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AirPods allow owners of iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watches to listen to music, make calls and run voice-activated apps on their devices. So they are definitely next-generation audio accessories. Anyone who wants to enhance their Apple products can do so at bargain prices by checking out the Apple AirPods listings at hotukdeals. Read more
Apple AirPods 2nd Gen @ Currys £149
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Curries matching the previous amazon deal, only thing is - amazon is oos. Currently showing in stock for free home delivery, depending on location. The best apple product you can… Read more

I have them. Very good!


The new ones are at a higher price these are 1st Gen with charging case


Code expired


Back in stock but code only valid till 23rd


Code not working

Apple AirPods £149 at Amazon (latest model) and £189 for wireless charging version
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Amazon have a £10 off voucher on all variants of AirPods. Voucher applied on the amazon website by ticking the box Update: 2019 wired charging version out of stock- only old AirPo… Read more
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Ordered these AirPods and received this lol


They probably had a pair of beats headphones at home too.. Apple used to be so inavitive and forward thinking.The brand has gone a bit flat for me. However if your in the market for a pair of these it is a good price. Heat from me. (y)


thank you came next day great post


with no Battery Life, well done cherlock.


I love seeing Premier League footballers wear these headphones. They could afford some decent headphones yet they wear these which only adds to the consensus these are bought as a fashion accessory

Barclays 0% financing back on Apple products (Apple Store)
Refreshed 28th AprRefreshed 28th Apr
0% over 3-12 months. Offer closes 27th June 2019. £399 minimum order. Get an instant decision and have your order shipped directly to you.* Representative Example £999 Loan Amoun… Read more

Sorry. The transaction i had was instore.


Do you have to ring to do this because when you go through and fill the form out it doesn’t allow you to make any changes?




Can you put a bigger deposit down to reduce the monthly payment amount?


This makes me sad.

APPLE AIRPODS 2016 with free (even if you don't buy headphones) Apple Music for 3 months (worth £30) - £159 @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
APPLE AIRPODS 2016 with free (even if you don't buy headphones) Apple Music for 3 months (worth £30) - £159 @ John Lewis & Partners
PLEASE NOTE THE 3 MONTHS APPLE MUSIC BASICALLY MAKES HEADPHONES £129, I PAID £180 FOR THE SAME DEAL LAST YEAR AT VERY! 2016 Apple AirPods are designed to turn on and connect to yo… Read more
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They have the new ones in the same deal at the same price


Apple music is free for your first 3 months..


3 months apple music which John Lewis guy in store told me about last year


3 months apple music which the John Lewis guy in shop told me about

Refurbished Apple AirPods 1 £99.99 @ eBay / Argos
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Refurbished Apple AirPods 1 £99.99 @ eBay / Argos
£99.99eBay Deals
For anyone who used to enjoy this deal from Argos eBay, they've now closed the old page and moved it to here. The price is back up to £99.99 but in my experience the quality has al… Read more

By the comments on here the idea is that they basically send brand new ones out. These are definitely not customer returns - the case is scuffed and clogged up with grime and earwax. I'd be interested to know what their definition of 'refurbished' is if they can't even be bothered to clean them.


Luck of the draw I guess.


Well mine definitely had. Gutted actually.


Good for you. I paid £99 and this is what they looked like when they arrived today!


Back in stock now

Apple Airpods 1st Gen back at £129.99 on BT Shop
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Apple Airpods 1st Gen back at £129.99 on BT Shop
£129.99£159.9919%BT Shop Deals
Same deal as last week. £30 off. Probably worth it as the actual airpods have changed very little in the second gen.

If they come flat, send them back.... but used my pods for years and the battery didn’t degrade to any notices point and that’s putting cycles in them. The main problem you have with them is they break easily, or they stop charging sometimes on one of them. They flex because of how long they are, breaks the Charing bit at the bottom. Gone through two pairs under warranty, now Apple don’t care and so I won’t be buying them again.


oos. thought the deal was hot even for 1st Gen. Showed 24 in stock yet site would not process the order. I still got charged 1p each time i tried to process the order so its cost me 3p and i have nothing to show for it.. I guess that's one way for them to make money!!!


Do lithium batteries degrade even without use then? After a quick Google I see they do degrade a little even without use. That sucks.


They are brand new as in no one else has had them but they would have potentially have been sitting in their little box for over a year.


They’re brand new, no?

2019 Apple AirPods with Charging Case £159 / with wireless charging case £199 at John Lewis & Partners with 2 year warranty
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Now available at John Lewis and includes their two year warranty The model with a charging case is also available at £199… Read more

No.. it's not.. no decent deals (yet)... too early I guess


Doesn’t it currys sell them for 159 for the 2nd generation ones I’m not sure it’s wireless charging


Apple do free engraving for same price


Cold. Had it been the AirPods with charging case at £159 - hot. But it isn’t.


Misleading indeed OP:-)

Apple Airpods 1 - On sale £129  at BT Shop
Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
Just found on BT Shop, the Original Apple Airpods 1 are down to £129 - Guessing they are selling off the older stock? So if your not bothered about the new Apple H1 Chip grab a ba… Read more

This deal has expired


I imagine that means they have sold all the V1’s?! If it’s V2’s at that price it’s not bad.


These are already 2 years old. The new model was announced on Wednesday. Better battery life, connection and hands free “hey Siri” at £170 and with a wireless charging case at £200.


£159 now



AirPods 2 Have Been Released from £159 at Apple (with wireless charging £199)
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
AirPods 2 Have Been Released from £159 at Apple (with wireless charging £199)
The AirPods 2 have been released! Apple are now offering: AirPods with Wireless Charging Case ~ £199 AirPods with Charging Case ~ £159.00 Wireless Charging Case ~ for AirPods £7… Read more
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How is this a deal


That's original version 1, which is oos now!


It is now £99.99


Who uses Hey Siri especially knowing how useless it really is compared to the rest..........wireless charging mehhhhhhhh .......... wait for £74.99 deal in about 3 months until then, watch sheep spend money on these like crazy and help Apple CEOs and shareholders get richer for something that they do not deserve, looking at how little effort they are putting into their new products.


Im a massive Apple Fan, but i must say theyve started robbing people. Why have the option of wireless charging case and normal case. At this price it should be mandatory for a wireless charging case instead of giving options in order for then to rake more money in

Apple AirPods In Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - White. Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee £74.99 @ Argos / eBay
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Apple AirPods In Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - White. Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee £74.99 @ Argos / eBay
£74.99£159.9953%eBay Deals
I know a lot of people don't like the idea of "refurbished" headphones, but this is less than half the price of new ones, and generally Argos refurbished are usually customer retur… Read more
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Speak to Apple using their online chat so they create a case for you.


Got mine today. Air Pods 100% battery, case 9%. Ear pods seem to cut off when case is closed when in ears. Not sure if that is a fault or not. Charging them up and will see what happens Warranty checked doesn’t work for my serial number advised to speak to Apple. Inspected them and they looked clean and not scratched and had been opened to inspect by Argos. Will go to Apple tomorrow if no change with them.


Ok, cool. Thanks for the tip.


It’s my personal recommendations given that they replace it there and then.


Why is that? Which is better, taking it to Apple store or online service chat team?

Apple Airpods (refurbished) £74.99 - Argos ebay
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Apple Airpods (refurbished) £74.99 - Argos ebay
£74.99eBay Deals
Be quick... Argos eBay back in stock

Got mines today. New as gold


I will copy/paste my comment from another AirPods thread: For the people who received faulty ones, you may have actually lucked out. Go on the Apple website and find out if there is warranty left through them. There almost definitely is. You should be able to take them straight to an Apple store and they’ll just give you brand new ones. The serial number on mine didn’t actually work so you may have to do this: and then click this stuff: “See all products and services” > More > AirPods > Repairs and Physical Damage > Chat And you’ll get a Live Chat with someone. I told them I got refurbs from a UK Retailer and i’m just trying to check the warranty on my AirPods Good luck


How do you check warranty no purchase date


Well spotted! That’s strange, they used to be £99 and they changed it to £75 a few months ago. The timing is odd, considering new ones will be announced in a couple of weeks! But if they’re selling out that fast, can’t blame Argos for bumping the price back up


£99 now! Most probably this will be the new price!

Apple AirPods £159 / £127.20 (Student price) @ O2 - Back In stock
Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
Apple AirPods £159 / £127.20 (Student price) @ O2 - Back In stock
Have been out of stock for a while, back in stock for full price of £159 or students £127.20

Shame gen 2 are on the site now


Codes no longer work, also don't work on galaxy buds!


Can anyone be so kind enough to give me a code for the student o2 Apple AirPods? Needed for daughters birthday. Please


Can anyone confirm if the codes are still working?


The codes been abused thats why lol

Apple Airpods -  Argos Refurbished - £74.99 @ eBay / Argos
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee / Back in stock.
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It’s inconsistent. I’ve bought a few of them for friends and family. Some of them were basically brand new, whereas others have clearly been used. One pair were even named already as “Scott’s AirPods” when they synced with my phone. But they have all worked perfectly fine. For the price and with the warranty I’d say it’s a great deal


For everybody saying about earwax. These are unused customer returns


They add some at least every month. Sometimes every couple of weeks. But they only add them about 10-20 at a time and they sell out in minutes


How often are these restocked?


Apple Airpods New EE £143
Posted 20th Dec 2018Posted 20th Dec 2018
Apple Airpods New EE £143
New Airpods for sale at £143 from EE direct, in store and online.
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What’s the battery life like? (excited)


Get some oralb toothbrush heads for a fiver to put in your ears and save 138 pounds!


Not sure why this is cold, best price there is right now (02 sold out unless your local store had them and you get lucky)


had no issues Monday in-store £129.99 after not dropping any lower after weeks of checking seemed like it was a weekly/monthly offer as often this price when I go in apart from the odd days £159/£150 will check tomorrow for brother :)


No, RRP is £159, they can be bought from O2 for £127.50 with student discount, but out of stock in a lot of places and website lists over 6 weeks for delivery.

Refurb Apple AirPods £74.99 @ Argos eBay
Posted 20th Dec 2018Posted 20th Dec 2018
In stock just now and at a lower price Would look for a deal on disinfectant as well(fierce)
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Seem to always miss out on these! I'll keep my eye out


Although these are out of stock they seem to be putting more on every now and again, I picked some up earlier this afternoon


I bought some for a christmas present, but the right air-pod is a lot quieter. Apple are going to replace them which makes it even better!


Mine were also rated Grade B, idk why though, I can’t find a scratch on them. Should probably re-check them with my glasses (not joking) I’m surprised less people comment to follow up here. I assume most of these get sold in bulk for resale each time Argos put them up


Mines arrived today case has a few scratches to the glossy surface, I see my label shows refurbished then has a B after it, do Argos grade these I wonder would be interested to see if anyone else gets different... Also the big number under AMS on the label is the serial number you can check warranty status mines is asking me to update my purchase date :(

i10 TWS AirPods (wireless earbuds with wireless charging) £28.27 @ GearBest
Posted 17th Dec 2018Posted 17th Dec 2018Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
Main Features: ● Bluetooth 5.0, high transmission speed, low power consumption ● The earphone battery 55mAh, comes with 500mAh charging dock, supports wireless chargi… Read more

Do they pause playback when you take them out of the ear? can you use one while the other is still in the case? If using one, if i take it out of my ear, does it pause?


I did cancel mine too for the same reason, repurchased with instead, ordered i10 on 6/01 and got it dispatched on 12/01. Price was even cheaper than GearBest, ended up paying £26.28 delivered. Awaiting delivery


I had to cancel my order from gearbest as they were taking the pee shipping it. They kept on delaying the shipping date more and more. Might try to order off eBay instead unless anyone can recommend an alternative?


Thanks I really think 90 percent of those reviews are fake. They all have links to the store with their own codes for discounts.


i10's you can forward to next track double tap, can set-up Google assistant, they automatically pause when you take one from ear. Can confirm they do charge wirelessly via case. Volume is not as loud as Apple airpods. Playback lasts for about 2.5 to 2¾ hours from full charge.If you want them delivered before Xmas link below

Apple AirPods Wireless Headphones £159 CPW - not a deal... but was looking for some airpods and they seem to be out of stock everywhere
Posted 17th Dec 2018Posted 17th Dec 2018
Apple AirPods Wireless Headphones £159 CPW - not a deal... but was looking for some airpods and they seem to be out of stock everywhere
John Lewis and a few others seem to be out of stock of airpods but found them available at free next day delivery at Carphone Warehouse - I know it’s not a deal but just thought I … Read more
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There’s rumour the next version will be out imminently


Why does this remind of that character in deadpool 2 with zero superpowers yet he still applies for the job and turns up. (lol) (lol)


Ok mate enjoy ;)


So despite wanting to have tiny earpods so as not to carry extra weight around, you need to carry a case to recharge them... ? I'd rather have sports band buds that can hold 15 hours on their own and stay on....


And the case is another 24 hours, 15mins = 3 hours listening time, amazing technology (y) 👌

Apple Airpods - Reconditioned £59.99 instore Clearance Bargains (Corby)
Posted 6th Dec 2018Posted 6th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Apple Airpods - Reconditioned £59.99 instore Clearance Bargains (Corby)
Clearance Bargains Corby are selling A-Grade reconditioned Apple Airpods for £59.99 with a 12 month warranty included. RRP New is £159 and the reconditioned sets sell out very qui… Read more
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I have been there a couple of times recently after this post. Terrible customer care!! Wouldnt refund or even allow exchange without a receipt. When i said there is still the barcode and price sticker on the box, the girl at the customer service accused me i must have put the sticker on the box myself from some other items in their store so can't exchange. The manager took the same stand. Staff busy having a laugh with other staff in the pay counter not caring for long customer queues when only one person is serving. Slightly overpriced for most stuff providing their condition which are box damaged, scratched or having cosmetic imperfections due to age especially electrical appliances. There is nothing better you could get better than a 1/3rd off from argos direct. The apple earpods were good price though but they were oos.


XD 😝😝😝😝


Couldnt make it. They close at 8


I be there last week and he says is no more apple airpods


DId they have any

AirPods Argos Refurb £99.99 BACK IN STOCK @ Argos (Ebay)£99.99
Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018
AirPods Argos Refurb £99.99 BACK IN STOCK @ Argos (Ebay)£99.99
AirPods Argos Refurb £99.99 BACK IN STOCK @ Argos (Ebay)£99.99£15937% eBay Deals

How do CEX sell AirPods that have been used?


How will warranty work with apple


These are in stock again


You can just change the head lol. Not like you stick the whole toothbrush in your mouth and these are just returns... Stuff that's been opened but not actually used. That's what Argos calls refurbished since they can't sell them as new. They can't sell earphones that have been actually used for hygienic reasons :|


A friend of mine picked these up in the Argos warehouse in Corby the other day for £80.

Apple AirPods £20 off with O2 Priority - total £139
Posted 29th Nov 2018Posted 29th Nov 2018
Apple AirPods (love them or hate them) for £139.00 with O2 Priority. Both online and in store so perhaps worth asking John Lewis to price match (angel)
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Currently trying this goose chase myself, based in SE London... Not going well!


This deal is still a fabulous one as £127 with UNiDAYS code!! There are a few left in stores dotted around London. One left in Westfield as of 4pm yesterday. Some stores are franchises so have no idea what stock other branches had. Try a bigger store or non franchise one and they can tell you how many left . Bracknell had one tonight at 4 also .


It’s definitely worth asking around if you want these. Bluewater didn’t have any stock but I just picked some up from the o2 near bank with the student discount (y)


Showed the student discount on accessories. No problem just asked which uni when applying discount


Hi could you use unidays in store? Do you just show them the app?

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