Posted 23 January 2023

Aliens: Fireteam Elite PC STEAM - £10.85 @ Shopto

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Set in the iconic Alien universe, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a cooperative third-person survival shooter that drops your fireteam of hardened marines into a desperate fight to contain the evolving Xenomorph threat.

Face off against waves of terrifying Xenomorph and Weyland-Yutani Synthetic foes alongside two players or AI teammates, as you and your fireteam desperately fight your way through four unique campaigns that introduce new storylines to the Alien universe. Create and customize your own Colonial Marine, choosing from an extensive variety of classes, weapons, gear and perks, battling overwhelming odds in this heart-pounding survival shooter experience.
Play a pivotal role in the epic events that occur 23 years after the original Alien trilogy as a Colonial Marine stationed aboard the UAS Endeavor, battling terrifying Xenomorph threats. Stunning visuals, iconic enemies, realistic environments, powerful weapons, futuristic equipment, and an eerie soundscape, combined with new storylines in a series of replayable campaigns, expand upon the story from the blockbuster films.
Face overwhelming odds against over 20 enemy types, including 11 different Xenomorphs along the evolutionary scale from Facehuggers to Praetorians, each designed with their own intelligence to ambush, outsmart and eviscerate vulnerable marines. Utilize cover and master team strategy to survive extraterrestrial threats as they overrun your fireteam from every angle, swarm through doors and vents, scramble across walls and ceilings, and strike from darkness with uncanny ferocity.
Choose from five unique classes - Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc and Recon - each with their own special abilities and character perks. Utilize an extensive arsenal of 30+ weapons and 70+ mods/attachments in your effort to eradicate the Alien threat. An innovative Perk Board modifies and improves your abilities, while a unique Challenge Card system alters the approach to each Campaign mission, offering a new experience with every playthrough
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    A really good game, definitely recommended.

    The only issue with steam is the lack of comms. It was on gamepass, including pc, complete with voice chat until a month or so ago. It was the only game out of my library that made me buy a headset. There's cross play, xbox, PS, steam, which means there's a large player base (relatively), but it's incredibly hard without chat on the highest difficulties.

    Single player campaign is decent, but short, it's a team based shooter. You'll replay the same maps over and over, but they are lovingly crafted.
    Is it an action game primarily or one of those where you wander around looking for things?
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    I have finished it on my Steam Deck with expansion few days ago. It plays ok around 30-40fps (ocasional 1sec freezes when game loads next section of the map, always happens in areas without enemies). It takes around 1-3min to find a team (3players) on normal difficulty so multiplayer is still alive. It has cross play toggle so you can get matched with console players. Takes around 10 hours to go through all missions on normal. (edited)
    Those freezes happen on any system... Its a "feature".
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    Xbox.game pass also had this available to play on pc. if you wish to buy the pass to play it and other games v owning it.
    It's not on there anymore.
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    Shame it's not this price on Xbox 😔
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    Pathogen edition with the expansion and loads of DLC is £14.95 on Shopto ....

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    I found it absolutely terrible. 
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    Is it primarily a first-person shooter? The games where you wander around when not much happens while you collect stuff or whateverb test my patience.
    Yeah it's an FPS with an emphasis on teamwork. As you go through the levels it ends up being mini waves of enemies you have to kill before moving on