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AirPods allow owners of iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watches to listen to music, make calls and run voice-activated apps on their devices. So they are definitely next-generation audio accessories. Anyone who wants to enhance their Apple products can do so at bargain prices by checking out the Apple AirPods listings at hotukdeals. Read more
Barclays 0% financing back on Apple products (Apple Store)
Refreshed 28th AprRefreshed 28th Apr
0% over 3-12 months. Offer closes 27th June 2019. £399 minimum order. Get an instant decision and have your order shipped directly to you.* Representative Example £999 Loan Amoun… Read more

Sorry. The transaction i had was instore.


Do you have to ring to do this because when you go through and fill the form out it doesn’t allow you to make any changes?




Can you put a bigger deposit down to reduce the monthly payment amount?


This makes me sad.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case (2nd Generation) £127.99 w/code Free delivery @ Hitechelectronicsuk eBay
Posted 10 h, 46 m agoPosted 10 h, 46 m ago
Apple AirPods with Charging Case (2nd Generation) £127.99 w/code Free delivery @ Hitechelectronicsuk eBay Enter Code PURE20 at Checkout. Key Features For iPhone, Apple Wa… Read more

They put the price up by £20... I had one in my basket... I’d prefer the wireless charging case


Need to set up alerts for me, thanks :D


Same, they were all gone within an hour, shame


Damn. I have alerts set up for Airpods but I wasn't fast enough for this!


Great deal this, which I missed out on!

Apple AirPods with charging case (Latest Model) £122.07 (or) with Wireless Charging Case £155.09 @ Amazon Italy
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Update : Standard version is now £137.62 still cheaper then UK (159.99) & with Wireless Charging case still available at £155. Pay with Fee Free Card for further lower price … Read more

Just arrived, what the **** I got scammed, did anyone else (mad) Cancel your order asap if it hasn't arrived yet for you, I will be contacting Amazon for a refund, this is why you don't buy from Third party sellers (devil)


I think I have I guess it says expected delivery date by 1st July


Looks like price has changed, found this Don't know if this site is legit. Anyone has any experience with this site?

vick1983 Think this is a con....


Has anyone had a despatch notification yet?

Apple AirPods (2nd generation) - White £143.10 or with Wireless Charging Case £179.10 @ Currys eBay
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Use Code PRICEWIN at Checkout. Apple AirPods with Charging Case (2nd generation) - White £143.10 @ Currys eBay With Wireless Charging Case (2nd generation) - White £179.10… Read more

P.S I don’t really understand why this is going cold, the deal below from Amazon last month for £149 hit over 900 degrees!


Thanks OP - been waiting for an AirPods deal. Just ordered for my birthday :D



Can you please point me to this 25% off business deal.


Thank you. Been waiting for a deal as couldn't get the 25% off as don't have a business account. Thank you

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Apple AirPods with WIRELESS Charging Case only £149.25 for Amazon Business Accounts
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Amazon are running an offer now for Business accounts, 25% off up to a maximum of £200 spend. Adding the Apple AirPods to the basket (£199) then applying the code SUMMER25OFF will … Read more

This doesn’t seem to be working for me can anyone advise me


SUMMER25OFF The code is not working, can anyone help me please


Yes, it will work like a regular Bluetooth. Although it does have a few more features when connected to an iOS device.


Could this work with Samsung tablets


I have no issue with wireless charging, I accept that some phones run out of charge a few times a day (though my P20 Pro isn't one of them (y) ) but my Airpods need charging about every 2-3 weeks... I'm mainly offering this advice for people who are considering their first set, and don't know if they need to pay the extra for wireless - they don't.

Bluetooth Earphones TWS (1:1 AirPods) £23.44 @  Ali Express SWZYOR Official Store
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th JunShipping from ChinaShipping from China
I took a punt on these having read some reviews on reddit and am so glad i did! These are completely indiscernible from the Apple AirPods and connect the exact same way with iOS/si… Read more

what is the sound quality like for music?


I see they now have i130s available@ali can’t see much info for them at the mo




You can get i80s for cheaper... Are they better or is this not an improvement but a clever trick from other sellers?


Not as good as genuine AirPods, but not bad, it’s a bit like the quality of the older type Bluetooth earphones and it struggles with lots of background noise But for £23 you can’t really complain

Apple AirPods v2 with Charging Case £149 @ Amazon (Apply Voucher)
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
There’s a £10 discount voucher currently for these which you can apply as you add to your basket. Was going to order anyway so a nice little saving if you want the Amazon convenien… Read more

I don't. I have wireless earphones. But I see why people should be skeptical... You're literally putting in inside you lol. And straight past your brain. I know it's not the same but would you be comfortable having two phones on the same call, one on each of your ear. I'd be a bit concerned but there's not a lot of avoiding it you can do


Nice congratz, yeah it would be nice to go wireless even on the charging front...just not sure how annoying it will be if I lose one of the ears lol


I’ve just started a new job. Possibly might treat myself with my first pay packet. Just need a new deal to come up!


Apple must be doing something right to rattle the droids.


There's plenty of evidence of apple's market share rapidly declining in china, if that's what you're talking about. It's hard to sell such an expensive phone in a country where plenty of new recent companies make phones with the same quality of materials for a much lower price. Especially difficult when chinese consumers needs are better dealt with android phones. I'd advise you quit with the ignorance and fanboyism and actually do some research into the phone market and realise that simply shouting at people claiming all sorts of random things about android phones while not being able to criticise apple for shoddy treatment of customers doesn't work. I've used both ios and android in recent years, but i usually find apple are the company who routinely have the worst reputation when it comes to bad business practices and design flaws in their products, especially bad that it takes lawsuits for them do even acknowledge issues, let alone fix them as they should.

APPLE AirPods with Charging Case (2nd generation) £135.15 @ Currys eBay
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Apple AirPods with Charging Case (2nd generation) give you hands free control thanks to built-in Siri, Apple's voice assistant. Just say “Hey Siri” to skip tracks, turn up the volu… Read more

I’m still waiting for mine :( they cocked up with the delivery. Was told they were out of stock. Finally sent out a replacement pair along with a £15 voucher.


Well, after a long delay in getting these to me, I've just received a package with no AirPods and just a packing slip. Either they've been stolen, or Currys has forgot to put them in. Angry/upset is an understatement.


Just a mistake their end. They’ve picked them up and sending the correct ones out. No dramas.


Received mine yesterday and they are 2nd gen


Oh no man. Sorry to hear that. I hadn't picked mine up when you posted this so was worried mine would be the same but I've just collected mine and they are version 2. Model MV7N2ZM/A

Upto £150 Credit back to Account for Apple Products at VERY
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Just ordered a few bits and noticed that Very have added a cashback to credit account when buying Apple products and using their 12 month buy now pay later option. Terms of the o… Read more
Read More

Did you have an option to select BNPL without the code? When I said eligible, I meant for BNPL.


It is eligible. All accounts are. This was for all customers.


Very odd, I’m not too sure what it could be. Perhaps your account may not be eligible.


Weird. I tried again at 20:59.


iPad Pro 2018 allowing me to add code to it.

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)  - Headphones | Earphones  (Wireless, In-ear, White) £133 @ Amazon Spain
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Available to order thoigh currently Oos. Pay with a fee free card in euros to get these for £127.65 Description Other features: Accelerometer: Yes Height: 40.5 mm Width: … Read more

It came out two and a half years ago, and I think the lowest price for a new set from a UK retailer has been £122 and that's with student discount. So you might be waiting a while unless you're happy with refurbished/imported.


lol this overpriced items falling so fast, ill get in around £90


No longer on sale - expired


any good for jogging?


It was out of stock before but can still be ordered for €143 / £133; you just have to wait longer for it.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case £144.99 @ Costco
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Apple Airpods with charging case

Do these come with the wireless charging case or the normal charging case?


good design... sound not so good for the price they go for unfortunately


Yes, and Apple watch and iPad.


Order and find out ;)


It's displayed the same way on the Costco Page that's why I guess (skeptical)

Apple Airpods 2nd Generation with Charging Case - £142.40 (With code) @ The Big Phonestore eBay
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Apple Airpods 2nd Generation with charging case, listed at £178 but with the discount code on the homepage, they come down to £142.40, a steal! Seller is thebigphonestore Seen t… Read more

Sound quality is absolutely not best in it's class. The only reason i'd buy airpods is for their ease of use and simplicity. Also, buying second hand headphones makes perfect sense for high end headphones, e.g. planar magnetic oppo's or high end sennheiser's. Especially when you can save hundreds on retail and simply buy a pair of new earpads, if hygiene is an issue just clean the rest.


Not this deal but the last one on here from Amazon.


Was yours bought on the same deal?


Not a good sign, mines popped up straight away when I put the serial in (:I


Tells me.need to call apple with proof of purchase. :)

Anker 6ft / 1.8m iPhone lightning charging cable in with black lifetime warranty £6.39 Prime / £10.88 non Prime @ Amazon / AnkerDirect
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Great price for a decent length cable £6.39 Prime or add £4.49 postage for non-prime or free when you spend £20 or more with Amazon so probably best to add a few bits to take order… Read more

Ordered, thank you! :D


Just had one replaced after 6 weeks no quibble


Quality cables, had mine for a few years with no issues, would recommend


received mine today, interesting that the packaging states 18 month warranty but I've emailed myself a picture of the description, I want to still be using this cable in 50 years


Great build and great customer service too. Heat anyway. (y)

Apple Airpods 2 Headset and Mic Binaural Earphone White - £141.71 @ Amazon France
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Paying in euros with a fee free card can bag you these for £136. More magical than ever. The new AirPods reinvent wireless headphones. Take them out of their charging box… Read more

Thank you. They are expensive, I don't deny that, but once you've spent money on something good (be it a product or service or holiday or whatever) you forget about what money you've handed over and enjoy what you have instead. :)


To compliment your comment, I use these and they are amazing. They may be expensive but in my opinion, once you have them, you can’t go back. :)


I think that's the problem though, at this price how can they be recommended if the look and sound isn't top notch? Keep on seeing about the convenience but I find my blue tooth jaybirds really convenient too even with the eore connected them around the back of the head. Power on and they instantly connect! I just don't see the benefit in taking the hit on sound quality to have separate ear buds! Maybe in the future when they have improved on this but for me sound quality will always be the number one thing when looking at headphones


I've seen the reviews too and I know they say they're not the best sound, but it depends on user experience, and intended use. Professional reviewers will be used to professional audio equipment. These aren't for that. These are for having in your pocket/handbag for commutes, gym/fitness, etc, whatever. Convenience, as you say. I have 3 pairs of Sennheiser and they're brilliant, but they're all over ear. I have Xiaomi and Sony in-ear (rubber style) and I don't like the fit. There aren't many headphones that fit like these. And of the ones that do, these sound best. I don't own any, but i've tried them, and found they are slightly better than the standard, included wired Apple headphones.


I wouldn't agree with that, I watch a lot of tech video reviews on YouTube and it seems universal that the sound quality just isn't there in these. They seem very convenient and would be awesome for podcasts but anyone wanting good quality music sound all the reviewers agree this doesn't deliver.

APPLE AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - White - Currys £134.10 @ Currys / Ebay
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
10% Discount will be automatically applied at checkout making these £134.10. Top features: - Completely wireless headphones sense when they're inside your ears - Tap either A… Read more

Alternatively you can just punch yourself in the side of the head twice (lol)


Correct. You say “hey Siri let’s go faster” and Siri says “ok”


Really? Why’s that? Are they faster? :D


If you use them on a motor bike you have to have the series 2


I love the original AirPods and agree it’s worth considering the new ones but the audio quality is identical for most purposes (I think Apple say phone call quality is improved a little). The new ones also listen for “Hey Siri” without needing a double tap which I’d like but for anyone who doesn’t care about that feature this is a good deal.

APPLE AirPods Wireless Charging Case - £71.10 @ Currys Ebay
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Specification Colour: White Compatibility: Apple AirPods Colour: White Connections: Lightning port connection Other features: Compatible with QI-enabled charging mat Box con… Read more

Ming-Chi Kuo knows...


I love the AirPods and they work much better than I’d hoped. It really helps if you have an Apple Watch for volume, play/pause and track selection etc. I really can’t imagine paying more than £10 to upgrade to a wireless charging case though. I only charge mine once a week and it’s really no hassle plugging in a reversible Lightning lead once a week. If you’re buying a new pair it might make sense but not as an upgrade. It would be cheaper to pay one of my children to plug it in each week...


Yes - you look really stupid with AirPods sticking out of your ears so Jony Ive decided to go for the minimalist look by removing the actual AirPods to streamline the shape of your head... Just be grateful he left your ears alone and didn’t cut them out too but Ming-Chi Kuo, the Chinese analyst, reports that Apple will be removing them next year...


Is this one of those things like removing the headphone jack? You just get the case now?


But this clogs up everyone's timeline so we may all may miss those things that you need to buy that you didn't know you needed that are sold everywhere other than Curry's eBay shop..... (shock)

Apple AirPods In Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - White.  Refurbished@ eBay Argos
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Apple AirPods In Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - White. Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee AirPods will forever change the way you use headphones. Whenever you pull … Read more

For £75 it was worth the risk but at £99. Not so much


Mine came like this..... Definitely NOT "Refurbished", it is a HEAVILY "USED" selling as a "Refurbished". NEVER AGAIN! Argos.


Here's a picture for your enjoyment. I'm never using this eBay site again.


Expected these to be customer returns. Frankly I wouldn't have paid £30 for what I received today - absolutely disgusting, and I'm horrified that Argos would refuse to take returns on pants and earrings but think it's acceptable to sell items with bits of grot and earwax stuck inside them.


mmmmm,used earphones in my ears...... ;)

Apple AirPods 2nd Gen @ Currys £149
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Curries matching the previous amazon deal, only thing is - amazon is oos. Currently showing in stock for free home delivery, depending on location. The best apple product you can… Read more

I have them. Very good!


The new ones are at a higher price these are 1st Gen with charging case


Code expired


Back in stock but code only valid till 23rd


Code not working

Apple AirPods £149 at Amazon (latest model) and £189 for wireless charging version
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Amazon have a £10 off voucher on all variants of AirPods. Voucher applied on the amazon website by ticking the box Update: 2019 wired charging version out of stock- only old AirPo… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Ordered these AirPods and received this lol


They probably had a pair of beats headphones at home too.. Apple used to be so inavitive and forward thinking.The brand has gone a bit flat for me. However if your in the market for a pair of these it is a good price. Heat from me. (y)


thank you came next day great post


with no Battery Life, well done cherlock.


I love seeing Premier League footballers wear these headphones. They could afford some decent headphones yet they wear these which only adds to the consensus these are bought as a fashion accessory

APPLE AIRPODS 2016 with free (even if you don't buy headphones) Apple Music for 3 months (worth £30) - £159 @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
PLEASE NOTE THE 3 MONTHS APPLE MUSIC BASICALLY MAKES HEADPHONES £129, I PAID £180 FOR THE SAME DEAL LAST YEAR AT VERY! 2016 Apple AirPods are designed to turn on and connect to yo… Read more
Get dealGet deal


They have the new ones in the same deal at the same price


Apple music is free for your first 3 months..


3 months apple music which John Lewis guy in store told me about last year


3 months apple music which the John Lewis guy in shop told me about

Refurbished Apple AirPods 1 £99.99 @ eBay / Argos
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
For anyone who used to enjoy this deal from Argos eBay, they've now closed the old page and moved it to here. The price is back up to £99.99 but in my experience the quality has al… Read more

By the comments on here the idea is that they basically send brand new ones out. These are definitely not customer returns - the case is scuffed and clogged up with grime and earwax. I'd be interested to know what their definition of 'refurbished' is if they can't even be bothered to clean them.


Luck of the draw I guess.


Well mine definitely had. Gutted actually.


Good for you. I paid £99 and this is what they looked like when they arrived today!


Back in stock now

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