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Posted 23 May 2023

[AMD CARDS ONLY] Receive Up To £115 Cashback When You Purchase Selected Graphics Card From Selected Retailers Via ASUS

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Promotion Period:
20th May - 24th June, 2023

Redemption Period::
3rd June - 8th July, 2023

United Kingdom
HOW IT WORKSBuy an eligible ASUS graphics card between 20th May and 24th June, 2023 from a participating dealerEnter the required information to the entry form and upload your invoice between 3rd June and 8th July, 2023After a short verification, ASUS will transfer the cashback amount directly to your bank account---------------------------------------------------

These cards are usually more expensive than the rest, but for example on Ebuyer you can get the 7900 XT for £760 which isn't a bad deal: ebuyer.com/158…ing

Sadly, not even the 7900 XT fits my case, these are BIG cards, so make sure you check measurements!
ASUS More details at
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  1. F_U_G_A_Z_I_'s avatar
    Cheapest RX 6700 XT seems to be the one from overclockers, ends up being £303 with delivery after cashback. overclockers.co.uk/asu…wcB
  2. amazing1234232323's avatar
    It took Asus a year of having my ROG motherboard (£280 worth) to admit they couldn’t repair it and issued a refund via the retailer….
    There was a lot of ignored emails. This went on about 2 years ago. The thing is because the recent press has been so bad they will now do a 180.
  3. EDEN188's avatar
    Seems to be only for AMD GPUs, no problem for me, but maybe worth putting that in description
    Sickyman678's avatar
    Probably for the best after today's 4060ti reviews
  4. JH90's avatar
    (Asus 6700xt) Anyone got this exact card and can inform me on the fan noise when under load?

    Thinking of finally upgrading from a gtx 970 (windforce) .... was quiet as a mouse.

    Shame the rate my gear cashback isn't applicable to Amazon like the other promo as I have gift card that needs using. (edited)
    sammybox3's avatar
    The terms and conditions for "rate my gear" does list Amazon as an option (there just not showing the amazon logo on the main page)
    Rate My Gear (sales-promotions.com)

    Although you may get a copy of Last of us free from other retailers (edited)
  5. Ricky302's avatar
    Asus are well know for not paying cashback.
  6. satsumaaa's avatar
    I'm a bit confused, it says up to £115 but when looking into it the 7900xtx is only £90 cashback. Am I missing something?
    JohnnyMcJohnFace's avatar
    you can get an extra £25 on the rate my gear cashback promo.
  7. crack_shot's avatar
    glad its an AMD card only deal. Nvidia cards are all DOA. (Look at those 1% lows!)
    I cant wait for Digital foundry to review the card and to blame the games lol
    MincedMutton's avatar
    As I’m sure you know, that’s specifically due to the 8gb vram limit. Which is why some AMD cards have the same issue and the 3060 outperforms 1% lows on a 3070 and the 4060ti.
    TLoU is somewhat of an outlier though - you won’t run into this issue on most games. In the event you do it is usually resolvable by turning a few settings down a notch.
    AMD have made the same decision with the 7600, although they had the good sense to price it accordingly.
    8gb vram is becoming the bare minimum for low to mid cards. Its still fine at 1080p and mostly fine for 1440p.
  8. crack_shot's avatar
    the 6700 XT seems like an absolute steal with this deal.
    I dont think AMD are releasing anything better this gen and i know Nvidia aren't
    Intel could be the dark horse with something up their sleeves as an alternative

    also, tears of the kingdom 4k 60 fps on a £300 graphics card.... not a bad deal
    and i personally found that kirby the forgotten kingdom at 60 fps is a revelation
    mario odyssey 4k with the resolution scaler disabled is fantastic
  9. EDEN188's avatar
    Don't want to post a separate deal, all credits to op. A 6700 xt for £329.99 after cashback.

    Korben_Dallas's avatar
    Korben_Dallas Author
    That's a pretty sweet deal for that price range in terms of performance/vram.
  10. thekwango_'s avatar
    shame it's Asus. wouldn't touch their products now with a barge pole.
    Hunter68's avatar
    Why? I must have missed something?
  11. deleted2508999's avatar
    Anonymous User
    You'd think Asus were trying to make amends for melting cpu's of late or something wouldn't you???
    silverGT's avatar
  12. LiamN's avatar
    Must be struggling to shift their stuff. Can't possibly think why
  13. EDEN188's avatar
    Get Last of Us as well.
  14. stuart.evansqFp's avatar
    I'm about to do an RMA for an Asus 6600 that went caput after a recent windows update put the pc into a repair loop. There's a lot of negativity online recently when it comes to Asus so I don't think I'll be using them again in future. (edited)
    Esfiha28's avatar
    AMD cards are super reliable, had about 10-15 over the past 15+ years.
  15. maniac3173's avatar
    Hmmm... Would I still get cashback if I use my work discount? Argos give me 20% off so 439.99 - 87.98 = 352.01 and then 40 quid off... Im looking at 312.01 for a RX6750XT...
  16. mreriksen's avatar
    or...... here is a crazy thought......

    Buy a reference 7900XT for £750
    DragonQ's avatar
    Yep but worse value than a 6700 XT with this deal. With the 2 cashback promotions it'd be £295 from a top tier retailer. A 7900 XT is roughly 80% faster but would cost 150% more. Also there are still several bugs not fixed with the 7000 series cards that I want to see fixed before I'd buy one.

    It's a shame there's no 6800/6800 XT in this offer.
  17. PS5's avatar
    New model hopefully announced in the next few days which may push these down further.
  18. Weehamish's avatar
  19. Warnoq's avatar
    Seems pretty good, might finally bite on this. Interesting selection of GPUs its available on though, sadly no 6800xt
  20. Warnoq's avatar
    Seems like the 6700x on OCUK is now down even more to 338.99 before either cashbacks and now comes with resident evil 4? 273.99 (before PnP as some get free postage)
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