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2 x Sonoff Universal Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus - £28.79 with voucher @ Sonoff / Amazon

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Deal of the day: 2 pack Sonoff Universal Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus Gateway with Antenna for Home Assistant, Open HAB etc. amzn.eu/d/0ZTymaI

Plus 10% discount makes this £28.79

Info added by @Sashecuador

1778666011677205783.jpgSONOFF ZigBee 3.0 USB DONGLE PLUS
Base on TI CC2652P+CP2102N, SMA interface external antenna,up to +20dBm output gain

15190255581677205798.jpgUniversal Zigbee 3.0 USB Gateway
Can use ZHA in Home Assistant or use Zigbee 2MQTT

21096232611677205802.jpgPre-flashed with Z-Stark firmware
Pre-flashed with Z-Stark 3.x.0 coordinator firmware, you can also flash router firmware to extend the network range
6332238781677205813.jpgWide Range of Supported Devices
Dongle can be used as a Zigbee 3.0 gateway in open-source automation platforms to manage various sub-devices from various brands or flash router firmware to extend the network range.
10226227401677205833.jpgBrand new housing design
Aluminum housing effectively reduces signal interference from peripherals
17635662851677205844.jpgSupport SONOFF Devices
The dongle plus has a wide range of supported devices, such as SONOFF BASICZBR3, SONOFF S31 Lite zb, SONOFF SNZB01, SONOFF SNZB02, SONOFF SNZB03, SONOFF SNZB04, SONOFF ZBMINI, SONOFF S26R2ZB , and various sub-devices from various brands or flash router firmware to extend the network range.

Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Great price. Out of interest, why would you need two? (edited)
    If you flash one as a router you can use it to extent the range of your network and handle more end devices.
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    Note this is the older -P model rather than the newer -E model, though support for the newer version is experimental in some platforms. Also if you're planning to use one as a router rather than a coordinator you'll need to flash the firmware for the router.
    A good price for amazon, can be had cheaper elsewhere if you're willing to trust ebay or dare i say it aliexpress.
    P is better for zigbee2mqtt - As you mention E version is experimental

    Also cheaper direct from sonoff CN site. (edited)
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    I bought one of these a while back, in a view to running it on an RPi4 (along with Pihole and Owncloud)
    But I am struggling to find a nice simple & easy to follow beginner's guide. I can work my way around Linux etc. (still a Newbie of 25 years lol)
    Just not sure what is the best direction, as there seem to be so many choices. Whether I run it on a dedicated RPi, which software to choose etc... it's all very confusing.
    Some very knowledgeable peeps [here on HUKD too] are at a level well beyond my dreams lol.
    I just want to get something up and running and mess around to see what I can break!!!
    I have so many devices with so many different hubs etc. would be interesting to see if I can consolidate into one control system/method.
    I need a Ladybird book.
    I am sure it's an age thing for me ... (edited)
    I'd probably start off here > reddit.com/r/h…nt/

    I will be completing on a house soon and I want to get Home Assistant running. I plan on making my own user interface for it as well. With everything you need a plan and a vision. What do you want to do? What is the efficient way of achieving your vision.

    What you can do as well is use ChatGPT to break down some of the Linux scripting if you don't understand it or are unfamiliar with it. I also find asking ChatGPT to show me a flow chart of the script as well. It's about getting the right prompt some simple ones you can use for example are:

    Can you demonstrate this bash script as a flowchart?

    Sure! Here's a flowchart that shows the steps performed by the given Linux command

    Is there a better more concise way of performing the same outcome for this script?

    Stuff like that. Also realise that ChatGPT is a prize BS hitter so you need to read the response and follow the logic. Programming/Scripting is logical, does it make logical sense?

    This gives you valuable insight into interacting with language models and utilising their processing power for analysis. Everyone needs these skills for the unknown future as what is known is AI/Machine Learning will be replacing a lot of skills. There is no Victorian Lamp Lighter anymore because electric light was invented and the infrastructure put in place. There are no video shops any more because of the Internet / DVDs / BluRays. Eventually the Internet replaced optical media as the primary source of watching media etc etc. So new jobs will emerge. Anyway gone off on a tangent. Utilise LLM (Large Language Models) as tools to help you. (edited)
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    Voucher seems to have been pulled
    Thanks. Have expired.
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    Expired. Voucher not available now.
    Thanks, have expired.
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    I don't see why you'd use two, for a single zigbee network. Using a smart switch or bulb as a router to extend the network, rather than flashing one of these as a router, seems a better option.

    These also always seem to be much cheaper on ebay than amazon.
    For when you hit the device limit which with the way my IoT network is going is quite likely to happen sooner than I originally thought it would.

    As a dedicated repeater you also have the advantage that you can place it nearly anywhere, when you use a bulb for example as a repeater it's generally going to be fixed in place and can't really move. A detached garage or outbuilding that requires Zigbee network access therefore may not be reached that way easily. If you can make it work in your home without a second then obviously there's benefits but there are always going to be outside use cases.
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    If I have a Hue Hub and bulbs/switches and I want to run Home Assistant in a docker container on a SFF PC (or HAOS on a RPi), do I need this, or will HA just connect to the Hub over the LAN and control the devices that way, and the PC/RPi won't need a ZigBee adapter itself?
    HA will integrate with the Hue hub. I still use Hue, but am looking to decouple myself from different bridges in the future hence my reason for purchase.
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    Bought two of these about a year ago from AliExpress for £16 (pair) so the price for two today isn't bad especially for the older P model in the UK. Mine work perfectly in covering a large Edwardian house including sensors running in a separate garage all into Home Assistant. Quite easy to flash using Texas Flash Programmer 2 for both router and coordinator. Having two might be overkill but two work well especially if there are any issues with the primary dongle given the way the ZigBee mesh operates. I use mostly Tuya based sensors and some Ikea remotes and no issues so far. (edited)
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    Expired. You can still get this for £31.99 without the voucher.
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