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Posted 8 July 2023

12 Night Spain & Portugal Cruise for 2 Adults + 2 Kids - P&O Ventura *Full Board* - 5th Dec - £1024 Total (£256pp) @ Iglu Cruise

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Amazing price at just over £21pp a night including all meals, entertainment, tips etc. (anything under £30 is a steal). The two adult option isn't bad at all too at £518pp for just under 2 weeks. Not exactly peak season, but with heating on board, might be a nice trip before Christmas.

Think Spain and Portugal only offer beaches and blue skies? Think again.
The coastline is your gateway to a sprinkling of spectacular Spanish and Portuguese cities and you’re in for a treat. Those seeking variety from their holiday will love Spain and Portugal cruises which contrasts fishing villages with ornate cities and an eye-watering mix of architectural styles.

Enjoy a movie under the stars at the pool deck, relax at the Oasis Spa and taste exquisite menus at the specialty restaurant The Glass House. Ventura offers something for the entire family including areas exclusively for adults.

  • All meals
  • Activities
  • Daily entertainment
  • Port fees and taxes
  • Children's youth club 3-17 years
  • Prepaid gratuity

Hope it helps someone
Iglu Cruise More details at

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  1. aw08's avatar
    who are iglu..... are they safe to book with ?? tnxs
  2. eastofthecounty's avatar
    Bay of Biscay... twice in Dec...🤢🤢..

    Great price though!
    porkchopkid's avatar
    Went through a force 9 gale during August 17 years ago ship was swaying side to side and waves crashing over ship. It was so bad it damaged one of the ships propellers.
  3. Deals_Galore's avatar
    Amazing price. Shame I’m bound by school holidays, otherwise I’d be booking
    missslc's avatar
    Is that because you work in school? X
  4. littleloui04's avatar
    When was the last time you got a fine for taking your kids out of school.
    And when does the £30 fine make it a deterrent not to holiday from school holidays ?
    chisharpe's avatar
    It’s £60 per adult per child I got £240 last time we went
  5. Thetrout's avatar
    Have to say I love this boat, the only Cruise ship I've been on where the main deck actually allows you to stand at the Stern low down and watch the wake of the ship. Very romantic in the dark. If you've never cruised you don't realise just how inky black the sea is at night, with the moonlight playing on the waves, it's a beautiful sight.
    deleted576078's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Don't jump Rose!
  6. edjaned's avatar
    Booked thank you x
    Rmcstar's avatar
    Rmcstar Author
    You're welcome, enjoy x (edited)
  7. Blitz8448's avatar
    Does anyone know when P&O releases 2025 summer cruises?
    Rmcstar's avatar
    Rmcstar Author
    They've already released them, but I'd personally hold off from booking at the moment, as they seem to be pricey. Cruises drop in price as you go closer to the time
  8. StottyUTA's avatar
    Tempted. Anyone used this site before?
    tony211166's avatar
    lglu are cool
  9. BiGfactHunt's avatar
    Great if you don't drink alcohol and don't need WiFi.
    porkchopkid's avatar
    Last time I went on a cruise the bar prices were similar to a UK pub maybe perhaps a bit cheaper . Still think it's a good deal especially as you get all your food (and there is a lot of it) your entertainment included
  10. getmore4less's avatar
    December is very variable.

    Last year Lisbon was flooded early December.

    Set expectations low for getting off.
  11. TCMoneyy's avatar
    A question for you cruise-goers here.. Is it cheaper to book cruises last minute or are deals posted here that are dated in advance cheaper or the same price as last min deals & are last min deals even a thing or as cheap as I'm being told?
    getmore4less's avatar
    How cheap are you getting told?

    Is this information from reliable people.?
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