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Posted 10 August 2023

(500g) 5x Wild Caught Skinless & Boneless Salmon Fillets

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80p per salmon fillet!

Cook from frozen in just 5 mins (less in an air fryer!)
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  1. villan57's avatar
    I reckon it would be cheaper to feed our cats on this rather than the sachets they normally have
    LoveHearts's avatar
    My cats love it, I just boil it in the bag.
  2. AzeemB's avatar
    Aldi's was from China, found the colour to be a darker pink, I assume because the fish has come from elsewhere. The taste was fine, edible , last piece seemed to be tasteless. Probably will buy from elsewhere now though.

    China has some questionable fishing practices as well.
    angie14's avatar
    I buy the piri piri salmon fillets from aldi ( 3.50 ish for 2 small fresh fillets) just checked and they are scottish salmon 😋
  3. Kaan_Oezden's avatar
    £5.99 at Warrington
    Kaan_Oezden's avatar
    I've paid £3.99 at till
  4. williamkcc's avatar
    Why is it so cheap?
    drphil's avatar
    Because it's Farmfoods. Some of the stuff in there can be unbelivably cheap
  5. Speculator's avatar
    Product of China I think.
    ImyR85's avatar
    Spy chips embedded in the gills
  6. beaufinder1's avatar
    Excellent price for wild.
  7. Dekard97's avatar
    I only heard recently how important wild salmon is compared to ordinary salmon, so heat from me. I know people are saying it's bad if it's from China, and that might be true. I personally don't trust anything we eat these days, so much bad stuff they put in our food and water. But what you going to do? I got a Berkey for the water for what it's worth, but got to eat, even if it's not the best.
  8. Chosen's avatar
    500g frozen weight is heavier than what it’ll weigh once defrosted. So you think you’re getting a lot but it’s not as much once cooked.
    jaggedm's avatar
    learnt this the hard way, with some frozen haddock fillets i brought recently. (photo attached and no not different perspective)50771196-am8Id.jpg
  9. sowotsdis's avatar
    Brilliant price for one of the best fish you could eat
  10. ansonuk1's avatar
    🔥 Skinless and Boneless too. Bargain
  11. nofuture2020's avatar
    Skins the best bit when you're frying them
  12. bas613357's avatar
    I had these the other day and I think it was the same price. They aren’t a great taste but not bad as well.
  13. markyo007's avatar
    Do they deliver?
    Tonya22's avatar
    Yes, they do. Look on the website or the App
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