Posted 24th Dec 2021
If anyone is interested, I just managed to subscribe to S Sports Plus via Turkey for 12 months for £12.03 (I assume this includes foreign transactions fees).

You need a VPN set to Turkey, but once you've got that going, go to the S Sports Plus Signup page here ..…nup

If your browser gives you the option to translate from turkish to english, then definitely take it !.

Enter your details on the next page ..

"Ad" = First Name
"Soyad" = Surname
"E-Posta" = Email address. I tried my regular gmail address and it said it couldn't be used but then I tried a spare hotmail address and it worked fine.
"Şifre" is Password
"Şifre (TekRar)" is Confirm Password

The next three checkboxes are the usual T's & C's stuff, although the first one is also about consenting to receive marketing emails. I initially left this off and got an error, but when I ticked it, i was able to click the button at the bottom to take me to the payment screen.

Now this is where it went a bit weird for me, but it still worked.

I clicked on the "Annual" payment option and nothing happened. It just refused to go to the next screen so I ended up coming out of the browser completely and trying again.

I went to the S Sports Plus main page and chose the "Member Login" option that's to the left of the big red "Sign Up" button in the top right. It'll say "Üye Girisi" if it's not translated.

I entered my email and password and it signed me in without a problem. So then I went to my profile, the head and shoulders symbol in the top right, and selected the option "Üyelik Bilgileri" which took me to the subscription options page.

I selected the annual subscription option on the right for 179.99 and it worked - it took me to the payment card details on the next screen. I used a Mastercard just to be on the safe side, as I had a funny feeling it might possibly reject a UK-based debit card, and hey presto, I was signed up for a whole year !.

Now as far as the practicalities of actually watching the football goes, I haven't had a chance to try it yet but I think it would be safe to say that you'll have to have your VPN on and set to Turkey to watch the content.

They do have an app, but I imagine it'll be easier for android users to sideload than iOS, but then I've got my PC connectec to my TV via HDMI so i can still watch it on the big screen.
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    Just a heads up - I have noticed today when logging into Setanta Sports Ukraine there is an annual upgrade option priced at 1090 ukrainian hyrvnia which when using google converts to around just under £25 - this is a potential alternative to Vidio and other options mentioned here already. (edited)
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    @jameshothothot @danjason Posted as a new reply so it doesn't disappear into the rubbish replies system as maybe useful for many.

    Sussed quitting vpn in background on Firestick to get max speed and best quality on Vidio, currently enjoying the Fulham/Liverpool game at 1080p on my 77" OLED.

    Basically you just need to send an adb command from another device to force close the app whilst it's in the background, in my case that's 'am force-stop com.windscribe.vpn'. There's many ways to do this for which Google will help find something suitable for your circumstances but personally I've set up a script in Home Assistant to send the command and then, to make it even simpler to use, added a command on my Harmony remote to trigger it. So turn on vpn for Indonesia, start Vidio, start stream, press quit vpn button, enjoy best quality (edited)
    Anonymous User
    I have just check and a quick way to do it for me is to load up adblink2 which I use to sideload apps to firestick and it has an option of stop application, connect to your firestick first then stop application.
    I chose other and the applications name for me I use dnschanger, so its cam.aykutcevik.dnschanger then press okay and after a few seconds it stops.
    If people are using NordVPN as thats my other one it would be then okay.
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    So I tweeted Vidio to ask if premier League games would have English commentary. Using Google translate this is what I got back
    Good job sis.
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    Slightly off topic, if anyone likes watching extended highlights change your VPN to USA and then YouTube search NBC premier League. Tends to have a good 10-20 mins footage with decent commentary
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    thanks, that saved me half an hour of clicking back through the thread!
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    Rk567825/04/2022 10:48

    So based on all of the above, what's the best provider for EPL for next …So based on all of the above, what's the best provider for EPL for next year at present?

    Many factors to consider such as what device you want to use and potential VPN cost(unless you have one already).

    Could be more options nearer the time and I have included a few alternatives below:

    -Vidio (indonesia) has EPL live from next season and comes in around £12 for 1 year sub. Picture Quality seems subjective. No rewind and catch up takes time to appear. Apps for most devices and browser streams available.

    -Hotstar(India) - no idea on catch up or rewind, quoted as a good picture quality but may require an Indian mobile number to sign up. Has apps and browser options. Cost approximately £8-10 for the year.

    -Bein Sports (varying countries in middle east/Asia) - good pic, costs vary depending on region purchased though usually between - £25 to £50 for a year. Apps and browser options available.

    -Dazn(Spain) - not sure on catch up or rewind, picture quality will be good. Seems to be 130 euros for the year.

    -NBC in the US - no idea on price and quality.

    Personally I am currently subbed to vidio and it works and seems to be the cheapest. Others hukders may be better positioned to share experiences.

    Best place to start would be…867 to check who holds what rights where. Let us know how you get on.
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    I just found this Q&A on the Vidio website (…um-):

    Q: "Can I watch the World Cup and English Premier League using Vidio Platinum?"
    A: "Can not. The World Cup and English Premier League will be separate packages with Vidio Platinum."

    As the Platinum package is the only 12-month Premier package available from the Vidio app, does that mean it's not possible to subscribe to a 12-month package which will be good for EPL games next season?
    Anonymous User
    I currently subscribe to the F1 addon to Platinum it costs me £1.79 for a month.
    Something like that would be good.
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    For fun, as I don't need it, I signed up for a free account with Setanta Moldova. Used a tel. no. from but hoping I don't need to use it as it's a Russian service. I tried deleting it but it kept coming back so a number is definitely needed. Number plays no part in login but may be required for password recovery later on, so for now use anything and don't forget your password. Played some 5min EPL highlights and reckon it's 720p max. Available in 4 languages, English and. Then used same account to login to Ukraine and it worked. If anybody has paid try playing on another country's site a sport not listed on your membership country.…sia

    Replying to

    The service works, I've used it before. You rent the number to receive one text, costs 25-50 roubles per rent. I chose one of their numbers in case I need to authenticate later on. You can choose to use the same number everytime you authenticate. I have an account with 150 roubles from before the war, not really keen on using it nowadays.
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    Had this thread bookmarked for a while and got it all sorted last night.

    Firstly I got a free trial of Control D, which seemed to take a while to get working.
    I started with Vidio, I assumed I could use a Revolut card, so I set that up. Nope, you just pay on the app with Google Pay (used my AMEX).
    I have a Sony A8 which is an Android TV, so I able to just download the Vidio app from the Google Play store. I then linked the app on my phone to the TV app, this seemed to only work with the DNS off again. Once Vidio was set up on my phone and TV, I then could connect the TV to Control D's Indonesia server via the custom DNS settings and after midnight it started working (I guess if you're having problems, just try it after midnight).

    S Sports Plus I tried next, I wasn't going to get it, but it was like £11 and it's nice to have a backup.
    So I set the website to Turkey and it just seemed to work fine, paid in Lira with my Revolut (guess it did come in handy). I had to download the apk on my phone and transfer the app to my TV. Within minutes WWE Raw was playing in English, this was such an easy one to install.

    Thoughts? £40 for a year of Vidio and S Sports Plus seems like a bargain, hopefully it's smooth sailing. My main concern is the other apps on the TV, 4OD wasn't working too well, even though I set it to UK, it just stopped working after 45 minutes.

    Control D I don't really consider part of the cost, because I will use it on my PC as a VPN alternative. Even then I ditched my £70 Sky package, changed the LNB on my Sky dish for £15 and now I have Freesat too, with a significant amount of money saved. (edited)

    Replying to

    On the left side, if you keep it on bypass it should just just ignore everything on other websites.

    I've not had an ads on Vidio.

    Glad to help.
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    See paramount Mexico now advertising premier League on homepage

    Replying to

    Yes UK account works with Mexico. in fact it works with all Paramount locations minus USA. If you know someone who pays for Sky Movies they get it free.

    The cheapest way to pay for Paramount Mexico is sign up for a Google account via Argentina. Load up your Google account with funds and pay via that way. Works out £11 for the year.
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    Anonymous User
    Well I must say I was happy with the quality of the match, I was watching Prey on my big screen first and had it on my 4k Tv in the corner of mancave then when Prey finished I put it on the 10ft Screen. I will attach a photo, but I was happy, just need for the Newcastle match now to be as good.47967646-mMAEI.jpg
    Anonymous User

    Replying to

    You need to download the version 1.69.2, that is the tablet or firestick version. If you download 5.82.15-30775de632 its the phone version. I got mine from APKPure, but there are lots of other sites. I downloaded the APK for it and sideloaded it to firestick.
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    For those wondering….

    here we go a quick conclusion (I’ve used these services on an iPhone, Android Phone and my Shield) and I’m using a VPN (windscribe) not ControlD (even tho I may have to invest) -

    Setanta - Decent quality but no commentary just crowd noise.

    Paramount+ Mexico - okay quality but foreign commentary.

    Vidio - decent quality, I’m getting stable 720p but I guess with ControlD I would be able to up this to 1080p and best of all it has English Commentary.

    Vidio is currently the winning selection for me.

    Replying to

    It did for me, allowed me to use the 1080p option on Vidio and was very stable
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    Thanks to everyone who has helped me.Think i'm going to go for Setanta Sports

    Replying to

    I got it up and running. Download the apk from and choose the latest android tv version and that worked for me (y). I would share a link but bit busy so will share later.
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    Testing Vidio with the EPL content on my windows pc using chrome incognito and find that the premier league tv channel is looking sharper at 1080p compared to how other channels at 1080p looked in the past so signs are good, in fact I would 720p is pretty impressive too if looking to save bandwidth/power - getting into the Ssports+ league!!

    Tested both Firestick and desktop and android app and all looking impressive, if focusing purely on the big screen I would say the desktop picture edges firestick app but purely a minor matter.

    Oh and some information I hope can come handy for those who are still looking for or undecided on a VPN/DNS to watch Vidio or even those who are on the look out for an alternative way to watch Vidio like myself. I am currently using Nord VPN and have found Nord generally has impressive speeds in any case for Indonesia so Vidio works fine both with VPN on and turning off VPN trick - I tried the live premier league tv channel and it played fine for over ten minutes with VPN off.

    Another option I have found worthwhile is TunnelBear VPN which also unblocks Vidio and is completely free of charge. If you are wondering how, I downloaded TunnelBear VPN for my android phone and set up an account - no payment method needed and you get a free allowance something like 500mb. I then downloaded the Tunnel Bear VPN chrome extension for chrome browser and can confirm it unblocks Vidio, once I started a stream (again a live channel premier league tv just to mimick a live game) and turned off Tunnel Bear VPN it works fine - I had to change the quality to 720p as I find TunnelBear speeds fluctuate more than Nord VPN but once the quality is changed and stream is running then you can turn it off.

    Conclusion is I can hold off spending money on Control D/another VPN for the mo as this is working in the meantime and I can monitor it over the next few games to keep analysing it. Not sure if Tunnel Bear have a firestick app but would be great to seal off all options!!

    Replying to

    Looks like it has about 47 locations on the chrome extension - I tried it with Setanta Sports using Moldovan server and with Ssports+ Cyprus server and it unblocks both but picture quality ain't great and much lower compared to Nord. I tried it with Peacock and it works as well.
    Apparently it is meant to be a pretty good VPN in its own right but me being me will only really need and use it for the free allowance!

    Edit: Peacock USA I should have said. (edited)
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    Best way to try a vpn is to use Google Pay. Download app to phone and set up with Google Pay. Usually you get 7 days free trial. As soon as logged in, cancel Google Pay sub, and spend 7 days testing. If happy, open PC browser and look for best sub (usually lower than Google Pay) and subscribe. Even then you have 30-day money-back to play with. Trick is to know beforehand which services you want to unblock. Compile your list and tick off which vpn's works.
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    Conkers81602/05/2022 20:28

    I couldn't sign out of "just" the App Store. I had to sign out of the …I couldn't sign out of "just" the App Store. I had to sign out of the phone completely and sign back in with this new email I had and that's when it went pear shaped.It was a while ago anyway so I can't fully remember what i did, i just know it didn't work.

    Click the App Store - Click your profile top right - scroll down right to the bottom and click sign out. Maybe you didn’t see it as the sign out option is at the very bottom. Shown in the video below.…=43

    I have a feeling you messed up your phone as you logged out completely of your Icloud. (edited)
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    Just got the offer from Vidio to upgrade, it works out at £19 extra to move from platinum to diamond.

    Replying to

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    The Setanta sports route could be a great option for EPL +other sports with a monthly option I am hoping.

    So following a few posts above I have managed to set up a free to use account just to give it a try.

    Whilst using Nord VPN app on my android phone I managed to register for Setanta Sports Moldova on chrome browser and I did not even use a phone number at all however I noticed that the free content would not play and I would just get a message prompting myself to check other sports with a 'home' button. The same results using a Ukrainian server and same using VPN unlimited. So I googled a free moldovan phone number and added this but same result.

    I managed to get it working on my p.c though which is what I would mainly use it for anyway with the Nord VPN browser extension (chrome) and the free content played fine with the same account as above. I checked the Ukrainian server which worked too. Quality as Ianinaus posted above is pretty good and best of all streams continued fine when I turned my VPN off!! Tbf Nord VPN produces excellent speeds both in Moldova and Ukraine well (surprisingly) so just a bonus for those who may not have solid speeds. Even more interesting was that when I turned off the VPN and clicked onto another stream and just browsed through the site it worked perfectly.

    Apparently they show Scottish football too.

    I have noticed as said before the Ukraine site does have a discount so I may wait until I know the schedule list and sign up.

    Edit: I have dug deeper and looked into how to get Setanta Sports working and found yhe turning off VPN once streaming started trick stopped working for myself earlier and the website went all funny. Logged out and back in again and back working again but word of caution probably best not to try it. (edited)
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    Few words on Setanta and UFC for those interested
    TV app might be a bit clearer than web browser. It might be 720p but at a low bitrate.
    Stream is definitely watchable but it is a little jerkier than usual, someone above mentioned Vidio is 24fps, I wouldn't be surprised if the same is true for Setanta
    Audio is a bit low, in volume and in quality and sometimes you get a little echo when watching. Not during fights but for stuff like announcements and fight intros.
    Commentary audio during fights also only comes out of left speaker/earphone which is a little weird, but may be a bonus because you can essentially watch the fights without commentary by just having the right speaker active, which only has all the fight audio/crowd audio etc.
    Colours on the stream slightly off as well, looked a little darker than other streams I compared to.

    One benefit is you can pause and rewind live streams easily. Didn't buffer for me once throughout on browser, TV app froze at one point but still not sure why. Overall I'd say its decent, not the best quality but certainly watchable and I'm picky which is why I noticed these. Can't forget you're getting it cheap! (edited)
    Good info there, thanks! I’ve been using Setanta a lot over the past couple weeks and had mixed experiences depending on the VPN/DNS service I use.

    With Control D the quality is always at the best that Setanta can provide, which like you say, is around 720-1080 and 24/25fps. Unfortunately I have a weird issue when using ControlD with Setanta which causes me to get logged out randomly. Not good if watching something live!

    With NordVPN I get no logout issues and it’s stable. Quality is mostly good but not at the highest quality for as long as ControlD manages. Quality was awful for some reason for the Watford-Sheff U game last night. I would say it was mostly around 360p! This was the first time it’s been that bad though using Nord. I tried a different server but got the same. Speed tests were fine which suggests to me it was possibly a Setanta issue.

    I’ve also been testing UnlimitedVPN/KeepSolid on a free trial. Like Nord it’s stable with no logout issues. The quality is however less stable generally with it often going in and out of different bitrates/res. It will reach highest quality but then often come down and stay there, sometimes going even worse but that is rarer. Again, it was awful watching Watford last night but as it was also bad on Nord and as other content was good quality, it suggests the issue was with the Setanta live feed.

    Anyone else watch Watford last night on Setanta? If so, how was it? Unfortunately I didn’t test with Control D as didn’t want to miss too much of the game but I wish I had now.

    If anyone has any tips for my Control D issue then I’d much appreciate it as that would be my preference if possible! (edited)
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    Vidio + firestick + purevpn 🤝 PL sorted. I have a sky go logon for the PS5 and the quality is 10x better on Vidio. This seems to be the way to go this season.

    Replying to

    hi - you need to sign up using google pay or apple pay on your phone or tablet (or an android emulator)

    cards on website don't work
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    ControlD made some changes

    No Profile and Device LimitsYou know how we used to have a 10 Profile and 10 Device limit for the Full Control plan? That's gone. You can now create an unlimited amount of profiles and devices.
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    Got Vidio working on my firestick with nordvpn set to Indonesia. Is there any easy way to kill the vpn connection without exiting the stream?
    Anonymous User

    Replying to

    If you go into settings and then the about menu.
    Click on status and then network and you will see your IP address.
    When you first try to connect to the box you might have a popup on your box asking for adb permissions, I know I had on mine and you have to agree to them.
    From them on you should be able to connect okay to your box.
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    Anyone else get an email from google pay today saying they will not renew your vidio sub when it expires?

    Replying to

    Yeah no worries I see that -not trying to move away from the main topic but to confirm you can pay using a google play U.K account which is actually what I have done today using my google play balance mainly gained via Google rewards.

    Included a screenshot:
    I have not included the order number and personal details just for safety.

    I had to turn off the VPN to Indonesia and that did the trick. I have subbed via this method many times to Vidio in the past as well as others like Ssport+ but not always using google play balance.

    The reason why we pay a little more than actual cost is likely due to the U.K VAT which is added on top of the vidio VAT. I calculated it as paying directly in Indonesian Rupiah including local VAT comes to just under £5 so the extra is u.k VAT.

    There are actually many apps like Vidio including mola TV, peacock USA,paramount usa etc that you can sub to here perfectly legitimately in the U.K but using all the content may be another matter (again not for this topic) so google is on top of this but I am not going to profess to knowing all the ins and outs of this.

    Oh and all content is working including live channels.
    Hope that helps.
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    @arvy1 Some very useful information with regards to both VPN's and payments. Thanks!

    Quick question on subscriptions for anyone who knows though, can you pay for subs to any of Setana/Vidio/SSport/Peacock just using your Google Play balance? I've never done it that way but seems it would be very useful given google play rewards and stuff to save some quids. I wasn't aware of that being an option.
    You just download the app and sub through there?
    You can indeed pay using google play rewards for Vidio using UK google play balance which is what I have done, did not work for Ssport or peacock USA or setanta sports from when I tried.
    I downloaded Vidio from apkmirror and then subbed that way, once in the app and at the subscriptions screen I had to turn off the VPN to Indonesia when at the payment screen and it accepts google play balance from there
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    Watched the Huddersfield Burnley game on setanta using Nord VPN set to Moldova and the picture was pretty much perfect, didn't look any different to watching it on sky, didn't encounter any buffering either but I guess it might be different for big premier League games.

    As others said there was no English commentary but this isn't a big deal for me to be honest.

    So far so good
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    Had a look on Vidio last night and 9 of the 10 Premier League games this weekend were showing (Leicester v Brentford was the missing game).

    Had another look this morning and they have now added a new "schedule" section to the app which is still work in progress but a big improvement on what was there previously.
    The new schedule section for sport is now working and all 10 games are now showing
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    Cracked it

    Every time I logged in to my new account, it kept prompting me to configure Control-D so I decided I would but it then told me I didn't have a plan and offered me the "Some" and "Full" options for the full price, so I clicked the "Redeem Promo Code" link at the bottom - again - and decided to (re)enter the code from StackSocial.

    I assumed I'd already done this when I created the account but there you go.

    So the next screen then correctly offered me the "Some" control package for $0, so I hit "Select" and it went to the next screen to prompt me to configure it again.

    Since I'd already entered the resolvers into my TV, I went to "Services" to make sure Vidio was switched on and when I selected the option to re-direct it, it said I needed "Full" control and the window popped up offering me full control for $10 a year recurring.

    Completed the checkout and it cost £8.26 GBP in the end. Went back to my TV to verify Vidio was working, which it was.

    So there you go

    Replying to

    I think the upgrade actually effectively "cancels" the 2 year deal. If you look at the screen grab, you'll see my next billing date is this time next year rather than 2024.

    I'm not too worried though, $10 a year is silly money considering what it can do.
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    Indonesian server is back up on Surfshark
    As an aside, I posted on…rk/ about Indonesia being missing and it's been removed. I don't understand why as it pointed out it was missing and questioned whether it was something to do with the new internet laws in Indonesia. I've just posted asking why it was removed,…an/. How long will it last? I worry when companies arbitrarily decide to delete a post in an open forum.
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    For anyone wanting to watch some football today completely free champions league qualifier tonight check RTE2:…now using Irish server and you do not even need an account.

    Virgin Media Two…wo/ also showing a kyiv vs benfica game tomorrow as well apparently again completely free and no account needed. (edited)

    Replying to

    Yeah I like having the option to just fire up the firestick to watch a game as well rather than switching the pc on but cannot complain about RTE - fab quality at 1080p and English punditry all for free and they do tend to show a live champions game every week or so.
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    My Vidio converted over to the Early Bird from my previous monthly sub this morning. can confirm it’s £5.99 for 12 months of Premier Platinum.
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    deleted29811206/05/2022 14:27

    I have just subscribed for the month, what's £1.62 its worth it if it is …I have just subscribed for the month, what's £1.62 its worth it if it is in English and if it's not no problem.I tried to subscribe on my computer and it failed twice, then I remembered that you need to do it on my mobile phone so that it goes through google pay, which it did first time.[Image]

    It has the Sky F1 coverage in English for the practise, so I guess for everything and it's got catch up as well.
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    Will watch some off the Huddersfield game see what it's like quality, English comm etc

    Replying to

    What, for the Huddersfield v Burnley game?? The feed is silent when I toggle English commentary but plays when I toggle Ukrainian in presumably that language. (edited)
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    oh has anyone got paramount plus going? is that in english?
    I've got Paramount Plus Mexico on, unfortunately no English commentary.
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    English commentary and nice picture on Setanta (fire cube tv)

    Replying to

    Yup just noticed this too. Same commentary team as peacock I am sure. Watching yesterday via Setanta there was no English commentary. Maybe that has changed recently and/or depends on the match being shown and commentary team.

    Curiously Norwich vs Wigan also on setanta has no English commentary.

    Oddly enough the camera seems more panned out compared to peacock but picture is good quality.
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    Indonesian server(s) have disappeared from Surfshark - hopefully they'll be back up and running in time for the weekend.

    Update from Surfshark CS:

    'At the moment, the Indonesian server is down for maintenance. While I don't have an exact ETA on when it will return, I do wish to note that our tech teams are aware of the demand and are working hard on bringing it back up ASAP. ' (edited)
    It's probably not a country that had much traffic before vidio got the premier League, mola was more of a hidden secret as most had s sport + turkey or dazn Canada. Definitely think all vpn providers will need to make the Indonesia servers more robust in the coming weeks.
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    For anyone unable to access Indonesia through NordVPN, try changing your protocol. Worked for me48000849-EiuUM.jpg
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    If anyone needs Control D: 2-Yr Subscription (Standard Features). You join then pay $10 for full control. When the deal runs out you will keep paying $10 A year for the full control.

    Control D: 2-Yr Subscription (Standard Features)

    When I asked them this is what they said

    17070603581660284280.jpg (edited)

    Replying to

    Maybe best to talk to them. He just said he got offered the deal straight away. They still advertise it on social stack

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    Quick catch up in regards to Vidio. Had a samsung s8 plus that I bought on a whim few months ago that I had never used so got it back and decided to have a play about with Vidio.

    Got Vidio on the phone and can confirm that it does work with Dex (this is my first proper Samsung galaxy device so may not be news) on the monitor. Might be a cheaper route for some who are going down the mobile app only route.
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    Just a reminder about…com if you have services from different countries. You can specify which sports you follow to make the schedule relevant. It includes Vidio. Every now and then you get an alert to ask if you want to add the new channels they have started following.
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