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Posted 18 July 2023

7 night, Santorini Greece Holiday - Athanasia Hotel - Includes Flights, Luggage & Transfers from £383 p.p

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A good price for a 7-night holiday staying in the Athanasia hotel in Perissa, Santorini for 2 adults

  • Prices start from £383p.p / £764.60 total.
  • Flights, luggage, and return transfers are also included.
  • August, Sept & Oct dates

Some of the Best Prices- based on 2 adults sharing (lots more options available)
  • East Midlands on 5th October - £383 per person
  • Manchester on 5th October - £384 per person
  • East Midlands on 28th September - £400 per person
  • Manchester on 17th August - £411 per person
  • Manchester on 26th / 28th August - £413 per person
  • East Midlands on 31st August - £448 per person
  • Gatwick on 8th October - £480 per person

  • Duration: 7 nights (shorter & longer stays possible)
  • Main example based on departure date: 5 October 2023
  • Flights from Manchester, East Midlands (alternative airports available at higher prices)
  • Location: Athanasia Hotel, Perissa, Santorini
  • Board: Room only
  • Luggage & Return transfers included
  • Based on 2 people sharing
  • ABTA & ATOL-protected holiday

About the Hotel
The Athanasia is a great base for exploring Santorini, and has a beach just around the corner.

Things are kept simple on the design front – the hotel’s dressed in classic Greek shades of white and blue, and there’s a rectangular pool in a courtyard in the centre.

It only takes five minutes to walk to Perissa Beach – it’s a volcanic, black-sand stretch that’s backed by a handful of tavernas. And daytrips to the island’s capital, Thira, take 20 minutes by car.

Holidays here come with our 24/7 Online service. This means that info and support are available 24/7 via the TUI app. Just so you know, a TUI rep won't visit your hotel during your stay.

Santorini has its own style of architecture, which allows its spectacular scenery to take centre stage. So, hotel balustrades might be lower than you'd expect to see back home. Please take care on hotel balconies, terraces, and public walkways. If you're travelling with children, please make sure that you're comfortable with this before you book.

Lead price example:

More dates available (different price points) e.g


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  1. Poopants1's avatar
    2 star Hotel and 3.1 on Google... I wouldn't
    futura's avatar
    2 star comment and 3.1 for ignorance.

    The star rating of a hotel isn't everything, it's about the experience. People pay £1000's to go on Safari or to some eco park in the jungle and stay in a 1 star glorified tent with few facilities but have the time of their lives.

    Go to some of the highest rated hotels in the world and they're full of entitled, ignorant, pompous and sad individuals. Not my idea of a holiday
  2. ilakast's avatar
    Avoid. August/September. At. All. Costs.

    From a Greek
    parvatik's avatar
    Can you pls elaborate why?
  3. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Room only with no catering facilities.
    Need to factor in additional costs, a lot of eating out.
    Hotel is 2 star and located on the less popular east side of the island
    The beach is volcanic / black sand.
  4. dsmsli's avatar
    Remember the factor 50 !
    ThermalRider's avatar
    Sunscreen is for protection from ultra violet rays not high temperatures
  5. shaunk26's avatar
    Santorini strikes me as that sort of place that has been ruined by social media ifluencers.
    hootz's avatar
    Ruined by ridiculous amounts of tourists more like...
  6. Spacehduk's avatar
    You can put together a pretty good deal yourself if you don't mind going non-package. A couple of weeks ago I booked TUI flights for two on 17th august for a week, 20kg hold baggage and two 10kg carry ons for £320 all in.
    If you want a room in a nice hotel with the classic Santorini view on West side of island in August, you're looking at £1600 minimum for accomodation, but there's loads of very cheap options elsewhere on the island.
  7. Bobbins's avatar
    It was lovely when we island hopped back in the early 90s. It was just a cheap island with lovely views and a great sunset back then. Before t’intesphere the local ladies used to meet you off the ferry at the base of the island with pictures of their rooms to rent. Used to be a steep hike up to Fira. No luxury hotels. Now firmly on the bucket list and cruise schedule of the Yanks, Chinese and Japanese, and I am sure a very different place these days.
  8. pc5020's avatar
    That does not look like a decent hotel sorry...
  9. Mrepg's avatar
    Feels like a weekend would be long enough. I’d like to see it, but so much more in Greece than this place.
    Bobbins's avatar
    Yes, we are in our 50s and at the end of our Greek Island hopping adventure. Started in Kos a couple of weeks ago to make use of the cheap flights, and fly back from Samos tomorrow. We have travelled through the Dodecanese really loved Leros and Patmos.
  10. moneysavingbluebird's avatar
    Just me reading this as euthanasia hotel?
    Thought was some Swiss resort
    hugekebab's avatar
  11. jonneyt's avatar
    Can put a kid through private school for a year for this price.
    afroylnt's avatar
    Maybe back in 1930
  12. afroylnt's avatar
    Lovely island but the hotel sounds a bit dicey
    rosie.goddard's avatar
    It really isn’t it is basic but very clean the owners are lovely and can’t do enough for you. It’s also in a fantastic position close to the centre and beach 🏖️
  13. htfc06's avatar
    Thanks, booked for October
  14. cp82's avatar
    Hot. Very hot.
  15. T.Meps's avatar
    Beautiful place. We went end of September and it was still lovely but very windy quite a lot of the time. Their windy season used to start in October but has been starting earlier in recent years. Something to keep in mind when deciding what time do year to go!
    Infinite.Element's avatar
    Were you east or west?
  16. itfckenty's avatar
    literally got back from Santorini a few days ago, while it's beautiful and would recommend seeing it, it's not "Greece" very different than most usual greek locations - and top tip, if you are visiting those tourist hotspots - i.e Thira and Oia, go early, the bus is really good and cheap, but the crowds get too much. we got to Oia around 9am, and by 10:30 the crowds were pilling in. oh and whatever you do, do NOT get that cable car in Thira, you'll be waiting hours to get back up. haha
  17. Naz_Kebabs's avatar
    Parents stayed here and said Chinese tourists everywhere from the moment they got off the ship. Couldn't move in the streets for tourists. No chance of an idyllic photo of the place. (edited)
  18. almas09's avatar
    Good deal!
  19. tom6195's avatar
    looks a good deal!
  20. azzyhadley's avatar
    This is hot 🥵
  21. hkaurh's avatar
    Can’t find the Manchester on 17th august holiday for £411, can anyone help?!
  22. mrgentry's avatar
    Sansatori (tui) spelt badly
  23. kevinyork's avatar
    Good luck getting a space around that pool.
  24. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Any deals for Oia
  25. samsmith66's avatar
    The way the news keep talking about the hot weather and the red heat alerts and fires in the Mediterranean, there might not be any Greece left by October. (edited)
    MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    This happens every year in Greece. Fires viewable from the international space station
  26. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    I've stayed in a B&B before and was entirely reasonable. OK OK, that was 15 years ago
  27. rapidpressprintfc727's avatar
    2 star is hard pass for me
  28. HHUKD's avatar
    Flaming hot deal
  29. DDP_DDP's avatar
    2 star usually means 1 star abroad..
's avatar