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Pressure washers allow users to clean stubborn dirt deposits, usually from exterior surfaces like patios, pathways or driveways. Relying on sophisticated pressurised jets of water, these devices are an essential tool in the construction sector and they will come in handy for anyone with outdoor spaces to clean. Find the cheapest pressure washers around at HotUKDeals. Read more
Garden Sprayer Pressure Sprayer Pump Action, £16.48 Prime / £20.97 Non Prime Sold by ANSIO Direct and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
The #1 Best seller for Garden sprayers on Amazon which comes with a 2 year warranty. Free delivery with Prime! I paid £24.97 2 days ago so I consider this a good price 5 Litre … Read more
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I think this one has flared mouth at the top making feeding liquid into it much easier.


Thanks for this here @troi.mboorman Looks like the price is still valid. This one looks well reviewed so i'm sure will be a good purchase for someone looking for this. I see there are some good alternatives posted in this thread (and cheaper!) so any feedback others can provide will be really useful.


Ohhh... That sounds a bit slow going to me


Good for rinsing the car after a wash if you don't have access to a hose.


Better quality how? I use the screwfix one at least 3 times a week for about 3 hours each time hasn't missed a beat

Karcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer £87.19 @ CarPartsSaver / eBay
824° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Seems a decent price with the patio cleaner attachment included. Also available from euro car parts ebay store for £87.99. Make sure to enter code PICK20OFF at checkout. T150 P… Read more

Perhaps. Maybe a bad factory run due to component change. Like a bad year of wine. Lol


Bought this from b&q recently for £105 (wanted same day so didn't mine spending the extra) i'm using with an outside water tank and it's done an amazing job.


Thanks for that. £8 at Wickes, let's hope it works. What with the longer hose, this is turning into an over £100 purchase. Beginning to think I should have just hired one.




Where did you find the k4 for that price?

Nilfisk Premium 180 xtra pressure washer £399.99 at Cleanstore
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Next cheapest I find is at Costco for £30 more This is for the top of the range consumer model
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I'd have a look and see what professional pressure washer places are near you (or Kranzle dealers) Give them a call as none of the deals I've seen on here are really that good - also if you have a local place you know you have the backup etc. (They can still go wrong but are worth fixing unlike pretty much any sub-£200 washer..)


Can you send the link? Have held off as seen a karcher professional xpert Hd7125 for same price with all accesories. If there is a kranzle with all accesories for same price well that changes things!


Honestly - buy a Kranzle for that price!


Avoid the break down frequently

linhang90 £413, Candor services £400, amazon £387, £349, toolstation £389 etc... some of these dont come wi the patio cleaner but it doesnt cost much more. Yes this deal might be one of the cheapest but it isnt much less than the average price.

Kärcher 26431470 FJ6 Foam Jet Nozzle with 0.6 L Capacity Foamer for Pressure Washer Accessory - £10.90 Prime (£15.39 non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Cheapest it's been in a long time. Marked as #1 Best Seller on Amazon even for regular price, now 45% off. OOS currently but you can order in advance. Great accessory for Karcher p… Read more
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I just used this one -


Avoid. Had one for a couple of years. Gives very watery thin foam. Thought I had rubbish foam, tried various brands of foam and no good. Tried adjusting the ratio still no good. Got a proper one (brass fittings, adjustable nozzle) for about £25 and it's amazing. Thick dense foam. Buy quality, not cheap.


Hey mate one last one which polar blast? Amazon has pre wash wash and protect


Ah I’m with you now, ordered this item thanks :)


That looks like it just allows you to use karchers chemicals with the washer but not a foam gun.

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Einhell TC-HP 1334 1300W Pressure Washer 100 bar - £49.98 delivered @ Toolstation
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Probably going to have some negative views because its not a Karcher! But for under £50 with detergent bottle, pistol, lance etc this is perfect for washing the cars! Online only… Read more

YOu Don't need take it out. Is not a protector. That is giving you pressure


From what I read on another site the bullet acts as a means to create the spray rather than a straight bust of water. I'm going to order a hose pipe to test it this weekend. Thanks for the tip on the white protector I'll keep an eye out for that. I've not really had a chance to look at it fully yet.


The instructions are quite poor with this and took my age to realise that there was a white protector on the gun I had to remove to get the lance in. As for the rattle - inside the nozzle there is a long white bullet shaped bit of plastic. I don't know what this is, but i assume it needs removing. Anyone else know? I can't see it mentioned in the instruction guide.


Depends how deep you want go. If just surface will do the job.i honestly like it better than K2 . Also the noise is better which I didn't mention. I just maybe thinking of a posh Lance with rotative modes


Yeah it would work fine.

Kranzle K1050P Pressure Washer £341.99 at Cleanstore
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
2200 Watt Induction Motor 160 Bar / 450 Litres Per Hour 8 Metre High Pressure Hose Reliable Brass Pump & Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Pistons Stainless Steel Flat Jet Lan… Read more
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I use to do a lot of detailing a few years ago, so it was used a fair bit. Not so much these days. It seems to manage 5 cars on a weekend with the snow foam lance to. I guess it's horses for courses. (y)


I like quality but you need to have a need for it. My Nilfisk is used every few weeks so I don’t have that much use and this great device would be an overkill but heat for quality.


I think the worry is if you are going to be using it for hours every week and especially in the summer. How much use have you got out of it?


Why so angry, I never said Kranzles are bad but not everyone wants to pay this much or more. Plus, my Karchers have been fine, handed on and still running. But I look after stuff, some do not. Just got it out for the summer because the hose is better, it will fit the Karcher as well but need to do a mod. (y) in


What a load of rubbish. You definitely dont have a kranzle as if you did you definitely wouldnt use a karcher instead. My kranzle had been faultless in 7 years so far. Will the karcher run without water, no it wont. Does the karcher run with the same throughput, no it doesn't. I run mine via an extended hose, so total 20m of hose with no loss of power, the karcher would blow up at the thought. You lose pressure with karchers. Is the quality the same, no karchers are made from mostly cheap plastic including parts of the pump lol. I've had karchers and they are absolute c..p. I got fed up with them leaking, packing up and not working for long hours despite treating them perfectly.

Karcher K2 Compact Refurbished Pressure Washer £71.48 delivered @ Karcher
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Karcher K2 Compact Refurbished Pressure Washer - REFURBISHED The Karcher K2 Compact is a lightweight, entry level machine in the Karcher pressure washer range. The versatile K2 … Read more
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No offence, but you probably don't know what you've bought. I can't see any B&Q deals posted here for Karcher Compact. I can see a deal from B&Q for Karcher Basic. Which I know very well it was that price as I saw it in B&Q 2 days ago. I can't see any deals for £65 for Karcher Compact.


About that price in B&M bargains new lol


These are a completely different animal to the ones bought years ago.


I've had my karcher for over 20 years now , don't treat it especially well , other than make sure no water is in it when lying in shed over winter or it'll freeze and bust it


That code didn't work for me mate on another product

PRESSURE WASHER K 3 HOME £129.99 @ Karcher
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
PRESSURE WASHER K 3 HOME Get +1 EXTRA year guarantee on Home & Garden machines only when you buy direct from Kärcher FREE delivery on all orders over £50 Delivery in 4-6 … Read more
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Same price as Halfords + 4.95% TCB


Hi guys. Does anyone know if this comes with the car foam attachment please


Argos say the K3 is rated 80 max 120.


They are normally buried somewhere


Couldn't find what the Karcher rated pressure was. Is it mentioned anywhere?

Nilfisk Alto C135.1-6i X-TRA Pressure Washer 135 bar 240V £169.95 at D & M Tools
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Free delivery 1-3 days, other options available. Never used the site but can pay via PayPal. The Kew Nilfisk Alto C135.1-6i X-TRA Pressure Washer is a compact machine ideal for… Read more

This is the K4 equivalent?


Pretty rare to see it that low though


It says shipping from 03/04/20?


£99.99 is a really good price.


It's been as low a 99.99 on Amazon, pretty sure that's what I got it for. It was in the middle of winter when it's useless to you of course

Nilfisk C135.1-8i Power X-Tra Pressure Washer £184.99 delivered @ Costco
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
The compact Nilfisk 135.1-8i Power X-Tra Pressure Washer features a built-in trolley, making it easy to transport. The 1700W induction motor with a metal pump produces a maximum p… Read more

Have a look and review the market it’s caught up you can get a similar bar, water flow with pump (metal) and compatible motor at significant lower cost price. I would assume the larger volume brands that manufacture in China are being followed in some capacity and maybe nilfisk have the wrong market strategy on pricing over the last couple of years plus that’s it from me buy Nilfisk if that’s your preference I have never said they where poor quality just over priced as is karcher


What's a like for like Chinese manufactured product? Nilfisk pressure washers are some of the best around.


Patio cleaner, drain and tube cleaner are relatively low cost value items in manufacturing so the add ons are just a way of promoting the main item. Nilfisk are 25/30% to expensive based on a like for like Chinese manufactured product


Definitely this model it has induction motor it was in Cleanstore then Argos. Also think CPC had it on the same offer


There is absolutely no way that this model was selling for under £100 unless it was a price error. £149 is the lowest I have ever seen it. You're likely mistaking it for the standard C135 model.

ProKleen Electric Pressure Washer High Power Jet Car Wash Kit Cleaner Patio £110.46 @ hsd-online / eBay
85° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
ProKleen 1600W Pressure Washer Car & Patio Cleaner, 1 x ProKleen Cherry Snow Foam 5L, 1 x ProKleen Snow Foam Lance, 2 x 1000GSM Mirco Fibre Cloths, 1 x Wash Mitt Extreme Perf… Read more

The snow foam and lance sell for £43 the pair. On Ebay, 5 cloths and 2 mitts is £20, so £10 for those. Meaning the jetwasher is about £60 for 135 bar. Bit expensive when it can be bought for £24 on Ebay


135 bar of preasure is not high.. Its like average...


Seems cheaper elsewhere?


I use this foam gun which is great. The pressure washer comes with 1 years warranty. Heat added.

Karcher K2 Basic 110bar High Pressure Washer 1400W 240V £64 delivered with code + 2 Year Guarantee @ B&Q
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Karcher K2 basic pressure washer 110 bar for £64 with code CLUBWPJSFE and also free delivery. Looks a good price for this pressure washer and comes with a 2 year manufacturer gua… Read more

iv sent a strongly worded email, im expecting an apology from a CEO at the very least


I bet you will use them again ;)


due for delivery Friday, still not arrived. No way of tracking no email or text updates. I understand deliveries are being delayed at this time but this is shocking service. Rang customer service twice, automated message then hung up on. B&Q i will never use you again


I've had mine for over 5 years and use it at least 6 times a year for cleaning the car and paving slabs, even the brickwork on my house. It's still going strong. The only thing that has broken is the dirt blaster, but I just bought a third party replacement on eBay for about £10 delivered.


Anyone else having problems fitting the cheap flexixuble handle onto the top of the machine?

Kranzle K1050TS Pressure Washer - £413.99 @ Cleanstore
157° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
2200 Watt Induction Motor 160 Bar / 450 Litres Per Hour 8 Metre High Pressure Hose, Stainless Steel Quick Change Fittings Reliable Brass Pump & Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel P… Read more
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My bad, thought you were on about Car Cleaning Guru


Wrong you tuber


You do realize that he's on about the Kranzle K7 not the Karcher don't you?


But compared to kranzle power washers it's like a child's toy , mad paying 400 for it.


It's still a cracking pressure washer, with me wanting a van with water tank inside its ideal as it pulls the water itself

Nilfisk Compact C110 Pressure Washer £71.99 Cleanstore
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
1400W Universal Air Cooled Motor 110 Bar / 440 Litres Per Hour 5 Mtr High Pressure Hose Click & Clean Foam Sprayer Tornado & Powerspeed Nozzles Nilfisk Compact C110 Press… Read more

Guys i wanna get this but i dont have an outdoor tap what can i use on my sink. I do have a water butt outside.


I've had the older Nilfisk version of this for 5+ years and its been superb. It's had lots of use in that time and has performed perfectly.


Actually I think I'm going to go with the Nilfisk due to knowing someone who owns one and is happy with it and due to not knowing that other brand I've linked. Heat added, thanks OP.


Wonder if anyone can lend their opinions. First time I'm looking to buy a pressure washer and I'm trying to decide between this and this I'm only intending to use this for washing the car and both look to be compatible with Prokleen. Therefore I'm leaning towards this Nilfisk, what do you guys think?

Nilfisk - C-125.7-6 PC X-TRA - High Pressure Washer £113 at Coolshop
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
First post £113.00 delivered Looks good to me. The handy high pressure washer with plenty of power. The best for basic outdoor cleaning task The best perfoming model of the … Read more

Agree I would expect they have a high percentage of returns Nilfisk


Exactly, karcher are no better. Get a kranzle and thank me later. Proper internals using brass etc and will last a lifetime, every part can be changed too.


It’s because the internals are rubbish and cheaply made with alloy and plastic. Get the kranzle, proper pump and housing that would put most home. heating systems to shame


Heap of junk, get the kranzle posted. More expensive but you’ll thank me later.


When you send the machine to a service centre in the UK if it has an EU plug they will not cover the warranty as they will not get paid by the nilfisk the subsidiary based in Penrith Cumbria as they do not import EU models as the warranty is not covered. The machine comes with a two year warranty fact on the motor and pump unit but it is region specific. Best way to test this is to buy one of the EU models and if it breaks take the trouble to drive to a nilfisk service centre in the UK have them refuse to repair and potentially take a trip to France or Belgium to get it repaired. Coolshop is based in Denmark and won’t know the UK protocols on the plug system to cover IP ratings. Also Coolshop are predominately a console games and accessories online store not a cleaning machine sales business so up to you all if you decide to purchase an online product from the EU in this market

ProKleen Pressure Washer - 135 Bar - £80.71 @ hsd-online Ebay
166° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Yep, I know. Another Ebay "code" deal! (embarrassed) Lots of people recently have been looking for a pressure washer. I thought I'd post this up as; not just because of the pr… Read more

How does this compare to the Karcher K2 Full Control kit?


Looks gorgeous to me, but just wondering if any compatible extension hose can be purchased with this brand?


Let's be honest, you're unlikely to get a 135 bar gaming mouse for this kind of money...


I came here to say the thumbnail makes it look like RGB!


If you let go of the trigger yes ? Also has a ten metre house on the lance and patio tools

Bosch 1500W 125 Bar Pressure Washer with Car Cleaning Kit 230V - UNIVERSALAQUATAK 125 + CAR WASH SET £124.98 delivered @ CPC
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Cracking price for this WITH the Car Wash Set. From what I can find this (without the car kit included which is worth £22) is selling around £140 to £170. Has really good reviews t… Read more

Went with it needed one desperately, hopefully works out! Anyone have experience with support if things go wrong?


It is quite stiff so even when careful it kinks easily, once it kinks it very quickly springs a leak where the kink is. Even though I was aware of it by the third hose and was very careful it still happened.


gone up to £174.95 now. Wow!


is it not covered under the guarantee? Anyone else had issues with the hose?


yeh what is the issue with the hose?

Karcher Premium Full Control Plus K7 Corded Pressure washer 180bar - £398 delivered @ B&Q
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Karcher Premium Full Control Plus K7 Corded Pressure washer 2.8kW £50 cashback, by redemption, on this product. Offer available until 31st May 2020 (claim by 31st July 2020) Prod… Read more
Avatardeleted2486599Get deal*Get deal*

ok. 130 bar is the maximum recommended for cleaning a car. Night


I mention that because someone is going to put it on full bar to wash their car. Which would be a massive mistake. And then be faced with a respray. 180 bar is not for cleaning car paintwork. Although cleaning alloys would be fine.


It has an adjustable pressure lance


The £50 cash back also applies to the K5 model but is only applicable to the K5 & K7 WITH FULL CONTROL. To be honest I don’t fancy the complicated electronics in the head and all the wiring, etc that has to be included in the hose to get the signals there!


I think most of the offers are for the K2 series and most people don’t realise that ‘not all Karchers are the same’. The K2 has a lot of plastic in it!

Pressure Washer K 3 Home £129.99 at Karcher (Kärcher)
15/06/2020Expires on 15/06/2020Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
The Kärcher K 3 Home is the perfect pressure washer for occasional use on light dirt around the home. It is ideal for cleaning bicycles, cars, garden furniture and patios. The K 3 … Read more
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Everything seems plastic but seems quit solid so far


Did you buy via card? If so check statements, that should suffice as they can trace it.


What the difference between k2 and k3? Is it possible to use it if I don't have a water tap outside?


I had one fm Argos last year this year just stopped working motor turns on you connect water motor dies cant get any support snd my darling husbsnd didnt keep the reciept either ;(


Had a K3 for about 6/7 years worked hard been very good just had to spend £26 to mend it good as new .

Top Tech HPI1700 Domestic Pressure Washer - 90 bar / 1700 Watt £52.68 @ CarParts4Less
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Cheap basic power washer - 'no name' brand and seller a bit hit and miss going on posts seen here but I have never had a problem with them. Free delivery.

Did you manage to find any attachments,as I'm struggling to find a suction hose for this device to allow to use a bucket if no water tap struggling to find any information or additional products from this company


Is that a snow foam bottle? Looks like a good deal this.


Thanks for sharing your first deal @666777888 :) Looking at what is currently available this seems like a decent price so heat from me.


Not £40-45 then and presumably the code is not 'normal'.


£46.99 little over a month ago

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