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Crucial MX500 500GB SSD - £69.59 @ Amazon
Found 7 h, 49 m agoFound 7 h, 49 m ago
Must be the cheapest it's ever been, and surely won't be much cheaper before the new year?! Features & details Sequential reads/writes up to 560/510 MB/s and random reads/… Read more

Stay strong, we can do it!


Yep, the brexit vote screwed up SSD and tech prices back in 2016 and it's still screwing with the prices. Brexit is not good for black Friday deals (flirt)


With how the pounds are being pounded, it may take longer than expected :(


Consumers need to be strong and unless you desperately need one, hold off purchasing until it drops to £50 for 500Gb


Finally cheaper than the price I paid a couple of years ago. Hot!

Crucial MX500 1TB £129.59
Found 15 h, 1 m agoFound 15 h, 1 m ago
Impressive price for a good SSD...

Hoping for a 1TB for nearer £100 to justify pushing the button :p Heat though as it’s not a bad deal.


Can't believe how much these have dropped in the past few months.


No 2tb ssd deals... still... Not black Friday yet. (skeptical)


This seems to be a natural price drop, it was £131.99 yesterday and £136.06 a few days earlier. 1TB SSDs (and capacities under that) have dropped a lot in the past year. I'd personally wait until proper-Black Friday itself when I'd expect Amazon to do what they've done in previous years with Crucial SSDs and have a bigger saving.



Crucial MX500 CT1000MX500SSD1(Z) 1 TB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch) for £131.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
Updated 16/11 Dispatched and sold by Amazon Sequential reads/writes up to 560/510 MB/s and random reads/writes up to 95/90k on all file types Accelerated by Micron 3D NAND tech… Read more



Updated, Thank you very much. ;)


Lower Price now £131.99



Been this price for age's. Nothing special.

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Crucial MX300 SSD 3D Nand Solid State Drive - 1 TB - £123.15 Delivered @ Amazon Italy
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Good price for a 1TB SSD. Price includes delivery to Uk. Use a fee free card for this price. CT1050MX300SSD1
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The smaller capacities of the MX300 are quite useful because of their odd size - slightly larger capacity to regular SSDs, by that someone using a 240GB might not want to pay out for double the amount of storage 480GB/500GB drive, the crucial MX300 is 275GB and 525GB, so you can get an extra 35GB/45GB respectively by buying an MX300 over say, a Sandisk Plus 240GB / MX500 250GB (25GB/35GB) It's less of an issue right now, with the Sandisk Plus 480GB at £50.99, but was quite a good workaround sometimes. Speedwise, they're good, good solid drives, but as said, they meet a niche with their capacities. Pretty sure the 1TB / 2TB are standard sizes though, no extra capacity over other drives. Not sure it's worth ordering from Italy though for this price.


Despite that it's performed better on the endurance TBW test... Well, the 275GB version... The values are in TeraBytes...


The MX500 is faster and has a 5yr warranty (the MX300 only 3yr), this is not a good deal despite what the HUKD voters think.


Worse, at least as far as benchmarks go. I've seen it cheaper on eBay from UK sellers if you're in a hurry. For the average user, you probably won't see too much difference. YMMV as always.


Apparently so.

Crucial BX300 240 GB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch) @ Amazon for £42.99
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
More than 300 Percent faster than a typical hard drive More than 45x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive Protect your data with more durability than a hard drive, no … Read more

The newer BX500 / 240GB is £37.19 from Amazon or Crucial direct (3.15% TCB) Crucial


*ahem* Fair enough if you need this EXACT SSD but as above, there is cheaper.


Why do cold when it’s only £2 more than buying 2 of the 128gb versions?


Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

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Crucial MX500 CT1000MX500SSD4 1 TB Internal M2 SSD £123.79 at Amazon
Found 10th NovFound 10th Nov
Sequential reads/writes up to 560/510 MB/s and random reads/writes up to 95 k/90 k on all file types Accelerated by Micron 3D NAND technology Integrated power loss immunity prese… Read more

Now price changed to £143.40. Anyhow, heat for the price which OP mentioned.


As soon as the price goes under £100 I'm going to buy one! Not long to wait now.


For gaming and every day usage there isnt that much difference. NVME shines when you are using large data files. Questionable whether its worth the NVME premium. Doyble the price on Amazon for a 970 EVO.


For an itx build having a 1TB m.2 & no other disks makes for a super tidy & clean install. Nvme drives are faster but also more expensive plus I personally do not notice much differences in normal usage


Yet again I should point out many laptops do not have NVMe board support, but they do still have a M.2 slot for a SATA drive such as this. This means you can still have a mechanical storage drive in the 2.5 drive bay and use the SATA M.2 for the boot drive. A very large number of recent laptops are configured this way. I should also point out this drive is by no means 'slow.' It's a very fast SATA drive pretty much a good as it gets for this type, and the difference between this and an actual NVMe drive for everyday use will largely not be very noticeable for the majority of people.

Crucial MX500 CT500MX500SSD4 500 GB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, M.2 Type 2280SS) £75.72 Amazon
Found 7th NovFound 7th Nov
Sequential reads/writes up to 560/510 MB/s and random reads/writes up to 95 k/90 k on all file types Accelerated by Micron 3D NAND technology Integrated power loss immunity prese… Read more

I might have to wait till ASUS get back in touch with me, but...I bought this from Amazon last week. M.2s are a learning curve for me, so I may be missing something! I have a few months-old laptop that has an M.2 SATA slot (it came with a 1TB HDD/16GB M.2 cache). The plan is to use my new Crucial M.2 500GB as my boot drive, and everything else on the 1TB HDD. I've got Windows 10 installed on the M.2. The HDD and M.2 both appear in BIOS but I can't get both to appear in Windows at all - just the M.2 drive? The HDD doesn't show up in Disk Management either. I read somewhere that if you connect a new SATA drive, it disables the other (does this apply to laptops too)? Another suggestion was to disconnect the HDD, boot from Windows, then reconnect after putting a recovery partition on the HDD. This video tells me to try Windows Memory Diagnostic, but it didn't work. A comment from that Youtube link says, "most of the times it happens because how the SATA ports are set in BIOS. I restarted the pc, pressed F10 for boot menu, went to Advanced and found how the SATA ports were configured. They were set as RAID in my case, I changed them to IDE (I only have AHCI as an option). Restarted the pc and my new SSHD was there." Tried this too (bit risky uninstalling SATA drivers from Device Manager, though) Anyone have any ideas?


Good price for a 500 mb M2 sata drive. My laptop only has a sata M2 slot so this is ideal. NVME will be faster if your laptop has that.


OK tried this memory on a different Z270 motherboard with an i5-7500 instead of an i5-6600K and it works fine so it does seem to be fussy about the board and cpu.


could be because it is Dual Rank some motherboards and cpu`s can be fussy with dual rank dimms


Anybody have this working properly on a Z270 motherboard? It works fine with just one of these 8GB sticks installed but either won't boot or runs the memory at 933Mhz instead of 1200Mhz when both sticks are installed in dual channel mode. I can install both in single channel and I can also use one of these 8GB sticks with another single rank 8GB stick - just seem to have a problem with using two dual rank sticks in dual channel mode....


I guess for many it will be see what Black Friday brings


so what cpu and mother board are you all going for ?

CRUCIAL MX500 1TB 2.5" SSD SATA 6GB/S for £135.23 Delivered @ Box
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
KEY FEATURES 560 MB/s Read 510 MB/s Write 5 Year Limited Warranty

good luck mate, you'll need it.


Almost as cheap as the recertified Crucial 960GB SSD posted 2 years ago :D


Then I would return it and get the one in this deal. Surely don’t want hard drives dying prematurely with potentially important information on them.


Looks great, Please update us with the feedback for your purchase. Thanks Sam. ;)


I bought this1tb ssd from Amazon UK for £102

Crucial MX500 1TB SSD £134.57 delivered @ Ebuyer
Found 5th NovFound 5th Nov
Pretty good price if you can't be bothered to sell the assassin's creed game with the 860 evo.
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So did you get the cancellation email?


We are attempting to enlighten you to the reality of internet contracts and 'misprices' as we know them on HotUkDeals and the internet. You are very stubborn and seem hell bent on ignoring anyone. Simply calling something a 'factoid' doesn't make it one. You seemed to ignore my linking of the Terms of Service from the website in question, do you consider the ToS of the website you ordrered from a 'factoid'?


Factoids! Educate yourself, it’s not my job to do that.


There is no arguement, we've used facts and links to show you are wrong.


I used PayPal and money had already left the account, stop arguing if you can’t even type properly.

CRUCIAL MX500 500GB 2.5" SSD SATA 6GB/S for £73.70 @ Box
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
KEY FEATURES 560MB/s Read 510MB/s Write 5 Year Limited Warranty CRUCIAL MX500 250GB 2.5" SSD SATA 6GB/S £46.92 CRUCIAL MX500 1TB 2.5" SSD SATA 6GB/S for £135.23

In 2 minds. 4x 500GB raid or just sod it and a 2TB sata M.2 on the other slot (first for a decent NVMe drive ofc). Be interesting if it dips under £60 per 500GB. Another "tired of lots of small drives" user. 2x240, 1x500, 1x1tb, just gonna flog the lot and get it tidy.


This or Evo 860?


You have an email that says you offered 95 quid to a retailer. Don't be shocked when the retailer realizes 500,000 people bought this item as well and cancels the orders.


It looks like I seriously overestimated the issue. Still seems a couple years away from being worthwhile though, but maybe for some.


The reliability is quite possibly higher due to no moving parts. SSDs are tolerant of multiple Gigabytes read/write daily. There may be an increase in user interface speed when accessing the disk, although I'd expect it to not be significant. I wouldn't say it's an essential purchase for a PVR.

Crucial MX500 CT250MX500SSD4 250 GB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, M.2 Type 2280SS) £46.79 @ Amazon
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Sequential reads/writes up to 560/510 MB/s and random reads/writes up to 95 k/90 k on all file types Accelerated by Micron 3D NAND technology Integrated power loss immunity prese… Read more
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I'd personally go with corsairs new MP510. It is about £20 more expensive for 240GB but still a decent price for the storage imo. I currently have a Samsung SM951 128GB NVME drive in my machine that I payed about £120 for a few years back so £60 for a 240GB NVME drive is a bargain imo. If you want even faster speeds than SATA SSDs and your motherboard supportes NVME SSDs, I would got with one of the corsair MP510 drives over this. I'm going to be picking one up soon as my current 128GB drive is now full.


Good choice.


These are little beasts. I have the 500GB version in my rig. 80GB partition for Windows. The rest is for my “priority games” Then I have a 1TB spindle drive for other games/docs/media.


I'd hold out on SSD's right now unless you REALLY need one. Flash prices are expected to drop substantially over the next 3-6 months to an expected $0.08US/GB

(Prime Exclusive) Crucial BX500 CT240BX500SSD1 240 GB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch) for £37.19 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
PRIME EXCLUSIVE Dispatched from and sold by Amazon exclusively for Prime members NON PRIME LINK FOR £38.28 Boot up faster; load files quicker; improve overall system … Read more


Well the difference is the packaging choice. Amazed they allowed both posts, as anyone could now repost all the sd card posts long as they changed the packaging choice.


waiting for black friday deals on ssd


Well seeing as 99% of us HKUD users are "students" then that's OK then. (y)


PRIME EXCLUSIVE = COLD (OK if you're a "student" I suppose.)

Crucial BX500 CT240BX500SSD1(Z) 240 GB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch) £38.28  @ Amazon
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Boot up faster; load files quicker; improve overall system responsiveness 300 percent faster than a typical hard drive Improves battery life because it's 45x more energy efficien… Read more
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Spend the few quid extra on the BX300, mid range drive rather than budget...

Crucial BX300 CT120BX300SSD1 120 GB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch)  £19.99 (Prime) / £24.48 (non Prime) at Amazon
Refreshed 7th NovRefreshed 7th Nov
There is a newer version (slightly more expensive) on offer… Read more

No longer available, typical being late to the party.


It's more like there is a temporary glut of NAND at the moment. Prices went high as miners bought up high-end graphic cards for their mining farms among other things. That has dropped a fair bit recently since cryptocurrencies have fallen somewhat out of favour and manufacturers are left with surplus stock to get rid of. It won't last forever, obviously, but the next few months are a buyer's market.


The manufacturers that were keeping the price artificially high have obviously fallen out over their price fixing. Possibly some regulator was on their tail.


Talking out of your rear end here. I swapped a brand new Google Mini (as I got one free with my Pixel 2 last December and already had one) for a very battered HP Pavilion 15-E series Core i3 3rd gen laptop. I just bought a 120GB Sandisk for £22 on Amazon this week and installed it in this laptop and stuck POP! OS Linux on it. Runs way better than Windows 10 and I'm using it for general usage, and training courses. I didn't need more than 120GB and I've put 20GB of course videos on it and have tons of space left. I could even install a couple more Linux distros to this SSD or use VirtualBox and I wouldn't fill it up. I currently have 89.5GB available! My advice don't use bloated slow Windows 10 privacy nightmare OS and you'll have loads of space left. POP! OS looks incredible as well. I wanted a Linux Distro for general usage that looked great out of the box and is fast, this fits the bill nicely. The keyboard shortcuts for resizing windows and moving them about are awesome. Anyway POP! OS is free from System 76 website if anyone fancies a go. I love it.


Exactly. The BX300 ( which i bought last week from Amaz0n ) is fine for OS boot and media center use, and better than the BX500. MX prices are higher - you can pay that if installing as a real core workhorse drive on your "main machine" and it is worth the extra quid. But these small drives are still hella useful - ive bought another 2 just now, revitalise laptop and also plug one into a tower i am going to sell (this will make windoze fast, and the box will be easier to sell for a pittance additional cost). Also as someone else pointed out - this drive is cheaper than the equivalent USB stick!

Crucial MX500 500GB SSD £74.99 & Free Delivery Ebuyer
Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
Crucial MX500 500GB SSD £74.99 & Free Delivery Ebuyer Ebuyer's blurb states: Capacity 500GB2.5inch SSD Sequential Read/Write 560MB/s - 510MB/s Random Read/Write IOPS – 95k/9… Read more
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you may get some cheaper but certainly not cheaper and better. This is a great price for a premium SSD


Yes. Tutorial on YouTube. But I rather use a 1tb one .


Can this be used for Xbox one and if so is it any good for that? Are there any better for that purpose cheaper? Thanks in advance

Crucial MX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5" Internal SSD £134.54 @ Amazon
Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
A nice price drop for a quality drive with a 5 year warranty! Make sure to choose Frustration Free Packaging for the lowest price from Amazon.
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This cost me £202 around January and that was an Amazon special deal.


£134.54 today. Purchased for my ps4 pro. If it doesn't make much difference, then it goes in the laptop. Win either way.


I have both Crucial and Samsung 850 EVO SSDs in my PC, and I cannot tell the difference although the samsung was more expensive. I will update this comment in about 10 years when one of them starts failing to write. This is a good price, but If i was you and you can hang on 3-4 more weeks, you might be able to snag this MX500 for sub £100 maybe?


Your comment doesn't make much sense. The crucial drive is 1TB as is the unknown brand one you've listed. The difference being, Crucial is a well established, trusted brand.

2TB Crucial MX500 CT2000MX500SSD1(Z) 2 TB Internal SSD - £288.70 Amazon
Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
For when 1TB just isn't enough.
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I paid this for my first computer for 1kb of memory!


I wish I could justify buying this. I'd love one mostly for my PS4, but as you can get a ps4 bundle for less than this, I just can't.


I convinced my dad to buy me the Amiga ram upgrade for ‘school’ work. Suffice to say I used so my computer could say swear words at me in a word program... 😏


When Maplin closed , these were selling for £150

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