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With sophisticated fitness trackers, in-depth organisers and the ability to hook up with Apple Music and Apple Pay, it's easy to see why the Apple Watch is the number one smartphone brand. Anyone who wants to upgrade their watch can find the latest models for less by checking out the hotukdeals Apple Watch listings. Read more
Offer stack at eBay and music magpie. £164.47 for a refurbished series 3 Apple Watch
Found 18 h, 54 m agoFound 18 h, 54 m ago
Use code play15 for 15% off eBay. Music magpie also have a 10% off smart watches taking the total form £214 to just £164.47

Very good price, had mine 18months and wouldn’t be without one now.


Great deal, but do note that no accessories are included. I'm not entirely sure how much a charger costs but it is a consideration nevertheless.


Be wary of MM, they clearly don’t test what they buy from people. Bought an iPad that wouldn’t hold its charge (literally 100 to 0 in 30 mins) and was a pain to get it sorted out.

10% Off All Smartwatch Including (Apple Watch Nike+ S3 38mm GPS+4G (EE)  GOOD condition £160.69) + Loads More Below @ Music Magpie Ebay
Refreshed 18th MarRefreshed 18th Mar
10% Off all Wearables here click 10% Auto applies at checkout. £102 - Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Black Sport Band… Read more

PSA: you can use PLAY15 to reduce the products down a further 15%


Yeah, good watch. Only get about 5 days out of my pebble time now though, but still works, wear it everyday and have done since 2015.(The old ones been in a drawer since then). My son has the huawei GT, also a great bit of kit, 2 weeks of battery life before he gets a warning, even then it's still at 20%!! I suppose it's just what people want from their tech that decides what they pick. I'm just happy we've all got the luxury of choice. (y)


I have an original pebble Cheap. Amazing battery life. 🙊


My Mrs has one, excellent piece of kit, beautifully designed. The square face is obviously the best choice for any tech that uses text , (although most of my old digital and analogue watches were square/oblong faced) as is my Pebble. Yes, I was one of the forward thinking ones who backed the original smartwatch (twice!!). You can all thank me later :{


Apple Watch Series 4 space grey and silver 40mm for £340, 44mm for £360 @ eGlobal Central
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Silver 40mm for £340 Black 40mm for £340 Black loop 44mm for £360 https://w… Read more
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Is this even a watch face or is that just for series 4?


Haha, fantastic website and do deliver on time only patience request for customer with such comments as if such people be able to read they will find out that delivery is 6-8 WORKING days means different time frame compare to just 6-8 days! :)


Not tried yet, it’s for my daughters birthday tomorrow. I’ll update when don


Were you able to register the apple warranty etc


Why please

Cheapest Prices On Popular Smartwatches New & Graded (Apple Watch, Garmin, Xiaomi, Ticwatch, Samsung, Huawei + More)
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Thought I'd create this to give you some very cheap prices on new and used grade A on the latest Smartwatches. Standouts include the honor Magic for £95. Garmin vivo active 3 gra… Read more
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Just over £100 at amazon Germany.


Any good deal for huami amazfit verge?


Heat for effort. I wish I could use a Samsung or Huawei with Vitality. I'm having to use a Garmin Vivo active 3 as it's the best option out of the watches I could get. Just wish vitality would partner up with either Huawei or Samsung!


Every thread the poster comments on:


Having the pace I'm used to mi fit, and it pairs nicely with my phone, lite os on the magic I've heard is a little useless as well.

Apple Watch 4 (GPS) Space Gray 44mm (£348.86 Fee Free Card / £364.40 Non Fee Free Card) @ Amazon Germany
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Slightly cheaper compared to the post last week. You can use your UK Amazon account to purchase. Fee free cards include Revolut and Monzo.
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Hi - how do you use a UK amazon account to buy via Amazon Germany please? Thanks in advance :)


Yes, the LTE bands in US and aross the EU are different and not compatible at all. This means that if you have an Apple watch and travel to certain locations, the watch wont work over cellular. This is only an issue for cellular watches though. GPS only models will work worldwide


I think you will find you have to get one from the EU to work on our networks and allow cellular. I was in Florida when these came out and would have made a great saving but it wouldn’t work with the U.K. networks although the rest would probably function as normal. Apple website states where they can be bought to be used with our networks for this func


They do. But currently only devices purchased in the US have ECG enabled. This is of course done by software but this is also locked at the serial number level. These are held and locked by Apple and it cannot be bypassed. It is well reported that all devices purchased in the US do currently work everywhere else in the world, however, from the latest beta, it appears Apple will enable geofencing to stop devices having a functioning ECG unless they are being used in the US itself, which is the only geographical location that has a medical agency which has passed the device for its intended use


I thought all s4 watch had ECG but it’s restricted with software depending which country u are in

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm GPS Aluminium Black Sport Band £361.70 (£348.35 fee free card) @ Amazon Spain
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Some other colours available too for similar price will link below. 40mm Silver GPS White Sport Band 40mm Silver GPS with Silver Loop Sport Band 40mm Silver Stainless Steel… Read more
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It might as well be!


Damn son, your middle name Yetti?


Nope I tried it in the Apple store last weekend and as soon as I put it on it started pulling my hair so took it off after about 20 seconds. The apple lady also warned me before I put it on that it might tug my hair.


The Milanese band does not pluck hairs... Maybe you shave your arms and the stubble is the problem? (lipstick)


Only good if you don’t have hairy arms, otherwise it’s almost like getting your arm plucked.

Apple Watch S1 42MM Silver / White Sport Band £199 @ Argos
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Apple watch S1 42MM Silver / White Sport Band £199 from £279



Honestly speaking, you would be crazy to fork out £200 on a S1 aluminium. I got my s3 STAINLESS STEEL (so includes 4g) brand new From JL for £360ish S1 is very outdated, go on eBay if you really want an Apple Watch for the sake of it since that’s all you’ll be getting , a show for an Apple Watch and nothing else - it’s slow, not catered for anymore by Apple. Do not spend £200 on these please Look around and you’ll get s3 aluminium for maybe another £40-£50


My series 0 edition wasn’t a disappointment at all and still works fine (albeit it slowly now).


Golden rule: Never buy a gen 1 Apple device. It took until S3 for me to get one, even then only because of hefty discount.


And just been quoted £200 to replace the glass in a se2! Absolute joke!!

Orzly Apple watch & Iphone Stand - £3.99 @ Amazon / Sold by Orzly
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Seems like a good deal, especially as gold and black versions are £19.99 on this amazon link. I have gone ahead and brought two of them, figure will keep one at work and one on my … Read more
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Did anyone else get another gift for free plus a nice little note to say there selling them cheap just to get the name out there?


mine has already arrived and i can confirm it will work on your android phone but not a non-apple smart watch...quality however is excellent and i just ordered one more so i can gift this to someone




Anyone know a good place to buy a spare magnetic charger for the watch cheers


Bought for my Huawei p20 pro and omega watch

Apple Watch Series 4 (Cellular) 44mm Sport Gold - Pink Sand strap £429.68 delivered (£412.97 with fee free card) @ Amazon Italy
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Over £100 off UK RRP. Possibly cheaper using fee free card. Low and high heart rate notifications. Emergency SOS. New Breathe watch faces. Automatic workout detection. New yoga an… Read more
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Some decent prices on Amazon Germany warehouse (very good and like new) if anyone interested. 44mm Cellular in black sport


All European cellular bands work on the same bands so it wouldn’t be an issue


People just going with the trend i suppose. I know apple deals rarely get heat on here anyway


Why so cold this is a great price


The model numbers are the same throughout europe, you may encounter problems if you buy a USA version however

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That deal was crazy. Was just a shame so many bought multiples to sell on.


S3 for 210 back in August. Currently sweating the asset 😁


Which deal was that?


I’m resisting temptation currently! I had an alert set up for ages and jumped on the Nike deal.


Still waiting for my S4 from amazon france (annoyed)

Apple Watch Series 4 (Cellular) 40 mm stainless steel case Black Sport £476.30 (£458.46 using fee free card) @ Amazon Italy
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
£699 at Apple direct. Seems like a very good price for stainless steel version
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Without getting into the legalities of this (section 75) I would say pay on amex to get that protection if you are concerned about non delivery etc, if anything goes wrong when received apple should help you....


Okay I’m going to go for this tonight. Should I pay with my Revolut card or pay the £20 more using my amex and having the peace of mind of easy recourse should I have an issue with delivery or the product further down the line?


Thanks, Size wise it looks pretty decent I think I might take a punt on it cheers mate



Is it weird if I ask you to take a picture of your watch on your wrist? XD

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) - Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band £429 (£100 off) @ Amazon
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Only at this price in this colour combination sadly. Low and high heart rate notifications. Emergency SOS. New Breathe watch faces. Automatic workout detection. New yoga and hikin… Read more
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I got one just to see how it works .. i ll return it under 30 days l if not happy


All gone guys, well done whoever got one (y)


In time they will be that price


I feel these are getting towards the correct price point for what they are.....£299.


Shame about the colour. Prices will start coming down for the cellular version. Most people use the GPS element anyways.

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular 40mm £399 @ Amazon (£100 off)
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Currently the same price as the non cellular version and the cheapest on the market.
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Anyone who received the watch, if you put your ear close to the watch when the screen is on can you hear like static noises (or kind of sounds like birds tweeting ha). Even with the screen off it can be heard very faintly. I have searched and found some reports of this but was wondering if this is happening on all Series 4 watches. (I tried disabling walkie talkie as i read that can be a cause but it is still there).


I also have a prime account I think I’ll be cancelling now.


It only becomes your property on its despatch. If Amazon (or any other online trader) has sent a notification of a purchased product which has been shipped they cannot stop the delivery or ask for its return or charge the difference in price. I ordered two of these Series 4 watches and two arrived the following day. Having a Prime account may have sped things up in the Amazon depot.


oh really! It doesn't? I'm sure you have used real fitness tracker than Apple watch. As I mentioned I love Apple watch for other reasons but I'm not blind follower of Apple nor I have much money in my pocket.


No, but you can use this without an iPhone: I've recently bought the ALLCALL W2 3G Smartwatch Phone Android 7.0 MTK6580 Quad Core Heart Rate Monitor IP68 Water Resistant 2GB RAM 16GB ROM for around £88 This watch can take a sim card and you can use it without a smartphone.

Apple Watch Series 4 44mm (GPS + Cellular) Aluminium with Silver Sport Loop £417.97 (poss £402.29) delivered @ Amazon France
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Delivered within 1 to 2 months, but can order now. Yes this is expensive but thought id share anyway as might help someone. Just bear in mind that this is the cellular version for… Read more
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23 Feb


When did you place your order mate?


I’ve already got the Space Grey.This is for the Mrs :D


Probably get it at weekend, thats also an overestimate by Amazons standards. Im sure you will love it mate (y)


Just had an updated estimate of delivery for 18-19/3 (y)

Apple Watch S3 42mm RED Sport Band £30.99 at Argos
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Nice Apple Watch band reduced.
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I bought this one at £11.99 however when I looked at this in the Apple store. It turned out they released a newer version of this. Just seemed to be a brighter colour of red.


I'm sure I've seen this way cheaper


I wish the Milanese band would go on sale. Even as an apple fanboy, i think Its *so* much money for what it is.


This should also be compatible with the Series 4 for those who may be interested.



Apple Watch Series 2 & 3 refurbished cellular £197.99  xsitems_ltd  / eBay
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Not sure how to write this but saw there was a recent post in January for Apple Watch Series 3 at £269.99 on Argos. I found another eBay listing with quite a few series 3 watches a… Read more

I usually find the mobile website to be hit and miss with the stock, i would advise trying desktop website or mobile app as I personally find i have better success


Item was fine initially, then went wrong, and then they didnt want to know.


Ah ok. Feedback looks OK.


Bad experience with them when things go wrong.


Looking for the 38mm apple watch myself. Theyre sold out on these it seems ;( ;(

Apple Watch S3 Cellular Refurb £267.99 @ Argos / eBay
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Only one left, cheapest I can see around right now if anyone needs one.Refurb.

This was for the 42mm for anyone wondering so it was a very good deal


Works on vodafone as well now.


Sold out...damn!


Anyone looking for one should download the Apple Store app. In each product section, they have a refurbished section at the bottom. Usually a few Watches there for similar price. Were some earlier this evening but they all seem to have gone. Worth keeping an eye on if you’re not in a rush. Had several ‘refurbs’ from Apple in the past, all have been like new too.


Is it really EE only?

Apple Watch S3 Refurbished @ Apple from £239 (39mm) / £259 (42mm)
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
Apple have a number of S3 refurbished S3 watches from £239. Both the Cellular and non-cellular available in different colours 38mm £239 38mm + Cellular £259 4… Read more
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There’s an eBay code, TECH10 at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s account specific, but I used it to buy some random guys S3 Watch for £166. Came with a bunch of snazzy straps too. Maybe give that a go? There seem to be some pretty good deals on there.


Snooze you lose unfortunately


Got a link?


No it wasnt, it was discounted on the Currys website. The cellular price was still £250 monday.


Of course (y)

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