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Apple AirPods £99.99 with 12 month warranty from Argos ebay outlet
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
These are £99.99 for a referbished pair with 12 months warrenty. Been waiting for them to come back into stock. dont forget 1% back from quidco and the extra £2.50 they have been o… Read more

Mine looked same


Managed to get some the other day, they arrived and look brand new to be honest


Yep mine too, tracking number with Royal Mail said waiting for item though now it’s showing Royal Mail have it so I reckon I should get them tomorrow or Monday =)


Mine been despatched


I’ll be checking them before I wear them and wiping them down with an alcohol wipe. Some of these won’t even have been used at all. As long as I wipe them down first I have no issue with wearing them.

Apple AirPods £120 @ Toby Deals
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
About to buy one today at Apple, then saw this...worth it I guess

I see your point there. I agree many watches a more garbage nowadays. But as someone with headphones costing 2 and 3 tines what the AirPods cost, they are far from crap and in truth are actually very good. That said I only paid £100 for my set brand new so for me they are doing a fantastic job and worth what I personally spent


My point is you should buy watches from companies famous for making fine watches, cars from manufacturers that have honed the product over decades and likewise, audio products from people that do their research on audio reproduction. I honestly think that if Apple brought out a tractor some people would actually buy it over a Massey Ferguson....and pay the Apple tax for the privilege


Apple prices don’t do that


2 year old now, should be £99


Wow, I actually forget I’m wearing mine, you must have triangular ear lugs?!

Apple AirPods £99.99 A grade refurbished item @ Argos Ebay
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Apple AirPods In Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Argos' 'A grade refurbished item' with a 12 month guarantee & offers 30 day returns

You can use the watch to control the playlist?


They are awesome headphones. So much easier without the wires and especially with an Apple Watch as I just use that without my phone to listen to podcasts. You change the volume with the watch dial


I managed to get mine sold & shipped from amazon, new for £35 more...worth it imo.


Paid £1.50 for mine. I get 2.5 hours. The only problem I get is that I can't make use the waterproof pocket on the rear of my shorts. The material blocks BT causing problems. However the phone is fine elsewhere.Soubd is impressive for the negligible price, though I really prefer to use wired heavyweights when cpnvenient.


I take it people who wouldn't buy refurbished headphones also avoid eating pre-made sandwiches or even eating out at restaurants too? I can assure you there are worse bodily excretions you are being subjected to every time you do.

Apple AirPods + Quidco + free Delivery £116.84 @ eGlobal central
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
The AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Earphones from Apple use optical sensors and a motion accelerometer to detect when they're in your ears. They instantly turn on and connect to your i… Read more

I know. But as I said you lose some functionality once away from Apple devices.


You don't need an Apple device to use AirPods - they work like any bluetooth device


That is all correct but there are definitely better options now. The Jabra Elites I mentioned connect as soon as I place them in my ear, the sound is better than AirPods, they look far more discrete and they have a similar charging case with a similar battery life, and you can do pretty much anything in them without them falling out, including an intense workout. They also fully work with any Bluetooth device rather than just have the basic function. You are then not tied in to Apple devices. You pays your money and makes your choice I guess. The above is a decent price for AirPods though.


From what I can gather, from professional reviews, is that for once apple went with function over form, they may look weird but they work extremely well. Sound quality is simply "good" as opposed to being the the best there is, but their strength lies witin their reliability, strong and almost instantaneous connection and clever charging case.


Is there a reason that the same deal for £2 cheaper 2 weeks ago went over 1000 heat? What’s wrong with this one/good about the other one?

Apple AirPods £119.69 @ eGlobal central
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Apple Airpods With Generic Apple Airpods Case (Black)
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V dodgy site. So many fake reviews online for them (by 1 time fake reviewers). Avoid.


Thanks, that makes sense. I thought it was a 3rd Party Charge case.


The charging case (white) is included with all airpods - is part of the main design. So your link is just for the airpods and charging case I think. The extra case included in the original post is the black cover for the case - I got a similar one for less than £1 from gearbest.


Am I missing something here? These are Airpods with a generic case, but eGlobal central also sells what appears to be genuine Airpods with a Genuine case for less: Why would anyone buy the one with the generic case?

thr0tt Looks like these.

Apple AirPods [Refurbished] - £99.99 @ Argos eBay Store - OOS
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Only 6 available, think they’ll get snapped up pretty quickly!

Bit steep at £17 tho


Had mine about a year, used every day with no issues. Shame that yours split. At least they are a replaceable part.


I just sold my beatsx on eBay and purchased the AirPods. The wing tips split on the beats x and cost £17 a set from Apple as they are not a warranty cover part. Apple know this is a common fault according to the lady I spoke to.


Id say the Beats X are a better buy than this if you must have an Apple Designed & Optimised headphone. Comfort and subjectively sound are better and you look less like a pleb ;) (subjective again of course) . Think I picked mine up for about £60 grade A and unused from CEX. Although the kneck cable isn't for everyone.


Thanks for letting us know.

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Apple AirPods Bluetooth Earphones £112.51 from Tobydeals
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Apple AirPods. Seem a good deal? What do you guys think.

"they just want a copy from china".. except tobydeals/gearbest do not sell copies of anything...hmm I have had more bad experiences with sites like than I have from chinese stores. For moderately priced items I'd definitely take the warranty gamble to save some money and buy from them.


The big difference with these grey imports is that they are Apple. So unlike certain brands Apple don’t care where in the world you purchase their products from, they cover it under the same worldwide warranty... unlike most other brands who only provide warranty based on the country of sale intended.


Google it. Search HUKD. *NOBODY* has got Toby Cavery Deals to honour anything. Grey imports. Google that too.


Lol you chat nonsense. They are genuine and they ARE covered by Apple warranty


They are genuine, sync as AirPods do with the iPhone and will be covered under Apple warranty with proof of purchase. And I don’t think the Eglobal deal from the other day would have been one of the hottest deals of the day if they were fake and they sync with find my iPhone so you can find your AirPods if you loose them. That doesn’t happen with fakes

Apple AirPods  Wireless Bluetooth Earphones  £114.99 from eglobal
Refreshed 10th SepRefreshed 10th SepShipping from HKShipping from Hong Kong
Good price for AirPods. Good price even from Eglobal. Duty and tax covered. Usual proceed with caution with these guys because it’s coming from HK (buy with credit card if you can)

Didn’t buy mine from them but did buy my Apple TV 4K from eGlobal, Genuine product and delivered by UPS on time.


Ordered on the back of this post, 10 days ago. Delivered today. Haven't opened or tried, due to them being a birthday present, but fully sealed and all packaging in perfect condition. First time eglobal customer, but so far so good.


They were from wish for com. called ultra thin earcaps. :D


No duty / tax. They’re despatched to you from UK. Well, from Far East to UK but not directly to you. So no tax, no duty.


Ordered. Being delivered to my work address, hopefully this doesn't result in any import duties/tax! Does anyone have any experience of this?

Apple Airpods £139 w/code @ Very
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
Apple Airpods £139 w/code @ Very £20 back with code - all details on the page - it is self-explanatory! :{ Make sure you pay the full balance within the ZERO% period to avoid pa… Read more

Clearly you have missed your Specsavers apportionment! (nerd) "£40 COUPON CODE when bought with selected Apple devices"


Pure Evil (devil) (devil) (devil)


Version 2 will most likely just add wireless charging to the case


Hopefully version 2 adds password protection.


They’ve been this price on amazon for a while now

Apple Airpods (with voucher) - £114.99 @ eGlobal Central
Shipping from HKShipping from Hong KongFound 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Not for everyone, but for those who wanted one then these are the cheapest I have seen them. (Don't forget to use the coupon code 'CHKOUT5' for £5 off.) Seller is eglobal central … Read more

That was over 6 weeks ago :D


Says no such code sadly.


Thanks OP! Bought on Friday and delivered on Tuesday by UPS. Looks like it shipped from London rather than HK.


Ordered from eglobal before and not had a problem. Genuine product delivered. Probably now cheaper as version 2 will come out later this year


I’ve owned both and the AirPods sound better. Do you want links to official reviews to back that up. Maybe the people are saying they are the best they’ve owned because the overall combination of features/comfort etc is hard to beat. Again, I am not saying the sound quality is outstanding. Bose Soundsport are £30 less and sound better.

Apple Airpods Wireless Headphones £139 @ BTShop
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Wireless. Effortless. Magical. Just take them out and they're ready to use with all your devices. Put them in your ears and they connect instantly. Speak into them and your voice… Read more

Great headphones exceeded my expectations was as lucky to get them on the last O2 deal for cheaper. I can really recommend them. Only charged them once in the last month (the case that is) use them every day


Read somewhere there is a new version on the way (albeit at the end of the year). If you can wait there will undoubtedly have a hefty price drop when announced, though I appreciate this is true of nearly every product available.


I know, that would probably go hot! Strange place this...


Shame there’s no used ones for £129


i have these and love them. heat added.

Save £20, Usually £159 - Apple AirPods @ BT Shop
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
A brilliant pair of wireless earbuds, love mine! Wish I’d had seen them for this price when I got them. :D Free Delivery, looks like it’s part of their payday offers. — Just ta… Read more
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Got mine from EGlobal £122 and a week wait. Couldn't be without them now!


Not bad, the best price you can find at the mo, heat added


Rumoured hands free "hey Siri" in the next version - that's why I'm waiting!


Sod the helmet. Risk death whilst listening to some bangers.


They just fall out of my ears when I put a helmet on


Looking to find out if there are any left, live in Oldham. Please could someone let me know. Jxx


Called in today, more than ten in stock but of all of those we (the server and I) couldn’t make a decent set worthy of gifting someone (my son, whose 18th Birthday is coming up) - all of the charging cases in particular were badly scratched. The server did have the grace to be embarrassed...


If they're still available the shop is located in Stanley, county Durham


Did they have an original deal ? Did you manage to sell them on eBay and did u list them as brand new ?


I live in the North East can you tell me how I could get them?

QCY Q29 Pro In-ear Bluetooth Headset Earbuds - cheap airpods/iconx alternative? £28.26 @ Gearbest
Shipping from CNShipping from ChinaFound 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Stumbled across these in the Gearbest sale, seem OK from reading a few reviews and are going for £50+ on Amazon. They look like they could be a decent cheap alternative to Apple's… Read more

I had these from Amazon, sent them back, they look cool but boy are they rubbish, constantly dropping signal etc... whats is telling on first page of manual in uppercase writing is saying the drops in connection is your phone, not them!!


“Decent cheap” NOT. Have you actually read the reviews? Even at £29 sounds like you’d be throwing your money away.


Ideal For any Pat Butcher fans out there

Apple AirPods £20 off - O2 in store and online £139
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
So the code is AIRPODS20 which works online from O2 - you don’t appear to need to be an O2 customer. The code comes from the O2 Priority app (of which you do need to be an O2 cus… Read more

picked up a sealed pair on Facebook Marketplace for £100...a much more acceptable price for ME....seem to fit my ears nicely enough...sound quality as expected is not really any better than the free Earpods that come with the phones but its good I just have to remember to use them


Voted hot. Really harsh on OP. This site does attract some “interesting” people :/


Hard to argue in the face of facts..! Pretty sure HUKD still doesn't allow anyone to alter their votes though.


A lot of negative votes because apple MIGHT have announced earpods 2 at WWDC I have checked and Apple did NOT announce earpods 2 at WWDC 2018 This is therefore a good deal and perhaps those who voted cold should now vote hot.


These don’t fit in me ears. :( ;( EarPods didn’t. AirPods didn’t. I don’t know what else will? In-ear wired earphones only for me.

Apple AirPods - £127.20 delivered using code @ O2
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Use code ACCESSORY20 to take 20% off the price. Apple AirPods are designed to turn on and connect to to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac the moment you remove them from the… Read more

Does anyone have a o2 student discount code they could give me?


Thanks for this! Missed the deal but managed to get the 20% off using my Unidays account :)


You're statement is now far clear. I'm not saying buy fake just responding to your quote that there were NO other possible options for earbuds without rubber tips.


Why would I want fake airpods... Experience tells me that buying cheap clones isn't worth it... Find me a decent set from as decent manufacturer...


Got mine yesterday but the service from o2 was very poor, had no confirmation email whatsoever had to go online chat to see if the order had gone through. Absolutely chaos

iPhone X 64GB + FREE AirPods Ultd Mins Ultd Texts 40GB Data No Upfront Cost £64.50 / 24 mths - virginmedia
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Great deal over at Virgin Mobile, iPhone X + Free AirPods and various options for data plans depending on your usage, you can get this deal for as little £55.50 a month with 1GB of… Read more
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@LeighKnight Rookie mistake (popcorn) First rule of HUKD club................You DO NOT post Apple deals!


this is actually a good deal airpods alone are around £150 and it is cheaper line rental than i have seen anywhere else thumbs up. (y)


How does the face recognition work in the G5? Or the portrait mode?


This deal is colder than the -5C outside, -12C wind-chime, red-alert blizzard that is drifting the snow around outside my house in the hills above Edinburgh. BRRRRRRR.


I can buy a really good android phone for £130 (e.g. Moto G5) and it has 90%+ of the functionality of this device. That is 2 monthly payments only. #different world Coco

Apple AirPods £129.99 @ Costco
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Even with 5% surcharge for non members still a great price!
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Can you still listen if you only put one headphone in?


Been to the Sheffield one and it was same £119.99 plus vat which made it £143 so not worth it! Might go down to £129 all in again soon.




Which store was this? I'm after some and thinking of popping into the Sheffield store later to see if they have stock

Apple AirPods (Argos Refurbished) - £129.99 @ Argos eBay
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Saves you £30 on brand new, they too have 12 month warranty guaranteed by Argos
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£127 from o2 accessories (brand new) if you are a member of UNiDAYS or know someone who is.


On again for £110.99.


Replacements are brilliant.


Arrived, case has clearly been used. AirPods are super quiet (obviously faulty). Apple have offered to replace them though... My send back through.


Did anyone actually order these? I've just got some with the extra 10% today (£116.99, I thought saving was worth a little wax 🙈). I'm wondering what condition they come in? They have 30 days return so not a huge problem...

AirPods at Argos for £149.99 and a £10 voucher
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
Not as good as some of the previous Black Friday deals but effectively £139.99 if you need anything else from Argos with the £10 voucher.
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Out of everybody judging them, I wonder how many have actually used them


Never seen so many morons vote an actual deal so cold, if these are the people voting on deals I’m not sure the hot or cold system has any credibility at all (excited)


'Jealousy?'.... wahahahahahahaha....... Apple products do not encourage jealousy.....pity maybe, but not jealousy .


They've just been put back up to £159 Missed this deal now! Thanks for burying it with all the cold votes kids.


Good Deal mate. The reason these earphones are good: * I use headphones at the gym everyday/listening to podcasts around town and these are simple to store and set up. * Truly wireless, so nothing to pull or snag them out of your ears. (others get caught on hats, coats etc) * I know they will fit perfectly and are comfortable as they are the same as the ones that came with my phone. * I care about audio quality but I'm willing to make a sacrifice because of the form factor and simplicity. * Battery is great and charges in the case, case charges with the same charger as my phone. * Ultra-lightweight and secure fit * Pause music just by removing one from your ear. * Reliable connection. * Case keeps them well protected when in a pocket. * Good call (microphone) and sound quality * Charge fast from the case * All one piece, so no earbud to come off/get snagged (running Jaybird X3s at the mo and constantly having the bud tip come loose in my bag or INSIDE MY EAR!) * Low profile fit, just pop them in your ears. You can't feel them bounce or catching the wind when you're out running. (Jaybirds have a connecting wire which gets snagged on my coat/bike helmet. The connecting cord also drags on the back of your neck when you turn your head, very annoying.) * Simple to put in your ears, no cable to wrap around the top of your ear or tip to push in to your ear canal. * Price is on par with other wireless options but offers more tech. What puts me off: * The goofy looks * Price is high but for truly wireless earphones of the same quality and reliability it's comparable across all manufacturers. * Audio Quality not as good as my Jaybird X3s or Bose Soundsport. (But sound quality is irrelevant if the earbuds are uncomfortable, keep falling out or bounce about and getting snagged on stuff.)

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