Posted 29th Jun 2022 (Posted 3 h, 56 m ago)
Trivial question but has anyone paid attention to the price of krispy kreme sold at Tesco, Sainsburys and Krispy Kreme kiosks at train stations? Do they sell them at different prices? I would expect so but has anyone found which of the three shops above sell them cheaper?

Tesco has this on their website. Our local sainsburys has started to sell them recently but I can't remember the price and I have never bought one from the Krispy Kreme kiosks at the train station. There is a Krispy Kreme kiosk at London Victoria station for example.
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    Tesco is cheapest

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    Yes but with supermarkets they pressure brands to lower prices or they won't sell the products.
    The profit margins are enormous on these massively over priced donuts so they would be crazy to loose hundreds of thousands of sales each year by refusing to lower prices when they are still making huge profits
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    You can download the app and get them a pound cheaper in the rewards section.You can also claim a free donut for registering.
    Only in a krispy kreme store though.
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    I have no idea about price comparisons, but generally speaking food at train stations is fairly expensive compared to elsewhere as most people are purchasing it for the journey and are therefore willing to pay more. Have you taken a look at their website? Where I live I can get free delivery on orders over £25, so it may be worth a look. I think buying 2 dozen boxes is best value.
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    I could tell you a few stories about Krispy Kremes (worked there yonks ago) I love doughnuts but just not from that company.
    What's wrong with them?
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