Floureon wireless IP cam issues

Posted 6th Dec 2017
I recently purchased the Floureon wireless IP cam from a deal posted on here, and I can get it to work via ethernet, but when I try to add the cam wirelessly, it never finds the camera.

I'm using the CamHi software that it told me to download on the instructions, followed all the steps going through. The camera makes it's noise, and the app seems to search for the camera, but it never finds the camera after I've put in the wifi password. Just a continous waiting cirlcle, I'm at a loss.

Anyone else having this issue, and if so, found a way to get the camera to connect?

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The cameras only work on 2.4ghz Wifi channels and not on 5ghz
You may also have an issue with certain devices not being able to connect to your router if the Wifi channel is left as automatic (Try channels 1/6/11)
There's also a slightly different version of the software called P2PIPCamHi you could try
Reset the camera by putting the pin in the reset hole at the back of the camera and holding for 10 seconds until it produces a chime
Don't add the UID manually scan it in using your phone
What password for the WiFi are you trying. I had a similar issue recently I was trying 00000000 (eight zeros). Had no luck, contacted the seller who told me it had changed to 01234567. It worked after this. Even though the password in the manual was eight zeros.
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You have to use the same password as your WiFi is, else how does the camera connect to the WiFi. Figured it out now, the camera makes a beeping noise, as does the app, they have to hear each other before it'll connect, I had my phone on mute when trying it.

Easy mistake to make! All working fine and dandy now.
It’s a bit rubbish the camera, it stated it was ONVIF but I can’t get it to work on my network. Tried everything and gave up in end
Hi, my camera shas stopped connecting to the app. It says wrong password. Ive tried asing 'admin' as the password and also my wifi password but no luck. Can someome please point me to the instructions? I sure someone posted an an image of the guide on HUKD but i just cant find it
Just reset it on the back of the camera. If you’ve left it as the default password, chances are someone’s logged in and changed the username/password. It’s easily done.
Soo frustrating, I purchased a floureon 1080p dome due to fab reviews on Amazon, on set up it makes a musical sound , rotates right then starts bleeping rotates back still bleeping , there is no voice commandment or indication light, just red light under the Dome , it is next to my internet box and my phone app yi iot which was advised as cloud download app I put next to it, still not configured and even after reset after reset rewuested by app n bar code still no voice connection prompt or the 3 Di Di Di , just bleeping , it's driving me bonkers, any help would be great , thank you 37204919-XtllX.jpg
You need to download the app on your phone, then go through the setup on the app with the camera next to you. Once part way through adding the camera in the app, it listens for the sound the camera makes, the app picks this up and then adds it, then you can view it on the app.

Was frustrating to figure out as mine came with terrible instructions in Chinglish. I’ll see if I can find the name of the proper app that you need.

It’s called CamHi. If you can’t find it on the App Store, let me know and I’ll send you a direct link for it.
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Hi , thankewww for the reply, I have tried with the app you suggested , it was then saying wrong uid, I put the id code in from the bottom of the cam and it then changed it to http yunyiiot, so I tried attaching ethernet instead of wireless and it said device not found , I am now even more confused lol , wrong uid and device not found , I keep checking other tech sites etc see if any ideas, I'm not sure now if it's the device itself as it's still not speak prompting or internet connection issues possibly the chinglish you mentioned lol or the hard ware /soft ware, I'm not getting much joy from the seller just that they will get back to me from management team , I think it might be looking like I need to order a different one but it took me forever to research and be happy with the feed back on this to be disappointed confused.com as they say lol
Leave the UID blank, it fills that in itself once it’s done beeping and “found itself
Hi can anyone please help me? I’ve got up This morning and this is the screen I have on my camera tele it’s been like this all day I’ve even turned it off for 2 hours and still no joy anyone know what it could be that’s causing it. Thanks 38019586-EwQba.jpg
I have 2x camhi cameras I plugged them in and no noise is coming from them even though I hit reset button a few times still wont conect to wifi
IIRC, the sound comes from your phone and the camera picks it up. When I first set mine up, I had my phone on silent, hence the issue I ran into.
I’m trying to connect my device to the network I’m using a WiFi dongle and I’m able to connect to the WiFi but I’m not able to connect the device (I have done this previously) can anyone help me with what parameters I need to use? Io38456486-wgWuo.jpg
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