Posted 15 September 2023

Vue Cinema Ticket Vouchers | Official Trading Thread

In need of a Vue Cinema code? - Request one here!
• Please only request a code if you're going to use it.
• Contributing members will be prioritised.
• Please do not post any personal info (such as email addresses, Twitter etc).

Have a code going spare? - Don't let it go to waste, share it here!
• Please only share codes via PM.
• Your generosity is appreciated

Offering and accepting of any codes in this thread (or across hotukdeals) is the responsibility of our members. It is your own responsibility to comply with the terms of any 3rd party and ensuring any eligibility requirements are met.

There are risks involved in any trade, so be sure to understand these before trading.

Using your Voucher Codes to purchase tickets?

You will need to have your voucher code to hand before making your booking. Depending on your voucher type, this will always begin with the letter V. Please see below for details.

  • O2 vouchers will start with – VSV0
  • Sky Cinema vouchers will start with – VSKY

Once you have added your tickets, you will need to click on 'Add a promo code' and then enter your voucher code starting with 'V' as shown below.


Having problems with your vouchers?
If you are having problems using any vouchers on the website, we do recommend double checking codes entered into the website for mistakes. Should this problem persist, please try the following steps:

• Clear cookies, Cache and browsing data
• Open incognito/private browser and retry the Voucher code
• If using Safari, phone browser or tablet - try another device…ker
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  1. milkshake22's avatar
    I take them please
    geoffstevens81's avatar
  2. J_Akh94's avatar
    Hi does anyone have any codes for the 2 x free Vue tickets from Sky cinema offer please
    gingerwarrior13's avatar
    Sent you a DM
  3. cozzie's avatar
    Yes please if possible
    leemg3's avatar
    I'll DM you the codes
  4. royalkay's avatar
    Sent a vue o2 code
    r4w80's avatar
    Thank you so much!
  5. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Cardyard currently offering 20% if you are able to make payments with gift cards
  6. Gollywood's avatar
    Nothing on mine
  7. packard's avatar
    Nope.. #pollneeded
  8. bobdylan's avatar
    Nope - account specific
  9. leemg3's avatar
    I have two sky codes for free cinema tickets to the Vue before Friday this week if anybody would like them
  10. FreeDeal's avatar
    Nice one Op
  11. gingerwarrior13's avatar
    These expire at midnight but I think you can use them to book tickets ahead of time too, if not apologies for wasting time -


    Please comment if you use them
  12. geoffstevens81's avatar
    I'm not gonna get chance to use my free Sky Cinema Vue Tickets before the end of the month, anyone want them?

    T&Cs for usage are here (Locations, Days, etc):…ons
  13. Sprintz's avatar
    Hi all got given this Friday off work for good behaviour ;0)

    Anyone have a free/spare cinema code by any chance?

    Bit out the loop but if your bank, mobile, internet etc offer you a free ticket, which you won't be using then I would love to actually do something on an impromptu day off
  14. PurrlineBargain's avatar
    I have one free code that can be used for odeon or vue cinema. Has to be used by 31st March. Does anyone want it please PM me
  15. PurrlineBargain's avatar
    Sorry gone
  16. amanda_mcd's avatar

    Does anyone have a code for Vue through Sky Cinemas they're not using for March and would be kind enough to pass on to me?

  17. marshy51's avatar

    amanda_mcd's avatar
    Thank you. Much appreciated. Children are looking forward to it. (edited)
  18. lollipops72's avatar
    (Sorry if this is in the wrong section and for the cheeky request)
    Just found out our Sky cinema has been cancelled so don't qualify for April.... just when the kids want to see Kung Fu Panda 4! If anyone knows that they won't use their Vue codes for this month, I'd be ever so grateful to take them off your hands. Thanks very much for reading. It really would be hugely appreciated.
  19. Duggie2000's avatar
  20. Ahammedfawaz_Chingamkulat's avatar
    Has anyone got spare Vue or Cineworld vouchers pls?

  21. r4w80's avatar
    Hi all, I am looking for a spare VUE e-code or more than one, if you don't plan to use them. I have access to O2 priority but can only get 2. I can exchange with anything on O2 Priority or Three+ or VeryMe. Thanks
  22. r4w80's avatar
    I just need an additional one, if anyone has a sky code that they don't need that would be great. Otherwise, an extra O2 code would work and I will gift the extra e-code.
  23. r4w80's avatar
    Still looking for a spare SKY code, if someone has one that they don't plan to use in May please. Thank you!
    gingerwarrior13's avatar
    Sent you a DM
  24. J_Akh94's avatar
    Hi does anyone have any codes for the 2 x free Vue tickets from Sky cinema offer please
  25. hitman08's avatar
    Hi. I'm after vue o2 priority codes. Any one have 1?
  26. gajamaflake's avatar
    Is it the two tickets for 9 quid if so yeah
    hitman08's avatar
    Yeah thats the one. If you have one would appreciate it. Thanks
  27. wayners's avatar
    Yeah. Look like that deal. I have one as well
  28. hitman08's avatar
    If anyone has it. Could you pm the code . Thank you.
    gajamaflake's avatar
  29. CrimsonSilver's avatar
    Long shot - but is anyone not using the codes this month? Happy to return the favour next month…thanks
  30. CrimsonSilver's avatar
    Thank you for the response, much appreciated!
  31. Grumpy_Dumpty's avatar
    Does anyone have a spare code please
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