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AirPods allow owners of iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watches to listen to music, make calls and run voice-activated apps on their devices. So they are definitely next-generation audio accessories. Anyone who wants to enhance their Apple products can do so at bargain prices by checking out the Apple AirPods listings at hotukdeals. Read more
Apple AirPods £143.50 in-store Currys
Posted 22nd Nov 2017Posted 22nd Nov 2017LocalLocal
Apple AirPods £143.50 in-store Currys
In store only, UK wide deal.

Definitely hot, would be nice for people to remember that this site is about deals, not their opinion on products. Be fair and just abstain from voting if you hate Apple so much.... I hate Samsung but I won't vote down a good deal on it just because of it


These are highly reviewed.. Would love to go for the very deal for these albeit their service..


Haters gonna hate. Apple haters love expressing their ‘opinion’ about products even though they don’t understand the product, never used it or hate it on principle because they ‘don’t want to be mainstream’


people who comment 'ripoff' usually haven't even tried them. far ahead of anything else in this price bracket


Still a ripoff

Save £10 on Apple Airpods - £149.99 at Argos
Posted 22nd Nov 2017Posted 22nd Nov 2017
I posted another deal on Airpods with a slightly better saving but for those who have an Argos close by(rather than John Lewis) this could be the one for you - £10 off on Apple Air… Read more
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Bought it with £15 off 150 voucher received a couple of days back with Argos card..


Banks gonna ?.


Would you pay £50 for a loaf of bread?.


Potatoes gonna Potate :D


There are some miserable people on this site these days. It’s as if they just scroll to find which deal to troll on for their hate of the company having never tried or have any interest in the product. It’s hot from me.

Save £15 on Airpods and ANOTHER £60 when you buy Apple Watch S3 at John Lewis
Posted 22nd Nov 2017Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Save £15 on Airpods and ANOTHER £60 when you buy Apple Watch S3 at John Lewis
This great deal was posted by alpha40 a couple of weeks ago: But I've… Read more
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Not working anymore. O2 do the same 20% discount through Unidays if you are/know a student.


Thanks tim28 I will have a look at that


I just bought the Apple AirPods this week for £127 using the 20% discount code online for accessories at the O2 online shop - 20ACCESSORY. Dunno if the code is still active? If so that’s a good deal


The offer to save £60 when buying an Apple Watch + AirPods appears to have been replaced by this new offer which saves you £45 instead. Well that’s what I found when I tried, anyone managed to get the £75 saving mentioned in this post?


It mentions Apple - saving money doesn't count with them. Post the same savings on Google Pixel headphones (same RRP) and people will wet themselves.

Apple AirPods Black Friday deal @Amazon - £148.49 - sold by EV4L-UK / Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 17th Nov 2017Posted 17th Nov 2017
Apple AirPods Black Friday deal @Amazon - £148.49 - sold by EV4L-UK / Fulfilled by Amazon
£148.49Amazon Deals
AirPods just over £10 off retail

£129.99 delivered for members at Costco online - Black Friday deal. Just 5% extra for non-members



ACCESSORY20 @ still working


this is a Black Friday Deal yes right in Currys it's only £1 more normally


These things probably cost apple about £2 to make. They certainly know how to fleece there consumers.

£60 off any new Apple Watch when purchased with AirPods @ John Lewis
Posted 2nd Nov 2017Posted 2nd Nov 2017
£60 off any new Apple Watch when purchased with AirPods @ John Lewis
Great deal/early stocking filler from John Lewis for those interested in the new Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple AirPods. I have both these products and they work together brilliant… Read more

Did you buy it in store as well or online? Did they see the receipt when returning it? Thanks.


In store but watch only and i keep the ear pods!


Sounds good. Did you return online or instore?


I done it and they refund full price of watch and the airpods coming as £99!great


Same question as above. If I return the watch and keep the AirPods, will I get a full refund for the watch and effectively have paid £99 for the AirPods? Anyone got experience returning to JL after using a discount code like this?

Apple iPhone X Vodafone 15% discount for NHS Emergency Services Armed Forces staff plus 1000s more workplaces Students 10% off up to £288 off + FREE AirPods for first 1000 customers
Posted 25th Oct 2017Posted 25th Oct 2017
Apple iPhone X Vodafone 15% discount for NHS Emergency Services Armed Forces staff plus 1000s more workplaces Students 10% off up to £288 off + FREE AirPods for first 1000 customers
Vodafone have confirmed that they will be able to offer 15% discounts for pre orders on the iPhone X on pay monthly contracts for NHS, Armed Forces, Emergency services staff and 10… Read more

Your wife should be refusing to her employer to tend to anyone who gave/gives her a racial abuse comment, or any patient her NHS (cough) Trust refuse to fully reimburse her for, if you think it’s bad in public service try private where many people get taxed on refunds and are made to wait till the end of the tax year for reimbursement (that may mess up tax credits being cut the following year and overpaid next year then underpaid the following year for those with reliance on Tax Credits). I dont agree public public service staff should get discounts exclusive to them - who are paid well above minimum wage, and I am ex public service staff (was surrounded by people who couldn’t apply basic common sense who made work stressful)


Spoke to Apple about emergency services discount and no discount on IPhone X and no discount on Airpods and no discount on Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular but £7 off of Apple Watch 3 non cellular. Lol.


Also do emergency services get 15 / 20% off everything in Voda / EE if so will get my air pods there.


Is the 15 / 20% off the monthly cost or the upfront cost or both?


Can tell from your spelling you’ve not stepped foot in a university... They give students discounts, and not you, because they are a small section of the population who might not have access to the same funds right now but will be earning - on average - a lot higher than those not in further education. It’s a business move, not charity but you keep being peed off pal (y)

Apple Airpods RRP £159 @ O2 Shop - with discount code now £127.20
Posted 18th Oct 2017Posted 18th Oct 2017
I was looking at purchasing some wireless headphones for my iphone. I came across a 20% discount code online for accessories at the O2 online shop - 20ACCESSORY. I believe this wor… Read more
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Using, ACCESSORY20 yes :)



This deal is still active ......


Maybe you're not running fast enough...


Email today saying they are in store for collection; 2 Days late so not major issue; communication is poor though. Very happy with earphones, replacing some Powerbeats2 with an improvement in sound quality.

Apple AirPods £124.99 @ Toby deals
Posted 16th Oct 2017Posted 16th Oct 2017
Apple AirPods £124.99 @ Toby deals
Never heard of this website but this price is really good, the best I've seen in a long time.
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Does anyone know how long these take to arrive? Much appreciate


BT Shop don't ship from Hong Kong would be a starting point..


2 probable reasons apple and not a well know branded shop probably


Why is this cold? I posted shop bt deal at 129.99 and had around 300 heat. This is a great deal for people interested.


At least your will be genuine

Apple Airpods reduced from £159 to £129 @
Posted 10th Oct 2017Posted 10th Oct 2017
Apple Airpods reduced from £159 to £129 @
First post! Deal on for 24 hours Just take them out and they're ready to use with all your devices. Put them in your ears and they connect instantly. Speak into them and your … Read more
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These are great earphones, the battery life is solid and charging time is great, not much to say but I’d hold off in case something new comes out in the next few days from Apple


This made me lol


Airpods are one of the few Apple products that I think are quite well priced - when you compare them with other products in a similar vein. Sound isn't amazing but it's decent, and there's a lot of tech built into them. They're a great convenience to use compared with other Bluetooth earphones, although obviously they do the same thing as other sets at the end of the day. If your priority is convenience, battery life and portability then I don't think there's anything better.


Apple software is very good but in recent years they have stagnated with their innovation. I was fortunate to claim 20% discount on a MBP and reclaim 20% VAT on an iPad. I'm still very pleased with these products but disappointed that not much has changed in the last few years. I desperately hoped that Apple would release a truly unique and innovative iPhone. Instead we are given an unattractive, uninspired, mediocre design with a bevel and curved edge that more accurately resembles the iPhone from 2008. I wouldn't even buy their phone for £500, let alone £1,000. Apple has fallen far short of my expectation.


I did change to Android. After the iPhone 5, I had an LG g3, then galaxy s6 edge. And guess what, the hardware wasn’t as good. And the os wasn’t as good. Both started off good. But within 6 months of owning both, they just slowed down. Battery life went poor. Wasted hours finding solutions to problems that should never have been there. A highly frustrating experience. I don’t know how the android fan boys do it. But you are right on one thing. They were cheaper.

Apple Airpods Equivalent from China only £5.18!!! Good reviews....@ GearBest
Posted 9th Oct 2017Posted 9th Oct 2017
Apple Airpods Equivalent from China only £5.18!!! Good reviews....@ GearBest
HBQ - i7 Single Stereo Bluetooth Headset with Mic Hands-free Call / Incoming Calls Report / Multi-point Connection ***THIS IS PRICE FOR 1 PIECE... SO £10.60 FOR 2 PIECES... IE LEF… Read more

I received the "stereo" HBQ-i7 TWS pods today (the stereo equivalent of these. They look great but are as light of a feather, so I couldn't see them staying put in my lugholes for long when out walking. No problem pairing them. Just turn them on, put your phone/tablet/whatever in bluetooth search mode, they come up as individually devices, click pair and they pair amd connect in a split second. Really fast. Which I was pleasently surprised about. Sound is really good, loud and clear. Except for one thing - streaming sound is only output from one earphone at a time. This tends to be the first one to pair, it doesn't matter if its the left or right. Unpair the one with sound and the other connects. The notifications ("connected", "paired" etc) come from both buds, but only one streams audio. My LG G6 bluetooth settings show a loudspeaker against one device, but both are shown as connected for call and media. Its the same on my Galaxy Tab S tablet. Not good. Going back. Avoid.


Mine arrived. The sound is so so, but as I state above I use one ear for safety reason so it suits me. Pairing is a bit iffy, I find sometimes I need to forget device and re-pair. great for the price though


Ok. Single Stereo was a fancy code for Mono. Its going to be huge, not.


Obvious. Errr......... No it wasn't, that's why I got clarification via live chat, as quite often gearbest advertise other Bluetooth earbuds as single and as a pair on separate pages :/


Obvious. Airpods are stereo yet as said at recode, Apple now does not care too much about audio quality now we have dubious unknown specs and no joining wires. Novelty.

Apple AirPods - £139.99 @ GAME
Posted 2nd Oct 2017Posted 2nd Oct 2017
Apple AirPods - £139.99 @ GAME
£139.99GAME Deals
Apple AirPods.
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Price back up to £154.99


AirPods don’t have noise cancellation because they’re solid units rather than rubberised buds with interchangeable heads. I really don’t like those rubber earphones, personally, and I commute so don’t want to completely block sound out. If you don’t want to do that and you do prefer rubber buds then the Sonys should offer better sound quality. The technology isn’t as advanced as the AirPods in terms of connectivity and usability though - eg they don’t have proximity sensors built in them to detect that they’re in your ear as far as I can tell.


Yes its pocket able. its not as streamlined as Apples case but its fine. The Sonys are measurably better for fit and sound quality but I appreciate this is a matter of opinion and the Airpods are a little easier to use for light listening. The Sony wf1000xn have replaced my Bose QC30's which have been fantastic and I've used them everyday since release but I've gotten tired of having something around my neck all day. The Sonys are true wireless with noise cancellation (not quite as good as the QC30's but defiantly close enough and everything has some level of compromise).


I really cannot decide between the AirPods and the Sony’s. How big the charging carry case? Is it something that can slip in a trouser pocket or is it too big?


Thanks for the clarification. It makes much more sense now!

Apple AirPods Bluetooth Earphones Headphones 20% off with UniDays at O2 - £127.20
Posted 18th Aug 2017Posted 18th Aug 2017
Not for everyone, but for those who are after Apple AirPods then O2 have them in stock and UniDays gives 20% off all accessories at O2, bringing these (imo ridiculously priced) £16… Read more
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Just brought with daughters uni code :D


I walked into the O2 store and didn't need any code, just said I was buying them for my daughter who was a student and they immediately volunteered a 20% discount paid £127.20..... just be nice and smiley


I just got the discount in store with my NUS extra card. Cracking deal, cheers OP.


Really would appreciate a UNiDAYS code


Anyone have uni days code?

Apple AirPods £149.89 @ Costco (members)
Posted 11th Aug 2017Posted 11th Aug 2017
Apple AirPods £149.89 @ Costco (members)
£149.89Costco Deals
Not for everyone I know. This is only for Costco menbers or you'll have to add another 5% on top which doesn't make it worth it if you're not a member. You can't search and find … Read more
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I have a set of these, yes they are expensive but if you have invested into the apple eco system they work flawless across most apple devices. With the new Apple TVOS adding in full support for these as well Not sure but until recently a long wait to order from Apple. But yes expensive :)


It has something to do with the tech inside and the way they pair with your mobiles. Cheap bluetooth headphones are no comparison and other third party earphones with similar tech cost as much or even more. Having said that, these sound no better than the crap wired earphones Apple bundles with its iDevices. You pay a lot for the wireless tech. Maybe the price will drop in a couple of years as the technology improves and matures. Early adopters always pay a lot to beta test for the rest of us.


I like apple kit had an ipod since they arrived on our shores...typing on an ipad mini now...but £150 for wireless earbuds.... :o i think i will pass on that one


Are the other Apple products cheap? I have these, and pretty much everything else Apple make (except an iPhone - don't rate them at all). The stuff is expensive, but I don't regret buying any of it.


I was sceptical, I got some, they are amazing. Haters gonna hate, I actually have some and they're the best headphones I've ever had. I've had loads trying to get the perfect set, these aren't far off.

Apple AirPods in stock - £159 instore @ WHSmiths Liverpool Street
Posted 10th Jul 2017Posted 10th Jul 2017LocalLocal
Apple AirPods in stock - £159 instore @ WHSmiths Liverpool Street
Not a price deal but the elusive Apple AirPods are currently in stock at WHSmiths London Liverpool Street Station. Still at a 6 week lead time from Maybe available at … Read more
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I only use mine in bed to listen to music and audiobooks. I sleep alone. Definitely not showing off.


Has it occurred to you that the main selling point of these is that they're truly wireless earbuds. Not everybody wants wired headphones like yourself. Like the person said above you, there isn't anything that is as small, truly wireless and with better battery life for less than this.


I dont need to, simply because I saved my money so dont have an apple product without a headphone connection (or micro SD card slot either) so I can use wired headphones that cost anything from 30p upwards.


I challenge you to try and find any bluetooth headphones as small as these with the same battery life (confirmed five hours). They can even be slightly more expensive than these, you wont. I agree they are expensive and dont really sound any better than ok'ish headphones but, for size and battery life they are the best. Not that I would buy them for more than £60.


On the basis I can buy bluetooth headphones for under £40, I would say £20 is about right for cost. iSheep do seem to just throw the cash at any iThing regardless of whether another product is superior or just better value. But thats the marketing genius of apple.

Apple AirPods - £149.89 (incl. vat) @ Costco
Posted 3rd Mar 2017Posted 3rd Mar 2017
Apple AirPods - £149.89 (incl. vat) @ Costco
£149.89Costco Deals
Finally you can buy AirPods at Costco online for £149.89 (incl vat). This is £10 cheaper than apple and don't have to wait for weeks. My order with apple is still waiting and have… Read more

-17 says it all


You're a funny guy, aren't you?


Lol. Must be a droid lover. I can understand as you are an apple hater. Fine by me


you have tobe nuts tno buy these


Oh right, to be honest I haven't noticed any difference, sound same to me

Apple Airpods - currys back in stock. (now oos)
Posted 4th Feb 2017Posted 4th Feb 2017
Apple Airpods - currys back in stock. (now oos)
back in stock delivery or collect from store still out at argos and john Lewis quidco available too. all gone now out of stock
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​I'm no audiophile and guess it's personal preference I was happy with the sound. I read the cnet review but also read others, e.g. The verge, which rated the sound. I normally buy £30 odd pound wired buds and would say these are in that bracket. I'm happy to pay the extra for the convenience of wireless as I can wear the discreetly at work. If in doubt buy from somewhere with a good return policy if you're not happy


Thanks for this, I saw the cNet review that said you could by €15 wired headphones that sound better and ended the review by saying get the AirPods for an extra tenner! So you think they sound ok? I understand that sacrifices must be made for true wireless but the review was pretty scathing. The AirPods are a great price for the tech they contain but they just look so **** :(


​Just bought bragi "the headphones". Sound great. Not used enough yet but judging by reviews they supposed to be reliable when it comes to drop outs. There were £140 but I spend so much time with head phones in I think it's worth it. Earin is another that I looked at but reviews suggest connectivity issues. Although I think they have v2 coming out at some point.


i think they look fine. these .. probably do look a little more ergonomic, but then i'm not really an audiophile so i'm not fussed as long as the sound quality is decent.


loads of reviews on YouTube, most state sound quality is no better than the bundled pods.

Apple Wireless AirPods Curry's in stock - £143.10 w/ code SELECTEDAUDIO10 at Currys
Posted 21st Dec 2016Posted 21st Dec 2016
As title. New Apple AirPods in stock at Curry's with Next Day delivery available - use discount code SELECTEDAUDIO10 for this price. Apple themselves are OOS with 6 week wait and … Read more
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​muggers dream as well


I luv mine I really do they are a runners dream


OOS now too :(


It's available on Pc World site


Code didn't work for me

Apple AirPods finally available & pre-xmas deliverable £159.00 inc free p&p via Apple Store
Posted 13th Dec 2016Posted 13th Dec 2016
Apple AirPods finally available & pre-xmas deliverable £159.00 inc free p&p via Apple Store
Supposedly Wireless. Effortless. Magical. AirPods may forever change the way you use headphones. Whenever you pull your AirPods out of the charging case, they instantly turn on and… Read more

A dozen fresh premium apples from M&S cost less than one of em.....Jokers!


Got some for Christmas. Love them. Obviously an unnecessary luxury but so what?!


If I wanted lossy noise cancelling earphones I wouldn't consider AirPods as an option. Active noise cancellation would severely restrict battery life as the technology works best with low frequencies (those which cause more motion in the loudspeaker diaphragm) thus drawing battery power to invert the amplitude of the frequency being "cancelled". I personally do not like noise cancelling headphones/earphones as the effect it has on sound reproduction is obvious, much like Dolby. Active noise cancellation is best at reducing the amplitude of a fundamental, harmonics are less effectively suppressed; this gives rise to a breathing quality around the note(s) which the electronics is trying to cancel off from the audio signal. Some people (myself included) are sensitive to this aberrant intrusion. The fact AirPods use AAC audio is a compromise I'm willing to make during the occasions for which I'll use them. I would never listen to lossless audio with them I have much better Etymotics for high quality audio reproduction, but they were around £1,000.00 when I purchased them and I dread to think how much I'd need to spend to replace them should they ever fail or get lost. If one considers AirPods for a second it is obvious that the target audience will require more from them than a normal, wired set of earphones. Audio reproduction is just one of their functions. Active, noise cancelling microphones and Siri interactivity offer other reasons to purchase them. I've never heard of Trotter and won't bother myself clicking on the URL provided. Suffice to say for most people lottery tickets are a complete waste of money. But hey, it's others money with which they can do whatever.


You both (deliberately?) seem to completely miss the key thing here - whether a product represents good value for money is entirely subjective. Comparable technology, for me, at this price level involves headphones that have noise cancelling - mine costing only £10 more than Airpods. Do Airpods do noise cancelling? No. Are mine wireless though? No - but then I don't care about that, it isn't important to me. Why would I compare Airpods with other "products of comparable technological achievement"? If they don't offer noise cancelling then to me they are no better than a £20 set of Sennheiser CX 300 II's. At £139 more, they therefore represent extremely poor value. Perhaps also, ask Neil Trotter if he thinks a lottery ticket is "really bad value".


Really bad value for money would be Lottery tickets, bottled water or bags of fried potato slices. The AirPods need to be evaluated alongside products of comparable technological achievement. Tell me what alternatives to the AirPods are available to purchase as of now, then I can judge whether or not they represent good or bad value for money. Let's see what you come up with. BTW, I contributed to the Crazybaby wireless Airs project months ago and await the intended April 2017 delivery date.

Apple airpods £142.80 using UNiDAYS discount at Apple Store
Posted 13th Dec 2016Posted 13th Dec 2016
This won't be for everybody and it's apple so probably a lethal combination but I have ordered mine
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Looks like I'm probably out. Appears they don't offer NC, its only NC on the Mic :(


as cold as the day is long.


Atleast your phone and headphones are lost together then :) On a serious note, thats one of my fears aswell. Constantly losing my EarPods, but fortunately have a few pairs dotted around the house so tend to find one of them. With these it would be painful given the cost :/


My biggest fear would be them getting lost 3 fire tv remotes I lost so far there is no chance this will last a week One of the benefits of traditional earphones is u wrap it around phone so it stays with phone​


Apparently they have noise cancelling (NC). I'm waiting to see if its any good. The other option would be Bose QC 20i's, but not sure I will be able to live with in ear :/ I know there are lots of other NC capable headphones, but aside from Bose most are relatively poor (at NC) and rely on isolation more heavily so tend to be CANs. Also these would be great for connecting to the TV. We have a little one so no more watching from bed. And also sometimes the Mrs wants to watch something in the kitchen allowing me to watch sport on the living room TV. Probably quite niche uses, but there you go.

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