radeon ex580 8gb, memory to 16gb 3000mhz and select… Read more
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Haha the slightest bit of difference, I'd go with 1440p 144Hz next time but the monitor i have is still amazing in it's own right :)


My original comment said without a monitor, and I sorry but 16gb of ram is plenty for gaming even at 4k and if u actually look at game play results the r5 2600 is fine for gaming even at 4k


Theres no PC at this price point that can play 4K in good enough settings and FPS. You need to spend around £1500 for a 4K Ultra 60fps+ machine. 1080p Ultra 60fps > 4K low-medium 30fps.


1080p is okay , but 4k looks better, best to build for 4k and enjoy the best quality.


That's one of the best posts I've ever read. Was genuinely thinking about buying an xbox one s for the missus since she's a keen gamer. With all that faffing around on consoles, she can stick with her pc and vr setup lol.

AMD RYZEN THREADRIPPER 1900X 8-Core Processor - £235 @ Box
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Cheapest I’ve seen this :) Threadripper 1900X: The Ultimate Desktop Platform AMD’s new Threadripper processors provide the ultimate in CPU performance, the likes of which has n… Read more

Same here. Couldn’t bring myself to pay the inflated Intel prices (£160 i5 8400 was £300) so got a 2700X and new board. It’s great, my old i5 2500 was bottlenecking games, the Ryzen is demolishing everything. Good to see AMD doing well again


Whats the best cheapest gaming pc out there today ? what price bracket we looking at as iv just convinced my lad that £500 is only entry level and it would be more problematic then he could imagine ( he does not know his way around a pc im even rusty these days ) i thought it pointless to blow £500 on something he would want to upgrade stright away as all games he wants to play im guessing would be power hungry ---- oh he plays ps4 and xbox 1 another games machine was at twice the cost and more of them machines i thought silly ..... anyways can £500 get you a good gaming pc or is it just a pc that can cope with a few games at that price ?


Welcome to the big time.


The overclocking argument isnt really valid since the Threadripper is also an unlocked CPU, and will arguably overclock better. If you go on any CPU comparison site you'll see the Threadripper is technically a faster CPU. I dont think infinity fabric latency will make enough of a difference there, although that is a good point. Bottom line, no-one should buy one over a 2700 though.. for several reasons.


I can't find many direct comparisons but at stock they look almost equal, overclocked the 2700 will take the lead. The 2700 doesn't have the latency penalty of the 1900 having to go across dies.

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Corsair - Vengeance 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR3-1600 Memory £85.91 @ ebuyer
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
If you're still rocking DDR3 then this is a sweet deal

Thank you for this, i finally have 16gb due to this comment at an okay price.




bargain, I think Maplin was selling DDR1 1gb for a similar price




funny isn't it how tech moves on wasn't that long ago we were putting a Dairy Milk Family Bar inside (:I

Asus Cerberus GTX 1070 Ti 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card £369.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Comes with Monster Hunter World and the Fortnite Gear (if thats what your into!) Slightly more expensive than the Zotac Mini (£359.99) but comes with the freebies! Features … Read more
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Only thing putting me off is the g sync monitor prices, got an rx480 and freesync monitor atm. Is screen tearing a problem if say I got this and a 1440p monitor without g sync


Got this card and coupled with at least a 6th gen quad it's 60fps on ultra all day every day for most stuff. Never gets above 65c and is as quiet as a mouse's 21st birthday party. great card.


Machine Learning I would guess.


There's 35,000 unsold 1070s on ebay so the price will come down



Acer KG271B 27" Full HD LED 240Hz Gaming Monitor £249.98 @ CCL
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
27 inch TN Panel 400 Lumens View Angle (Horizontal - Max)170 °View Angle (Vertical - Max)160 ° Contrast Ratio - Dynamic100,000,000:1 Response Time 1 ms

Tut,tut. You've missed something.


Which is why this is clearly a gaming monitor but as you suggest not a Jack of all trades.


You bought KG271 that is 75Hz. This is KG271B that is 240Hz


If doing any sort of productivity work 1080p just doesn't cut it at 27".


It also has Freesync

Gigabyte - Radeon RX 560 - 4 GB GAMING OC rev 2.0 - £121.86 @ more computers
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Not a bad price for a entry level card.

Yea, I was wanting an rtx card to be honest. But as usual there is no direct 1060 replacement rtx card as yet. Plus with all the bad press of cards dying plus the expense I think the 580 should sort me out for a while yet at 1080p.


Great price for a great card. I've got a 3840x1600 monitor so I need more GPU horsepower and I'm currently on a 1070ti which I paid £350 in January (when they were £500-600). It was still a steal, but the jump from an RX580 to 1070ti in horsepower isn't worth double the price


I know, I. Picked up the Sapphire special edition rx 580 8gb from Amazon 2 weeks ago for £181 absolute bargain.


I mean, you can game at 1080p on less, but given how cheap they are, why would you? There's one available now on Ebuyer for £144 including 2 games from AMD. That's like £22 more than this deal, including free shipping and 2 brand new games. You'd have to be crazy to pick the RX560 for anything over £100. At this bottom end of the product segment, the gains for every £10-20 spent are (can be) massive.


Yea, the 4gb rx 570 is the absolute minimum of go for 1080p gaming.

AMD Ryzen 2600X 4.25Ghz, MB510L, RX580 8gb, windows gaming pc package.£699.95 @ AWD-it
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
I have seen a few people comment that they like myself are looking for gamer Pc's for their children. I don't know anything regarding specs etc but this seem like a good price. Fee… Read more
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Will expire post. Thanks.


750 now


Again the mobo is an A320, they're going cheap on a really major part Okay then.


yeah 16gb 3000 for sure but switch out the hdd for a ssd too. £7.99 upgrade to ssd 240gb


I don't get there prices like you can buy just the pc for £650 but you get all that kit for £699. Shame they don't reduce the tower I'd all over it if it was near to £550 which you would think it would be if you remove all those extras.. Anyway to totally build a pc on that site they have good prices but I don't need windows 10 or a hard drive?

AWD i7 8700k 4.7GHz GTX 1070 8GB Gaming PC - £1107.92 (£1052.53 w/cashback) @ AWD-IT
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
So, the PC stock comes at £999.95. A good price, but I believed it needed some specific upgrades! I've changed the PC configuration to add 16GB RAM, Arctic Freezer 12 CPU Cooler (… Read more

It's the RGB case!!! :{


You'd be surprised actually, it's only a small company and I reckon they sell atleast 10 custom built pc's a day


Sorry, I thought you were receiving it today!!! lol Aye, I saw the build times. Seems extortionate to charge such prices. I doubt they are building more than they can handle each day.


I'm glad I'm not building one for you expecting it that fast ;) haha, I ordered yesterday, they say standard build time is 4-5 working days or you can pay extra for expedited (which is a rip off... £49.99 for 2-3 working days or £79.99 for 1-2 working days (shock) ) but no rush for me so just left it on the free option :D I'd assume it'll come on Wednesday or Thursday next week


Which card came with it in the end?

Kingston 480GB KC1000 NVMe PCIe SSD M.2 £99.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe Interface M.2 Form Factor Up to 2700MB/s Read, 1600MB/s Write 4K IOPS Read: 190000 4K IOPS Write: 160000 Kingston 480GB KC1000 NVMe PCIe SSD M.2 Kingston's K… Read more
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This is a really fast drive...


Cold, only because the 960 EVO is the same price ATM.

0% FINANCE Gaming PC - AMD 2700x - GTX 1070 TI - 16GB DDR4 RGB RAM - 500GB 860 EVO SSD - £1165.91 AWD-IT
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
The base spec of this computer is good as it is but add a few modifications and it's a beast. Bare in mind I've added RGB ram, you can get the non-RGB equivalent if you want to sav… Read more

It did actually have Windows 10 installed yeah even though it was supposed to come without an OS Done a bit of Fortnite streaming today just to see if it'll handle it. No problem, 180fps+ most of the time even while streaming :P


LOL!!!!!! That's funny af. Did it not come with Windows 10? I'm tempted to go back to 7. An update screwed the os and had to reinstall...apparently a common issue


I don't mean to harrass you with replies ;) But... I've figured the RAM issue. They just hadn't enabled the XMP profile in BIOS. I've done so and now running at 3200Mhz as it should. :D


The ports seem to be working fine now, must have just been a little glitch. Going to use DP on all 3 monitors. One shocking discovery though, I paid for 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM and it's come with Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM. The worst part, it's 2133mhz. Shocking, they should know the importance of this considering it's a Ryzen build. I can see why they've done though... the radiator for the water-cooler interferes with the RAM slots, so they've just put what physically fits in. Sneaky, anyone who doesn't know about computers probably would've never noticed. Regardless, I'll be contacting them on Monday to get it sorted, not sure what the solution is going to be yet, but I'm definitely not living with 2133Mhz RAM (lol) Another note, it's come with a Fractal Design PSU instead of a Coolermaster PSU... I'm not exactly bothered but it's just another thing that wasn't mentioned. If I'd known it was going to be this much hassle I'd have definitely built it myself -.-


Did you try with just the one? I only use dp on my main and HDMI on the secondary. Doesn't matter really, I still suck at fortnite. 🤪 I'm holding out for a 1080ti still...and likely will be for the next year lol

Sennheiser PC 373D 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset - £99.99 @ Argos
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Cheapest I've seen for these, not sure if i'm going to the ice age or a Volcano! Lowest its ever been on amazon or anywhere: £130.99 - Aug 10, 2017 Also £5 voucher for £50 spend … Read more

I have the game one sennheisser and if they need replaced I'll be getting the equivalent or upgrade from them again. This headset is almost identical specs and at this price is a storming deal


Don't believe most reviews cause most of them are sponsored. Make your own headset (dt990pro/dt770pro a good dac like schiit and u will have superior audio quality).


Ye I’ve read some of them do and are weakly made but the ARCTIS PRO GAMEDAC I’ve read is one of the best headsets around, sound quality is better than this one and also it’s made of aluminium alloy so a strong headset. From what I’ve read.


Arctis have really dull sound. They are comfy as f. Sound quality is not the best. Hyperx(mic is not good tho) and Sennheiser are probably the only two decent headset makers for "gaming". Best is always to make your own. Buy a good pair off headphones a mod mic or a boom mic and will have superior audio quality compared to any "gaming" headset. :)


How well do these work going to and from pc-ps4 and constant switching

Z370 AORUS ULTRA GAMING 2.0-OP Motherboard + Intel Core i7 8700K 4.7Ghz Turbo Six Core Coffee Lake CPU with liquid cooler  £519.95 at AWD-IT
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Looks like a pretty good deal if you're building a high-end PC. 5% cashback with Quidco. Thanks Kie4King.

Loads of bling lol


I've not built pcs for over 10 years now, motherboards look so much better than they used too!!


thanks won’t make a rookie mistake of soaking it in water


I think either is fine as long as you give the potato a good old rub to make the electrical bits work.


shall i peel it and is maris piper good or should i go for some yukon golds

PC SPECIALIST Tornado R5 AMD Ryzen 5 GTX 1060 Gaming PC - 1 TB HDD £699.99 @ Currys
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
I was looking for a gaming pc for my son and found this one at Currys reduced from £799. Could anyone advise me if it's worth the money and if it's any good for playing Rainbow Six… Read more

I’ve bought a liquid cooled i5 3570k, an AsRock extreme 4 motherboard, 16gb of RAM, Nvidia 780ti graphics card, bronze rated 550w power supply, 1 tb hardrive, LED lit zoostorm gaming case, USB 3 support. A 21 inch HDMI monitor with mouse and keyboard It’s costing about £500 for that He’s already got a PS4 but would like a gaming pc


You're better off buying an Xbox one X and a 4k tv with that budget. If the £450 includes a monitor as well. That's a pretty tight budget.


im in exactly the same position, my youngest son has xbox one & he has wanted a gaming pc for a while unfortunately im on my own & money is limited. Dont want to waste money buying something that is not going to do what he wants it to...I do kno a bit about computers but havent got the time to build one myself...Hoping i find a bargain b4 xmas...


Sorry for posting in your post, but my son is looking for a gaming pc for Christmas. He’s only 11 and wants to play Fortnite, ROBLOX and quite a few steam games. He wants to stream and use office software. I’ve got about £450 maximum budget, what’s the best options for me? And kind of future proof?! Thanks for any help


PC gaming has an element that console gaming would simply not have, and that's performance on higher performing monitors. 144HZ (so up to 144 FPS on screen) is night and day above 60HZ (which is 60 fps and the limit for most TVs & consoles) to the point where you won't know what you did without it. It's an investment, but certainly worth it.

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