Posted 26 January 2023

1 Litre Disaronno Amaretto Italian Liqueur - 28% ABV @ Amazon

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01/03. - Offer is back, discount at checkout

Larger 1 litre bottle of Disaronno Amaretto Italian Liqueur back down to £20, price matching Asda. Free delivery.


1 Litre Disaronno Amaretto Italian Liqueur

  • Disaronno Originale Amaretto - the world’s favourite Italian liqueur, amber in colour, velvety in texture, featuring an original taste and an unmistakable aroma
  • Tasting Notes - intense and persistent fragrance, sweet and fruity character with a taste that recalls natural almonds and is enriched with a pleasant caramel nuance, complemented by a warming sensation
  • Iconic Bottle - the unique design of the bottle lends elegance and modernity, a piece of craftwork recognised worldwide created in the 1970s by a master glassmaker from Murano (Venice)
  • Best Served - Disaronno is traditionally an after-dinner liqueur, a pleasure to enjoy on the rocks as well as in its various cocktails and long drinks, including the Godfather, Disaronno Fizz and Disaronno Sour
  • Italian Dolcevita - Disaronno Originale is the proudly ambassador of the Italian elegance, taste, tradition and contemporary that enhances the pleasure of sharing moments together
  • 26% ABV

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  1. MoleUK's avatar
    Worth noting, the Tesco knockoff Disaronno (Amaretto Liqueur) is actually good. Most knockoffs are very poor, and can be easily weeded out as they're all 20%. The Tesco one is £8 for 50cl, 28%. (edited)
  2. bbqpizza's avatar

    Today asda england
  3. jetsetwilly's avatar
    Heat, nice drink and great price for 1L. Been saying for ages I need to try Disaronno and Dr Pepper rather than how I currently mix it. (edited)
    jinxxeh's avatar
    Disaronno + Cherry Coke is a winner, really reminds me of Dr Pepper!
  4. Max-Power's avatar
    Cheers OP, got a couple for the missus
    HappyShopper008's avatar
    Planning a romantic night? Is two enough? (edited)
  5. bluehobbit's avatar
    this some jd and coke is nice
  6. iainc812's avatar
    Nice for an amaretto sour 🍹 heat
  7. Hothead's avatar
    Disaronno and WKD Blue is the Best Dr Pepper mix..
  8. frajule's avatar
    Ordered op, Thanks, 🔥.
  9. bbqpizza's avatar
    same price in asda too
    jammiejam2k69's avatar
    England or Wales?
  10. IamMT's avatar
    Was £25 in Asda last night.
  11. lloydy187's avatar
    🔥 I quite like this neat with a few cubes of ice, Nice sweet taste, not overally strong. 👌 (edited)
    MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Hopefully doesn't really taste of sweat
  12. BigWazza's avatar
    I love this stuff!! 😁
    Thanks, I’ve ordered 2 bottles…..
  13. Dell_Boy's avatar
    Does anyone know if these have expiry dates?
    telttruth's avatar
    It's alcohol, so no.
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