Unfortunately, this deal has expired 31 December 2023.
Posted 31 October 2023

6 Months Free Amazon Prime & 12 Months Deliveroo Plus Free By Signing Up To Unidays

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Sign up to uni days and get 12 months free amazon prime and deliveroo plus free for a year!
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  1. Lucozade's avatar
    Is this achievable with any org.uk email address?
    thecleaner's avatar
    I would have thought .ac.uk?

    Tip, if you did go to uni, you may be able to join the alumni which may come with a .ac.uk email address
  2. Sociable7's avatar
    Are there any online courses that give you a .ac email? Don't mind paying £10 for a course.
    andrewworrall1's avatar
    If you find any please let me know because I would like the student offer of YouTube Premium but I'm not paying the full price for it
  3. David_WilliamsIuA's avatar
    Thought the student deal was previously free for 6 months then half price for the next 2 & 1/2 years or for as long as your course lasts?. Unless that deal no longer exists then this isn't a deal if full price after 6 months.
    mrman007's avatar
    Correct, I actually got 6 years back in the day using TOTUM!
  4. sikiliza69's avatar
    for those who've been asking....51319514-ttvzK.jpg
  5. TekWoodyatt1's avatar
    This has been available for ages…?
    Gates098's avatar
    It's always good to have a reminder
  6. andrewworrall1's avatar
    My Mum got offered Amazon Prime Student whilst checking out buying something on Amazon as a non-prime member, 6 months free then half price if she doesn't cancel. Never asked her for student ID or student email. So she's currently a "Student" Prime Member for half a year with no membership fee. (edited)
  7. NotSure's avatar
    Wow, need to go to college to get 6 months amazon prime
    Anne46's avatar
  8. royalkay's avatar
    Deliveroo linky
    wah_saieen's avatar
    Free delivery only for orders over £25
  9. jrace95's avatar
    Anyway around this without a ac email address? Got student access to UNiDAYS but no email
    mfactor's avatar
    Yes , I sent a pic of my card, got to look under other ways to verify
  10. Ruth.Renata's avatar
    Staff at uni also has .ac.uk can they apply for unidays
    cache's avatar
    it expires after a while unfortunately and amazon wont honour further student membership prices
  11. flux78's avatar
    I've recently gone back to uni but have been a prime member for years so not a new customer. Any way around this?
    Mentos's avatar
    You don’t have to be a new customer, they’ll switch you to prime student if you can prove your me a HE student (ac.uk email, uni ID, letter of acceptance, etc).

    It only matters if you’ve previously had student prime for 4 years. But even that seems to be hit and miss as some people have reported being on it for years
  12. Smithy93's avatar
    I send a picture of my college student card as I don’t have an email, half hour later it got approved and changed to a student account was very fast! (edited)
  13. greg666's avatar
    Same strategy Microsoft has used in the past, keep it cheap for the youngsters so that they will buy full price once they can afford it.

    Brilliant marketing department they have
    eset12345's avatar
    Like crack dealers
  14. Jamij's avatar
    I guess I'll cancel my prime subscription and make an account with my brothers unidays, thanks
    mfactor's avatar
    Why not , will be using my daughters the next few years
  15. spenspuma's avatar
    Often wondered...why should students be getting free Prime and Deliveroo?

    Surely 'poor students' should not be spending their money on take away food and Amazon goods? (edited)
    robinson216's avatar
    Amazon prices are generally as cheap as can possibly be found, it's exactly where 'poor students' should be spending their money if you look at it that way.
  16. greenflower123's avatar
    How do I find a cheap course which will give me a .ac.uk email?
    271's avatar
    GCSE MATHS and English are free if you haven't got one already.
  17. dantetomas's avatar
    I was using student prime for more than two years (6 months free and half price after that). Unfortunately (according to Amazon) this year I left the school I have never been attending. 😁 (edited)
  18. CyrusD's avatar
    Is it for just new customers? or returned customers also included?
  19. scoutfinch47's avatar
    How much fraud is going on by members of the public on this site using fake student logins across here and hotukdeals more generally??!!!

    And also importantly at this time of high personal debt, especially due to fees and loans, it seems a worry so much buying of non essentials is going on by “students” on limited budgets. Something I’ve not only noticed today in comments by during the last few years. I felt compelled to comment…

    When I was a student, before fees, high inflation, and very high rents, not one friend or fellow student bought consumer goods during their time beyond the odd record, cd and clothing. Times have changed I know in this age of consumerism and instant buying, but it seems excessive purchasing is going on when it ought to be reined in.

    Be careful students(ninja) , you don’t want this to bite years down the line as credit ratings can be impacted! Spend time on experiences not unnecessary goods, it’s after all, the best time of your life for many people when they look back…Warnings and rant over!!🤫 (edited)
    rinonir's avatar
    salaries have also gone up so its not all doom and gloom
  20. MoetNaDachu's avatar
    How to prove that you are in college?
    Nosilla123's avatar
    You need a college email account which you will have if you are enrolled on a course.
  21. David94's avatar
    Is amazon household working with this offer
    navi1010's avatar
  22. dragonboatgirl's avatar
    I'm guessing my totum pro card wouldn't work for validation 😔
    AMROAMRO's avatar
    you can email copy to Amazon and they'll normally approve it
  23. Venkey's avatar
    It's really tough for the students to spend £25, just to get a free delivery. Think wisely and spend.
    Daniel_Law's avatar
    Best to order With a friend I think!
  24. mrman007's avatar
    So this deal has been around for years and you can’t get it without a uni email. Why is this even hot!!!!!!  Am I missing something here! I hope so as I’d love cheap prime. I used the TOTUM card last time but can’t do that anymore! 
    andrewworrall1's avatar
    It says they won't accept TOTUM but they did for me. I cancelled however because I don't really feel like I need it anymore - but they did initially accept it a month or so ago
  25. squeal_pig's avatar
    Is there any ways to become a cheap student still? I know this is for actual student but the old way to get a nus card
  26. Moss87's avatar
    This only works once per account, so you may need to create a new one if you have used it previously
  27. smile78's avatar
    Worthwhile checking to see if eligible for student prime trial without the need for ac.uk email or uploading proof. I just signed up for 6 months trial on one of my accounts.
  28. DealsIUsed's avatar
    I am curious, how do you prove it through unidays? I know how Unidays works (been using it now for years) but would they provide you with a code you plug in or something else verifying "Student Status"? Typically I signed up using my .ac.uk email address (been to two universities previously, one for my BSc, one for a VERY short lived PGCE (university was absolute crap and provided absolutely FA in support) and am now doing my MSc at my original university, so I can't use that email address anymore). Note there has been a 4 year gap between my PGCE ending and my MSc beginning (began in September this year). (edited)
    kim2020's avatar
    You should still be able to log in to your ac.uk account? Just to re verify.. I know a few people who finished uni 2+ years ago and still have access to their email
  29. quertbarbie62's avatar
    I maxed out my student prime
  30. MartShoe's avatar
    Would anyone be kind enough to send me a Dell Outlet code via Unidays? (edited)
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