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Mercedes EV + Ohme Charger on Octopus Intelligent Go Tariff Help Please

Hi All
Need some help with the charging please.

So recently got a Mercedes EV and got the Ohme home pro installed. I have now switched to Octopus Intelligent go.

The Ohme app controls the charging on the smart tariff as per octopus instructions. The charging is also controlled by Mercedes Me app- does anyone has any experience on how these 2 app work together? Is there a way of disabling charging on the Mercedes me app so that everything is controlled by Ohme app?

The reason I ask is that Octopus and Ohme work on the smart tariff together and even if the car is plugges in before the 11.30 pm lower rate it will only charge on the lower rate. However when I plug in the charger the Mercedes me app detects low battery and starts charging.

Many thanks in advance for any advice. Would really appreciate the help.

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    I am not sure how the Mercedes app works but on the Ohme app under My charger you can set the price cap to 7.5p so it shouldn't charge at the higher cost rate.
    This is only a work around so as it will only charge in the 23:30 to 05:30 window.
    I have a Tesla and this setting is disabled in my car.
    When you setup the app did you connect the car or the charger to IO Go Tariff?
    I connected my Ohme charger as we have 2 evs and can easily switch between them in the Ohme app (edited)
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    Thanks for your reply. The ohme charger is connected to octopus. Octopus recommends not having the price cap switched on the ohme app. This is to allow charging during daytime as well as the app smartly detects lower rates during the day. Octopus says any smart charging via ohme app will only be charged at 7.5p. 

    My question is how does that work with the Mercedes Me app which starts the charger as well as the ohme when I plug the charger in. 

    hope it makes sense. I’m sure there are others with Mercedes, ohme charger on the octopus intelligent tariff. 
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    This is how I do it:
    Works a treat, I turned off approve each time, unless I'm away and want to lock the Ohme. (edited)
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    Thanks. looked ta the video - helpful.

    My issue is when Mercedes Me app starts car charging and Ohme states car charging during the day does it still calculate it as smart charge? there is no option to disable the charging on the mercedes me app.
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    My Renault Zoe has no charge program set in the car or in the renault app.
    The Ohme Home Pro charger links to Octopus Intelligent Go and also links to the Renault App when first adding the car.
    As soon as I plug the car in my phone comes up with an Octopus notification saying what charge times they are initially allocating, but that can change depending on energy demand no their system.
    The car can charge outside of the 23:30-05:30 hours but still at the 7.5p kWh rate.
    Initially the Ohme app shows the cost at the 30.6p kWh rate but once complete he you go into the Charge Stats it shows the actual cost at 7.5p kWh.
    The Octopus usage graph only shows the kWh usage and not the cost of it yet, hopefully that will change in the future.
    In short, car/charger/Octopus are all linked together but Octopus starts/stops the charging at the cheaper rate. You just tell the Ohme Home Pro what max charge you want and by what time.
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