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3M Turkey Foil - 50p @ Tesco Slough

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3M Turkeys Foil 0.50 p in Tesco


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    If you are buying lots for future used (eg on BBQs?) make sure you store them in the dry or they will be ruined.
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    has more feathers in it
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    That's a big turkey
    I can think of plenty big Turkeys but none of them are birds
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    How does Turkey foil compare to Aluminium foil?

    Heat added (edited)
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    Doesn't work with Chicken so buyer beware.
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    More impressed/ confused as to why op bought 24 rolls
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    I bought 12 rolls in SAINS. last month for 30p each,they are only 3trs but still work out more economicle than large pack and good quality[not sure about 50p pack though]
    Same here bought a couple when it was 30p in Sainsbury's after Christmas
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    They were 25p a few weeks ago in our Tesco then went up to £1... Very strange
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    One thing I hate paying for is foil. Especially now it’s so expensive, and the value, cheapest supermarket foil on the skinny rolls are terrible quality, you have to fork out to get decent thickness foil. I will defo be stocking up on this if I see it, great price! 🔥
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    How does Turkey foil compare to Aluminium foil? ---- One lets the alien microwaves through when worn as a hat........bought some in Shrops; same price. HOT .....
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    Ideal to use as bed sheets. Keep you warm
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    It always amazes me the level of heat these local deals get. There surely can't be 100+ people in Slough browsing this forum who are looking to buy turkey foil. (edited)
    It's not local, it's a national deal, I picked some up in London
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    Thanks for posting and a belated welcome to hotukdeals @NataliK75