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DreamLab cancer research app. Help fight cancer while you sleep. Read description! Available on Google play store and ios
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Imagine if we could speed up time in the fight against cancer. DreamLab is a multi-award winning app that uses the collective power of smartphones to fast track cancer research. W… Read more

Wow that is so uninformed and speculative it could have come from the pages of the Daily Mail.


It's beyond sick in the head that you just said that. Sort yourself out.


I wonder if this is any way useful compared to projects like Folding@Home...


Cancer is the new world orders way of keeping population controlled!! :(


Hmmm yet we live way longer then 50 years ago. I think food is the least of our worries. The population is bigger so bound to be more cancer, genetic spreading cancer as families are getting bigger more cars on the road so more pollution cancers do I need to go on?. I’d probably suggest you forget about what food your shoving in your gob and don’t leave the house (angel)

Refurbished 13.3-inch MacBook Pro 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 with Retina display - Space Grey £1059 @ Apple
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
Comes with One Year Warranty from Apple directly I know there will obviously be a lot of Applehaters on here, but for anybody looking for a cheaper Macbook pro, this seems a good … Read more

I used to hate my win pc's and then in circa 2006/7 bought an imac. Not looked back... apple all the way (aside my current traitor phone a note 8 lol) I am an engineer and really loath microsoft. My macs literally have never missed a beat (although I do upgrade each chassis to the top spec it can take myself) I find apple are a very refined and build quality is top notch in general compared to all the multitude of windows based offerings. Iphones all to date aside the latest Imac (my first apple product and still going) Original macbook air 2008? - serves a purpose (still going aside a smashed screen) Mac mini 2012 fully self upgraded awsome little chap (my desktop for photoshop etc) Macbook 2009 (bit of an oddball not an air not a pro but still also hanging on in there) Macbook pro 2010 fully upgraded but I need this and I felt it was on its last legs. Ipad Ipad Ipad 4 Ipad mini 2 New macbook pro on way a little more dubious of the new ones as not very cheaply servicable but hey ho still have the other menagerie if not... Finding it a bit of an ar5e now my phone is samsung tho (lol) Possibly what is know as a fangirl 🙈. Still uncertain of the newer builds tho. Time will tell.


I bought a dell xps 13 9360 during the 3rd year of my macbook and it started producing coil while + light bleed in the screen amongst other issues. At this point Im only considering macbooks just in order to run windows on bootcamp because native windows machines are just of such poor build quality.


Sa Same here. 11 years with Macs. Not one problem. Both my windows laptops pre that time ended up in the tip.


ppl can moan all they want. All my apple stuff has been flawless to date. Anything windows based is ridiculously inferior in build quality.


HDD Failures all day long grey or blue screen Logic board failure many 2011 models GPU Failures massive amounts; The Apple store determined that the logic board failure was a cause of the manufactured faulty logic boards, known by Apple to cause GPU problems and heat up significantly more than usual, and would have been replaced by the extended repair programme. The reason for this extended repair programme was due to the 40,000+ complaints Apple received as well as a law suit about this problem. Simple capacitor/resistor failures (crap stock) 20% tolerances used, nightmare to track. etc etc

Reminder - Apple iPhone Battery Replacements £25. Dec2018 Finish @ Apple
LocalLocalFound 8th MayFound 8th May
I believe this 'deal' finished at the end of this year. So grab it whilst you can. And yes I know this has been posted on the site before but it's been some time since that so I th… Read more
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Can you back that up or is that personal experience as I've seen two personally, one mentioned above with a crack in the glass (friend's phone but I was with him at the time) and mine had some damage to the frame (minor chipping/scuffs) and both were done fine.


To those saying they're going to wait to do this until December...they're bound to be flooded by requests like these on the last month and you might find genius appointments to be rather scarce.


What you said decided me to do the following: next time my phone turns itself off at about 40% I’ll make video showing the sequence how it refuses to turn on then magically does on plugging in the charger, followed by showing it’s still got most of the 40% charge in it. Copy that video to the phone to show any skeptical Apple geniuses. Looks like I’ll have to carry a battery bank and cable on my travels till it’s sorted.


Even if there are chips to the frame they refuse. That wouldn’t ever affect repair. They’re using their phenomenal power and size to abuse innocent people.


If they try to replace the battery and cause more damage, they will have to pay for the parts or at worst replace the phone, obviously they don't want the risk. But there is obviously a difference between a chip on the screen and one they feel will fall apart if they remove it to replace the battery. There is certainly a grey area, in the cases highlighted by watchdog it was obvious that there was no risk and yet Apple refused.

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13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) FREE Battery Replacement Program
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Not exactly a deal (although you do get a free battery), but if you own this model you can get the battery replaced free.

Minimising windows isn't really a thing that people do on Macbooks. You can have multiple desktops/screens/spaces at once, so people usually switch between the different desktops rather than minimising something they don't want to see and maximising another thing.


Ok so I moved from Windows laptop to a mbp. I do like it but let's be honest there are some simple things you can do on a Windows that you can't do at all on MBP e.g. you can't collapse a full window, you have to make it smaller before you can minimise it! That just takes the Michael - can a MBP fanboy/girl or non binary individual enlighten me please


That's what you class it. By your rationale, people should post any old rubbish under Deals in order to get visibility? I don't think so... I wasn't nitpicking. I was asking a legitimate question. It would have been better if users such yourself didn't reply and repeat old news too... Too late. Somehow, I think you will. When you do, could you kindly post a deal?


I always class a “freebie “ as something you may not already own but would like. This post is just informational really. The OP has found something and wants to share with everyone. Some people may not look under the freebie section so what is wrong with sticking it under this area? As someone said earlier..... If you don’t need it then move need to nitpick. You really must not have much to do in your life by spending so much time replying to all the posts.....Don’t bother trying to be sassy and replying to this.....I won’t be commenting back. (embarrassed)


Incredible that after almost 10y of being screwed over by Apple people still return. Every model since the "unibody" that was actually glued together has severe engineering issues... still people won't give up on this and call a recall a "deal" lol

Apple iPad 2018 32GB with A10 Chip from £319.99/ £303.60 for students with UNIDAYS
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
Apple refreshed their budget model today and it’s available to buy. £303.60 with UNiDAYS Link
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Many thanks, much appreciated.


Warranty activates when you turn on your iPad for the first time. No action required.


Can anyone please confirm the method for registering for that warranty please? Is it just a case of activating in the UK in the same way as a locally bought iPad? Thanks in advance


Your interpretation of "Good Use" is , being polite , a load of manure.


Sure, it would since my Air (16gb) is still in use by the kid's force I paid £190 for it in 2014 which to me is great value(not bragging or anything) however paying for the new iPad £300+ that will only be of any good use for the most part of 1-2 years is not good value for money. If someone is only interested in using an iPad for browsing etc it would perhaps be better to look at iPad 2017 for under £200 as it would save you £100+ and still be useful for about same duration of life as 2018 version.

Apple are replacing iPhone 6S battery for free if unexpected shut down
LocalLocalFound 21st MarFound 21st Mar
I have IPhone 6s entered my serial number and comes up with below message The iPhone 6s serial number you entered is eligible for this program. Please choose one of the service o… Read more
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I have phoned them to replace mine !! 🤞 they will send me shipping box in to 2days.


Only the 6s, I guess your issue is general wear and tear of the battery


What about the 6? I’ve put the serial in but says it’s wrong... its deffo right though. Battery is lifeless


Does it work with 6s plus


They were on watchdog because they were trying to get more money out of people who were getting their batteries replaced.

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Apple Music Free 3(possibly 6) months with a further £5(Quidco) or £6(TCB) Cashback
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Given that there are so many takers of free/extended music subscription trials here - I thought it might not be a bad idea to share this - where you can have a 3 month subscription… Read more
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How do you get the deal


Nah can’t. I have a lot of things on my main iTunes account. I can’t just log out.


A good side by side comparison review of Spotify and Apple Music - if anyone is interested as well as,news-21069.html


Yeh Quidco promise to pay £5 for new trial users but it's a lie in my experience. Did everything right, it tracked, quidco even added a £2.50 bonus which was running at the time. 2 days later... declined. Try to contest it and they say you can't submit claims for Apple Music purchases or even discuss why it's been declined. Already cancelled the trial and will be sticking with Spotify anyway.


That I am - not sure what that comment's meant to highlight though 8)

Refurbished Apple TV 4K 32GB £149 (64GB £169) 2% quidco available @ Apple Refurb Store
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Includes 12 month Apple Warranty. I know Apple products are not very popular on here but posted as it may help someone who is looking to buy this. Just as good a new really as ref… Read more
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It arrived today and it was exactly like you said, it looks brand new other than the refurb sticker on the box you wouldn’t know I’m really happy with it, thanks again


Thanks for confirming! Hope you enjoy it, mine arrived in ‘new condition’ really couldn’t tell any signs of use. Only the box says ‘refurb’, may as well save £30 and buy this instead of new


Thanks for this I already have quite a few purchased movies on my US account so I’ll use it with that. These are still available by the way I just got one


Thats what I did ;)


Think I'd prefer to pay the extra few quid (after cashback) to get it from Apple.

Apple Replacement Battery Service Only £25 !
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018LocalLocalFound 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Be kind, first post! Apple are offering any customer with an iPhone 6 or later a replacement battery for £25 until December 2018, so if your battery on your iPhone is knackered the… Read more
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No, they replaced my phone with a fully refurbished "new" phone. You should read about Apple refurbs, they are as close to new as you can get.


What? Can you elaborate? From reading your comment, my understand is that you paid £25+£5=£30 for what you thought just for a new battery, but they also cleaned outside your phone too? Making it look brand new again!


I’ve just done a replacement battery and Apple have emailed me with a 3-5 week wait!


This was also mentioned in yesterday's copy of the Metro newspaper (page 21 of Manchester edition).


I sent my iPhone 6s Plus in using the mail in option (about £5 extra), they sent me back a “new” refurbished version - very happy to have essentially a brand new phone

DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Gimbal Pre-Order Free Delivery £129.95 @ Apple
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Made for the storyteller in you, the DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Gimbal for iPhone is a hand-held stabiliser that works with the DJI GO app to turn your iPhone into a smart motion camera. It… Read more

Had mine delivered a couple of days ago,will be doing some comparison YouTube videos between it and the smooth Q over the next couple of days. As suspected other people that have done comparisons between the two have said what i already have said and that is the smooth q has the advantage of being able to rotate the gimbal 360 degrees and also can tilt the horizon,but the Osmo has the better app.


Took delivery of mine this morning, superb bit of kit


Got an email myself saying it will be delivered Monday, even though it still says early March on the order screen!


Ordered mine from Apple on Tuesday 12th Feb and just got the confirmation e-mail saying it will be delivered 15th Feb.


Back in stock now with a 1-2 week delivery schedule

Apple Refurbished - 2017 iPad's Savings of 13/14% 32GB £289, 128GB £359
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Apple have the 2017 iPad available from the refurbished store. Wifi Only 32GB - £289. Save £43.40 on RRP. Wifi Only 128GB - £359 Save £61.00 on RRP. Silver, Space Grey, Gold com… Read more
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No such thing as uk spec, it came sealed with the uk adaptor inside the sealed box. model mp2f2zp/a , I think it’s an import from Malaysia. i bought one from another eBay seller and it was sealed with a us plug, but they included a uk adaptor. both cost £230 or so with the eBay 20% off deal, both have 12 full apple warranty


Thank you all sorted, got one for my wee lads birthday x


Is that a UK specification? UK plug? Seems a good deal


Tried finding this for you and all I could find was the ebay shop that person was talking about, which seems to be this: But I couldn't find the ipad offer he was referring to. Sorry.


Im looking to get a new ipad ,wondering if this is a good deal dont mean to hijack thread.

iPhone upgrade program. iPhone X from 56.45 p/m new iPhone every year Unlocked — choose your carrier Low monthly payments at 0% APR iPhone protection with AppleCare+
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Getting the latest iPhone has never been easier. With the iPhone Upgrade Programme, you no longer need to wait for your carrier contract to end to change your phone. After 11 payme… Read more
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If he was Danish it would have been “Henrikssen” not -on dumbo


:/ yawn


Any other phone.


Ha ha. (annoyed) show me please a cheaper option for a brand new phone available at 0% over 20 months with AppleCare.


Ha ha. Cheapest way of owning an iPhone is certainly not going out of the way to pay the asking price in full no matter what and then some in the name of an insurance product called Apple Care. (shock)

Apple Music free for 3 months £5 QUIDCO AVAILABLE or £6 TCB
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Ok here goes I’m sure I’m about to be shot down but here it is anyways to anyone who wasn’t aware(as I wasn’t)Apple offers Apple Music free for 3 months & you cancel anytime af… Read more

Just re posted again


Quidco have refused the cashback point blank, blaming my browser cookies.... the fact that the link goes to the iTunes program and not a webpage doesn't seem to bother them. Funny since TCB can track it properly and are happy to pay up....


Quidco are being a total nightmare, TCB are being ace... ANYONE ABOUT TO DO THIS USE TOPCASHBACK!!!! Besides them offering more (£6 Vs £5) for some reason it's tracked at £7.07 Confirmed. TCB also "hold" the tracking at first and ask you to submit a claim but the ask for less information, the form is easier and they confirmed it within 36 hours for me.


Anyone get it confirmed? Mine has been declined even though I did everything right. Quidco refusing to look further into it too. Con.


This isn't a phone deal though

Reminder - Apple reduces iPhone battery replacement fee (£79 to £25, available NOW)
28/12/2018Expires on 28/12/2018Found 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017
Just a heads-up for the iPhone (6 or newer) owners: st arting now & available worldwide through to Dec 2018 - Apple is reducing the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone batter… Read more
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People seem to be complaining about apple doing this and charging, usually with incredibly old devices 5,5s,6, these are old phones, you need a new phone not a new battery


get a new phone that's 5 years old :|


At least with 11.3 released, everyone can now check the effectiveness of battery right from the Settings. Although does give different data to battery life apps


Cold! Should be free for them messing it up in first place


Slowed down phones to supposedly make the aging battery last a little longer than it otherwise would and definitely not to make you think you're due an upgrade despite that the hardware you have is still perfectly capable.

iMac Pro NOW AVAILABLE £13,000.98 @ Apple
LocalLocalFound 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
New iMac Pro is now available on the apple store with £10 off apple care today only.
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Apple haters just don't get it Clue at the top of the page "Power to the pro. Pros love iMac." You get all these childish comments but this isn't aimed at the consumer market it's for working professionals. Here's another overpriced product. You can buy a phone with a camera built in for under £100, some idiotic professional photographers are spending upwards of £12,900 on a camera. Tee hee. So amusing.


Thanks, bought 2 for the kids (6&3 yrs.)


What a great deal. I’ll buy a few just to crush down the Xmas packaging in the bin


Apple have lost the plot.


The worst part of this is that the components are not bad, but it works out you are paying £8k for the main board, screen and chassis, oh, and the software. CPU is £2k, RAM is £1.1K, VGA card would be £1k and the 4TB NVMe SSD £1.1k. Talk about Apple tax, shame none of it gets passed back to our government coffers.

Refurbished Apple TV (4th generation) 32GB £119 @ Apple
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
Refurbished with 1 year Apple Warranty, can be extended for another year for £26
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Fire tv stick is so much faster and better remote


Hmm... I bought one, still in warranty off eBay for £51. Admittedly, its not easy to get it that cheap, but they quite often go under for a chunk under £100. Unless its the 64GB or a 4k one, I'd expect to get it cheaper.


Oh that’s alright then. If it says so on the website it must be true :p


Toby Deals never heard of them in my life. (skeptical)


Check 1.9 on this

Refurbished AirPort Extreme - £145 @ Apple
Found 23rd Dec 2017Found 23rd Dec 2017
Still one of the BEST 802.11ac routers in the market. Standard 1 year warranty + you can claim an additional (upto) 2 years of warranty with AppleCare of your Apple TV or Mac!
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I’ve got the time capsule - had it for about 3 years and it’s a decent access point (not using it as a router). But it’s broken and been replaced by Apple 3 times, all 3 times Wi-fi broke - lucky I bought it at the same time as apple care on my Mac (so it’s covered). £150 could buy a better AP/router, especially as Apple have pretty much discontinued these.


You are 100% right!Therefore this is a COLD deal.


define decent please?


For some, decent isn't good enough. AirPort Extreme has to be used to know how fantastic it is, truly remarkable.


Or buy a decent netgear router for 1/3 price.

Propel Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter Battle Quadcopter Drone - £119.95 @ Apple
Found 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
I got one on Amazon yesterday for £119.99 but they are back to £149 today. However the Apple store is selling them for the cheapest at £119.95. You can also get a Tie Fighter and … Read more

I thought the same but got the collectors for my god son for Xmas he opened it today, it’s not just a fancy box it’s the sound and light that it plays and shows when you lift the box makes it worth it but you also get extra batteries with the collectors so more than worth the £30 extra I paid at Argos!


Edit as I had said I didn't think you could still get the collector's edition but Argos are selling them for £149! Still an extra £30 for a fancy box is a bit steep for me. Amazon are still selling the standard edition for £119.99 that I paid yesterday and they too have the collectors edition at £149.


Just checked with Apple and these aren’t the collectors edition ones. So no fancy box.


In the promotional video for these there is a Millennium Falcon one too, if they release that i'm getting it! The above video is updated on Amazon's site with the Millennium Falcon but I can't link to it as Amazon have prevented it.


Same price at Maplin and a free £5 giftcard if you click and collect.

Amazon Prime Video now on Apple TV! Also ITV player and My5 player
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
After many years of competitive rivalry between Apple and Amazon you can now install the Amazon Prime Video app on your Apple TV 4 or newer! I also have Netflix but I have always p… Read more

Google and Apple both fell out with Amazon because Amazon refused to sell their respective media boxes (Chromecast and Apple TV) due to them being rivals for the Amazon boxes.


did Amazon have a spat over Youtube with Apple? I thought it was with Google? Anyway.....I watch a lot of youtube and have a fire tv box. Is it worth getting an apple box or are they pretty much the same except for the potential loss of youtube from Amazon? Also how do the games compare on the Apple tv box if I get one for my 10yr old? are they decent enough?


Not having to buy a firestick


It isn't a deal.


How is that a deal?

Apple music FREE for 3 months(unless you have already used the trial)
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
Access to millions of songs free for three months. Better than paying for the Spotify 3 month offer. You can also use on android and windows devices (y)
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Shouldn’t be an end date any time soon as this offer has been going on since Apple Music first launched.


There isn't an end date that I can find


I’ve read the title! Obviously i know it’s a 3 months subscription but have I got until the end of time to sign up or does the offer end Monday? :/


You need card details anyway to buy anything from Apple App Store.


Read title