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Posted 27 June 2023

Auto Finesse Snow Lance Kit- Includes Lance, 500ml Avalanche & Lavish (Fits Karcher K Series) £35.99 With Code @ Euro Car Parts

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£39.99 Without first order discount code (CODE FOR 10% IS: 6GTG7HT2)

Auto Finesse Snow Lance Kit- Includes Lance, 500ml Avalanche & Lavish (Fits Karcher K Series)This 3-piece set from Auto Finesse contains the items to maintain and protect your vehicle using your pressure washer.

Avalanche snow foam, is a Citrus Power infused foaming pre-wash solution that is the perfect product to assist you in loosening and removing road grime prior to contact washing, doing most of the work for you.

Lavish ceramic foam allows you to apply a hydrophobic Si02 ceramic layer with your foam lance. The easy and effective solution for adding gloss and protection right at the wash stage.

Both products are easily applied using the supplied Auto Finesse snow foam lance.

  • 3-piece set includes:
  • 1x Auto Finesse Foam Lance with Karcher K fitting
  • 1x Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam 500ml
  • 1x Auto Finesse Lavish Ceramic Si02 Foam 500ml
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  1. J40NYR's avatar
    avalanche is pretty useless for removing dirt, lavish might be good though?

    If you're just getting into this, Bilt-hamber Touchless or BH autofoam are fantastic at removing dirt and leave the car unbelievably clean even without a contact wash. They are also non caustic so they inhibit rust on all your mild steel bits an bobs (good if you're keen and snowing the car every time it gets a bit dusty!)
  2. Pree_Pree's avatar
    Autobrite snow foam lance for me with Bilt Hamber Auto foam
    Im_Ethan_Bradberry's avatar
    What do you use as contact or car shampoo?
  3. RoosterNo1's avatar
    Bilt Hamber and the cheapest cannon from Amazon ! (They all do the same thing....)
    mikeizz's avatar
    I have the same set up .

    I got the cannon direct from Aliexpress. Same one that cost £25 in Amazon, I got for £9 and does the job well and was delivered in under a week. (edited)
  4. Jay_Patel6cq's avatar
    Use the lavish ceramic foam after every contact wash. Amazing stuff and makes the next wash easier.
  5. vivi_ssj3's avatar
    Not bad price. Question is - how good is the product?
    packard's avatar
    For me the current benchmark is AUTOGLYM, way ahead of AUTOBRITE
  6. Quklux's avatar
    Autobrite for me and TW pure shampoo for snow foam, have lance 7 years,still like new
  7. viper1984's avatar
    Has anyone used this and the Autoglym Polar Blaster? Was going to get the Autoglym soon but interested to hear if anyone thinks this one is better.
    Mr0's avatar
    I use it solid product. This seems like a good deal though your getting 2 X products also for kind of the same price
  8. davester2k's avatar
    Truck wash with a good marketing budget......

    It's amazing how easy it is to get people to buy into gimmicks!
    RoadManz's avatar
    Snow foam is a gimmick?
  9. micronX7's avatar
    Always found Avalanche to work well enough. Like anything, you need to spend a bit of time with dilution to get the right consistency which is paradoxically, not the thickest foam you can achieve. Same with many products. The gun will probably work well enough, it looks similar to a few others. As long as you get a layer on the car, that's the main thing, thickness is not really the goal. A lot depends on the power and flow of your washer with guns and foam when it comes to making thick foam and rinsing off. A washer operating at 70 bar with low to average flow is never going to work as well as one at 130 with a good strong flow, maybe that's why some (I know not all) like the BH is which always mentioned, it's strength helps but look at reviews for degrading LSP and it's effect on plastics applied by pump or foam gun. Just mentioning it, plenty believe they have no problems at all. BH also produces very little foam in any gun,again, there are many who think something is wrong but it doesn't work like a typical snow fosm so if foam is what you want, definitely avoid it.

    Found this thread, it's been edited due to the debate at the time

    If you like the price here, I would try it
    Smeeble09's avatar
    I've got the old AF one, not sure what the difference may be to this one other than the bottle shape. I like it, seems to give me a decent foam and the build is nice too.
  10. fishmaster's avatar
    Wish this was called Snow Sabre then I could say "Use the foam Luke"

    No? tough crowd
  11. lordfakeclothes's avatar
    Since I've gone rinseless washing I've not really used my snowfoams / Lance's , but this is a decent deal
  12. eded's avatar
    I use the PH Neutral Polar Blast through a cheapo Chinese lance and get pretty good results. It goes on reasonably thick. Then I go on to Polar Wash, and finish off with Turtle Wax Graphene Flex wax which does a great job which means heavy rain is enough to get rid of light soiling.

    I like the idea of the Auto Finesse Ceramic Foam, but haven't seen any detailed reviews of it. Has anyone here used it?
  13. shunka's avatar
    I have a worx battery powered washer. The foam gun gave up the ghost and stopped making foam unless i squeeze the bottle really hard. Anyone know if this will work as a replacement?
    micronX7's avatar
    If its the small Worx one, it won't have enough power, this also fits Karcher machines specifically but other adaptors can be purchased.
  14. Ralfus's avatar
    Does anybody knows if that fits titan pressure washers?
  15. umirza85's avatar
    Is there a difference between snow lance and canon?
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