Posted 24 October 2016

new build upgrades

I'm in the process of buyin a new build bellway homes. I have payed £1000 reservation fee and am now about to pay for upgrades i.e. Kitchen carpets garden turf ect. The problem is my house I'm selling is four weeks from completing. So I pay £10000 to bellway this week. Bellway say this is none refundable according to the consumer code. What happens if my house sale falls through within the next four weeks I hope I will not loose the money I spend on the new builds upgrades. The new build hasn't even got a roof on yet and isn't due to be completed until 4 months from now so surely worst case scenario if my house sale falls through none of my upgrades will be purchased or fitted so I will get my cash back. I spoke to the bellway sales advisor and she was ringing head office to clarify. I just wanted to get some inside information on this subject
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    Have you spoken to your solicitor?
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    Yes she said to ask bellway
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    You'd be better of asking to put off chosing your options for 4 weeks, even if it adds a month onto the new build. Better than being 10k down which they are entittled to not refund as they will say the kitchen and carpets have been ordered for you (even if not fitted).
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    I'm in similar situation but with a different developer. I received my agreement in principle so paid £500 to reserve a new Barratt home. I selected my upgrades last week as the build was due to be started - I paid 20% deposit for them. I have not yet signed missives as I'm waiting for my full mortgage offer being processed so there is a slight risk that it could still fall through - hopefully not, but if it does, my loss is minimal in comparison to yours.

    Barratt T&Cs state that if the sale does not go ahead, I will receive 50% refund on my upgrades deposit however if the roof has been placed then I receive nothing.

    Are Bellway requesting the entire cost of your upgrades to be paid upfront? Seems a lot to be asking for the total amount immediately and I would be asking Bellway for some reassurance of a refund/partial refund if the sale does not go ahead.
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    They want the full amount
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    I would not order or part with any money until you are 100% certain everything will go through. Ive heard horror stories from my friend in the business lately of it going wrong and people losing everything. If any doubt at all, don't do it. If they value your custom (which I don't believe any new build companies do, I also used to work in the business) they will be understanding. Worse comes to worse, get your own people to do it. Will probably be cheaper although inconvenient. If they are giving you aggro before you've even moved in, imagine what the after sales is like.
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    Could you request your reservation fee be transferred to another plot thats further behind on the build so you have a delay in having to pay out all that money? Having to pay the whole lot up front doesn't seem right.
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