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O2 offers a wide range of products and services to keep you connected on a personal or business level. Plans are tailored to suit both individual needs and the demands of modern lifestyles. As well as the latest high-tech phones and tablets, O2 also offers bargain devices, sims, internet connectivity, insurance, and priority ticket bookings. Money-saving deals available from O2 can be easily viewed on the hotukdeals website. How to redeem O2 Shop vouchers
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£20 Discount
£20 Discount
Save £20 off upfront phone costs on O2 refresh - O2 shop
Voucher code to save £20 off the upfront cost of any phones on O2 refresh at O2 shop online. Popped up for me when recently ordering a new phone as an upgrade (they offered me a 3 … Read more

Brill worked for me today on a Iphone 12 pro. Thanks!


The Oneplus Nord is about £10 a month, so did you have to pay off about £360 after taking out this deal to cancel the contract? I have just under a year on my O2 contract with a broken phone, so really want to get rid of my expensive contract and pay off a new phone quickly. Struggling to understand how these refresh deals work to get the ebst deal.


Pretty sure all of the deals are classed as refresh, it essentially is where they split your bill into device and airtime, see description below from their site (y) "O2 Refresh splits your Pay Monthly bill into two parts. The Device Plan is the cost of your phone or tablet, and the Airtime Plan is the cost of your data, minutes and texts. You can trade in your phone at any time and put the cash towards paying off your Device Plan. Leaving you free to upgrade to the latest device, with nothing to pay upfront."


how can u tell which is a refresh deal and which isnt

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
Get 20% off airtime when you add additional Pay Monthly connections to your O2 account - text LOYALTY to 21500
On the 10th September, O2 changed their family plan. text LOYALTY to 21500 Get 20% off the Airtime Plan of every new eligible Pay Monthly connection you add to your Family Plan. … Read more

I was able to take out two within a fortnight, not an existing customer, have a giffgaff sim, not sure if that helped...


I took out the 8Gb for £8 as it came back. Although they would only let me take out 1 new contract and I wanted 4 for my wife and kids but they said I need to wait a few months as I’m a new customer to them myself....


Did you go through with it, I see they are now offering 12GB for £10


Hi, Yes I did


I see the offer is back, did you get the discount applied even though you taken it through USwitch?

FREE AIRPODS V2 with iPhone upgrade on O2 - Poss account specific
Use the code AIRPODSHS113 to get free AirPods V2 when you upgrade to any iPhone on O2 directly via their website. Just put in the code on the final page. Not sure if it’s account… Read more

can this be used with the 02 refresh pay in full trick?



The standard o2 refresh work out much more expensive than using online or a third party like carphone Warehouse. The only time o2 works out cheaper when the handset is discounted and you pay the phone off straight away on certain deals


It’s flexible u can pay 12 too 36 pay it off anytime there refresh contracts are best out there


Both wrong. You can choose 12 months to 36 months with 1 month increments. Last contract I got was 18 months (XR) one before that was 30 months (iPad Pro 12.9)

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Add 10% to O2 Recycle value
Add 10% to any O2 Recycle order with code SORRY10. Found when site was offline, came up as an incentive to come back.

code isn't working for me


Just to say that this code still works


Thanks. I am looking to get rid of my old Pixel 2. I also noticed they are giving an extra £100 top of old phones if you take out a contract on the P30 or P30 pro.


Thanks (y)

Best O2 Shop deals from our community

New Nokia 215, 4G, Dual SIM, Unlocked £15 delivered @ O2 Shop
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
No top up is required. Bluetooth, Facebook, FM Radio (built-in antenna, works without headphones), good MP3 player. Enjoy crystal-clear VoLTE call quality, web browsing, multiplay… Read more

Is the Nokia 215 likely to work on the 3 network?


Unlocked. As per title. As per previous comment below.


Just learned the hard way that this phone will not let you listen to the radio via bluetooth headphones. What are O2 like with returns?


Won't this be locked, they normally are?


HI, is this a better phone with SD 205 CPU and bigger battery? https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/maxcom-4g-unlocked-sim-free-smart-feature-mobile-phone-black-mk241-free-16gb-memory-card-ps1899-delivered-at-mymemory-3721533

Nokia 1.4 - UK Model - Dual SIM 32GB + 2GB RAM Smartphone - £69 Delivered @ O2
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Next best price is amazon at £84.99, Android go, with guaranteed 3 years of security updates from Nokia. You need to choose a £10 Sim, but Just don't top the sim card up when it… Read more

The Nokia 3.4 is on sale at O2 for a few quid more. Much better phone.


Idk how this is but the Nokia 1.2 is horrible and struggles with the Home Screen let alone going and trying to use an app. Have a motog5 which runs really well for the age. Recommend avoiding the 1 series phone and paying slightly extra for something that will actually function.




Is this phone unlocked then so I could just put my existing sim in and not bother with the O2 sim?


Good phone for the price ;)

Nokia 3.4 6.39 Inch Smartphone With 3GB RAM and 32GB Storage (Dual SIM) - Charcoal - £79 Delivered (PAYG) @ O2 Shop
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Reduced, good price for a nice stock android / budget handset. Nokia 3.4 6.39 Inch Android UK SIM-Free Smartphone with 3GB RAM and 32GB Storage (Dual SIM) - Charcoal Enjoy al… Read more





Its unlocked?


Mine came today , looking ok


Spot on mate, no point in spending money on something better if the product does what you want it to do.

Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G and claim a pair of B&O H4 Headphones & a £50 Love2Shop Voucher and 6 months Disney+ £36.81 p/m £30 upfront £1355.16 @ o2
Posted 2nd Oct 2020Posted 2nd Oct 2020
Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G and claim a pair of B&O H4 Headphones & a £50 Love2Shop Voucher and 6 months Disney+ £36.81 p/m £30 upfront £1355.16 @ o2£1,355.16
Pre-Order the Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5g and claim a pair of B&O H4 Headphones worth £250 PLUS a £50 Love2Shop Voucher and 6 months Disney Plus! Lead Tariff on O2 £36.81 P/M with £30 … Read more

36 month o2 rip off deal.


You are a wizard. What are the lottery numbers tomorrow


Gna get = Frozen

Moto G6 Play direct from £109 @ O2
Posted 29th Jan 2019Posted 29th Jan 2019
Moto G6 Play direct from £109 @ O2£109
Looks a good price for the Moto G6 Play. Not sure if these come unlocked or not?

Had an e5 since november 18, and an xperia xa before, that is not the case in my experience. YMMV


Jeez Louise that's absurd! (shock)


Apparently it is for 12 months, but then you have to pay £15 to keep it unlocked(!) check out the o2 community forums..


Read a few reviews for this phone, some good and some bad......think this would be the case whatever product you ever read a review on. Previously had a HTC M8 and Experia Z3. Got to say, I'm really sold on this phone. RT he battery is awesome, and despite some saying it's laggy, I personally don't see it. Obviously my expectations may not be the same as some others, but for the price, you can't really go wrong.


I ordered and received the Moto G6 Play. The handset was unlocked (sim-free) handset. - A bonus! HEAT/HOT I tested the handset, using other peoples sims (o2/ Three/ Virgin). It came with a standard PAYGO o2 sim card that I did not activate.

Nokia 3310 Charcoal 128mb - £25 @ o2
Posted 1st Aug 2018Posted 1st Aug 2018
Nokia 3310 Charcoal 128mb - £25 @ o2£25
Dropped in price by a fiver, no need to top up, choose a bundle, but you don't have to pay for it. @brilly was thinking of getting one of these. And I'm sure @plewis00 said t… Read more

@rodman report it as I'm unable to expire


Just to say went for it, it arrived next working day despite being ordered in the evening. It is unlocked and my three sim worked no problem.


Correct, it's 3G-Enabled. :-) And yes, it's unlocked too ... I bought 2 of these a few Month's back (about 3 Month's or so ago?), and they were both unlocked as standard also. :-D


Depends on what you're 'working with' basically?. The money in your pocket (or lack there of). If you want Andrew, as opposed to not altogether. A touchscreen, as opposed to not altogether again. A fancy Smart Phone, as opposed to an arguably not as smart Smart Phone. And ... Basically boils down to you and what you actually want/need I guess?. :-) So there's no definitive answer ...


Lol, it's 5G!!!. (shock) hehehehehe. :p

5 go Paintballing for just £5 (@ Delta Force Paintball) via 02 Priority (RRP £70)
Posted 19th Feb 2018Posted 19th Feb 2018LocalLocal
5 go Paintballing for just £5 (@ Delta Force Paintball) via 02 Priority (RRP £70)£5£7093% off
5 go Paintballing for just £5 (@Delta Force Paintball) via 02 Priority (RRP £70) ABOUT THIS OFFER; Experience the highest calibre paintballing day out on themed missions equ… Read more

They have specific coloured balls for each day. I used to marshal for Delta Force. Slave labour.


How will they know if you brought your own? You could put them in a backpack and carry it around right?


already booked this last week for the 24th of February. The same deal is on groupon (costs 4.50) but does not include 50 balls each. I have read on trip advisor that the road to the location (from the main road) is horrible and can damage your car The balls cost 6.99 for 100 or 70£ for 1000 balls which means 200 per person + the 50 bonus ones. That's not enough for a whole day (about 350 will probably be barely enough) but if you are careful with your shots, the 250 should last you at least for half of all the different "scenarios" / coursed they have . That adds up to £15 per person (£14 for balls and 1 for entry and equipment rental) which is cheap imo but I guess i'll have to see how the overall experience will be as i did read some negative comments here and there


Don't fall for this. The day will NOT cost you £5. 50 paintballs will be gone in no time and they will charge you a fortune for more of them. They don't let you take your own stash of paintballs in either, so they're forcing you to spend there. Delta Force itself was appalling when I went. Staff there just didn't care for blatant rule breaking and dangerous play. Car park was a shambles too


Couldn't you bring your own Paintballs?

Alcatel 20.38X Used Like New £1.50 @ O2 Shop
35° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
All credit due to @Skol Click on the £5 bundle - It does not charge you extra! Does NOT come unlocked but you can request for a code through the 02 website or app. Overall S… Read more

It likes to come in and out of stock... ordered it from a post a few days back from a post by @Skol .Today I checked the link and it happened to be in stock so ordered 2 more!


Grey one still showing in stock.


Two separate orders under mine and my eldest daughters name, with different email addresses. Lucky I guess.


Bow did you manage to get 2?


I bought one yesterday after this deal was expired, it came this morning ..

Alcatel 20.38X Like New £1.50 @ O2
132° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Link: https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/alcatel/20.38x-like-new#contractType=payasyougo £1.50 delivered. Pick a PAYG SIM but no requirement to top it up or activate it. Will be unloc… Read more

Afraid not


Are you with o2 or know someone who is?


where can I find this unlock app please?


I think I found the fault to these handsets. After you unlock the device via o2, when you do a factory reset it prompts you to re-enter the 16 digit unlatching code again.


Yep thanks mate just found it and realised that it was back in stock so reposted it and got another 2 (y)

Huawei Y5 2019 Like New £39 @ O2
31° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Huawei Y5 2019 like new Seems like a decent deal for just £39 delivered Ok its not the best phone in the world and only 16gb memory so not much room for apps but does have a micr… Read more

Nice find and first deal @Shark81 - thanks for sharing :)


It's been this price for months and out of stock usually. Just like all the other 'as new' phones.


Ye I'll expire it. Strange says in stock till you go to the basket must be an error


The Huawei Y5 Like New 16GB Sapphire Blue is currently out of stock. You'll need to choose a different phone that is in stock to continue with your order.


Good spot, but OOS when trying to check out

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