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Pressure washers allow users to clean stubborn dirt deposits, usually from exterior surfaces like patios, pathways or driveways. Relying on sophisticated pressurised jets of water, these devices are an essential tool in the construction sector and they will come in handy for anyone with outdoor spaces to clean. Find the cheapest pressure washers around at HotUKDeals. Read more
Bosch High Pressure Washer AdvancedAquatak 140 (2100 W, Maximum Flow Rate 450 Litre/Hour) £188.23 delivered with voucher @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
There is a 35€ discount voucher for this item. Please tick the box. Coupon valid till end of day 9th May. Sold and fulfilled by Amazon. About 26% saving compared to Amazon UK pri… Read more

Funny that it is from Germany, where it is illegal to wash your car at home. I suppose they must be using them on other things. (confused)


In this kind of price range you'd be better off getting a Nilfisk E 145.


Great washer, Bosch is the best make with paying silly money


I managed to bag one of these when Costco had them on offer for £170. Night and day improvement over the the normal bosch non-advance range (which I used for over 5years). Couldn't believe the increase in pressure.


Won't come with a UK Plug I guess, but good saving. Wonder how the warranty will be honoured?

Ryobi One Cordless Power Washer Amazon - £109.54 @ Amazon
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Lowest price I've seen it do far.

Price drop to £109.54


Thanks for sharing @ArmandoHurcez (y)


I got a cheap second hand set to start with some batteries, but they had this amazing deal on eBay where someone was selling 5ah batteries for something like £50 odd and eBay had 10% off so it was £43. I wish I'd got more than one but it shows that you do get the odd good deal.


Thanks for the link. 30 ryobi tools? That’s some collection. I’m only gradually shifting over to ryobi as the tools I’ve had for years are slowly starting to fail, at least when they do actually fail I’ll switch over. For now I’ve just got the 18g nailer, multi tool, tyre inflator and the trim router. Could really use a 2nd battery but don’t like the current price for the 5ah.


Thanks for the links :) I wonder if these are newly stocked? I looked back in December and no one stocked any of them. Now to debate with myself wether I really need another tool. Hmm...

Scheppach HCP2600 Petrol Pressure Washer £199.99 (+£9.95 P&P) @ Aldi
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Posted this last year and didn't actually purchase but regretted it. Circa £349 in other retailers so this seems to be good value. Aldi details: This powerful 3200W Scheppach Pet… Read more

Costco sell one - noticed it last trip - but that's as much detail I have


Awesome Platypus! Leaning away from this now. The max inlet hose length of 15m renders this not nearly as portable as I thought it could be. Combined with numerous water butts in various places that I could have used (if it could could draw from them) makes it a little restricted. Those noise levels are pretty loud too. Admittedly my leaf blower is nearly as loud but only gets used a couple of t8mes a year. Any other good recommendations for petrol pressure washers that actually do the job properly and have a decent warranty? I can’t be bothered to argue with a n overseas agent, then pay to ship the washer back, if there is an issue with it. However, the price must be reasonable


Pretty sure this needs a normal hose connection and a water butt would not be suitable (Min. feed pressure quoted below), the manual hints at it but I don't think explicitly says it. It does say about using fresh clean water on in-take. Page 27 in the introduction in the manual linked above. The sticker on the front of the machine quotes a 522 l/h flow rate at max 200 bar pressure. Here are the noise values and motor / flow rate specs:


Anyone know whether these can take water from a water butt or does the incoming water need to be slightly pressurised? Likewise, whats the actual decibel rating on these and the water flow rate l/hr? Finally, anyone who already has one of these, would you buy it again, go for a different petrol brand or go electric? Thanks for your comments.


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Nilfisk C135.1-8i Maintenance Pressure Washer - £149.99 delivered at Costco
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Looks to include more accessories than the Argos deal, and is now cheaper. From Costco's website: The compact Nilfisk 135.1-8i Maintenance Pressure Washer features a built-in tro… Read more



This isnt expired


Nah mate £25 extra doesn’t justify the accessories to me as I have a dedicated snowfoam cannon and don’t need the other stuff


This has an accessory pack too, which the Argos ones don’t seem to. Suspect that’s £25 of extra stuff included. Whether you use them or not, though…


Last time it was £125 was a year ago. Think I will hold out as not in a mad rush but would’ve liked one soon.

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Karcher K2 Compact Car & Home Pressure Washer 110 bar - £99.98 @ Toolstation
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
GREAT PRICE ESP WITH ALL THE INCLUDED ACCESSORIES. FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY TOO! BANK HOLIDAY DEAL SAVE 20 percent (£29.98) Product Details • 230V supply • 110 bar max pressure • 1… Read more

Perfect ordered as I was looking for one :) heat!


I'm aware some people found the K2 pretty basic and weak. However, first time I used a pressure washer was about 5 years ago, it was a K2. As I was not aware how powerful pressure washers are, I nearly destroyed the decking and the filling in between the Indian stone flags. I used a more powerful Bosch after that and could not see the difference, in fact I liked the K2 more. I believe this is more powerful than people think and will suit lots of people. Not commenting on how good they are, as I am aware this is rather basic, with plastic pump and there are better brands/models out there. This may be the cheapest now, but I came across better prices before. I guess that's the season and we may not find this cheaper until the end of the summer, I paid the same price for a full kit Spear and Jackson, more powerful, but the flow rate is not much better.


This K2 is very good for washing the car and taking off your make-up. Not so great for cleaning your drive/patio etc. Doesn't have the oomph of the K4 upwards. All the best (y)

Karcher KHD 4 L Basic Car Pressure Washer - £149 @ LIDL (Spotted Uxbridge)
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th AprLocalLocal
Available in store at Lidl KHD 4 Basic Car Cleaning will be an absolute blast with this powerful washer featuring a vario power jet tube with pressure regulation and a dirt bla… Read more

Thank you, that is great


A universal motor is found in the lower price machines, Karcher and Nilfisk only used to put them in their low end models before using induction motors which last much longer due to how they work. They will pretty much double the weight of that machine. If you search universal v induction on Google, you will see why. If I was to buy anything that starts quoting 1700w or 1800w motors, I wouldn't buy a universal motor. Too many companies are starting to do it just to sell items cheap and it's disappointing Karcher are doing it. Hope that helps.


What's the difference please?


I think it's a bit sneaky to ask this price for a unit that has a universal motor. I would get a regular K4 over this machine if buying any. OP, I doubt you will be aware because as you say, there are so many models. (y)


It's decent. I also used their app and got £10 off it.