Posted 23rd Nov 2022
Normally at this time of the year we are inundated with offers of free perfume/aftershave samples in the hope that we like what we got and order the real deal. But ... this year they have been very few and far between. Where have they all gone? Are companies cutting back on their freebies to save money? Any thoughts?
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    They are definitely cutting back, but if you ask nicely in your local Boots, and appear interested, you may just get free samples of anything. You can also ask if they have perfume set to expire soon, and trust me, they will be happy to give you the whole shelf.
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    There haven't been many new arrivals in the market, also some companies don't due to postage costs, you're more likely to get a sample in a perfume store than online imo
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    probably dont need to. this time of year sales will be going up. maybe theyre doing well enough not to feel the need to push it more. although i cant say ive noticed a massive cut back in samples.. recently ive had quite a few. had a few pop up on facebook randomly. couldnt share them on here as they seem to be specific websites for me and when shared they wouldnt work anymore..

    theres usually a few on this website…uff
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    I know some of the brands offer them on their Facebook page but you have to be quick
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