Posted 5th Nov 2022
Hi all,

I think I’m taking the plunge and going for an all electric car (probably a bmw iX3). Wondering if anyone has any advice on the most cost effective home chargers and where to get it from. What’s the best to go for etc etc.

Thanks guys
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    Keeping it very basic, they all do the same job.
    Most have an app so you can pick a time to cahrge if you get a deal from your supplier.

    My friend has podpoint and its fine.
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    Depends on your criteria. Presume you will.have octopus go?

    If so you need one with an app to schedule charging, although from memory bmw connected can schedule too.

    If you have solar then the go to charger is Zappi from Myenergi
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    Apply for Octopus and a smart meter now, if you haven't already done so.
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    We've got a hypervolt 2.0 and it's fantastic
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    Easee robot here...

    When all said and done its only an expensive switch - and not a charger at all.