Posted 10 January 2024

Quidco £400 cashback on samsung galaxy S23 ULTRA 24 month contract THREE…-MS

Not sure if this is considered a good deal with the S24 coming out soon but considering the normal cashback for these 24 month contracts is around £69 you can't really go wrong with £400 if your looking to get the phone anyway.

£65 upfront then £49.50 plus your plan cost monthly.

Plus claim the 12 months free disney plus like most places are offering at the moment.

Deal is probably not for everyone but if you happen to be getting the phone anyway atleast it's a good chunk of the money back.
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  1. Gollywood's avatar
    You can go wrong. It's Quidco
    CremeDeMenthe's avatar
    Exactly, I wouldn't trust Quido to pay a £40 bonus nevermind £400
  2. stedaman's avatar
    Too risky to get stitched up by Quidco unfortunately. (edited)
  3. Russ2626's avatar
    I wouldn't trust Three to pay out. I took out two contracts with Three through Topcashback. On one they only paid £5 rather than the much higher amount advertised and on the other they just declined it. (edited)
  4. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Quidco offering only £400? Lightweights.
    TCB are offering £450.

    Scamdung is possibly sponsoring these promotions to counter the damage from the UK retail company having a notice for compulsory strike-off filed early Dec 2023.
    Feel free to create your own alternative conspiracy theory for such out-of-the-ballpark promotions.

    Pájaro's avatar
    Can you elaborate on this?
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