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Posted 17 February 2024

Samsung 990 PRO 4TB M.2 + £70 Poss. cashback / + £7.20 for heatsink ver) via Samsung Store Health Service Discount Members (£223.40/230.60)

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After possible cashback should* be £223.40 for non-heatsink or £230.60 for the heatsink variant. See full notes below.

Please read N.B. #2 regarding cashback eligibility carefully before proceeding. There is uncertainty over eligibility.

Looking back over HUKD this SSD wobbled around this price point even through the deep discounts last year (aside from a one-time JL mis-price).

N.B. #1: 2TB 990 PRO also available for an after cashback price of £124.30 (£159.30 - £35).

N.B. #2: * There are some concerns over cashback eligibility via the Education or Health Service channels. I would urge anyone purchasing to query directly with Samsung CS live chat before (or after) purchase and keep a screenshot or email for your records. See here for full discussion regarding this.

1. You can access the Health Service discount here: Health Service Discounts
- OR -
The student discount here: Samsung - Student Discount

2. Buy either a Samsung 4TB 990 Pro with or without heatsink as shown below;

3. For cashback information go here: Samsung Offers - Cashback

  • Buy a qualifying Samsung storage product from a participating retailer between 9th February 2024 - 19th March 2024 to be eligible to receive a cashback reward.

  • Submit your claim within 30 days of the date shown on your proof of purchase.

Both Student and Health Service purchase channels are still on the Samsung.com domain and therefore should be eligible for cashback but some other say these should be listed as 'Samsung EPP' which doesn't show:

Samsung More details at

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  1. rkuk's avatar
    Update for the team.

    I ordered the 4TB 990 with heatsink yesterday (Sunday 18/02/24) for £300.60.

    It arrived today as scheduled!! (Monday 19/02/24) - if ordering check your emails as they issue a code for the delivery driver - a bit like a pin number. I had to get mine ordered elsewhere as I was at work so luckily I checked the delivery email to pass the code on.

    Having read the instructions before claiming cashback you need to:

    1. Have your receipt ready for upload (easiest thing to do is .pdf the automated receipt, but they say they will accept screengrabs).
    2. Take a photo of the serial code on the physical drive. This means opening the packaging (the drive is tiny!!)

    Get these all ready before starting, then click the link as in the original post, enter the details step by step including the serial number, and you will need your bank account details, all very simple. Click submit.

    You will get a receipt code for your claim stating they will send a claim approval email within 5 working days. If successful then cashback within 45 days of the claim approval. You can also track this as they give you a link.

    As soon as I submitted mine, I got an SMS txt message saying 'Good news! your claim has been approved. You'll receive your cashback reward within the next 45 days. We'll let you know once your reward been sent [RECIEPT CODE]' (that's word for word, and yes it looks like they missed out....reward 'has' been sent.

    I have also received the confirmation via email, one minute after the SMS TXT.

    I was going to hold out installing until I had received the email. An SMS txt is good, but an email is more reassuring. So it looks like it has all gone through absolutely great and I have it in writing. I used the education store to purchase the discount if that is of any help to anyone.

    Thank you to for finding the deal. I hope I was useful as the guinea pig for taking the plunge and others are able to take advantage of this deal.

    Cheers and good luck - cracking price all in for £230.6

    /////////// Mini edit ////////////

    I was noseying around the links of previous samsung cashback deals posted (following 's link). Someone on one of those links said the cashback will get a manual check at a later point before funds are released. I'd say it the automatic acceptance is definitely in our favour to argue if they get a bit awkward, but none of us can ever be fully sure until the cash is in the bank. I too, don't want to be the person that gets others' hopes up only to have an issue down the line. Granted I gave this a shot and provided my experience to date. You could read previous experiences here - including positive ones (edited)
    schmoog's avatar
  2. rkuk's avatar
    For what it's worth, I'm not tech guru at all, but I've spent a little bit of time searching for some new storage. I'd originally been looking for around 2TB SSD. Reading on here about the 'good deals last year' made me jealous for missing out on the Samsung 980! but I wasn't in the market for the storage then - so hey ho!

    I've looked at a number of SSD's primarily posted on HUKD. One of the 'best' I found in terms of read / write speed and cost was the Silicon Power 2TB XS70. Now, not that I'm a brand snob, but I'd never heard of them before, but everyone knows Samsung and it's good to see a 5 year warranty. Reading previous comments on here about the 'utilisation of the storage space' e.g. the drive will start to slow up as more storage is put on it for newbies like me - if that is true, then cost per TB the 4TB on this deal is probably the 'best' available at £57.65 per TB with a Heat Sink (the aforementioned Silicon Power 2TB XS70 comes in at £57.50). In terms of value, yes it is paying far more than my original plan - so not exactly money saving, but it is getting a branded, fast product with warranty. The Samsung 980 was the model I really wanted, but it just feels a bit overpriced / couldn't get a good deal.

    Considering this is the 990 with slightly faster read speeds, and quite a bit more write speed. It seems a great deal. Effectively with this discount and cashback you can buy the 990 2TB (with heat sink), for the same price as a 980 2TB (no heat sink).

    As @schmoog said regarding deals posted on here last year when the prices are lower - I also had a quick look as I was keen to see what people were getting on the 990's previously, and the overall price with discount and cashback is circa the same, if not a little better in some circumstances.

    Of course these are just my thoughts, and as stated, I'm not an IT guru so I'm sure more experienced people will be in a better position to comment, but it seemed good to me and prompted me to go 4TB as opposed to 2TB. Could be kicking myself in 6 months, or indeed chuffed I paid extra, but I would recommend buying when you need as opposed to trying to play the market unless of course it's a bit of a wish list item. For me - I need more storage, and quicker processing than I currently have.

    Hope this helps anyone on the fence and in the market looking.

    Heat added
  3. bluem4gic's avatar
    Just to mention that my claim for cashback was approved about 30 seconds after I submitted my claim. Very happy there were no issues

    Thank you for posting the deal (edited)
    Crhis's avatar
    Snap - I wonder if it went through an automated system with selecting Samsung.com as the retailer and providing a matching invoice + serial number.

    Hopefully no pesky manual interventions from here on in - will be satisfied when the money lands in my account!
  4. Ferwin's avatar
    Would this work with BLC? Or would this work with the above websites only?
    danskis's avatar
    Purchased mine through blc, cashback confirmed
  5. J_JshI's avatar
    Is this the best SSD, and does cashback go directly to your account?
    schmoog's avatar
    It's a top-tier SSD; cashback is paid to your bank account once the claim has been submitted and approved. AFAIK you have 30 days to submit it.

    Samsung 990 Pro 4TB review (edited)
  6. sohailh1984's avatar
    Thanks - cashback approved practically instantly. 4TB with heatsink at £230 is a winner for me - thanks buddy
  7. danskis's avatar
    Thanks, my cash back got approved today, they left it till the last day, it was not a quick almost instant process for me, but payment now due in next 45 days.... Cheers (edited)
    Jiffy's avatar
    When I submitted mine, the approval email came about a minute after the email confirming receipt of my claim. Now for the long wait! I'll keep checking the track my claim link each week.
  8. Whitefox12111's avatar
    Can anyone claim this deal I'm not a health service member?
  9. Minstadave's avatar
    Tempted at that price to remove my last mech drive.


    Just found a 2TB 980 Pro and a 2TB 990 Pro in my drawer, best not order more! (edited)
  10. sohailh1984's avatar
    Thanks OP - Caved in with the 4TB at this price with the cashback which should pay out fine - peace of mind I guess buying directly from Samsung with the 5 year warranty on these SSDs
  11. rkuk's avatar
    Interesting - looking back at the 980 2TB in Feb 2023 compared to the 990 2TB today it works out an extra £0.50p. Hope it all sails through for you.
  12. saxo_appeal's avatar
    Wish Samsung would release a 4TB Touch SSD T7

    Great security but limited to to 2TB Max
  13. AlinDan_Campan's avatar
    Which is better this , western digital or seagate. I’ve bought a seagate firecuda but paid £300 for 2TB. The 4TB is gone down in price at £318 so I’m tempted.
    Minstadave's avatar
    There's little in it. Cheapest is the way to go.
  14. BarneyRubble's avatar
    Is the health service discount page just the Samsung EPP website?
    DQ111111's avatar
    Yes - it loads directly to their portal and prices are already discounted.
  15. TZP1's avatar
    Does anyone use these in an enclosure for an external SSD drive?
    Minstadave's avatar
    Bit overkill for that as they'll be so bottlenecked by the USB interface.
  16. DQ111111's avatar
    Anyone know if a birthday code can be used for this?
  17. rkuk's avatar
    Are we confident the cashback will be granted following a discount for Health Service / Education? That's my only worry on this - got it in the basket ready to pay. Reading the cashback terms I couldn't see anything saying 'cannot be used in conjunction with another offer' etc. (edited)
    schmoog's avatar
    If you want extra peace of mind you can ask Samsung via the live chat on the page then screenshot it for your records. I'd do it for you but I'm kinda rushed off my feet .
  18. TZP1's avatar
    schmoog's avatar
    Heatsink variant still in stock - but yeah, looks like the bare drive is OOS
  19. Ferwin's avatar
    Has anyone gotten their Cashback paid yet?
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