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Kingston HyperX 8GB 2666 MHz DDR4 £58.95 @ Amazon (16GB for £117.90)
Found 1 h, 45 m agoFound 1 h, 45 m ago
You arent going to find DDR4 for much cheaper than this! 16GB DDR4 @ 2666MHz for £117.90 is a bargain

Not true. All ddr4 sitcks, have an spd chip on it, and this has the timings set in it. You can buy 4 8 or 16gb sticks from different shops (same brand) and they will work fine. Matched pairs are only useful when you want to squeeze every drop out of an overclock on the memory. You can match different brands but you might have to manual enter the timings in bios to the lowest common denominator You can mix 2 x 3000mhz ram with 2 or 1x 2400 mhz ram - the downside is that the 3000mhz ram will most likely downgrade to 2400mhz



Why would you want 32gb of ram for gaming? :|


Can't see any reason they wouldn't, they come off the same factory floor. All undergo same tests before leaving factory.


I have 16gb of this and it's very good, I'm looking to get an extra 16gb of this for my gaming pc i highly recommend

Kingston A400 120 GB 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive - SATA - 500 MB/s Maximum R - £20.05 using code @ Base / eBay
Found 5 h, 31 m agoFound 5 h, 31 m ago
£20 for 120gb ssd when using the PIGGYBANK discount code



Shows as 24.99 brand new now, so works out at £21.24 with the discount still ordered


Ordered, thank you....


Anyone struggling to apply the code because they did the USA one last week.. make sure you applied your country change back properly. Go to the link below and make sure you press submit TWICE in order to apply the change back properly. Working for me now.…how


Great deal!

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Kingston A400 120 GB 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive - £21.99 delivered @
Found 6 h, 40 m agoFound 6 h, 40 m ago
This SSD has been £21.99 previous and has been posted, however, when I looked yesterday and the day before that it was £26.99 and has since come back down to this price. A400 SSD… Read more

Thanks I'll expire!


Just increased price by £5...…....dirty tricks again


Have one of these in front of me, ready to be installed into a friend's computer. Easily the best way of turning almost any PC from the past 10 years into something usable.


absolute bargain

Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 PC4-21300 2666MHz Quad Channel Kit £34.63 Novatech
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
4 x 4 (16gb) is a steal at this price.

Was too good to be true.


Dear You recently placed an order for a Kingston product on our website that was not in stock. Unfortunately, the product you ordered was listed at an incorrect sale price due to a supplier feed error. Due to the extreme difference between the RRP of this product and the price you ordered at we are unable to obtain stocks from our supplier, and therefore unable to fulfil your order. No payments will be taken from Credit & Debit cards and all PayPal orders will be refunded. We apologise for any inconvenience or dissapointment caused by this issue.


Don't worry ,plenty of people will be getting credited later today ;)


I literally just said I don't mind


Take it easy, i didn't steal anything. It's a deal, not like you are the owner of the product and I need to credit you.

Kingston HyperX Fury Black 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 PC4-19200 2400MHz Dual Channel Kit £71.15  Novatech
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Kingston HyperX Fury Black 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 PC4-19200 2400MHz Dual Channel Kit overviewHyperX FURY DDR4 can handle even the toughest battle. It automatically recognises its host … Read more
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"There's no such thing as bad publicity" ;)


Peeing off potential customers is a terrible way to drive traffic. This is a balls up, not a marketing strategy.


Good way to drive web traffic. (y)


Thanks mate


Not sure on their email if it's not on their website. As I say, I would use the Resolver complaint website (, there's been a recent post about it on HUKD) to raise (and if needed escalate) your complaint, as Resolver has their email addresses for initial complaint stage and also for escalation. Good luck.

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Kingston HyperX Fury RAM Module - 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) - DDR4 SDRAM - 2400 MHz DDR4-2400/PC4-19200 £35.23 Novatech
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
WOW! Be quick, these probably won't last long! 2x8GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM! I have just ordered some myself. (excited) Automatic overclocking up to 2666MHz. HyperX® FURY DDR4 autom… Read more
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i ordered from BT also, they didn't send email, but if you go onto your acocunt, and check your orders, it states that it has been cancelled :(


anyone ordered from BT?? 4x16gb@ £61 not cancelled yet


It’s like people (customers) forget that people (staff) make mistakes. Should this cost companies money? Staff their job? Or just be cancelled and everyone walks away from the situation no worse than they were before (maybe a reprimand for the staff member to remind them the importance of due diligence and the importance of not upsetting customers).


when i ordered, it said there were 2 in stock, and mine still got cancelled (annoyed)

Lego Batman movie annual 2018 with mini fig Instore £1 poundland Kingston upon Thames Eden Centre
LocalLocalFound 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Lego 2018 batman annual £7.99 rrp only £1 Poundland Kingston upon Thames Eden Centre will try and find receipt, about 6 left after I bought 3 for my little ones.
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None in Guildford poundland


Will have to be looking out for these (horror) :D


worth it for the mini figure alone, will be looking out for this thanks


Fantastic price the mini figures alone sell for £3 or more on eBay

Kingston SSDNow M.2 SATA G2 240GB M.2-2280 SSD £46.34 @ CCL
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Kingston's M.2 SATA G2 SSD is a thin and compact, caseless internal solidstate drive that combines high capacity with low power consumption to serve as a reliable caching device or… Read more
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Not a problem mate!


Thanks for the detailed explanation. Not been up to date with recent trends.


Not exactly no. PCIe stands for pci express - a much improved version of the pci bus used on pretty much every motherboard. The pci bus generally means to most of us the pci / pcie slots that we typically plug add-in / expansion cards into such as sound cards or graphics cards. The bus does also control other elements too but it is essentially a high speed interface between the addin cards and the processor. NVMe is a new type of storage controller specifically for Non Volatile Memory based storage. It utilises the pci express bus to tape into the high speed lanes to the processor and memory etc. NVMe addin cards that plug into a pci express slot were the first drives to appear. They were and still are expensive compared to regular SATA SSD or hard drives. These newer NVMe drives available now use the M2 slot (a new slot that’s been out about 18 months or so) to tap into pci express bus. You can still get non-NVMe drives that fit this new socket. Their technology is still the same as most SATA 2.5” SSD drives but they are in the newer M2 form factor. They aren’t generally as quick as NVMe drives though as they can’t make use of the pcie bus and instead tap into a regular SATA port (albeit indirectly) I.e. no attached cable into a SATA port just the M2 interface consumes the SATA port to function. Hope this helps. Sorry if I’m teaching you to suck eggs !


Are NVMe and PCIe one and the same? I just bought the Lenovo Ideapad 520s that comes with just a 128 GB SSD. Do you think this will be good addon for a second ssd?


Does anyone know if this would be suitable for an early 2015 12” retina MacBook

Kingston A400 120GB SSD Delivered @ - £21.99
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
SSD's seem to be getting stupidly cheap recently, and £22 for a branded drive has to be a great deal for use as an OS drive! Granted its a basic drive but for an older computer, I… Read more

Given the low price anyone think this is worth using to revive a Acer 1810TZ with SU4100 (CPU Bench ~ 900) for light web browsing?


Buy multiple and run them in RAID.


I agree for things I use on a daily basis 240gb is good for me, never been much of a game horder never really play old games


Decent for a boot drive


Cheap enough to transform any old laptop. This plus a £10 usb3-sata cable would make some v. cheap fast external storage too.

Kingston 480gb ssd  £67.99 / 240gb £39.95 - Amazon
Refreshed 11th AugRefreshed 11th Aug
Kingston’s A400 solid-state drive dramatically improves the responsiveness of your existing system with incredible boot, loading and transfer times compared to mechanical hard driv… Read more
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Its not about wise, its more about economy. I use a raid 10 of these for storage, but that may not be your use case... For storing a lot of data e.g. films etc. use hdd...unless ofcourse you edit them. then use ssd.

I have also done this in the past. It works fine...

I totally agree with you...

me too

The best price so far...thanks

Really good deal for MSI 1050 Ti 4GB OC and *free* Kingston 120GB SSD £159.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Looks like a good price for the card, plus they're chucking in a 120GB SSD. Not sure about the read/write speed for the SSD, but if you were looking to overhaul a gaming PC on a bu… Read more
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Kingston did a bit of a sneaky one a few years back if I recall. They used slower components with the same model number and didn’t let it be known. However I’ve had a few Kingston SDDs and had no problems. All companies have failures.


Once bitten, Twice Shy .. I've been had before on Kingston SSD'S... so I think I'm entitled to my sceptic opinion, Don't u ?


lols u have no idea about the SSD. They are well good. Have had 3 for the last 5 years still alive.


He is confusing the Kingston A400 with an older model. Just internet ignorance


Wouldn't trust it? Why? I always thought Kingston are a reputable make when it comes to memory?

Kingston 32gb 3.0 USB Flash drive £5.97 (Prime) / £10.46 (non Prime) (64gb version only £16.19)  @ Amazon
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Cheapest its been on amazon. I have loads of these and will be picking up a few more. Never had any problems with them. The 64gb version is only £16.19 too
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Thank you!


HUKD must have added that at the end. I didn't put that in the title *fixed (y)


Bought this, heat added.


Good price - thanks for posting this. Heat.


Also coming up as 99p for me, also I’d rather carry around one usb stick rather than two :)

Kingston A1000 480GB M.2 SSD - £95.63 @ Ebuyer
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
Great price under £100! (excited) Kingston's A1000 solid-state drive is an entry-level PCIe NVMe™ solution. A1000's single-sided M.2 22x80mm design's ideal for notebooks and sys… Read more
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What slot do i look for on my motherboard to see if this will fit? Thanks in advance.


You should also have a good read of this thread


That's what I have and asked the same thing. Apple use a custom interface on for SSD apparently we need to buy an adapter


Would this work on a MacBook Pro 13 retina mid 2014? fantastic machine but storage is not great



Kingston A1000 960GB M.2 SSD - £190.65 @ Ebuyer
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
Great price under £200! (excited) Kingston's A1000 solid-state drive is an entry-level PCIe NVMe™ solution. A1000's single-sided M.2 22x80mm design's ideal for notebooks and sys… Read more
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High sequential speeds are quite useful if you back up your storage drives regularly (something we should all be doing). Also it should make loading screens in video games shorter. Plus some other uses here and there I can imagine. P.S.A. Seriously though guys, good advice; back up your storage drives regularly. I do a full disk image once a week. Depending on how much you use your PC, running into a problem that wipes your drive can be almost traumatic.


MX500 is better on random reads which is what gives the PC a snappy feeling and is most of real world (non datacenter) usage. Sequential speeds are a myth. Good price for a NVME though, bear in mind it uses 2 PCIE lanes where more expensive drives utilize 4.


Pray tell


Or hint at something that happened many years ago which hasn't been reported since!


read a good review site like this one

Kingston A400 240GB SSD £39.99 /   Kingston A400 480GB SSD £69.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Sub £40 for this Kingston 240GB SSD - free delivery 10x Faster than a hard drive Upto 500MB/s read Upto 350MB/s write Ideal for desktops and notebooks Limited 3-year warran… Read more
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@Fotune I also got a little burned by eBuyer too. I bought a non sata drive accidentally (sas or something) and realised 1 day after their returns policy (one doesn't always use a hard drive immediately after buying - at least I don't). So it was completely unused and completely useless to me. I got in touch to see what we could do (out of the returns period by a day so my own fault but I thought I could get a part refund maybe - after restocking fee - or at least store credit). No refund. No part refund. No voucher / credit. Nothing. This was after literally spending thousands of pounds with them every year for several years in a row (back when I had more money - and tech appetite - than sense). Ended up selling it on eBay for about half price (so that was something) but nothing from eBuyer. Shifted all my spending elsewhere for the 5 years or so after that. Once burned, twice shy.


Good price but forget ebuyer NO thank you!




Amazon price matched, free next day delivery for prime subs


For fun I installed XP onto a spare SSD I have and boy XP has never been so fast :D - ok so no trim and a few things need turning off but I've now got a mega fast old wreck that'll finally let me run my old Yamaha DB50XG soundcard once again, after 15 years of not using it.

Kingston A400 480gb SSD £69.99 @ Amazon
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Seems to be the best price its been posted at, except the amazon spain one for a few pence less.

Price has gone up


its a nice deal. Though faster better ssd appear here. These are cheap for a reason and some of the slowest SSD around. But still miles better than any hdd.


Enclosures cost £8 max is it worth it over a half priced 1tb normal drive


No. It's a standard SATA drive which have separate connectors for data & power (unlike USB etc) Ignore that - I think I got the wrong end of the stick (embarrassed) From Kingston's spec data below the power supplied to the (presumably) USB/Thunderbolt enclosure from host device should be more than capable of running the drive. Power Consumption: 0.195W Idle / 0.279W Avg / 0.642W (MAX) Read / 1.535W (MAX) Write


If I put it in an enclosure will it work without power

Kingston A400 120GB SSD Drive £22.31 w/code @ MyMemory
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
Kingston 120GB SSD for £22.49 - using code K10ING (thanks to bbfb123 for the code) Comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty Enhanced speeds plus rock-solid reliability … Read more

Never unplug the power cord. Keep the power cord plugged in and just turn off at the wall switch. This way your pc case is always earthed and will dissipate the static. You can eccumulate thousands of volts of static just walking on your carpet with socks on. Static won't always spaz your chips straight awsy but it can dramaticly weaken them so they will fail early.


You must be confused, one of my ssds is from 2015, 240gb SanDisk plus and I paid £59.99 3 years ago. Still works great


not in this case all phison devices are a turnkey solution made directly by phison e.g. the whole package pcb nand chipset is all built by phison so any phison device is made in the same factory with branded nand kingston have a special deal with phison with kingston supplying factory second nand (hence the kingston branding on the nand) hence phison branding the phison s11 as kingston also dont get me wrong this is a good buy and i would get one but i would take the integral all day long before this they have the exact same chipset but with branded nand e.g. less bad blocks from the factory consider this a tesco value phison turnkey drive


its 2012 so it would be sata for sure, (maybe 2 tho and not 3) *no one will know without the model number* and old hardware is fine with sdd, they just run a bit slower for it, if its only sata 1 150mbps cap (it wont be sata 1 from 2012 just listing to list) 2 300 mbps cap and not 3 600 mbps cap


Friend of mine has his hard drive completely knackered and looking for a cheap SSD. How do I know this ssd fits his laptop? It's a 2012 Samsung laptop (which model I don't remember). I've been told newer ssd's don't work well on old hardware. Thanks.

128GB MicroSDXC Kingston 80MB/s £22.49 delivered @mymemory
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
Seems a good price for the Kingston 128gb MicroSD Canvas select card at mymemory. Price is delivered from mymemory using code K10ING. Video Class V10 (Full HD, 1080p) Capacity 128… Read more

i just got mine and put in says 116gb this normal? thanks


Hehehehe, yep!. You've got it in one. :-D


so in short, good for Switch, PS Vita, digital camera if taking just photos, ie, anything that reads a lot from the card or writes little bits at a time, bad for any type of HD camera - security, dashcams, or anything that would want to continuously write to the card?


Your welcome, and yep!. Try here the link mentioned here: (For the Samsung Evo Plus I was talking about earlier ... ) And this one here too: (For the High Endurance MicroSD Card's I referred to earlier also ... ) Enjoy. :-)


Thanks Any link pls?

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