IMPOSSIBLE REQUEST - Can you trace a car owner with only part of the registration?

Posted 28th May 2008
Any suggestions or help, would be greatly appreciated.

Last night at 11.35pm a black Fiat Punto smashed into our front garden wall. The driver reversed the vehicle and fled the scene, leaving behind a wall that is just about still standing. The corner and front section of the wall has been pushed back and will need to be rebuilt, along with repairs to the front gates.

This is approximately the 7th time that an accident has occurred on this corner in the last 10 years and is completely unacceptable, especially from a safety perspective. Our neighbour who was actually in his front drive at the time, was narrowly missed by the offender. He was able to get the first part of the registration (LM03 ---), but could not stop the two young men from driving away.

Not only do we have to claim on our own home insurance, pay the excess, have increased premiums and take time off work to resolve the issues, we also have to deal with the whole matter ourselves without any assistance from the Police / Council. This is clearly a road safely issue and is totally unacceptable.

If only I could trace the ****tards somehow?????
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