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Kingston A400 480gb ssd - £82.98 @ Amazon
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Great for the price
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Reliable, just as any Samsung SSD. I've had the 240GB older model for almost 3 years, still in my laptop, 100% condition by HDsentinel.


It’s not a Samsung EVO but then again it is only £82 so a bargain


Peops, does it worth it? is it as good as other brands ssd?... :/


40£ + first time top up PAyPoint...then you get voucher! :{


As long as you put it in a bullet proof housing otherwise you may lose data when the bullets start flying.

Kingston A400 480GB SSD £82.98 Ebuyer
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Kingston A400 480GB SSD FEATURES/BENEFITS >>10x faster than a hard drive - With incredible read/write speeds, the A400 SSD will not only increase performance but can also … Read more
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Amazon returns are far easier and this is a sata SSD no going wrong size


I find searching for specific items easier on ebuyer, I once ordered some full sized DDR3 DIMMS by mistake on Amazon because I searched for 4GB DDR SODIMM and in amongst the items were some full-sized ones and the pictures were not correct! It's easier to shop at ebuyer!


reviews look good for this drive, ideal for boosting the performance on an old desktop. just ordered one. thanks!


is it series 5?


Now we need the ram prices to drop too And the new GPUs to release Voted hot btw OP

Kingston 120GB SSD A400 Solid State Drive 2.5 Inch SATA 3 £24.99 @ my memory
Refreshed 13th JunRefreshed 13th Jun
*12th June: Dropped further now £24.99* £2 discount at checkout Enhanced speeds plus rock-solid reliability - Kingstons A400 solid-state drive dramatically improves the responsi… Read more

Didn’t need a cable as already had the data backed up on a 2nd drive (installed hdd in place of dvd drive), so created a bootable usb installer and did a clean install of OS X onto the new drive (y) :D You could always pick up a 2.5” SATA usb caddy (less than a tenner) and stick the old drive into that :)


theres no '£2 discount at checkout ' ive just looked


What cable/housing did you use to initially backup before swapping?


Should be fine - just fitted one of the integral ssd’s into a mid 2012 MacBook Pro (y) (y)


I have a 2012 non retina MacBook Pro would this be a direct swap?

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Kingston A400 480GB SSD £84.99 @ AMAZON
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Seems a nice price for a 480GB ssd from amazon. Free delivery. Also same price on ebuyer. specs: 10x Faster than a hard drive Upto 500MB/s read Upto 450MB/s write Ideal for desk… Read more

I dont think they are pretending these are anything but the lowest end of the market. It a good price for a basic SSD. Its the price I paid for my Palit branded one. You would be hard pressed to find any difference between any of the basic SSDs.


This is an SDD :|


I have always used Kingston ram with out any problems.


The bastards


Kingston released a bunch of SSD's for review, and then switched alot of the hardware out for cheaper components when they were sold to the masses. Might be worth considering if your looking to buy an SSD, Kingston have a pretty poor reputation

Pre-order Kingston A1000 nvme SSD 480gb £114.99 at Amazon
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Entry level nvme drive but with decent performance (nice improvements over sata). 5 year warranty. In stock on 9th June
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You forgot the other reason: If you do many large file transfers/accesses/writes. It's niche though.


In that case it's definitely not worth it unless you want to obsess over benchmarks (and this is coming from someone with a PM961 as a boot drive in one PC and a 960 Evo in another) nvme drives are either a "because I can" or a "because it's all I can fit!" purchase.


I'm wanting a 1TB m.2 What you reckon to the higher capacity Kingston Technology SSD A1000 (SA1000M8/960G) 960 GB Solid State Drive, M.2 2280, PCIe NVMe, Black £217.99 also on pre-order ? I nearly bought the Crucial MX500 1TB SSD - M.2 2280 form factor at - £197.99 that was posted last week.


Sorry, I should have said a SATA SSD drive!


No, this is Kingston. (cheeky)

Kingston Technology SA400S37/480G SSD A400 480GB Solid State Drive (2.5 Inch SATA 3) £84.99 @ Amazon
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Thanks to kilrah for alerting me about this! Fast start-up, loading and file transfers More reliable and durable than a hard drive Multiple capacities with space fo… Read more
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No! Always have an internal/external HDD as backup. Although ssd reliability has improved when they go down there will most likely be no warning and you will lose EVERYTHING on it.


It really annoys me (Windows 10), they give with one hand and take with another. What is with Cortana trying to be your mate all the time, I literally want to smash it when the thing starts talking to me in a robot voice, 'a bit of WiFi here, a little bit of WiFi there', etc. what is this rubbish? Also Windows Defender deciding it knows what's best, it's gone round deleting apps that it thinks might be dodgy (as far as I can tell it's anything associated with cryptocurrency recently). It's a shame as it's pretty good otherwise in many respects but really really bad in others.


Thanks, got it for 75 basically.


Whilst this is true, WIndows 10 is doing it's absolute level-best to ensure you can't do that by progressively grinding them to a halt :(


"more reliable and durable than a hard drive" What a time to be alive eh? SSDs were - for quite a long time - time-bombs. Their reliability was laughably poor They've improved - no doubt about that - I'm not sure I'm ready to accept a statement like the above quite yet tho. I have an HDD here which is older than the oldest retail SSD in existence and it still works - I have HDDs in-use which were in-use when SSDs were popping like cheap lightbulbs - I think it's too early for the SSD industry to be crowing about reliability... Best we can say right now is "SSDs aren't the disaster they once were - you should probably use them" and leave it there...

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Kingston A400 120GB SSD Drive £24.29 Mymemory with code
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Cheapest around

Fair enough. But no, I don't buy from China at this price point as I don't need the hassle if it is bad for any reason, not that it should be but I can accept slightly lower performance (that I probably won't notice in the real-world) for UK support should the worst happen.


Yes it was serious. If your looking for best prices and not performance. Of course if you dont buy memory stuff from China then its no use to you but may be for others reading the thread.


That link gives you the kingston info though and if you want to see others just do a search on that site. Just disregard the comparison. Its actual real time tests. People have to download the software from the site when you are submitting test results.


??? I’m not sure if this is actually serious or not and I’ve used Kingspec. They’re fine but I never buy memory stuff from China sellers.


You could try a kingspec one from AliExpress.

Kingston SA400S37/240G SSD A400 240GB SATA DRIVE £47.06 @ Amazon
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
That's what I'm talking about.

Good price. If you've got SATA 3, then consider the Crucial MX500 for £62.


2015 prices are back


Half the people getting these probably only have sata2 anyway, so it's going to be limited by the bus regardless.


Ok. Agreed. But is this really a common occurrence? I know there are edge cases, like video editing professionals, etc. But for most of us, hard disks excel at storing video because they are sequential data by nature so why would you be frequently moving movies between SSDs? TBH, I’m pretty sure the Kingston is the cheapest big brand drive, maybe by only a few quid but still.


There's always that one guy that thinks he knows everything because he's read a few benchmark reviews.

Kingstone press cider 5.3% 4 pack £3 @ Tesco or £1.50 with quidco clicksnap
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
4 cans £1.50.. can’t complain

They're £4.47 north of the border!! Not worth the hastle. Could rgue that it's not the half price they advertise but they could argue it's an alcohol promo and therefore not available in Scotland. Not too shabby for £1.50 if you can get it. Has a decent non artificial taste.


It'll look straight after 4 cans.


Thanx will check it out (y) Heat added


If this undercuts the shrill shrew's minimum pricing, she'll be trying to ban Quidco in Scotland.


Has been around a while on my Clicksnap in-store offers but I've never found the product in any of the large Tesco branches I've been in.

Kingston SA400S37/240G SSD A400 240 GB Solid State Drive (2.5 Inch SATA 3) - £49.99 @ Amazon
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
Brand name Kingston Item Weight 40.8g Product Dimensions 10 x 0.7 x 7 cm Item model number SA400S37/240G Series SA400S37/240G Form Factor 2.5 Hard Drive Size 240 GB Hard Disk Techn… Read more
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I don't want to guess- but maybe you can find some answer in this video:


It appears the prices drops are, if anything, increasing atm. So I do expect them to drop further. However, I doubt there is far to go on the smaller SSDs but the bigger (500GB+) will continue to become increasingly affordable.


Thanks for answering my question. Out of interest do you expect the cost to come down further or is now a good time to buy?


Production of NAND is finally catching up with the demand- and at lower production cost (64 layer 3D NAND) than before. Prices now seem to have come down to late 2016 level.


Anyone know why are we seeing the price of SSDs coming down at the moment?

Kingston Technology SA400S37/480G SSD A400 480 GB Solid State Drive (2.5 Inch SATA 3), £95.99 @ Amazon
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Saw the previous post here and noticed the price has dipped by £1. Fast start-up, load… Read more
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I was actually looking for SSDs for my mum at the time of posting this Deal (got her one) to speed up her ancient laptop. Turned into a bit of a pain as I didn't realise I couldn't transfer Vista keys to Windows 10. Got there in the end!!


£11 cheaper now so hot from me :P

Kingston 64GB DataTraveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive £18.99 @ Mymemory
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Cheapest I can find at the moment for this model and size, hopefully it may help some people out. If people voting this cold, if you can find this model cheaper elsewhere please sh… Read more
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It's not, google it and you'll see :) Have a good day, bye.


Ok, forget the Sandisk, but consider the Duracell with it's sturdy case it can take the knocks :)


I've never had much luck with Sandisk products lately, they just fail after several months, yes there is the warranty process which is some what a pain, but more importantly the data is lost.


It will break


I don't really care if it's a metal one or plastic, for me most important is speed. Currently i'm using Duracell Superspeed Professional 128GB & Sandisk Extreme 128Gb and they're very fast :)

Kingston 128GB Canvas Select micro SD Card (SDXC) + SD Adapter - 80MB/s - £23.74 at MyMemory
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
USE CODE :- VC The Kingston Canvas Select microSD card is designed to be reliable, making it ideal for filming in HD and shooting hi-resolution photos on your Android smartphone.… Read more

VC and VC5 codes are not valid for me at least. I did manage to get 4% tcb though.


Why is this so cheap compared to say 64gb sandisk and Samsung cards


Never used Kingston micro SD, any good?

Kingston 480 GB Solid State Drive £96.99 @ Amazon
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
I was looking for a new main drive for my PC and this seems like a very good deal, most of the drives around this size are over £100. I Kingston pretty good reliable too. Read and… Read more
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Showing as £95.99 this morning :)


Second that. Extra 20gb too. Wish the crucial would drop to £100.


If it helps, i run a service that delivers over 500 PC' to students. 5 years ago we switched to SSD en-masse. Since switching not a single SSD has failed.


Duplicate deal


Agree, as it also comes with 5 year warranty instead of 3 for Kingston.

Kingston 480GB Internal SSD A400 Solid State Drive (2.5 Inch SATA 3) - £96.99 @ Amazon
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Enhanced speeds plus rock-solid reliability - Kingston’s A400 solid-state drive dramatically improves the responsiveness of your existing system with incredible boot, loading and t… Read more

Having a Dram chip means that it will be faster especially for writing and wont bottleneck when tranferring large amounts of data. Cards without a Dram chip will slow massively when trasferring large amounts of data and users may experience micro stuttering when dealing with demanding applications. The cheaper cards have less storage memory as without a Dram chip they use reserved space as a cache, which is much slower.


A400s are DRAM-less AFAIK, and only have a 3 year warranty MX500 seems just such great value compared to all these cheaper models. £10 more gets you DRAM, a 5 year warranty and 20GB more space


So how is this compared to Crucial MX500 or Samsung Evo 860 (with Far Cry 5)? This one is slightly cheaper but it is 20GB less storage.


£10 too much for a basic 480 gb ssd. For £10 more you can buy the better crucial MX500 and Samsung Evo 850.


Not too shabby

Kingston - 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 Memory £139.99 @ box
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Just the deal I had been waiting for. This is great RAM, at a price that doesn't bust the bank and a good speed too. Reputable seller. Ram has a CAS latency of just 13. Can't see a… Read more
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Was for about 12 minutes (shock) I think Box only had limited stock to begin with when they reduced the price.


Remember when Ram was one of the cheapest parts in a PC build?


never was in stock>?


That was quick! Sorry to those who missed it.



HP MT41 AMD A4 Laptop 8GB 250GB HDD Factory Refurbished With Free Kingston 16GB USB 3.0 Memory Stick £211.46 @ Scan Free C&C or £4.79 store drop off.
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Cheap Grade A Microsoft Certified Refurb. HP MT41 14" Windows 10 Home Premium (A4 4300M/250GB/8GB/Radeon 7420G) - Grade A Microsoft Certified Refurbished Features • Model Number:… Read more

It's got a displayport


1600 passmark. Yikes. Get an atom like my t100 for longer battery life


Rubbish specs for the money. Might as well spend extra 100 quid and get something with an i3 or i5. Old dual core amd processor will struggle.


Must be nearly a decade old this surely?


This must be ancient! I don't see any HDMI connection

Kingston 128GB DataTraveler DT50 USB 3.0 £24.99 @ Mymemory
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Amazon currently have this for £32.97 so this represents a bargain

Maybe they are. But just don't like to alienate their buyers by trying to be 'smart'.


As stated, 15MB/s write speed. That write speed is a little slow for USB 3.0.


I take it you are not an entrepreneur, in business or any form of marketing then


What a cheap move to highlight 110Mb/s speed in their title without detailing that it is for read speeds. At least in the spec sheets further down, it does indicates write speeds up to 15Mb/s.

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