Posted 15th Jun 2022 (Posted 10 h, 32 m ago)
I was just wondering we have the Financial Ombudsman, Ofgem and Ofcom to handle complaints. Who regulates Amazon here in the UK? Who do they answer to?
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    It depends on what your query is.

    If it was related to Amazon's credit card or you paid using buy now, pay later etc then you would go to the financial ombudsmen. If it was something like they were selling products that didn't meet UK regulations then you would go to Trading Standards as someone else mentioned. If it was something to do with bad advertising of product information you would go to the ASA. If you thought they were being monopolistic you could go to the CMA.

    Retailers are multi-function, so there is no general 'retail regulator'.
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    Local legal system.
    For English relatives, I have had no problem wiping floor with Amazon UK (or formally: Amazon EU S.à r.l., UK Branch) using standard consumer legislation such as Consumer Rights Act 2015; once used the ever trusty Consumer Credit Act 1974.
    Have assisted few members on this forum enforcing above legislation. All positive outcomes.
    Fantastic stuff 👏.
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    Why would they be? Plenty aren't.
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    Purely because of their size.
    Size has nothing to do with regulation but with the nature of the business. Amazon basically has to comply with the same standards as any other retailer. If it's their credit card, Amazon makes it clear that they are only acting as a credit broker and the card itself is issued by NewDay which is regulated by the FCA.
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    That's not how regulation works - this is for specific industry sectors.
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    Look on resolver website they might have information
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    no one as they are a retailer. their customers regulate them.
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    They have no complaints department and they don't use resolver, so you basically have no choice whatsoever
    Exactly my point.
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    Trading Standards maybe?
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    True however I am looking for a more concrete organisation who Amazon have to answer to when in dispute. Surely a company of such a large size has to be regulated.
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    They anwer to only the money gods on wall street and teh square mile.
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    Amazon are governed by corporate greed, Andy jessy the new ceo (Bezos stepped down) the board, and to a certain extent shareholders.

    They are almost a force unto themselves. They are now so big, it's difficult to stop them doing anything. The biggest problem is that both the republicans in the US and our current lot. Favor "little" to, "light touch", to no regulation at all.

    Plus a lot of UK regulators are under funded and toothless with what they can do.

    Trading standards and the asa have both been gutted by under funding. Infactthe asa is not even contactable directly anymore. I wanted to call them to complain about asos and boohoo advertising products as wool mix, when they contain zero wool. But you can't call them, you have to fill out a form online!
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