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Vue Cinema vouchers 2 x £20 for only £29.99 at Costco
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th MayLocalLocal
Taken from The latest members offers book. 2 x £20 vouchers for a bargain price. my local is only £5 a ticket so paired with a meerkat code that’s potentially 16tickets for only… Read more
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Never had a single problem with any of mine, been using nothing but gift cards there for years. Although to be fair, I go often enough that mine don't lapse.


1 year from purchase or last use if I remember correctly


Good neighbourhood then (y)


Oh wow my Costco looks nothing like that (lol) mine are just on hangers but same with they'll get a supervisor to get you them but they don't check the receipt they just give it, same with the only 2 people per membership at once they don't check at all (lol)


check upstairs my comment the pictures shows.

Free Large Popcorn when paying with visa checkout @ VUE Cinemas
02/09/2019Expires on 02/09/2019Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Pay using "visa checkout" to receive the code / details for a LARGE POPCORN, on your email. ***Only 40,000 popcorn available***

Still working :)


Still working :-)


I just used Visa checkout for first time with this but via website and got the code for the free popcorn. Thanks btw OP.


I did use visa checkout. However, I did order my tickets using the iOS app...


Still works, but it’s visa checkout you need to use, not just a Visa card

£80 Vue Cinema Gift Cards Multipack (4 x £20) -  £69.98 Costco
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Whatever the occasion, the Vue Gift Card is the ultimate present for lovers of the big screen experience. They can be used to buy tickets for the latest releases and other event sc… Read more
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Done due to a reasonable way of requesting :)


I don't vote cold for such reasons. Nor IMO should anyone


I think we should all get our costs on then because when someone says something like that it means that it's going to get Arctic in here. You've got several people telling you that the wording of the title is a little confusing, it wasn't just that one person saying it.


Well then vote cold and move along


Title is pretty clear

BATMAN THE ANTHOLOGY MARATHON // May 19th // Vue Cinemas -£12.99
Refreshed 22nd AprRefreshed 22nd Apr
Thought I'd post this since I saw the Avengers double bill got quite a lot of recognition. Although these are older films (and maybe not so good) I thought this was a decent deal. … Read more
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Enjoy everyone who's currently watching (y)


Do a road trip with family and friends to the sea side, 8+ hours


Can't see there ever being an example where I'd be in a park for 8 hours - therefore at home was the closest alternative to what you were talking about. I'm in full-time education which can occasionally last up to 8 hours daily.


There are only 2 places to visit either cinema or home? Go out to a park, go travel mate


How can people stay at home that long?

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£4.99 for every film every day @ VUE
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
This seemed like a great deal to me as I was so used to paying about £10 per film (£15 for 3D) previously. With so many great films coming out I had to share. I watched Dumbo yeste… Read more
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It’s still on in Bristol. Might be worth going to the actual cinema. Also is Manchester included?


Is this still an offer? When I try to book for avengers online at manchester lowry (which should reopen on time) there isn't a mention of it being 4.99


My husband just went to see Captain Marvel with our teenage son using Meerkat 241 £5.50 for both of them, they then spent £30 on snacks and drinks :o


Plus don't forget the meerkats - works still free 2 for 1 woo hoo Hope This Helps :)


That's fine, I can supply my own copy

Dumbo tickets free VeryMe -  5 VUE locations at 10.30am on the 17th of April 2019:
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
What you need to know? Attend a screening of Dumbo at one of 5 VUE locations at 10.30am on the 17th of April 2019: Birmingham, Edinburgh Omni, Leeds Light, Manchester Printworks,… Read more
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I've just had to cancel 4 tickets/seats for the Manchester screening :( . If anyone's on the Waiting List, it could be worth checking your email


Anyone have a spare ticket?



Back on VeryMe app



Vue Kids & Family Movie Cinema Tickets £2.49 per ticket @ Vue
Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Just noticed this online, think its quite a good deal especially with kids being off school.. Fancy seeing the best kids films and family films with both adult and child tickets f… Read more
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Was £1.99 in ours until last year. I'm boycotting because of the extra 50p (annoyed)


If you book online it will add £0.75 a ticket, hence £3.24


3.24 per ticket in my Vue


Heat added @PennyTrader (highfive)


Lol it’s been like this for years but still I’ll give it heat

Avengers Double Bill (Infinity War + Endgame) - Pay the price of a single ticket! At Odeon, Cineworld, Vue Nationwide 24/04/19
Refreshed 24th AprRefreshed 24th Apr
Anyone interested in seeing the Avengers Double Bill, cinemas nationwide are miraculously only charging the price of a single ticket to watch both movies! A nice change from when t… Read more
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Infinity war > Endgame.


Was good but not wow! The last one was fantastic!


Thought the movie was a massive disappointment myself.


Made it to the cinema Thought I'd brance out and spend the penny's But I did bring my own rolos


(lol) (lol) (lol)

£80 worth of Nando's / Vue Gift Cards £69.98 @ Costco Online - Possibly £67.98 instore - Stacks with Venue Offers
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Thought this worth sharing since can be used during the Easter School Holidays & on top of other offers :) - great treat for family & friends You get £80 ( 4 x £20 ) of G… Read more
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Instore normal price has always been £33.99 for £40's worth of Nando's gift cards, a 15% saving. It's the only way my family buys Nando's. Has been a no-brainer for ages. The last proper hot Nando's deal was £89.97 for £120's worth of Nando's gift cards, a 25% saving!


Does the discount for armed forces work in conjunction with this?


My local Nando's tastes fab and has great service. No complaints and this is a great way of getting it even cheaper. But I love Costco too!


It's either your cooking or my local Nandos. Probably my Nandos. Only been half a dozen times. It taste okay, but the service is terrible. I'm not a great home cook, but my XXL hot Nandos is great, and I don't have bad service to deal with. I lied about the chicken. It's 7 pieces for £2.80ish. I'm one of these Nandos chicken-dissers that fabricates home chicken values to overcompensate. (:I


As is your right. Cooking at home is always likely to be cheaper than eating in a restaurant where they have to cover their overheads & still make a profit. It's weird, I must have been to Nandos maybe a hundred times over the last few years, and not once had a bad experience. I too have the sauces at home, but never manage to create anything that tastes as good as the Restaurant. Surely, it couldn't be my cooking? (lol) I'd be impressed if you managed to buy 8 Chicken thighs for £2 at the supermarket that were better than the Nandos stuff, but great if you can.

EE 4g WiFi with one month rolling contract and a Vue discount card £20 for 20gb £24 30gb £28 50gb plus £5 for router @ currys pc world
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Save 20% on EE data.20GB was £25, now £20 30GB was £30 now £24 50GB was £35, now £28 Product must be purchased with a 1 month rolling contact and connected in a Currys store. … Read more

...I hope people are aware 3 are doing unlimited data on two hubs right now.. one is a speaker with Alexa built in and the other is simply a router. No BT line required and starts at £22 plus pretty sure you get cashback through Quidco. I spent £2 more to get sim free so I can hotspot from my phone instead because OpenReach can go away and Virgin don't supply my area yet thanks to it being a new build.


Finally settled on the price of a new ‘Amazon Echo plus’ about £140 from curry’s. I think they originally offered £50 which I think I told them, ‘if this is recompense for my time, it was more of an insult than anything else’. EE eventually agreed to offer enough credit to pay all the costs of the 50gb mobile data service for the two months I needed it plus I think a little over £60 cash refund when I cancelled the service after fibre was eventually installed at the new home, (new build). To be honest, given everything else we had to do to sort out with the house move, etc. I’d have preferred to have done without the extra aggravation. I hope the experience helps others avoid anything similar or at least gives an idea as to what to expect/ask forin recompense for your time and their incompetence.


Excellent effort mate. Sorry for your trouble though. How much was the total compensation though? Always good to know a ball park figure just in case!!!


Got that for £9.99 all in all!!! Unlocked it for £1 from eBay


One word of caution for anyone considering getting this from Curry’s. I bought this last year as a stopgap whilst moving house. The Sale Rep who filled in the EE application form seemed a little out of her depth and managed to sign me up for two EE contracts. No idea how and no one could explain to me how afterwards as I’d only signed one form. Anyway, it was a nightmare to get the extra contract deleted. EE kept saying they couldn’t cancel the extra contract even though they agreed it was a mistake on Curry’s part. They apparently were concerned it would break EE’s contract with Curry’s and make them liable as Curry’s would not then get their commission for the extra sale! Although the Curry’s shop manager did genuinely try to have the contract deleted Curry’s were proved to be next to useless as they simply kept saying they couldn’t delete the extra contract as they had used a third party company, (forget their name) to create the contracts and it was this third party company who needed to agree to delete the contract. Apparently, the third party company would only consider a cancellation, I.e. they wanted their 30 days notice and a £20’ish in fees. Curry’s shop manager eventually escalated the issue to their HQ customer services who simply failed to even get in touch. Luckily, that didn’t matter as I was already talking to Curry’s CEO’s office at the time but it proved useful when discussing the level of compensation awarded afterwards. Spent over a week, about an hour or so each day trying to talk sense into someone... On the positive side, eventually managed to get it sorted but was so annoyed by the stupidity of it all I insisted everyone involved paid a pretty sizeable amount in compensation for the time it had taken me. In short, make sure the sales rep appears competent. Ask if the individual has done this before and don’t be embarrassed to ask for someone else more experienced if they appear less than confident about the process as even signing one form is no guarantee of only having one contract taken out in your name.

Asda -15% off Selected Giftcards - Valid on £20 Restaurant Card, £25 Spa breaks, £20 Vue + £25 New Look - Mother's Day?
Posted 25th MarPosted 25th MarLocalLocal
Vue cinema newlook the restaurant choice reduced by 15% in asda

HOT 🔥 from me! Thanx for sharing


Thanks for edit.


Thats them all


Do you have a list please

Alien - 40th Anniversary Screenings at Vue - Tickets from £4.99 on 1 and 2 March 2019
Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Alien is back on the big screen for its 40th anniversary! Showing nationwide from March 1, Vue is the cheapest place to catch this with tickets from £4.99 each (the price at my nea… Read more
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AVP is a work of art compared to the last two...


Hmmm, does that include the Alien vs Predator films? (lol) And I agree, up to Alien Covenant. That film just angers me because of how dumb everybody is in it.


With the exception of Alien Resurrection the Alien films are good films, although Prometheus needs a director's cut or something to fill some of the 'gaps'.


Indeed. I'm sure you can guess what Don is short for...


So is yours! I'm assuming Keb is short for Kebab

Vue Cramlington - Every Film / Every Day - £4.99
Posted 14th FebPosted 14th FebLocalLocal
Vue cramlington is now £4.99 for all tickets every day. It is also working with meerkat movies so booked 2 tickets to see glass on Wednesday for a total of £4.99!

Has anyone got a spare code mines not working after a glitch at payment now can't book 😔


Yeah about time in came to Donny. Good price even beats my discount from work. Took my lad to see Alita:Battle Angel. Great watch. (y) 🏻


Heat for this. Don't think super Monday's at 3.99 each exist anymore.


No booking fee for me. £4.99 total


It's £4.99 at Oxford, but they also charge a 75p booking fee per ticket. So effectively £5.74. Don't they charge the booking fee elsewhere?

Vue cinema tickets £2.49 for Adults & Kids at weekends & upcoming school holidays
Refreshed 21st FebRefreshed 21st Feb
Fancy seeing the best family films with both adult and child tickets from only £2.49/€2.99 per ticket? Our Mini Morning sessions give both adults and kids the chance to experience… Read more
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choice of 2 films only 10am showing hmmmm i'll pass. the other cinema near me is this price all day every day


Does anyone have a spare meerkat 241 cinema ticket please I’ll give it back next week Used mines yesturday just need another for today


Which suits the hukd clickbait machine perfectly, where others will have their posts removed for minor offences.


non near me :(

Tesco in store 20% off selected gift cards inc Vue, Cafe Rouge, Bella Italia & Spa finder until 17/2
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th FebLocalLocal
Tesco in store 20% off selected gift cards inc Vue, Cafe Rouge, Bella Italia & Spa finder until 17/2
In store only get 20% off selected gift cards including Offer ends 17th February 20% off Vue £25 cards 20% off Bella Italia £20 cards 20% off Cafe Rouge £20 card 20% off Spa Fin… Read more

it's only a boycott if you regularly go and then stop... if you never go then it's not going to affect them if you still never go! :)


if you can go on a Monday that's great. But most other vues are 4.99 all week.


My local cinema is Eastleigh. They do the super Mondays promotion where all films are £3.99 all day Monday. If you used the gift card it would make it £3.20 per person


Got it, thx.


The latter - just make sure you use the balance within 12 months of the last transaction including a balance check transaction or it will go out of date and you will lose any credit left on it

Today only - two Vue cinema tickets for £9.49, can be used up until Feb 2019 @ Wowcher
Posted 29th Nov 2018Posted 29th Nov 2018
Today only - two Vue cinema tickets for £9.49, can be used up until Feb 2019 @ Wowcher
Two tickets to any 2D screening for £9.49
Get voucher

Saved me £5 so thanks


buy single trip holiday insurance for around a quid and get 2 for 4.99 with Meerkat movies for 12 months - simple


£4.99 each then use the 241 meerkat (y) 🏻 Online only


£3.99 on a Monday.


I View tickets for free

Two tickets to Vue Cinema for £9.49 at Wowcher
Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Highlights Get your hands on two Vue tickets for any 2D screening - perfect to gift this Christmas! Witness an edge-of-your-seat thriller, big budget blockbuster, or the latest r… Read more

P.s. - can't believe this isn't hot!!


Thanks so much for this - I just saved £11! I was seeing a film this afternoon, and just looked on here on the off chance there was a deal. :)


Saved me a fiver so worth it for me. Quick stop at B & M on the way for the popcorn (popcorn) rather than paying over the odds! Sorted Thanks


Thx for this. It's £8.99 plus booking fee at my local Vue so a great saving especially at the weekend when you can't use a Meerkat code :)


This is worst website along with wowcher. Owned by same group. They only interested in taking money from you. Poor after sales support. In case of refund, even if immediate, you get credit by default which expires after a month. Grossly violating distant selling act. Lot of items are china stuff, upsale traps, inflated savings. You have to pay £50 deposit for photoshoot and extremely hard to get that money from merchant. Any issue with merchant living social/wowcher will say - its merchant’s problem. Pure gym savings says original price £79.99 Who pays £80 per month for pure gym! Avoid, if you can

Free ticket to Suspiria at select cinemas (Vue/Curzon + more) - @ Mubi - Free trial
Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
Free ticket to Suspiria at select cinemas (Vue/Curzon + more) - @ Mubi - Free trial
MUBI Go offers one free cinema ticket every week to subscribers of the art-house streaming service MUBI. This week their selection is the new Suspiria! Cinemas chains included in … Read more
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1 year sub "50% off" for Black Friday (actually 20% cheaper than usual).


Why are they wearing string? :/


not exactly free is it


I like the look of this


Managed to get the 7 day free trial, might be able to get this weeks and next weeks cinema tickets! Its £5/ticket at my nearest vue, so this would be good for £8 for 4 tickets (if you attend) And i'd use this with the hold app for free popcorn at vue! (y)

Free popcorn for vue cinemas via hold app (Play Store/iTunes)
Posted 9th Nov 2018Posted 9th Nov 2018
Get rewarded for not using that phone that is in your hand now (lol) 10 points for every 20 minutes not used The now tv offer has increased to 150🙃 Grab a free popcorn for… Read more

Hi yes


Is this deal still active?


Much easier to do this for free popcorn , just make sure you do it a day or 2 before you wish to visit as the voucher they send is valid the day after you complete the survey


You can claim popcorn etc without needing to be a student so put a coat on if its cold (popcorn)


Crap app..Unless ur a student.cant claim any offers otherwise. COLD

Posted 9th Nov 2018Posted 9th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Reposting as it’s been 6 months since the last time I shared this with you guys. This isn’t a deal so much as an awareness raiser. If, like myself, you are of the bespectacled per… Read more
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Ouch! Or you could get the standard 3D glasses they hand out!


You clip them to your eyelids of course


If you have no glasses what happens?


IMAX or 2D. 3D is too dark for me. but hot!


Had no idea, quite often why i dont choose 3D! Cheers! 8) (popcorn)

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