Marriott Hotels (2 unauthorised debit off my card!!!)

    Hi all -

    I wanted to post this to see what the best way to proceed here is...

    I regularly travel and have stayed in many hotels across the country and I have to confirm that this stay has been one of the worst experience at a recent stay in a Marriott Hotel.

    I booked two rooms at 115 GBP each and stayed for one night. I had both rooms held under my name and they were both held under my American Express account

    Upon check-out the room numbers were given and the uninterested lady at reception asked me if I wanted to pay with my VISA. I explained that I do no own a VISA card and the American Express is the card I have on the accounts.She provided me with the paid invoice with a name that was not mine at the top. I explained that this was not my booking and she ought to have checked prior to debitting my account.

    She was very rude snatched back my American Express and said "you should have said so" but I was given no opportunity to do so!

    Secondly, she explained the credit would appear on my account instantly and provided me with the poor random gentelman's detialed invoice (All his personal details, mini bar spend etc) which surely is a breach of Marriotts data protection.

    I tried to use my card in store today and the card declined as I had reached my limit. I spoke to my bank about the transactions on and it appears now 4 transactions have been debited on my account from the Marriott Hotels. I called to speak to the hotel today and the front office manager was extremely rude and unhelpful and disconnected the line prior to finishing the conversation.

    From what it appears on her system 3 transactions have been made, and the incorrect transaction has been credited back on to my account however it has not yet appeared, so now I am stuck without being able to use my card because of negligance from the reception staff!

    I have to wait for my statement to complain about the mysterious fourth transaction and will follow up with them and see where the hell that came from!

    What do you think I should do here?

    Thoughts on the best way to proceed?

    Normally I stay in marriotts for work and they are lovely however I do not trust them with my card details now!!!


    I stay at a lot of hotels and I do know that they block off a portion of your available balance which can stay as pending for up to 15 days. This is just them protecting themselves in case you do a runner. On check out they make the actual charge and they clear the block, which as I mentioned can stay for 15 days before it is lifted.. I've still got an amount showing as pending for a Singapore hotel 2 weeks ago that will clear on Monday.

    Could it be this or are they actual debits?


    do you have a marriott rewards card on the back there is a tel 44(0) 20 7012 7312

    seeing as you are not getting anywhere with the hotel, perhaps speak to amercian express and explain that they are unauthorised and that you only authorised £230

    also make a formal complaint in writing to head office of the hotel
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