Posted 24th Oct 2016
I'm in the process of buyin a new build bellway homes. I have payed £1000 reservation fee and am now about to pay for upgrades i.e. Kitchen carpets garden turf ect. The problem is my house I'm selling is four weeks from completing. So I pay £10000 to bellway this week. Bellway say this is none refundable according to the consumer code. What happens if my house sale falls through within the next four weeks I hope I will not loose the money I spend on the new builds upgrades. The new build hasn't even got a roof on yet and isn't due to be completed until 4 months from now so surely worst case scenario if my house sale falls through none of my upgrades will be purchased or fitted so I will get my cash back. I spoke to the bellway sales advisor and she was ringing head office to clarify. I just wanted to get some inside information on this subject
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