Posted 8 January 2024

Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker - Steam Key Free

Grab NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER for FREE!Dear gamers, ready to become the greatest Shinobi?

Hurry up as we're giving away NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER on a first come first served basis for a limited time only!

Register and complete the form between 08/01 (3:00 pm CEST) and 12/01 (3:00 pm CEST) and link your Steam account to your Bandai Namco account to be eligible.

Winners will receive their code by e-mail between 15/01 (3:00 pm CEST) and 19/01 (3:00 pm CEST).

Enjoy the game!…ree
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  1. d90's avatar
    Pretty cool, just to note if you don’t get a key for any reason but still want to play it, it’s £6.99 on CDKEYS ( and seems to have 6 or more Season Passes for additional content (also available at a discount on CDKEYS).

    Good luck!
  2. Forgottenshopper's avatar
    Just got to work out how to link BANDAI NAMCO to my Steam account. Any help appreciated..
    Frugal_Infection's avatar
    Click on your account which was top right of homepage when signed in for me. Should be an option to link platforms in the dropdown, or select 'platforms' in your settings menu.
  3. SlvRBEAST's avatar
    Not a deal, not even a freebie, it's a lottery!
    Auric_Goldfinger's avatar
    Free money!!!

    How to claim:

    - Go to your local shop
    - Give them some random numbers
    - hand them £1.50
    - we will be in touch via TV broascast to see if your claim was successful

    You got this
  4. PenKnight's avatar
    I signed up and linked my account, but its a lottery as to who gets them and they will send an email if you are selected.

    Not sure this should constitute as a deal, there used to be a competition section for HotUKDeals so would think it should be more appropriate there.
  5. Ducklinggg's avatar
    Can't seem to be able to link my steam account....just saying page not found on Bandai website. Anyone with same issue?
    Redinho's avatar
    I can't create an account
  6. SerpentSuicide's avatar
    I bet this game will be free to play on all consoles soon.
  7. k9plus1's avatar
    data harvesting exercise for a lottery ? cold from me (edited)
  8. Matty1302's avatar
    They also have a “club” service which has been coming soon for a good half year now. Their website even says “fall 2023”.

    Thing is all their games come with codes for 700-1000 points which you can’t use lol
  9. Tommy.123's avatar another game been given away for 'free' with 55Dlcs that they want you to then buy!
  10. awesomegiles26's avatar
    Looks like 100,000 keys to give away! Thanks op!
  11. GamerFirebird90's avatar
    Cheers OP, another for the steam deck pile!
  12. Pepz347's avatar
    Thank you!
  13. No_Data's avatar
    Nginx error when I log into bandai namco
  14. lukekey's avatar
    Yeah, site is really struggling now.
  15. blister's avatar
    Just managed to get it to work after loads of errors. Already had an account so that probably helped. Validated and now waiting on email, thanks OP
  16. Moss87's avatar
    I get this error when trying to link

    Page not foundThe requested page couldn't be located. Checkout for any URL misspelling or return to the homepage.
  17. SteadiestShark's avatar
    My anti malware absolutely despised the link that was on their social media so I've probably missed out by now. (I didnt want to set up an exception rule just in case there was something dodgy)
  18. Daniel_Nolan's avatar
    I gave up. That website is shocking!
  19. beaversrus's avatar
    so another random
  20. rrr99gp's avatar
    You have to wait until you get an e-Mail response from them now. Sounds like they may have ran out. Ah well.
  21. Canopus's avatar
    Only a couple of days left, so was anyone successful in receiving a key? TIA
    awesomegiles26's avatar
    "Each Winner will be personally notified by the Organizer by email on15th January 2024 3pm (CET) to 19th

    January 2024 3pm (CET)(the “Notification”), and will receive their Game key on the same day.

    To avoid confusion, non-Winners will not receive any email."

    Looks like the window is still open for them to notify winners. I thought I applied very early although no email as of yet, still time though
  22. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    I've just received an email with the Steam key. Thanks OP
  23. rectangularcuboid's avatar
    Me too.
  24. Sherbat's avatar
    Didn't get it (again).
  25. Redinho's avatar
    Got mine today!
  26. goblinsta's avatar
    Got it!
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